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The Missing Orion Panel Mystery — What is Google and Microsoft Hiding From Us?

Marshall Masters

The Missing Orion Panel Mystery — What is Google and Microsoft Hiding From Us?We've received numerous emails from yowusa.com subscribers and visitors about a redacted area of space on both Google Sky and Microsoft Telescope. We've been following this and thanks to a new YouTube video by NoStarPanel, there is smoking gun proof of a massive cover up.

The area in question is located in the Southern part of the Constellation of Orion, below the ecliptic (the plane) of the solar system. An area of space that has long been of interest to Planet X / Nibiru researchers.



It is also an area of space that has been observed during an annual Hopi ritual. According to 2012 Researcher and Author, Patrick Geryl they are looking for a unique Venus / Orion alignment in this very same area of space.

NoStarPanel Orion Mystery Analysis Video

RA 5h 53m 27s
Dec -6 10' 58"

On June 28, 2008, YouTube user NoStarPanel released a new analysis video, titled Stars missing in Orion** of interest to Nibiru researchers. It compares the manner in which Google and Microsoft redacted the same area of sky. As NoStarPanel points out, the very differences between these two approaches tells us that this constitutes a serious suppression of vital information.

YouTube Channel

Downloads Available From This Site: AVI FLV MP4

We are asking all of you to please download this video immediately and upload it to your channel. Ask your other YouTube friends to do the same. Please do it soon.

What We Cannot Say for Certain

Many have speculated that this area of sky was redacted to suppress a visual confirmation of Planet X / Nibiru. If you feel compelled to make that leap of faith, consider what Dr. Brian Marsden, Associate Director of the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatories has to say about such circumstances.

While preparing our November, 2001 interview article, "Astronomers Fear an ME Impact Event Could Precipitate a Nuclear Holocaust," he offered me this pithy observation. “The failure to observe an object only proves one thing; that you’ve failed to observe it, and nothing else.”

In this case, all we have observed is an intentional, information black hole in a very important part of the sky. Like the ancient Hopi, let us keep this area of the sky under close scrutiny as well.

What We Can Say for Certain

The fact that both Google and Microsoft are redacting the same area of space clearly suggests that both firms are responding to the directives of a national security agency. Furthermore, the manner in which each responded speaks volumes.

With Google, you punch in the co-ordinates and you immediately and clearly see the redacted area. There is no attempt to obscure or hide it so as to play tricks with your eyes. There is nothing misleading about this.

Conversely, the Microsoft redaction is intentionally misleading by design.

Google vs. Microsoft

Before you start spouting that Google is no better than Microsoft here, just imagine what you'd do if a government spook flips a badge at you and says "darken it out, or we'll darken you." That's how the big boys play the game.

Google lumped it because they obviously had no choice. However, in fairness to them, they were as forthright as possible with the public.

Microsoft on the other hand snapped to attention like an eager member of the Hitler Youth and then for extra measure, laid on a thick layer of disinformation.

This is not the only disinformation support we've seen from Microsoft. In the last few months, we've witnessed a barrage of hit and run attacks by government disinformation operatives and over 90% of them use Microsoft mail addresses such as hotmail.com and live.com. No wonder a growing number of message boards such as our own Planet X and 2012 Survivor's Town Hall now refuse new sign ups with Microsoft email addresses.

The bottom is this. Those with the power to force these redactions clearly do not want us to see what is happening in this area of the sky. That's exactly why we need to keep on looking using every available non-Microsoft resource.