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The Exodus: Part 2— Planet X / Nibiru Connection

YOWUSA.COM, 13-August-05
Josef Novak

Plus Middle East Analysis
by Marshall Masters


The immense mass of ice in the region of the Antarctic as it was pulled towards the equatorial region caused the outer crust of the Earth to slip and move along with it. Pulling, what is now the United States towards the equatorial region and towards a warmer climate, causing the glaciers to recede very rapidly. At the same time portions of what is now Siberia was being pulled in to the region of the ever-freezing Arctic Circle causing the sudden demise of the mammoth. All events taking place within a relatively very short period of time.

By using the terminology "Short period of time", we can surmise that this process may have stretched over several weeks or month until things settled down again. It is easy to imagine, that constant shakes and tremors of the earth's surface, along with rains, storms and extensive flooding accompanied this process. What also seems to coincide with biblical accounts of the duration of the Deluge.

Another sign which gives this theory more credence is some of the Indian lore as it has been past down over the ages. The Indians were afraid of loosing the sun? Later generations to whom this lore was passed on, in order to keep track of the sun and its movement designed and build clever devices to do so. Why were they so afraid of loosing the sun? 

We can very well imagine that during this time of upheaval, while the outer crust of our Earth was in constant motion, the sun never rose or set at the same point on the horizon. For some time these ancient and rather primitive dwellers were afraid that they might never see another sunrise, or that the sun would disappear altogether. So it was no small wonder they were afraid.

All in all it had been a catastrophe in the making just waiting to be triggered and the apparent trigger was the re-appearing planet of our ancient gods with its powerful gravitational forces. Something our gods had been very well aware of from previous passages. However the difference was that nothing was unstable in some of the previous passages to cause such monumental damage.

Never the less every passage of this fabled planet brought along with it unstable weather conditions and an increase in volcanic activities due to its gravitational pull.

It appears that some one else may also have taken a closer look at these numbers, the scientific community as well as the Vatican. However rest assured that the scientific community as well as the Vatican has two different stories. One is for public consumption, for people with an unshakable believe what the various religious institutions have instilled in them over centuries. The other for people endowed with reasoning and common sense. So, if angles, spirits, saints and holy ghosts are your thing it is understandable that the forgoing may not have been your cup of tea.

If some of the foregoing may sound strange consider the following. Sometimes back an article appeared in the Smithsonian magazine, it was in either the June or July 1998 issue. This article dealt with the involvement of the Vatican in building an observatory on Mount Graham in Arizona, a nature protected area. All red tape was overcome in short order to get permission to build there. At the time few of us may have given it a second thought and considered it to be just interesting. But after getting more information and considering how conservative the Vatican is when it comes to spending money, this project looked more and more curious.

Any time an accredited astronomer wants to do some research he can rent time on one of the many observatories, at times there may be a squeeze on available time, but it can be done.

So, what intrigued the Vatican so much that they want to be able to gaze at the stars, the southern skies at that, at any given moment? Most earthbound telescopes are limited in what they can discern, as opposed to a telescope like the Hubbell telescope, which can peer in to deep space, almost to a point in time when our universe was created. But most telescopes are good enough and well suited to detect an incoming planet, which so far remained undetected and there lies their interest.

If ancient records prove to be correct in reference to the planet of the crossing also known as Niburu/Marduk a lot of explaining will be necessary along with revisions of theological dogma and we can be certain that the Vatican likes to prepare for this event. Apparently this is not the only observatory being on the look out, as from what is known, amongst others there is also one in Black Birch New Zealand, in conjunction with the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab looking for the same object.

So it should come as no surprise as we approach the time when once more this fabled planet re-enters our more immediate solar system and the weather begins to act in a strange manner and we notice an increase in natural disturbances e.g. an increase in volcanic eruptions as well as earthquakes etc. These are similar disturbances and harbingers of things to come and were a prelude to natural disasters which were inflicted upon the Egyptians approximately 3600 (3505) years earlier ushering in the release of the Jews from bondage, a historical event which went down in history and later became known as the Exodus.

A final word from the author of this article. Many thanks to the great writer Zecharia Sitchin, author of the Earth Chronicles which gave me a look at mankind's ancient past and by doing so allowed me a glimpse in to the future. 

Middle East Analysis
by Marshall Masters

Josef's article draws clearly shows a correlation between the last passage of Nibiru and the suffering of the Jews in Egypt.  If the time as Josef indicates in his article is correct, the unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza under fire, a harbinger of return?

