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More Planet X Images — SelfInformYourMind vs. NibiruShock2012

Planet X / NibiruPart 3 — Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Janice Manning

Table of Contents

PUBLIC NOTICE: We are unable to contact the any of the informants and cannot cannot independently confirm this report. As compelling as these images are, any conclusions drawn from them must be viewed as speculative at this time.


In the weeks since NibiruShock2012's first video release, YOWUSA has been combing the Internet, including YouTube, for more videos whose producers claim to be captures of Nibiru / Planet X.  This article will analyze the text from the SelfInformYourMind (SIYM) YouTube posting.  It will present and analyze the text from the About this Video section first and the text on SIYM's Director page second.  Finally, it will present and show the analysis of a transcript of the embedded CGI text from the video, itself.

From this analysis and the work of the other YOWUSA contributors, we hope to determine whether SIYM:

  1. Posted a completely truthful report,
  2. Posted a completely false report, or
  3. Posted in honesty for his / her part, while contributors used him / her as a disinformation agent.

Please note the difference between disinformation and misinformation.  Both involve deception, but misinformation is usually seen as an outright lie.  Disinformation is more of a message that includes a kernel of truth, but is used to misdirect the person who receives the message, to deflect the receiver's attention to something other than the whole truth or to open the door for debunkers.  Some people call it "being sent down a rabbit hole."  Does this video tell the whole truth, a lie or a mixture of both?

About This Video

In this section, SIYM introduces the video and includes several links for interested viewers to continue their research.  Below is the entire text from that section.

Hello. I am here to present to you a video about Nibiru, the dark star. Within this video contains information that you must know before knowing anything else. Along with that comes a collection of photo's of Nibiru my inside source has given to me. I will not reveal any classified information as it will be a risk to both me and the source.

A lot of research was done over February about Nibiru. It was monitored over the course of a day and the photo's here present an object crossing in front of Nibiru. It is either a moon or planet. Once you have viewed this video, you choose whether you want to believe or not believe about Nibiru and its crash course near Earth.

For those who are interested, I have provided links to the best sources dedicated to researching into Nibiru. And have already provided a lot of facts.

Primary sources: http://xfacts.com/ https://yowusa.com/

These two websites have dedicated alot of time and effort into the study of Nibiru. They are fully authentic in every way.

Surviving 2012: https://youtu.be/8S0bj76389U

A 5 part video pertaining to Nibiru, its fly by, and our species survival.

Youtube Video sources: https://www.youtube.com/user/NibiruSho... This user has uploaded various images, similiar to the ones I have obtained. This user will continue to upload these important images when they can as they said.

The government keeping secret: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03dmNW...

I'm not going to dig up every other video on Youtube. You can find them yourselves as you learn more about Nibiru. Also, a recent user NibiruShock2012's photo's are what similiar to mine. I can tell you they are fully authentic and it is no hoax. What he and I publish are actual captured images which are one hundred percent real. I would like to thank you for taking the time to both watch the video and read up on the comment box here. Believe what you want to believe, open your eyes and see the truth thats out there.

So keep self informed about Nibiru. I'll catch you all later.

Analysis of About this Video text

This person has read articles from both YOWUSA and X-facts.  From the term, "dark star," the writer could also be a member of Andy Lloyd's group.

No Continental English spellings appear in this entry.  Neither do any words that would have Continental English spellings different from American English.  This person has been very careful to avoid those.  However, the last sentence indicates that the writer could be American.

Misspellings and confusion of plurals / possessives (similiar and photo's) do appear. 

This person does not appear to be a professional writer.  Voice varies between active and passive.  He or she relies heavily on the term, "a lot," and this entry contains two spellings of that term.  Many sentence fragments and run-ons appear.  He or she does not pretend to have any astronomical knowledge, but relies on the images to tell the story of the planet / moon passing in front of the space body.

Meaning of the Text

Paragraph #1:  This paragraph is stating that this video is the Planet X "primer."  (You must know this before learning anything else.)  The writer ends the paragraph by stating that he or she will not release any confidential information.  This is because of a desire to protect the writer.  In this sentence, the writer indicates that there might be only one source.  Whether this source is an individual or group of people is uncertain from this text.

Paragraph #2:  Sentences 1, 2 and 3 are honest statements, but they feel like assumptions, assuming that this space body is, in fact, Nibiru / Planet X.  The last sentence is either an assumption about the "crash course" or someone told SIYM to say that.  This author suggests that whoever gave SIYM the images allowed the assumptions or guided the poster as a way to build the story of this particular space body as Nibiru / Planet X and didn't give SIYM the whole truth.  Furthermore, this type of exaggeration is a classic "all-or-nothing" tactic used to open the door for debunkers.  This could imply a governmental network of secrecy and disinformation that would account for SIYM's fear of disclosure as expressed in Paragraph #1.  Furthermore, even though we are in an election year in the US , government policy toward space threats is unlikely to change much.

