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Five Simple Ways to Test Planet X / Nibiru YouTube Disclosure Videos

Planet X / NibiruPart 2 — Vetting Protocol

Marshall Masters

Table of Contents

NOTICE TO OUR READERS: This is our last Planet X disclosure analysis. We stand by our reporting and encourage you to become self-informed.—Marshall Masters

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Yowusa.com Vetting Protocol

Approach the content with an open mind so that you can give it an impartial smell test for sincerity.  Human intuition is powerful.  It is the ultimate smell test, because as the old saying goes, “a fish stinks from the head down,” and this smell test can only go one of two ways.

Step 1 — Smell Test

Use your intuition to sense the author or directors intent.  If you sense any form of malevolence, bookmark it and go no further.  However, keep it in mind as unforeseen future developments may warrant further examination.  Like they say in Texas, “even a blind hog can find an acorn.”

If you sense sincerity in the director, take immediate action.  Download the video, and save the about text to a file for a more detailed analysis and proceed to the next steps.  Do not rationalize or chew on it.  If you sense sincerity, grab it.  Then, you’ll have all the time in the world to chew on it.

The latest version of the Real Player has this download feature built in to the free version.  The Movavi.com web site also offers inexpensive video download and editing tools.  They also offer a free download and conversion tool which is very handy.  This author’s preferred conversion formats are YouTube (FLV) to AVI or MPEG4.

Step 2 — Audience Metrics

A powerful way to gauge the veracity of a video that passes the smell test is to monitor the audience metrics. There are three audience metrics in particular: play rate, YouTube comments and cross-talk.

  • Play Rate: Videos that resonate as true at a visceral level will have high play rates. A simple test is to monitor the play rate over time. If a video does not garner over 2,000 plays in the first 30 days, it is likely a hoax or disinformation attempt. Any video, or multi-part series that receives more than 10,000 plays in the first 60 days is resonating with the audience as truthful. We've found this audience metric to have an accuracy rate of approximately 80%.

  • YouTube Comments: The first YouTube viewer comments on a new video are usually very good on balance. This is because they're contributed by people who are actively looking for this kind of information. When viewing comments, always begin with the first comments on the video -- not the latest. Try to read these comments within the first few hundred plays of the video. As a video breaks into the 1,000+ viewings range, you'll usually begin to see an increasing number comments from vulgar cranks and sophomoric trash talk idiots. Eventually, they can dominate the discussion in most cases.
  • Cross-Talk: Use Google Alerts to track the cross-talk on the web for a video. It is a free service and you can use several different keywords. Always do the director's YouTube screen name. For example, this author's screen name is "yowbooks." As new web pages, message board posts, videos, blogs, etc. pick up on this video, Google will index many of them. With the alert, you get a free and easy way to monitor cross-talk on the web. A highly rich source of thoughtful comments, as well as totally moronic and vulgar idiocy. You'll have to rake it hard, but there will be gems.

Use your word processor to evaluate the text. Look for active and passive voice, average sentence length and different spellings and misspellings. All these tools are readily available. We use Open Office, which is free, for this analysis, but other word processors, such as Word and Wordperfect, will do just as well.

Step 3 — Textual Corroboration

Check for corroborating textual information.  If the director is offering images, look for time and date stamps and the source’s relationship.  Any text in the video is a good source and so is the about text.  Be sure to give higher preference to text in the video than the about text.  The more information you can get the better.  Dig, dig, dig!

The cardinal rule on Planet X / Nibiru images is the acquisition source.  It must be named.  Regardless of what you understand about astronomy, do not give any weight to images unless you're given the name of the observatory or spacecraft that first acquired them.  Hoax and disinformation videos are typically vague or evasive about this. 


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Step 4 — Image Analysis

Perform a simple image analysis.  You can take screen captures of individual frames in the movie using MS Moviemaker or most any popular video editing program.  Save using high resolution formats.  This author’s preferences in order are TIFF, BMP and JPEG. 

You’ll need some basic video editing program such as Photoshop Elements or Corel Draw to enhance the images so as to reveal details.  This author uses a program called Compupic Pro for basic analysis. 

Two things you want to look for are square edges on the objects.  These are dead giveaways for cut-and-paste.  Hoax images will be very blocky, where disinformation images will be more polished and will require closer study.  However, a check for image degradation is the real acid test.  Hoax and disinformation images of objects will become mushy and soft as they are enlarged.  Images obtained with modern astronomy imaging systems hold up far much better and keep a soft, natural tonal gradation at the object edges.

Keep in mind that, while these are very basic image vetting procedures, they are sufficient to detect any hoax image, and they are also very helpful in analyzing disinformation images.

Step 5 — Verification

Counting the number of videos posted by a director is not an accurate verification tool.  This is because a sincere whistle-blower may only be able to squeeze out a few videos before being intimidated into silence.  On the other hand, a religious fanatic or vigilante debunker usually spews hours of programs onto the YouTube site. 

In the movie Ms. Doubtfire, comedian Robin Williams invented a great description for many YouTube directors.  “Run-by fruiters.”  A most perfect description for religious fanatics and vigilante debunkers.

This brings us to a logical question.  Aside from finding a smoking gun, independent source or someone with a reputation who is willing to go out on a limb, how can you verify a sincere disclosure video?  In a word, you use “synchronicity.”

A fatal mistake of many investigations is the rush to judgment.  This has to be labeled, that has to be decided and the whole thing wrapped with the appropriate pink or blue ribbon.  With what is looming ahead of us in 2012, that is simple Lemming behavior.  Humans, unlike Lemmings can benefit from their own synchronicity awareness.

Simply put, when you come across something you cannot sort out, intellectually put it in a jar and set it on the shelf.  One day, the universe will drop a label in your lap and if you’re tuned into your own sense of synchronicity, you’ll know exactly which jar to slap it on.  There is a lot of information on the Web about this, so Google “synchronicity” to get started. 

If you are a Yowusa.com subscriber, you can save a lot of reading time by downloading Cut to the Chase Interview #60: Author Frank Joseph — Using Synchronicity to Survive Catastrophe

So, if you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal, let’s apply what we’ve learned up to this point as we examine live YouTube Planet X / Nibiru videos.  (Continue to next page...)



How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, Investigator

How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, InvestigatorPeople follow different paths to the truth about Planet X, with an enduring hope that one day, our government will finally disclose what it knows.

Like UFOlogy, the hope is that if you create a pile of pictures high enough, perhaps at some point the truth will reach critical mass and voila-disclosure. Unfortunaetly, just like Marxism, it's one of those inspiring fantasy goals that can never be achieved.

This is why Planet X investigator, Bob Fletcher, producer of the IN-COMMING DVDs, has come at this from an entirely different directions. Bob followed the money and found that more was spent on preparation for Planet X than anyone could imagine. GO

Yowusa.com Planet X
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This program presents an overview of the Planet X system, how it moves through our solar system and why we always seem to observe it near the Sun and not behind us, plus recent observations of three planets in the Planet X system captured by ocean buoys located in the Gulf of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.



Detailed explanations of the first three Planet X events projected for the tribulation time line are presented: covert visitations, deep impact, and the perihelion alignment of the Planet X system as it will be seen from Earth. These projections by the Guides appear in the book, Being In It for the Species The Universe Speaks.


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