Given the military buildup in Gaza by Hamas and Al Qadea, preparations for another major terror assault on Israel are certain to happen in the wake of the pullout.  

In a bold move reminiscent of anti-Nazi editorials published by Winston Churchill in the days leading up to WWII, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly challenged the withdrawal.  Calling the Gaza pullout "another Oslo" he resigned from Sharon's cabinet last week. 

Has Sharon lost his mind, or does Sharon know something that Netanyahu has yet to learn or admit?  To put this in perspective, let's look at the Gaza withdrawal from the illogical side of the equation.

The Jews have a clear historical claim to Gaza and the West Bank, and they are doing something no other democracy in the world has ever done.  They are abandoning ancestral lands.

Is Shraon yielding to the anti-Semitic politics of Europe?  Given that Europe has, and continues to side with Israel's enemies, nothing has changed in this regard.  Like the cops say, "Move along folks, nothing to see here."

Is it because support for Israel in America is weakening?  At the grass roots level, there are more Christian Zionists in America today than ever before.  They outnumber Jewish Zionists by more than 4-to-1 and these folks are scratching their heads over this unilateral Gaza withdrawal.  What boggles their  minds, is that Jews are being displaced for the first time since WWII, and by a Jewish state no less!

When you stand back to look at the thing as a whole, one huge question looms up.  Given that Israel arguably possess clear ancestral and political right to Gaza, why is it unilaterally withdrawing under fire, and knowing that Hamas and Al Qadea are going to quash the PA authority in Gaza in the wake of their departure, so they can then launch a massive, new terror war on Israel from Gaza.

At face value, it all looks insane.  That is, until you connect two words.  Sharon and Nibiru.  What Sharon knows and what Netanyahu may or may not know is that Nibiru is inbound and the anticipated consequences of the flyby are the driving force behind Sharon's unilateral withdrawal.  This is because Sharon well understands, the lessons of Exodus and the 10 plagues caused by Nibiru's last flyby.

In Josef's article he quotes from the Book of Manuscripts in The Kolbrin.  There is also a very relevant prophecy in that same book of The Kolbrin  and it clearly talks to the present.

MAN:3:8 "A nation of soothsayers shall rise and fall and their tongue shall be the speech learned."

This could be England.  The term "Soothsayer" is derived from the Old English "Soothe."  Also keep in mind that English is the language of business and the Internet.  It is taught in ESL (English as a second language) classes worldwide.

MAN:3:8  "A nation of lawgivers shall rule the Earth and pass away into nothingness."

This seems to imply the United Nations, which is presently facing the same types of challenges that brought about the collapse of The League of Nations. See below*

MAN:3:8  "One worship will pass into the four quarters of the Earth, talking peace and bringing war."

Some think this implies Christianity, which is wrong.  Christianity talks love and brings wars.  Peace plus war clearly indicates the fundamentalist Islam of today.

MAN:3:8  "A nation of the seas will be greater than any other, but will be as an apple rotten at the core and will not endure."

The USA commands the most powerful navy in the whole recorded history of mankind.  Are we rotten a the core?  As a society, America has become more material, self-focused, and superficial since Vietnam.

MAN:3:8  "A nation of traders will destroy men with wonders and it shall have its day."

Stand on the Golden Gate bridge at the mouth of the San Francisco bay and you'll see one heavily ladened Chinese container ship after another, passing under you with cargos destined for your local Wal-Mart.  Yet, this is not enough for China.  They are preparing a military campaign to retake Taiwan and if the USA intervenes, they've promised to use nuclear weapons.

MAN:3:8  "Then shall the high strive with the low, the North with the South, the East with the West, and the light with the darkness.

The collapse of the League of Nations was a harbinger of WWII.  Likewise, the coming collapse of the United Nations will be the harbinger of WWIII.  This in turn will create regional hegemonies.

Put yourself in Sharon's shoes.  He can see that the coming catastrophic flyby of Nibiru will sideline the USA as a global power and that Israel will have to rely upon itself more than ever before. 

As a former military commander, he also understands the need to position his forces accordingly.  He knows the Israeli Air Force can contain the threat from Gaza.  Plus, the retreat from Gaza could very well reposition Israel as the David in the conflict, as opposed to that of an awkward Goliath.  This will give Sharon a free hand to be effective in is response, and this is important because he needs all the boots on the ground he can muster for the real threats facing him to the North and West.

Ergo, the unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza under fire has nothing to do with ancestral rights or global politics.

It is purely a strategic military move in anticipation of the impending global changes to be wrought by the next flyby of Nibiru.

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