Links Section:  SIYM begins the Links section by listing YOWUSA.com and XFacts.com.  The user then goes on to provide a link to YOWUSA.com's five-part video about the return of Planet X / Nibiru.  SIYM feels that the videos are "authentic in every way."  However, neither YOWUSA.com nor XFacts.com would have stated that Planet X is on a "crash course" with Earth.  Both sites have done their homework, and SIYM acknowledges that.

SIYM goes on to list NibiruShock2012's video links, saying that NS2012's images are similar to his.  They are, but with one big difference.  NS2012 credits his or her images to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and the South Pole Telescope.  SIYM doesn't credit anybody, even though NS2012 proved that one can credit images without danger of violating confidentiality  Indeed, one should credit their sources when posting to the Internet to avoid copyright issues. 

Last paragraph and closing:  SIYM shows a classic inability to close properly and even becomes a bit curt, but he / she appears to be trying to challenge us to research this on our own.  He / she says that the pictures are authentic, and they do seem to be authentic pictures of a group of space bodies.  The images are high quality, which would be nearly impossible for an amateur astronomer to do.  Yet, they don't indicate the area of space that was captured.  Neither do they credit their source with even "ballpark estimate"of the source's location.

Director Page

I am unable to disclose any private information due to the risk of my safety for providing valid images of the dark star Nibiru on a video I have presented. But the public must acknowledge the topic and my photo's. I am a busy person, I have dedicated a bit of my time researching about Nibiru. I am fairly interested in the topic and quite disturbed by the disaster it will cause when it closes in.

For those who want to learn about Nibiru, you can watch my video. Along with that comes some basic information that you should hear first before going deeper into the subject. There are also various links on the comment box of my video. Some links I have provided are linked to actual dedicated professionals who have spent all their time and effort into researching Nibiru.

Anyways. Believe what you want. That will be your own choice. For the days are numbered. See you around.

Country: United States

Analysis of Director Page Text

This article will not provide an editor's analysis here, except to say that it is in the same voice as the video text below and about page text above.  It contains the same types of errors in grammar, as well as the same brusque choice of wording.

Instead, here is a sentence-by-sentence analysis of the real message behind SIYM's words.

I am unable to disclose any private information due to the risk of my safety for providing valid images of the dark star Nibiru on a video I have presented.

This seems to be an honest need to protect the innocent.

But the public must acknowledge the topic and my photo's.

SIYM is trying to say, "Wake up!  This is coming!"  However, this may not be the one.

I am a busy person, I have dedicated a bit of my time researching about Nibiru.

This is a new phenomenon for this person, not his or her life or livelihood.  SIYM seems to feel that this is getting in the way of his or her livelihood.

I am fairly interested in the topic and quite disturbed by the disaster it will cause when it closes in.

The last two sentences seem to indicate vacillation between cognitive dissonance and a real concern that this object is coming our way.

For those who want to learn about Nibiru, you can watch my video. Along with that comes some basic information that you should hear first before going deeper into the subject.

Here, the writer repeats the text from the About this Video section.  The meaning seems to be, 'My video is the primer on Nibiru.  Watch it before anything else.'

There are also various links on the comment box of my video.

SIYM is trying to get people started researching this topic by providing easy leads and pointing the audience directly to them.

Some links I have provided are linked to actual dedicated professionals who have spent all their time and effort into researching Nibiru.

This is a compliment and a citation referencing those who provided SIYM with the most useful research information.

Anyways. Believe what you want. That will be your own choice. For the days are numbered. See you around.

SIYM doesn't want much more to do with this.  The second sentence is a hint at the "crash course" opinion, as well.  He or she doesn't want to be the 'voice shouting in the wilderness.' 

Video CGI text by Screen Number

Screen #1:

When the word Nibiru or Planet X comes to your mind, what do you think?

Voice: Passive

This is an amateur beginning, using an open-ended question.  Open-ended questions leave the conversation open to many directions, some away from the topic of choice.

Screen #2:

To those who haven't heard, they ask "What is Planet X or Nibiru?"

But...for those who have heard...

Voice: Passive Sentence fragment

See notes for Screen #1.

Screen #3:

Skepticism brushes this off as a a hoax, a brilliant scare tactic, after very little research.  Someone's who's still blind folded.

