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More Planet X Images — SelfInformYourMind vs. NibiruShock2012

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Marshall Masters

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PUBLIC NOTICE: We are unable to contact the any of the informants and cannot cannot independently confirm this report. As compelling as these images are, any conclusions drawn from them must be viewed as speculative at this time.


Use this page for reviewing all the videos by SelfinFormYourMind and NibiruShock2012, related to this leaked Planet X imagery analysis.



On March 06, 2008, SelfInformYourMind posted "LEAKED* Nibiru Photo's 'Object orbitting in front. In this video, SelfInformYourMind presents a series of images of Planet X provided to him by a secret source and taken on Feburary 13, 2008 by an unnamed observatory. As of this publication date, this video has been viewed approximately 5,000 times.



In the original about text provided with his video, SelfInformYourMind says,

"A recent user NibiruShock2012's photo's are similiar to mine. I can tell you they are fully authentic and it is no hoax."

Given that NibiruShock2012 named the source observatory, and SelfInformYourMind did not, we took interest. It was odd to us that SelfInformYourMind would authenticate NibiruShock2012's images with such obscure imagery.



On February 20, 2008, a 37-year old YouTube Director in Switzerland with the screen name of NibiruShock2012 posted images of Planet X that were allegedly taken by the South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica. Titled Nibiru/Planet X photos taken January 2008. As of the release date, this video has been viewed over 100,000 times.



A second video titled Nibiru/Planet X update February 1 2008 was released by NibiruShock2012 on March 3, 2008, the day after we published our analysis titled, First Planet X / Nibiru Images Leaked by an Anonymous South Pole Telescope (SPT) Informant. As of the release date, this video has been viewed approximately 45,000 times.



As we are unable to interview either of these YouTube directors, we cannot independently confirm any of the information provided in their videos nor associated YouTube About Text. Therefore, they both must be viewed as speculative at this time.

We will continue to follow these unofficial Planet X / Nibiru image leaks and will report additional findings as they come to light.

—Marshall Masters, Publisher
Your Own World USA



How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, Investigator

How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, InvestigatorPeople follow different paths to the truth about Planet X, with an enduring hope that one day, our government will finally disclose what it knows.

Like UFOlogy, the hope is that if you create a pile of pictures high enough, perhaps at some point the truth will reach critical mass and voila-disclosure. Unfortunaetly, just like Marxism, it's one of those inspiring fantasy goals that can never be achieved.

This is why Planet X investigator, Bob Fletcher, producer of the IN-COMMING DVDs, has come at this from an entirely different directions. Bob followed the money and found that more was spent on preparation for Planet X than anyone could imagine. GO

Yowusa.com Planet X
System Update No. 1

This program presents an overview of the Planet X system, how it moves through our solar system and why we always seem to observe it near the Sun and not behind us, plus recent observations of three planets in the Planet X system captured by ocean buoys located in the Gulf of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.



Detailed explanations of the first three Planet X events projected for the tribulation time line are presented: covert visitations, deep impact, and the perihelion alignment of the Planet X system as it will be seen from Earth. These projections by the Guides appear in the book, Being In It for the Species The Universe Speaks.


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