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Five Simple Ways to Test Planet X / Nibiru YouTube Disclosure Videos

Planet X / NibiruPart 1 — Ranking Sysem

Marshall Masters

Table of Contents

NOTICE TO OUR READERS: This is our last Planet X disclosure analysis. We stand by our reporting and encourage you to become self-informed.—Marshall Masters

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Content-Driven Ranking System

For several months, yowusa.com has been conducting a constant analysis of the Planet X / Nibiru disclosure videos appearing on YouTube.com.  We set out on this analysis with three goals in mind:

  • Develop a content-driven ranking system.
  • Create a series of simple, YouTube vetting tests.
  • Define the attributes of a newsworthy video.

In this article, we'll discuss our findings based on these 3 goals (and name names) so that our readers can use the yowusa.com method as a reference point for the development of their own independent vetting protocol. 

Yowusa.com has identified ranking system with 7 levels.  The principal factor for all levels is intent.  The first three levels are based on malevolent intent, and the remaining four represent some level of sincerity.

Vigilante Debunking
Government Disinformation
Eyewitness Account
Compelling Report
Highly Credible
Highly Sincere
Authenticated Report
Urgently Sincere

Further on in this article, we will apply this ranking system to several live YouTube videos.  To give analysis a helpful context, a quick review of each level is necessary.

Level 1 — Hoax

A hoax is any act that is intended to trick others into believing a deception.  The motive is purely ego-driven.  Hoaxers are much like repeat arsonists, who get excited by the sight of panicked people, burning buildings and first responders putting their lives in harm's way.  All it takes is a little fuel and a match, and the human drama begins.

In terms of YouTube, these are the fraudulent directors who will be certain to read the viewer comments carefully.  They’ll hiss at their detractors, but enjoy their anger.  Likewise, they will luxuriate over every gullible post with a smug, victorious sense of jubilation. 

When you see what you feel is a hoax and feel compelled to respond with a comment, simply say, “this is a hoax” or nothing at all.  Any show of disgust, anger or fear will only be a reward for the hoaxer.

Level 2 — Vigilante Debunking

There are legitimate debunkers.  These individuals use balanced, scientific analysis to test the claims of others.  Just beware of how they use the term, “unscientific.”  Many bandy it about, with the same moral authority as a Jihadist who is about to sever the head of a live kidnap victim for the camera.  Nonetheless, an honest and competent debunker can bring valuable information to any discourse.  The problem is the vigilantes.

Film lovers often see those classic scenes in the old Westerns when the last thing an innocent man hears is “get a rope.”  It is classic vigilante justice, which is most often an expression of hate and fear, as opposed to fairness and justice.

In terms of the UFO community, there is a seemingly endless supply of self-appointed vigilante debunkers, and they’re very easy to spot.  Just vet their credentials.  They’re mostly frauds using the title “debunker” to get free air time in front of the TV cameras.  You see, they know the big secret.  Just tell a TV news reporter that you’re a UFO debunker and it’s wearing a collar and saying, “I’m a priest” with a kindly smile.  They’ll swallow it whole and never bother to vet your credentials.  Voila, minutes later you’re on TV and humiliating someone who is most likely an authentic experiencer. 

In terms of Planet X and 2012, the media does not have an immediate need to use vigilante debunkers to humiliate sincere people, but in time, they will.  In the meantime, you find them on YouTube and elsewhere on the web, and they often use “unscientific” methods to vent their hateful and misleading attacks.  Like ducks, vigilante debunkers quack like vigilantes.  You’ll know them when you see them. 

Level 3 — Government Disinformation

Many people erroneously confuse disinformation with propaganda.  The two are worlds apart, and since there is no evidence yet of a concerted government propaganda effort with regards to Planet X / Nibiru, a brief explanation is helpful.

Propaganda is information and untruths that are used to gain public support for a cause or agenda.  The Nazis ran the most famous propaganda machine in history, and they literally convinced a nation to bankrupt itself morally with a violent agenda.

This is why propaganda is as easy to spot as a hoax.  When any government or movement tries to convince you to hate, subjugate or kill others, that's propaganda.  It always comes from the dark side. 

As was stated above, we have not seen any overt government propaganda to date.  However, what we have seen flood of (and on a near Biblical scale) is government disinformation.

By definition, government disinformation is deemed to be any form of deliberately misleading information, released overtly or covertly by any government or intelligence agency. 

All disinformation has a single goal.  To disrupt or paralyze a public debate by leading people down unproductive rabbit holes and by discrediting valid information sources.  These efforts are always tinged with insincerity, for those who are sensitive to their own powers of intuition.

Disinformation can be delivered by an operative or by an unwitting straw man acting on behalf of the straw man, which is the government’s preferred approach.  Such a person is typically sincere in their belief that they are doing the right thing, but they are being craftily directed by impostors, in whom they’ve placed their trust. 

Unlike propaganda, which distorts or invents information, disinformation typically contains a few kernels of truthful information.  The key here is to gain the benefit of the doubt with the least amount of truthful information possible.  Then, use that to misdirect viewers and readers away from something the government wants to keep out of the public eye.  Once that is done, the final step is to keep the reader or viewer misdirected until their patience and interest are fully exhausted. 

