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The Exodus: Part 1 —
Planet X / Nibiru Connection

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-05
Josef Novak

Plus Nibiru Sky Watch Alert
Marshall Masters


Nibiru Sky Watch Alert

Copyright 2005, Marshall Masters
Written Permission Required for Reprint

Hats off to Josef for a great article.  For those of you reading The Kolbrin, you'll see the dots connect between his finds and the highly detailed accounts of the Exodus contained in the The Kolbrin.  With this in mind, we all need to turn our eyes towards Antarctica and proof that our government is taking this matter seriously.

In 1999, an obscure news release was posted on the Internet by the University of Chicago news office.  It describes the funding they received from the government to develop a new kind of ground-based telescope that would be as capable as the Hubble telescope.

Here are the relevant issues:

University of Chicago, Aug. 12, 1999
University will play major role
in Adaptive Optics Center
(Yowusa.com Backup Copy)

The University is part of a new $20 million project that promises to make ground-based telescopes as powerful as orbiting observatories while also dramatically improving the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease and vision correction techniques.

The University will play a key role as one of UCSC's 27 partner institutions through the Chicago Adaptive Optics System Laboratory, which will be led by Edward Kibblewhite, Professor in Astronomy & Astrophysics, and in related Midwestern education and outreach through the Space Explorers Program, led by Randall Landsberg, Director of Education and Outreach for the University's Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica.

"Ed Kibblewhite is one of the pioneers in adaptive optics," said Michael Turner, the Bruce and Diana Rauner Distinguished Service Professor and Chairman of Astronomy & Astrophysics at Chicago. "This is the next big technical advance in astronomy. By correcting for the blurring effect of the Earth's atmosphere, adaptive optics will allow any Earth-based telescope to see with the clarity of the Hubble Space Telescope."

To observe parts of the sky that are without a bright star to serve as a reference, astronomers would simply create their own artificial reference stars with a laser beacon. The laser excites a layer of sodium atoms approximately 50 miles above the Earth's surface, creating a yellow light in much the same way electricity excites the sodium atoms in a streetlight.

"If you have a very carefully tuned laser, you can scatter off these atoms and form an artificial star. It's very difficult to make these lasers because they require special properties," Kibblewhite said.

Keep in mind the following with regards to Nibiru.  It is coming in from the South. 

Josef Novak's reference to the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT), at the Mount Graham International Observatory (MGIO) in southeastern Arizona is of wide knowledge.  Likewise, so is the Project Wormwood effort at the Learmonth Solar Observatory, on the North West Cape of Western Australia at approximate coordinates 22 degrees south and 114 degrees east.

Yet, what do we know about this new telescope in Antarctica?  Until now, not much if anything.  Still the same, I've kept my eye on this over the, looking for new information and have now learned from a highly reliable source the following:

  • The lens grinding phase for the telescope in Texas is  at a very advanced stage.
  • Facilities to house the telescope, support system and personnel are under construction in an undisclosed location in Antarctica.
  • Unlike other scientific facilities that are small enough to be maintained researchers, the size of this facility require a full time facilities maintenance staff.
  • The telescope will likely become operational sometime within the following 6 months, given that recruiting is currently underway for permanent, non-research staff positions.


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Aside from the initial funding of $24.8 million for the enabling technology and the design and construction costs of the telescope, no other funding has been made public.  Considering the size and scope of this project, plus the enormous facilities and logistics support for a massive observatory in one of the most inaccessible regions of the world, the actual costs would no doubt be orders of magnitude greater than those mentioned in the 1999 University of Chicago press release.

Also of interest, is the fact that not one legislator inside the "you can indict a ham sandwich " beltway in Washington has made a peep, and this is from both sides of the aisle.  Gee, curious minds want to know why this has not been politicized yet?

For those with an interest in the Nibiru/Planet X issue, the existence of this telescope and the fact that will be operational within months is important news.  I

Given the cost, sophistication and secrecy surrounding the deployment of this telescope in Antarctica, this gives us all a smoking gun.  n a very real sense, it says that we're not been barking at the moon all these years.

A Personal Message to Subscribers

This kind of information could not have become possible without your support and patience.  Yes, we're not the most prolific alternative science web site on Internet, but we do focus on quality.  When we have something notable to say, we say it.

Yes, I have mentioned this in a few radio interviews, but I've never mentioned the granular details in this report because I agree with the U.S. Congress in a manner of speaking.  The less said about this the better.

In due time, more details will be made known.  Most likely after Nibiru's approach crosses an undeniable threshold.  In the meantime, now you know. 

Vast sums of money are being spent on this by our government.  The right people, right technology and right location have been chosen.  The indirect message is clear.  This is issue is not a fluke.  Keep learning.  Keep preparing.  I'll see you on the back side.—Marshall

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