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Steve Wood Disclosure Videos

Marshall Masters

Video Update - 27-June-2008

Steve WoodSteve Woods is a self-proclaimed whistle blower from CERN and is now running for his life. He just posted a YouTube video to prove his identity. His life has been threatened and he has secretly contacted us several times.

Those pursing him have used his contacts with us to trace him by monitoring his email and phone calls to us.

Based on events, we have strong reason to believe this man's life to be at serious risk. Therefore, we are asking all of you to please download this video immediately and upload it to your channel.


YouTube Channel
Proof of Life Video

Downloads Available From This Site: AVI FLV MP4


Video Update - 27-June-2008: We verified this against our archive copy. This is the first genuine video by Steve Woods.


We do not believe Steve is being hunted for the disclosure of the telescope he discusses in this video. That telescope is not the critical aspect with CERN. In terms of location, Geneva is not ideal for a telescope unless it is observing an object that is inside the orbit of Jupiter and well within the view of the northern hemisphere in the coming years ahead.

The critical factor at CERN is its data center. It is massive, connected to the The Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) and heavily shielded from radiation. That makes it an ideal data processing center and data repository for PX observation during periods of peak solar activity.

At face value, Steve is a young man trying to do a noble thing. Please accept this plea for help as such, and help him by getting his face out there.

Thank you,