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First Planet X / Nibiru Images Leaked by an Anonymous South Pole Telescope (SPT) SPT Informant

Planet X / NibiruPart 3 — Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Janice Manning

Table of Contents


PUBLIC NOTICE: We are unable to contact the any of the informants and cannot cannot independently confirm this report. As compelling as these images are, any conclusions drawn from them must be viewed as speculative at this time.


The following is a Human Intelligence (HUMINT) analysis based on all of the text embedded in and associated with the Planet X / Nibiru Shock 2012 video.



The Planet X / Nibiru Shock 2012 video evidenced three separate, distinct "author's voices" to wit:

  • SPT Informant
  • Video Producer
  • YouTube Poster

This analysis begins with an analysis of the SPT Informant, using the the four time-stamped and numerically sequenced images from the telescope camera.

The SPT Informant

The SPT Informant, presumably an American working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, captured the four images shown in the video and referenced here.

Image #1 — 01-Jan-2008

Date, Time
Seq. Num.
Daily Avg
01/01/08, 06:31 AM
LOO# 51223

01/01/08, 06:31 AM

This area of space has been monitored daily since 01/01/08. This was the first recorded picture in the video, so it has a difference value of 0 and a daily average value of 1. However, observe the changes to these values as the other images are listed.

Image #2 — 10-Jan-2008

Date, Time
Seq. Num.
Daily Avg
01/10/08, 14:30 PM
LOO# 51229

01/10/08, 14:30 PM

This was the second recorded picture. Note the sequence number. Six images were taken with that camera in the ten days between 01/01/08, 06:31 AM and 01/10/08, 14:30 PM. This produced a daily average for that period of 0.6

Image #3 — 15-Jan-2008

Date, Time
Seq. Num.
Daily Avg
01/15/08 10:03 AM
LOO# 51236

01/15/08 10:03 AM

As of the third recorded picture, taken five days after Image #2, we see the daily average of images increasing as the time between samplings decreased. In fact, Image #3's average more than doubled over the average for Image #2.

Image #4 — 20-Jan-2008

Date, Time
Seq. Num.
Daily Avg
01/20/08 21:43 PM
LOO# 51259

01/20/08 21:43 PM

By the time that Image #4 had been captured, that camera had captured a total between 01/01/08, 06:31 AM and 01/20/08, 21:43 PM of 37 images of that area of space. This indicates that the SPT Informant chose the images very carefully to obtain a well-rounded, representative sample of four images out of those 37.

The fact that the SPT astronomers took 23 images in the last five days of this sequence shows a dramatically increasing interest in that area of space at that time. This also shows in the fact that the daily average of images for #4 tripled that of images for #3.

The Video Producer

The Video Producer, presumably from an English-speaking country as either a natural citizen or immigrant, produced the video, adding text by using Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

The producer wrote it in a pseudo-American style. It had consistent typographical errors, misspelling "visible" twice and January once, with very minimal punctuation.

The producer also wrote it in what newspaper editors call Passive Voice. Here are some very simple formulas for determining Active Voice sentences from Passive Voice sentences:

  • Active Voice sentence: (Person) "A" used "B" to do "C."

  • Passive Voice sentence: "B" was used by (person) "A" to do "C." (OR) "C" was done with "B" by (person) "A."

Here is a representative Passive Voice paragraph from the video:

"The following pictures you are about to see are of the dark star Nibiru with its orbiting moons and Planet X. They were taken with a photographic telescope located in Amundsen-Scott American South Pole Station (SPT) in january of this year."

Both sentences in the above paragraph are in Passive Voice. Passive Voice is common for people who are not American but can write in English.

To illustrate the point, had the the first sentence in the above quotation been written in Active Voice, it would have read something like:

"You are about to see the following pictures of the dark star Nibiru with its orbiting moons and Planet X."

Regardless of the Writer's Voice and typos, the care and sense of urgency of the producer show in the last three CGI sentences:

"These objects are heading towards us and they will become visable to every human on Earth within the next couple of years. This is a matter of National Security and the governments of the world are trying their best to prevent global panic. They're also trying their best on how to deal with this unavoidable event."

The compassionate tone in this last CGI text recognizes the concern of world governments that this will cause a panic. In essence, this chain of informants does not see the governments as the "bad guys" and wants the viewer to understand that. On the other hand, a disinformation ploy would have ended on a strong conspiratorial note.

However, the message "they're trying their best" clearly shows compassion but a lack of conviction in the ability of the governments to overcome their own bureaucratic inertia and broach this information in a timely manner. This one paragraph clearly shows how this concern that bonded the members of this disclosure chain.

The YouTube Poster

The person who posted to YouTube wrote in a Continental English style used by English-speaking Europeans. The poster is not a professional writer, as this person consistently inserted commas into the wrong places. However, the tone of the posting indicated a sincere interest in the urgency of a Planet X flyby.

Here is an example of the Continental English spelling (realise) and a copy of the poster's urgent plea.

  1. Spelling: What many people do not realise, is that Nibiru is infact a dark star, about half the size of our Sun. ("Infact" is a typographical error in both types of English.)

  2. Plea / Challenge: Many people can be saved, but actions need to be taken NOW. If we leave it to the last minute, it will be to late. Within the next few years, nobody will be able to hide the fact these objects are heading towards us, because they will be seen by everyone and will grow larger as they approach us. Global panic is unavoidable and this event is unavoidable.

During the analysis, co-authors Jacco van der Worp, MSc and Benjamin Cropley often noticed that the level of expertise in astronomy was solid with regards to the SPT Informant and less so with the Video Producer.

They both concur that the YouTube Poster is essentially illiterate about the astronomy presented in this video and crafted the About Text using general concepts available from the Web.


This article demonstrates how these important images show incoming objects. It shows how the images prompted regular, everyday people, such as the producer, to make the video, and the poster, to post it to YouTube. The sense of urgency in all three people is gravely evident in all of their work.

We, as researchers, need to continue to encourage credible work, such as this, and to vet what we do receive to keep readers informed as fully as possible.