Voice: Active Sentence Fragment

This is true.  Public speakers call it Cognitive Dissonance.

Screen #4:

An open minded person would not entirely approve the current information handed to them, but rather devote time to researching into the topic to build up a more knowledgeable database.

Voice: Active Grammar: good

This is also true.  An open-minded person would consider all known possibilities and do the research.

Screen #5:

Nibiru has sparked a great deal of controversy amongst people.  Many believe, many don't believe.  Despite everything, many people want the proof.  They want the scientific evidence.

Voice: Active Grammar: Comma splice -- second sentence

This is also true, but it also indicates that SIYM thinks that he / she has that scientific evidence.

Screen #6:

Though I'm not going to give you a lesson that leads up to all this speculation about Nibiru.  I will hand it down to you on a basic level, without wasting twenty minutes of your time.

Voice: Passive first sentence; active second sentence. Grammar: Sentence fragment, comma unneeded.

SIYM states that this is the primer to Planet X / Nibiru research.

Screen #7:

Here, we see Nibiru.  Faintly to its left is a planet or moon just moving in front of it.

Voice: Passive Grammar: Unneeded comma

Someone has convinced SIYM that this is Nibiru.  This is another indication of guidance by SIYM's source. 

Screen #8:

Nibiru is a dark star.  Known as the twin to our Sun.  It orbits our Sun just like our planets.  But its orbits path goes far beyond than Earth's.  It's orbital path extends over 50+ billion miles from our Sun.

Voice: Active Grammar: Sentence fragments, sentence ending with possessive.

According to our research in Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide, Planet X / Nibiru has to go fairly far from the solar system, but not so far that it must exceed Solar Escape Velocity to make the orbit, or else its approach is a one-time event.  This teaching is basic to both astronomy and physics.

Screen #9:

Along with Nibiru is a group of planets and moons with their own orbital path around the dark star.  Every 3600 years, Nibiru is the closest to the Sun as it will ever be as it follows its orbital path.

Voice: Passive first sentence; active second sentence. Grammar: "Closest ... as" should be "closest ... that."

That is very likely, but these images only show one satellite as it crosses in front of the main body.  NibiruShock2012's video shows six or seven.  The images here do not support this claim.

Screen #10:

Unfortunately, as it closes in, it affects our planet.  It will cause violent solar storms, massive earthquakes, super tsunami's, volcanic eruptions, pole shifts, and many more catastrophic events.

Voice: Active Grammar: plural / possessive confusion

This is either more guidance or speculation, possibly gained from his / her "bit" of research mentioned in his / her director page.  In any case, SIYM states this as fact, which would indicate another bit of guidance / coaching.

Screen #11:

With all these events, dead set billions of people will die.  There will be no miracle.  So what is your government doing about this?

Voice: Active; second sentence passive Grammar: use of colloquialism (dead set billions)

It is beginning to appear that SIYM was coached, or at least guided, through the entire message.  This is another instance of taking estimations as fact.  No one knows how many will die.

Screen #12:

They have certainly learned to keep their mouth shut over the period of time.  They knew all along Nibiru was on a crash course to Earth.  But there was no time for global panic, the topic had to be silented.

Voice: Active Spelling: Silenced is misspelled

Grammar: Beginning sentence with And, Or or But

Again, he /she says that Nibiru is on a "crash course" to Earth.  This is a classic disinformation tactic by someone who is part of SIYM's network.  In addition, it is a classic "all-or-nothing" tactic used by debunkers.  This also suggests that SIYM has been guided or coached in this presentation.

Screen #13:

Over time the government worked towards constructing underground bases and Arks.  Improvising for when the time comes to save those who needed to be saved.  To ensure the survival of mankind.

Voice: Active Grammar: Run-on sentence, 2 sentence fragments

Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide talks about government whistle-blower Phillip Schneider and his reports of Deep Underground Military Bases.  Furthermore, it talks about using these bases as survival arks.  Either SIYM or one of his or her informants has read the book. 

Screen #14:

But enough talk for now.  I am mainly publishing this video on certain images I have obtained from an anonymous source.  I am sorry I can't tell you where I got these images from because it must remain classified.

Voice: Active Grammar: Beginning sentence with And, Or or But

While the poster took his or her cue from NS2012, he or she needs to credit the images at least to the station that captured them. 

Screen #15:

These images I am about to present to you display an object orbiting Nibiru over the course of half a day.  Nibiru was closely monitored throughout the day for ongoing research.  Various bits of the pictures have been removed due to private data exposure.

