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Planet X / Nibiru Inbound — Finding Gems in the

YOWUSA.COM, 28-Oct-04
Jacco van der Worp and Marshall Masters


Ducking Disinformation

Dale Caruso wrote a clear story in March of this year called Disinformation and the Nibiru (Planet X) Cover-up on the various forms of disinformation that have been going around on the web and that are being used to effectively kill interest in a story.

Professor James H. FetzerIn his article he referenced to the work of Professor James H. Fetzer, who has done research on disinformation techniques and strategies.

There are five levels of disinformation the professor mentions:

  1. Make the bringer of information appear incompetent and thus discredit his information with him.
  2. Deflective logic: Leave out relevant evidence to the truth in making a point different from the truth.
  3. Kill the messenger. This is the most brutal one.  In a personal attack the bringer of information is character-murdered with non-arguments to divert attention from the issue and make the messenger look bad.
  4. Ignore the Elephant standing in the middle of the room: Ignore the most important conclusion made in a work when reviewing it, thus making the work irrelevant as a whole.
  5. Deflect and fabricate: Take only evidence in favor of your own point of view and leave out the rest.

What can we do to discover and duck such disinformation attempts? 

First ask yourself, was the information given to you by someone with an agenda?  If a NASA operative is telling you that living under condition of weightlessness for prolonged time is not bad for you at all, a little bell should start to ring in the back of your mind immediately. 

This of course is a very easy to see through example.  There are less obvious attempts at bringing disinformation to us.  The most recent one we encountered was David Booth.  He is a man with a story, but all the wrong motives and intentions to be credible.  And there are more examples.  One thing we must not forget about them though: they DO offer valuable information underneath the misleading nonsense they feed us.  They use it to hook our attention with something that rings true.  Then they tease our intellectual failings with convoluted nonsense to exhaust our interest in the topic as a whole. 

Therefore, it is important to first of all identify whether a source is a disinformation source or an honest source.  For that there are many ways, Dale mentioned ten of them in his article Disinformation and the Nibiru (Planet X) Cover-up.  They are briefly summed up here.

  1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
  2. Create rumor mongers
  3. Sidetrack opponents with name-calling and ridicule
  4. Question motives
  5. Invoke authority
  6. Fit the facts to alternate conclusions
  7. Emotionalize, antagonize, and goad opponents
  8. Ignore proof presented, demand impossible proofs
  9. False evidence
  10. Manufacture a new truth

There are many examples on the Internet today that match up without those ten techniques, but more interesting may be to look at some recent bigger stories from sources that we know may be not-always-so-honest and open in the pursuit of truth. 

One such source, with all due respect for the man's achievements, is Richard C. Hoagland.  Because he has been on the ‘inside', he has been compromised into not always being fully open and honest about what he knows is going on in outer space around us.  In short, he will not always speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  He has his motives, no doubt in that, but what he writes needs to be scrutinized for disinformation before taking it hook, line and sinker.  With that in mind, let us get to work on his latest work.

Finding the Good Stuff
in a Sea of RCH Rubble

In Hoagland's series on Hyperdimensional Hurricanes there is a tremendous flood of information leading everywhere but home.  Obviously there is disinformation present there, but there is valuable information also, if you know what to look for and where to find it.

Whether hyper-dimensional physics is true or false is really not the issue.  The hyper-dimensional physics Hoagland talks about is not the core of the matter. 

Hyper-dimensional physics may be a symptom in all of its strange manifestations, but it is just that, a symptom, where it will lead is unclear.  This is so even though the connection that seems to appear between strong quakes and hurricanes lately is very odd. 

A strong example of that is probably the rash of quakes hitting Japan on October 23, 2004, after it was struck by a typhoon only days prior, killing 17 people with many missing.  The quake that followed was a major quake; it measured a 7.0 on the Richter scale.

That little bit of information is therefore valuable.  Major quakes and hurricanes/typhoons seem to be interlocking somehow these days.  Why that is remains a big question.  Have they done so previously is something to investigate into.  Is it a natural thing or is it a test of some incredible tool or weapon, strong enough to cause phenomena like this?

Another, even more valuable piece of information can be found in the fourth article of that series.  Without much ado there is the picture with the planets of our Solar system shown in it along with the radical changes that have taken place on each of them.  It is pretty much out of line with the rest of the story, but very valuable in itself.


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Solar System

YOWUSA.COM signaled most of the phenomena mentioned in this picture in previous articles like Is a Killer Planet X / Nibiru XKBO stalking the Earth or Evidence is Mounting for an Planet X / Nibiru XKBO Flyby!.  Hoagland did recognize the value of our observation, apparently.  Only his conclusion, he drags it right into the realm of hyper-dimensional physics (to what aim eventually?), appears to be a typical case of fitting facts to alternate conclusions.  And that is disinformation.

YOWUSA.COM holds a high regard for Occam's Law.  It says: "all things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the correct one".  The solution Hoagland is providing is anything but that.  It is elegant, no doubt, but it is not simple.  And there are other solutions that are.  And they are disturbing, far more disturbing than hyper-dimensional physics.

A far simpler solution to the question is that an external agent, a body from outside the Solar System, is exciting all planets energetically, exerting influence on all of them, even the Sun.  Jim McCanney put it very clearly in his model on the electrical universe.  The Solar system works like a electric fly zapper to intruding bodies.  And there is one big fly heading this way, if the signs are what Yowusa.com thinks they are.

A Quest for Truth

More and more, finding the truth in the sea of rubble it is submerged in is a difficult task.  This is because the disinformation crowd is every bit as thorough and inventive as the ones searching for the truth.  So it the question is valid as never before how we can distinguish between information and disinformation.  The first and foremost thing is to follow your inner gut when reading information.  Does it feel as if it is possible?  Is it logically possible, does it tie in with information you already have and is clear substantiation present or are sources just vague or evasive?  Will the messenger of the information attach his name and a face to what he is saying or use aliases instead? 

It will not hurt to step back every once in a while and look at things with a fresh perspective.  We need to look for little signs, little clues, like increasing interest for asteroid research that is a thing of recent time.  It happens for a reason and that reason is what will lead us to the truth.  The sooner we know that truth, the better we will be in the end.

The day will come when we can stand in our backyards and look up into the night sky with a good set of binoculars and see Nibiru for ourselves.  At that point, our discussion will take a profound change.  In the meantime, we need to keep digging for the gems wherever we find them.  And if that means digging them out from underneath steamy piles of disinformation, then so be it.

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