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The Exodus: Part 1— Planet X / Nibiru Connection

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-05
Josef Novak

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Marshall Masters

The Exodus: Part 1 - Planet X / Nibiru ConnectionFor good many years mankind has attempted to deduce the re appearance of the twelfth planet. The home planet of our so-called Gods or creators, the Nefelims of the Bible, the ones who came from above. Also known as the planet of the "Crossing" from where the sign of the cross was derived. In ancient times it was know as Marduk the home planet of our gods eventually the god as referred to later on in the Bible. As described in ancient texts this planet has an orbit of 3600 years with an apogee in the far reaches of our solar system.

To pin point its arrival or when this planet will become visible once more has been rather difficult, as exact time markers have been lost over time. However one of the markers everyone is familiar with was the deluge, which was precipitated when this planet once more passed through our immediate solar system. Its gravitational forces interacted with earth, just like the moon influences our tides.

Over time huge ice masses had been building in the Antarctic region, with the build up not equally balanced. In other words more ice on one side then on the other. Needless to say due to the centrifugal forces of our spinning Earth considerable forces were pulling and tugging on this massive build up of ice.

We know that Earth resembles a gigantic centrifuge with the largest centrifugal force concentrated at its outer most perimeter in this case the equatorial region. In many ways it may be compared to a milk centrifuge which spins and separates the cream from the milk. Where components of unequal weight are separated and the heaviest component accumulates at the outermost perimeter of the centrifuge.

This centrifugal action is also responsible for ocean currents and more or less acts as a pump carrying warm water currents past the northern coasts of Europe. As the water cools it gradually becomes heavier and begins to sink and once more acted upon by gravitational forces begins to return to the warmer equatorial regions where the cycle starts all over again. Needless to say this endless cycle also greatly influences our weather patterns, as if disturbed in some form or another can spell the difference between good and bad weather.

As ice masses have been accumulating for many centuries in the Antarctic region, a lot of it being out of balance due to the uneven accumulation, a little more on one side than the other, gravitational forces were beginning to pull and tug. In this case the pull was towards the equatorial region, or the outermost perimeter of this centrifuge, in this instance our good old mother Earth.

So what does this all have to do with the periodic reappearance of the fabled planet X, the planet of the crossing, or the planet of our creators.

Along here we may add that any reference made to our creators, the Gods or God of ancient past. The same God of the Bible have little in common and no connection with what we may address as a Universal and Superior force which was instrumental in creating the universe and life in general as we know it. However these gods of our ancient past were responsible for the creation or cloning of mankind, at least the type of humans as we appear today, in the image of our creators a process which later on became known as the creation of Adam and Eve. A process which by historical accounts took place in Southeastern Africa.

Chances are better then good had there been no outside intervention and life was left to the natural cycle of the evolutionary process, mankind would still be far from the point where we are right now.

The Gods of our ancient past being technically advanced knew quite well what was going on in the Antarctic region and realized that this ice mass was getting to be very unstable and it would take very little to set a disaster in motion. They also knew what some additional gravitational pull could do, and this additional pull was to come when their planet once again re-entered our more immediate solar system.

It was a "Very predictable yet unavoidable event". Had it not been predictable we never would have known about Noah and his arc, or Utnapishtim as he was referred to in ancient Akkadian texts or as Ziusudra in Sumnarian. Prior to the Deluge and over a period of many thousands of years the version of modern man began to multiply. The problem was that these humans not only propagated amongst themselves but interacted with the sons of the gods as well.

Along here some of you may recall certain passages from the Bible were the sons of Gods found the daughters of man quite to their liking and in the process producing off springs which were not at all appreciated by the upper echelons.

At some point in time and prior to the Deluge the Gods being aware of the pending disaster had all intentions to let their human experiment perish in the resulting flood. So the Gods figured that the disaster would come just at the right time and would wipe the slate clean.

What the gods did not count on was that one amongst them had taken a liking to one of the humans, better known as Noah and in a round about way warned him about the pending disaster. Instructing and telling him how to go about building a craft, which could survive the coming flood. As we all know the rest is history. Along here we may interject that Noah may not have been the only survivor as there are other historical accounts of pockets of humans surviving in higher elevations of what is now known as the South American continent.

Along here it may be interesting to note the following theory as set forth and described in a book titled "When the Sky fell" by Rand & Rose Flem-Ath. Circumstances and events seem to give this story quite a bit of credibility. A theory initially proposed and set forth by Charles Hapgood and found to be quite reasonable and possible by no one else then Albert Einstein who stated so in one of his communications with Charles Hapgood. However the authors of the book "When the Sky fell" made no connection as to what may have triggered this event as they never made any connection between the periodic re-appearance of planet X, Noah and the Gods who intended to have a natural disaster terminate their human experiment.

The initial theory as to what caused the Deluge was that the unstable ice mass finally slipped off its base, plunged in to the surrounding waters and caused immense tidal waves, which kept sloshing back and forth. This theory is quite possible. However there is another theory which seems to be more probable.

The time of the deluge also seems to coincide with the sudden end of the last ice age. But this was not the only "Sudden" event, which took place. Prior to the Deluge huge herds of Mammoth roamed freely in the areas of what is now known as Siberia, but an area which was then outside the Arctic Circle. A sudden event took place which caused these huge herds of Mammoth literally freeze to death while still moving around and to die one by one, destroying and freezing their food source at the same time. Eventually and over a short period of time their frozen bodies were covered and preserved in snow and ice for us to be found today.