Voice:  Active first, passive second and third sentences Grammar: good

Here, the producer says "private data exposure," not "classified data exposure."  However, judging from our own responses to NibiruShock2012, these bits could have been removed, not just to protect classified information, but also to to foster deep curiosity about what could be behind those white boxes.  Again, too much has been removed to be able to conduct definitive research. 

Screen #16 text:

The planet / moon now becomes barely visible as it crosses over.

Voice: Active Grammar: good

No comment.  (NC)

Screen #17 text:

Over the course of time, the object becomes visible.

Voice: Active Grammar: good


Screen #23 text:

As you can see the planet / moon is crossing past the light as it will become less visible.

Voice: Active Grammar: "as it will become" should be "and becoming."


Screen #26 text:

The planet / moon now becomes barely visible as it crosses over.

Voice: Active Grammar: good


Screen #27, Close 1:

That's all the images I have obtained.  They truly are fascinating images.  I won't be able to contact the source for anymore images again.  But as this dark star becomes closer and more visible to Earth, you'll be able to view it with your own eyes.

Voice: Active Grammar: Singular / plural mix.  Beginning sentence with And, Or or But.

Again, the fact that SIYM is saying that the source is unavailable for more images indicates that this is most likely a disinformation attempt, using SIYM, to see if anyone will rise to the bait.

Screen #28, Close 2:

So, it is now up to you to believe or not believe.  No one is forcing you to choose either one.  But if you're interested about this topic, why not research into it!  I will provide various links on the comment box of this video.

Voice: Passive first sentence.  Other sentences active Grammar: Beginning sentence with And, Or or But

This is an honest call to research the topic, indicating that he or she will provide links to start the research.  This indicates that SIYM didn't know at the time he or she posted the video that he or she was being played and used to post disinformation.

Screen #29, Close 3

I would also like to point out another topic, conspiracy within the government.  Many of us think we're the cause for Global Warming.  The planet is dying due to our daily lives polluting the system and breaking the Ozone layer.

Voice: Active Grammar: good Presentation: Ill-advised change of topic at end of presentation.  Should have been left out or put into another presentation.

(NC)  Off-topic.

Screen #30, Close 4:

The perfect cover up.  When it is TRULY the cause of Nibiru closing in.  Think about it, all the natural disasters happening today.  As they increase in numbers, the dark star is getting closer...and bigger.

Voice: Active Grammar: 2 sentence fragments, comma splice, SHOUTING, "is getting" should be "gets" or "grows."

Here, SIYM is telling the truth as he / she knows it.  This is sincere.  However, as indicated at the beginning of the article, disinformation springs from a kernel of truth.

Screen #31, Close 5:

I hope you have enjoyed my presentation.  I hope this unlocks you from your blind fold.  So that you may see the truth thats out there.  But there is still ALOT more research you can do about the topic.

Voice: Active first two sentences.  Passive third. Spelling: (SHOUTING) ALOT should be "a lot" or "much." Grammar: Sentence fragment. Beginning sentence with And, Or or But

Screen 32, Close End:

I could continue talking for days, but I want you to have the privelage of learning more about Nibiru and Planet X.  Anyways, I must go now.  See you around.

Voice: Active Spelling: Privelage should be privilege.  Anyways should be Anyway. Grammar: "See you around" is a colloquialism.

Editorial Analysis of the Video CGI Text

This is most likely the producer's first video.  The passive voice early on indicates discomfort with the process.  The fact that the voice becomes more active as the video progresses indicates increasing comfort.

SIYM is American, judging by the colloquialisms and his / her Director page on YouTube.  Voice starts out passive, but becomes predominately active as the video progresses.  Many sentence fragments, a few run-on sentences and comma splices.  Some confusion of tense and misspellings.  Some confusion of plural / possessive.  Ending sentence with possessive pronoun.  Beginning sentence with And, Or or But.  This tells me that the producer is not a professional writer. 

Although the producer appeared to be careful to produce an interesting video, this person is not a professional writer.  Also, the text on several screens of the video indicates coaching.  While SIYM seems genuinely concerned about Planet X / Nibiru, he or she took the information given at face value without vetting it or with only a bit of research. 

Finally, the producer and the poster seem to be the same person, judging by writing voice.


This author feels that SIYM is an honest person at heart, but his or her suppliers guided or coached him or her.  The real emotions come through in places of all three posts where the poster expresses fear for family and the desire to get on with life and put this behind them.  However, while all of the text is in the same writer's voice, this poster has most likely been used by someone who intends to discredit true research.  This is also evident in all three posts.

Finally, this author would like to challenge the readers to do some of their own research and decide for themselves what seems real to them and what does not.  Only then will the readers be satisfied with their own knowledge.