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More Planet X Images — SelfInformYourMind vs. NibiruShock2012

Planet X / NibiruPart 4 — YouTube Comparisons

Jacco van der Worp, MSc

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NibiruShock2012 Amazing X Configuration Shows Strong Evidence of Informant Intimidation

On March 24, 2008, a new video message from NibiruShock2012 emerged on the Youtube web page. It shows a beautiful constellation of what he claims is Nibiru, surrounded by eight satellites in a near perfect diagonal cross alignment.

It all just looks too good to be true, especially if you read the About This Video section, as well. It IS too good to be true. It is a hoax and not even a very elaborate one. First off, there is the voice, in which the writer tells us this latest story. It is not the same voice as any of the earlier two attempts. You don't have to be a voice analysis expert to notice it.

This continuing story now has three candidates. Will the real NibiruShock2012 please rise? The speaking voice is analysed more in another section. This article's focus begins with the images.

Disinformation Hoax Images

Why is this a disinformation hoax? A closer look at the images will show us the answer.

Amazing X Cross HoaxIf we look at a close-up of the center object and the inner object at four o'clock relative to it, we can immediately see that the satellite has a cut-off edge on its right side. It is not a globe.

While such a shape might in reality occur, a long-distance photograph of fair quality will never show such a sharp edge. This shows an obvious image retouch with little effort to conceal the fact that it is a fake.

Then, there's the white-out in the same picture. There are rectangular shadow lines in the picture that become visible when we look at the enhanced close-up. This is tell-tale evidence of cutting-and-pasting inside a picture. Therefore, there is an edit, even if just one. The presence of even one cut-and-paste edit makes the picture a fabrication and unreliable. That is just two blatant errors in the imagery.

Unrealistic Configuration

Besides the image quality, the configuration is not realistic. While some of it might possibly work in a real constellation (two satellites might orbit on opposite sides of a center object, each on a Lagrangian point), most of the constellation would not hold in stable orbit.

Cross Configuration Hoax

The cross configuration is so unlikely that we can safely dismiss it as a possibility. Given the non-equal distances to the center of the constellation this situation would only occur rarely. The coincidence that we happened to be there to capture it would be staggering.


There is more. In the first video, NibiruShock2012 mentioned where the images came from, he or she named the source telescope; there is no mention of any observatory at all this time. This immediately raises a red flag. There is no way to reproduce or verify the images this way, which crushes any of their credibility from the start.

Also, the writer mentions an atmosphere on one planet in the constellation, this is a direct response to one of the questions in our video reply to his previously released images. Someone is trying to quench the debate, obviously, by giving us the answers he thinks we want. But he adds that we are NOT to panic, NOT to sell off our property and NOT be afraid in any way. Instead, we should go back to sleep and in the morning go to work. Pay our taxes, and be good little children.

This sounds like a forced attempt to shut someone up. Point taken; we're on our own again, because the note at the end that the writer will be underground until at least May 1 is a reminder that this channel is closed as of this moment. NS2012 won't resurface; they've gotten to him or her and effectively killed his or her voice. Why would they do this?

A look at the first video snapshots tells us why. There cannot be a great many reasons to try to shut someone up this way, unless there is merit to what was published. The silencing of NibiruShock2012 means that he or she touched a very sore spot with his or her video.

The writer released something they wanted to remain hidden. They forced the writer to go back on himself, but the damage is done. There is a level of truth to NS2012's first video release. There is a dark red object, and a satellite transited in front of that. Where is this object, and what is it doing? Is it friend, or is it foe? It is there, that seems obvious now.