About the same time glaciers which had covered a good portion of what is the now the United States and came down as far south as Wisconsin receded very rapidly. In other words here on one side we have a rather rapid melt down, where as on the opposite side there is a rapid freeze. If you look at a globe and draw a line across the North Pole you will find Siberia just opposite what is now Wisconsin. How can climates change so suddenly? Here comes in to play the theory as proposed early on by Charles Hapgood.

The immense mass of ice in the region of the Antarctic as it was pulled towards the equatorial region caused the outer crust of the Earth to slip and move along with it. Pulling, what is now the United States towards the equatorial region and towards a warmer climate, causing the glaciers to recede very rapidly. At the same time portions of what is now Siberia was being pulled in to the region of the ever-freezing Arctic Circle causing the sudden demise of the mammoth. All events taking place within a relatively very short period of time.

By using the terminology "Short period of time", we can surmise that this process may have stretched over several weeks or month until things settled down again. It is easy to imagine, that constant shakes and tremors of the earth's surface, along with rains, storms and extensive flooding accompanied this process. What also seems to coincide with biblical accounts of the duration of the Deluge.

Another sign which gives this theory more credence is some of the Indian lore as it has been past down over the ages. The Indians were afraid of loosing the sun? Later generations to whom this lore was passed on, in order to keep track of the sun and its movement designed and build clever devices to do so. Why were they so afraid of loosing the sun?

We can very well imagine that during this time of upheaval, while the outer crust of our Earth was in constant motion, the sun never rose or set at the same point on the horizon. For some time these ancient and rather primitive dwellers were afraid that they might never see another sunrise, or that the sun would disappear altogether. So it was no small wonder they were afraid.

All in all it had been a catastrophe in the making just waiting to be triggered and the apparent trigger was the re-appearing planet of our ancient gods with its powerful gravitational forces. Something our gods had been very well aware of from previous passages. However the difference was that nothing was unstable in some of the previous passages to cause such monumental damage.

Never the less every passage of this fabled planet brought along with it unstable weather conditions and an increase in volcanic activities due to its gravitational pull.

Even so we know the approximate time when this event took place the timing still could be off a thousand years one way or another. So we continue looking for other markers which is more accurate and coincides with the periodic re-appearance of this fabled planet and by doing so we may have found one which may pin point its next passage much closer. This marker manifests itself in the events, which eventually precipitated the release of the Jews from bondage by the Egyptians and went down in history as "The Exodus".

Many of the things preceding the Exodus and the plagues which had been visited upon the Egyptians, eventually causing them to release the Jews from bondage, were not so much super natural in nature, but the by product of planet X once again re-entering our solar system. Since we can date the Exodus fairly accurate, approximately 1500 BC it furnishes us with a substantial marker. If we further consider that by now we are writing the year 2005 A.D. we can now add the total amount of years 1500 plus 2005 and arrive at about 3505 years. As we have learned the total time for this planet to return to the same point is 3600 years.

It appears that some one else may also have taken a closer look at these numbers, the scientific community as well as the Vatican. However rest assured that the scientific community as well as the Vatican have two different stories. One is for public consumption, for people with an unshakable believe what the various religious institutions have instilled in them over centuries. The other for people endowed with reasoning and common sense. So, if angles, spirits, saints and holy ghosts are your thing it is understandable that the forgoing may not have been your cup of tea.

If some of the foregoing may sound strange consider the following. Sometimes back an article appeared in the Smithsonian magazine, it was in either the June or July 1998 issue. This article dealt with the involvement of the Vatican in building an observatory on Mount Graham in Arizona, a nature protected area. All red tape was overcome in short order to get permission to build there. At the time few of us may have given it a second thought and considered it to be just interesting. But after getting more information and considering how conservative the Vatican is when it comes to spending money, this project looked more and more curious.

Any time an accredited astronomer wants to do some research he can rent time on one of the many observatories, at times there may be a squeeze on available time, but it can be done.

So, what intrigued the Vatican so much that they want to be able to gaze at the stars, the southern skies at that, at any given moment? Most earthbound telescopes are limited in what they can discern, as opposed to a telescope like the Hubbell telescope, which can peer in to deep space, almost to a point in time when our universe was created. But most telescopes are good enough and well suited to detect an incoming planet, which so far remained undetected and there lies their interest.

If ancient records prove to be correct in reference to the planet of the crossing also known as Niburu/ Marduk a lot of explaining will be necessary along with revisions of theological dogma and we can be certain that the Vatican likes to prepare for this event. Apparently this is not the only observatory being on the look out, as from what is known, amongst others there is also one in Black Birch New Zealand, in conjunction with the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab looking for the same object.

So it should come as no surprise if the weather acts in a strange manner and we notice an increase in natural disturbances e.g. an increase in volcanic eruptions as well as earthquakes etc. These are similar disturbances and harbingers of things to come and were a prelude to natural disasters which were inflicted upon the Egyptians approximately 3600 years earlier ushering in the release of the Jews from bondage, a historical event which went down in history and later became known as the Exodus.

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