It is important to note that misdirection is needed for the government to claim a disinformation victory.  Any marksman will tell you, “a miss is just as good as a mile.”  The same holds true with disinformation.  All that is needed is to deflect attention ever so slightly away from the correct target in order to claim a victory.

Level 4 — Eyewitness Account

Anyone who watches crime shows, such as Law and Order, knows that eyewitness accounts are less reliable than forensic evidence.  This is because they tend to be shaded with emotion and to lack corroborating facts.  Just think of all the people who’ve been released from death row after new DNA evidence disproves the eyewitness testimony that got them wrongfully convicted in the first place. 

This is why most folks take the eyewitness accounts of others with a grain of salt, and often rudely so.  That is, until it happens to them, and then they instantly feel a desperate need for validation.

The same holds true with the Planet X / Nibiru eyewitness accounts we’re presently seeing on YouTube and other places.  Often short of correlating facts essential to a proper vetting of their experience, these accounts typically salted with copious amounts of angry assertions, vulgar language and desperate pleas. 

As researchers, we find these eyewitness accounts to newsworthy situations, where several eyewitnesses have shared the same experience and can vet it independently.  That has yet to happen with Planet X / Nibiru eyewitness accounts currently available. 

Yet, as flawed as they may be, “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” is even more flawed.  Eyewitness accounts deserve, at the very least, an impartial “smell test” examination.  (This will be discussed in more detail further on.)

Level 5 — Compelling Report

The hallmark of a compelling report is that the person bringing it forward is making an honest, organized and sincere effort to provide useful and timely information.  They often tend to be virtual unknowns that happen upon the public scene with a powerful message.  Likewise, they are expressed by bloggers and message board members sharing their discoveries and thoughts with others.

With regards to YouTube Planet X / Nibiru videos, these compelling reports are provided as disclosures by individuals connected with a government agency or related scientific effort.  In this case, their sincerity is quickly ascertained, because they do not try to call attention to themselves, but to an issue of public concern.

These individuals tend be to somewhat tragic figures because of the torment that compels them to become whistle-blowers, while many people can happily abuse or watch the abuse of countless others for self-interest or out of fear.

Unlike someone who needs to get a lighter jail sentence or a fistful of cash, these whistle-blowers pay a heavy price for what is truly a sharing act of love for their fellow man.  Their families suffer economically and lose whatever sense of privacy they once enjoyed as their taskmasters take their revenge.  Before you laugh or mock these Planet X / Nibiru whistle-blowers, just ask yourself if you could do it, and don’t B.S. yourself.

Level 6 — Highly Credible Report

Compelling reports can typically come from professional writers and subject matter experts.  For example, this author is the publisher of Planet X Forecast and the 2012 Survival Guide, plus numerous other books in the genre.  Likewise, this author also interviews other published authors on his Cut to the Chase Internet radio show, with similar credentials. 

These sources are highly credible, because they’ve made public a sizable body of work.  Consequently, they can be easily vetted.  Whether you agree with them or not, there is going to be a substantial amount of knowledge, with which to decide the matter. 

In terms of Planet X / Nibiru, a lower threshold is required for whistle-blowers.  This is because, unlike whistle-blowers, published authors and subject matter experts do not usually have to go through life looking over their shoulders.  Furthermore, offending the same people that whistle-blowers anger with their disclosures is economically advantageous for them.   

Level 7 — Authenticated Report

In the news business, single source news reports are risky.  That is why editors demand a second source from their reporters.  The goal here is independent verification, which is an obviously necessary thing for news reporters, authors and subject matter experts.

In some cases, independent verification is as simple as finding a death certificate.  In other circumstances, the second source can be as problematic as the initial source.  In these cases, someone with a reputation to maintain is most likely to come forward in support of a story. 

Having said all that, an authenticated report for our purposes will always be the closest thing to the absolute truth of the matter.  That final determination is for the readers and viewers to decide, and our job is to help them make an honestly informed decision. 

With Planet X / Nibiru, all of these disclosure videos will be pointless when we’re all standing in our backyards, pointing up at the sky and pooping our collective pants.  Until then, the real value of an authenticated report is to determine whether or not you feel it to be actionable.  In other words, is there enough there to compel you to take action?

The problem is that people are often pay less attention to an actionable, authenticated report than a hoax.  No doubt, there were people who expressed their reservations about the number of life boats on the HMS Titanic, and no doubt, some of the passengers did the math.  That didn’t change a thing. 

The moral here is that when you’re handed an actionable, authenticated report, give it serious consideration, and take your own counsel.  However, these things are not always served up on a platter, and this is where you need to put on your gumshoe loafers and vet the information yourself. 

What the reader also needs to keep in mind that all intelligence analysis is subjective.  Ergo, there are few absolutes, such as a smoking 9mm slug lodged in your brain pan.  That would be an undeniable, absolute confirmation that you’ve actually found a smoking gun.  When it comes to YouTube Planet X / Nibiru disclosure videos, there’s a better way — the 5-step yowusa.com vetting test. (Continue to next page...)