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Media Response to Sony’s 2012 Movie Parrots Disinformation 

Yowusa.com, 30-Oct-2009
Marshall Masters, Editorial

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Is John Johnson Jr. a PTB Disinformation Parrot?As Sony's forthcoming 2012 film approaches its release next month, we are seeing two significant growing trends. The first is a strong resurgence of interest in 2012 and Planet X, and the second is the response. 

Corporate media which have largely ignored or dismissed the topics altogether are now parroting one side of the story.  The result is that they’re giving debunkers a free hand to mock, humiliate and belittle the honest concerns and interests of honest people. 

We see more media coverage today than ever in the history of the country. All of these outlets are clamoring for our attention and consequently market share has to a certain extent replaced objectivity as the dominant driving force of the news industry. This is why their readers and audiences are turning to independent voices as never before.

News is About Economics

We view this current trend by corporate media towards biased reporting as principally an economic issue. Faced with brutal layoffs, bankruptcies, downsizing and reorganization, they no longer possess the resources nor the interest to pursue stories such as these in an objective and fair handed manner. 

The result is that it is just simpler to decide the outcome of the story in advance, and then give it credence by parroting a few quotes from presumably established sources.  Here's the rub. When you lack the funds to fully investigate your stories, you likewise do not have the funds needed to continually reevaluate your so-called established sources. Ergo, once they’re in, they’re in.

For the reporters, the result is a safe headline without the cost of true objective reporting. For the so-called established sources, it is a disinformation windfall. They know they're in the club so to speak and once there, they have a free hand to inject subtle streams of misinformation and disinformation into the public dialogue, vis-à-vis the full faith and credibility of a corporate media outlet.

John Johnson Jr. of the Los Angeles Times

Case in point is a recent article by Los Angeles Times reporter John Johnson, Jr.

Los Angeles Times, October 17, 2009
By John Johnson Jr., 

Scientists try to calm '2012' hysteria

As an upcoming action movie fuels Internet rumors, several scientists make public statements: The world will not end in 2012, and Earth is not going to crash into a rogue planet.

The premise of this article by Mr. Johnson is that Sony’s 2012 movie is suggesting that Planet X will impact the Earth in 2012.  Since Planet X does never appears in any of the movie a trailer, Mr. Johnson is either inventing this premise on his own. Or he is holding back on insider information regarding the movie's actual scenario. 

Please note, we contacted Mr. Johnson on October 21, 2009 and sent him a draft copy of this article in which we said, “if you want to reply with a rebuttal, no problem.  Be happy to post it with the article as-is and unedited.” For the record, Mr. Johnson never responded.

Either way,  the premise has no basis in reported facts.  Consequently it covers one side of the story by simply parroting the disinformation of a handful of self-appointed debunkers.  There is nothing even-handed about it, though we've seen this before.

Same Old Disinfo Story

You may be thinking, “OK, so we are not getting the real truth, what else is new? Move along, nothing to see here.”  If so, you're not punishing the corporate media outlet. You are rewarding those who use these outlets to disseminate various and subtle forms of disinformation and misinformation.  They understand that as long as their tactics remain below the threshold of natural scrutiny, they have a free.

Their goal is simple, to deflect the interest of the casual observer with misdirection. If you study their tactics, the reward is being able to find what they seek to mask. To rage against their tactics and agendas is a pointless exercise in futility as they have the upper hand.

Give them that so that you can focus your attention on that which they hope to mask. Do what reporters like Mr. Johnson do far less frequently these days. Dig for the story. The real story. Not the easy headline.

Under the Mask

What Mr. Johnson is doing with Los Angeles times article is no different than what corporate media already does with regards to UFOlogy. Through inattention, he is planting subtle disinformation.

For example, Google the search string, "UFO + NASA + ASTRONAUT" and you'll see a who's-who of prominent NASA Astronauts such as Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper and many more.  Yet, NASA's "official line" remains ... swamp gas?  Would Mr. Johnson dare ask NASA to comment on this discrepancy?  Not likely as NASA is firmly ensconced within the established sources club. 

With this in mind,  Johnson quotes E.C. Krupp, director of Los Angeles' Griffith Park Observatory as an established source.  Had Johnson done his due diligence and read relevant pages on the Griffith Observatory web site, he would have found three glaring bits of disinformation — all in one 15-word sentence no less.  It is at the bottom of a web page titled, The Truth About 2012 (The End is NOT Near), which is obviously topic-related.

Griffith Observatory, Oct-20-2009
The Truth About 2012 (The End is NOT Near)

The claims about Niburu are like those for the discredited “Planet X” hoax from 2003-04.

Let's do what Johnson should have done, assuming he had done his homework. 

Griffith Observatory Bias

If you are going to dispute the existence of an object that is well documented, at least go far enough in your research to determine the correct spelling of the object.  Anyone appearing on Fox’s “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” television program could tell you that.

However, the Griffith Observatory uses the spelling “Niburu.” If you Google the spelling, you’ll see that it is principally used by debunkers, cynics and cranks who mostly use ad hominem attacks and ruthless mockery to further their positions. 

However, if you Google the proper spelling “Nibiru” you will find sites such as sitchin.com, the official web site of Zecharia Sitchin. The proper spelling, “Nibiru” was first introduced to the public in his book, Twelfth Planet.  Originally published in 1976, this book is published around the world and is still a best seller to this day. 

Therefore, the unscientific bias of the Griffith Observatory is self-evident.  They intentionally used a debunker-invented misspelling to mislead the public away from a well regarded body of research on the topic. Continue to next page...

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