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South Pole Telescope (SPT) — America’s New Planet X Tracker

Jacco van der Worp
Foreword by Marshall Masters


According to John, the remainder of the rocket fuel was spent on keeping the satellite focused on this object.  The object was massive, and it was approaching us.  The public was simply told the satellite did not work any longer, with the cover story of the coolant being spent, while secret observations continued.

Obviously, someone has been monitoring Planet X / Nemesis for many years already, given the missions and observations of the last century, but recently its behavior must have begun to stir some important nerves.  Has it started to behave erratically?  If so, these important people or governments might feel an urgency to monitor it continuously to be able to anticipate as soon as possible any changes in its trajectory or any possible Earth-bound impactors that might come from it.

A most interesting aspect of the whole Planet X / Nemesis discussion is the timeframe in which it is all expected to unfold.  A widespread consensus marks 2012 as the year of its closest passage to the Sun.  This is only 6 years from now!  No one knows why, but almost every ancient culture has books that talk of major worldwide changes in the year 2012.  A few calendars point directly to that year for a renewal or restart of their largest time-cycles; ancient and modern prophesies point to it as well.  There simply has been too much talk of the year 2012 over the centuries to just ignore it!

An urgent need to observe Planet X / Nemesis is really the only possible reason that is left for this near impossible rush there seems to be to build, set up and begin operation of this particular telescope on Antarctica within three two month periods.  After all, the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation has been there for a while and can easily wait a few more years to be studied by humans.  The same thing goes for a little planet going nowhere that was named after a warrior princess, but Planet X / Nemesis cannot wait another year!  The hunt is really on; it is going past serious, and it is approaching critical; the veil will likely be lifted soon.  We need to prepare ourselves for a surprise of the devastating kind!

Marshall always closes his Cut to the Chase radio programs by saying, “Destiny comes to those who listen, and fate finds the rest.  So learn what you can learn, do what you can do, and never give up hope.  This is Marshall, and I’ll catch you on the backside.”

What Marshall means is that he wants to catch you on the backside of the coming flyby event, because the time to choose between destiny and fate is quickly approaching. 

The time to learn, do and hope is now!

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