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Planet X / Nibiru Inbound — Finding Gems in the

YOWUSA.COM, 28-Oct-04
Jacco van der Worp and Marshall Masters

Planet X / NibiruThe whole Nibiru issue has begun rebounding noticeably since the 2003 flyby promised by Nancy Lieder's Zetatalk web site and Mark Hazelwood's Blindsided.  Their much-promoted non-event in 2003 virtually killed the rapidly growing interest in Nibiru. However, Nibiru is unavoidable and regrettably, the vast amounts of disinformation surrounding it.  However, when you cut the wheat from the chaff, this disinformation does contain fresh sources of hard data amongst the usual heaps of rehashed speculations and misleading calls to action.  This is because disinformation, unlike propaganda, must have a basis in truth and we're starting to see some real gems.  Therefore, we are resuming our active reporting on with this, the first of a new series of articles on Nibiru, for the benefit of our loyal subscribers.

We will not try to scare you with wild-eyed speculation about whether or not Nibiru exists.  It does, and the many perturbations in our solar system that being reported by credible astronomers tell us that it passes (or will pass) through the heart of our system within our lifetimes. 

Based on what we are seeing, we anticipate the increase in these perturbations within the next few years shall rise to a point where disinformation will be replaced with copious amounts of the usual "nothing to worry about" propaganda for the benefit of those who will be simply too terrified to think.  Once that fails, panic will begin to set in, and at that time, the government will take overt steps to control it.

In the meantime, we still have 4 seasons.  Our work.  Our lives. Our families.  Let us not squander this precious time by lurching about in fearful jerks as we waste futile energies on finding some way to save all of humanity, because none of us can.

Rather, let us calmly study what is happening so that we may adequately prepare ourselves emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually for what is certain to come.  That way, when it does happen, we will be able to carry on as best as possible, for our own benefit and for those of whom we love and care.

We at YOWUSA.COM have accumulated and screened a substantial amount of information on Nibiru.  Most of it leads down rabbit holes, but even here we find interesting patterns.  For example, we've had different people who have absolutely no knowledge of one another report the very same vision of Nibiru. 

They tell us that they do not see the planet itself, but sense that is several times the size of the Earth and that it is inbound, at or beyond the Southern edge of our solar system.  Let us be frank, anyone can make that claim.  However, these same people also tell us that the reason why we cannot see it already is that it is obscured by a black cloud. They further tell us that this black cloud is being projected by what they sense to be a malevolent intelligence.  Again, these same people do not know each other; yet, they all share the same exact prophetic vision. 

We've also had singular visions report.  One of interest is a Japanese necromancer who reports seeing a vision of a secret base on the far side of the moon and that it was built to repel or mitigate the impending flyby of Nibiru.  Whether the vision is accurate or not, we have determined the honesty of the source to be impeccable.

While we are finding these tidbits on a routine basis, the richest source of new information for study is disinformation, and I believe we have some rather interesting facts and thoughts to reveal. 

In the meantime, keep in mind what Marshall says at the end of Cut to the Chase interviews, "this is Marshall, and I'll see you on the backside." What he is say is that he hopes we all survive the flyby and live to greet one another on the backside of the event. 

We'll see you on the backside.
— Marshall and Jacco

Gems of Disinformation

In the wake of what was for all intents and purposes the perfect disinformation coup by Lieder and Hazelwood, self-serving pundits quickly moved in for the deprecating kills that only served to further repress interest.  Given the level of effort YOWUSA.COM was putting into the subject, this was an equally grievous body blow to us as well.  So back in August 2003, we openly asked ourselves our readers if it was time to revisit Nibiru

YOWUSA.COM, August 24, 2003
It Is Time to Revisit Planet X / Nibiru

It Is Time to Revisit Planet X / NibiruModern civilization is facing the same tribulations as those that beset the ancient Mayan civilization and caused its downfall as a direct result of Earth changes. While some try to compartmentalize the Earth's many current freakish phenomena;, one single causality -- the largest increase in solar activity in over 400 years -- is clearly to blame. Clearly, our Sun is now perturbing all of the natural systems in Earth's biosphere to include: Widespread droughts, freakish heat waves in Europe, increased volcanism, and more major deep quake activity. This, in turn, raises the question: Could it just be a natural cycle of the Sun? Perhaps so, but an equally plausible explanation could be that our Sun is but one step away from the true causality -- an inbound Planet X-class Kuiper Belt Object (XKBO) such as the Planet Nibiru, mentioned in the ancient Sumerian texts. If so,  the worst of it is yet to come.

The deafening quiet our article received was ample proof of how successful Lieder and Hazelwood had been at crushing the growing interest in Nibiru.  As we entered the fall of 2003, the whole Nibiru subject fell into obscurity.  Yet we knew it would return as no amount of disinformation in the cosmos can alter the orbital path of this approaching behemoth — and people instinctively sense this!

We YOWUSA.COM writers had also become a bit weary.  Prior to the non-event, our articles were receiving several thousand hits a day.  Much of that traffic was coming from terrified people who were just becoming introduced to the issue.  It was a stampede of fear and all that most of these folks wanted to know was when the world was going to end.  A good percentage of them were primarily interested in validating their own religious beliefs in whatever their "end times" beliefs happened to be. 

Because our focus has always been on the science, this religious triumphantisim motive was disappointing.  This is not about God punishing us because he has the personality of a bi-polar tax auditor.  Nibiru is about the universe, doing what the universe does.  And frankly, the universe has neither the time nor inclination to judge each of us individually.  Consequently, we became weary of the compulsion to feed the demands of this burgeoning new readership, and to be honest; we greeted the bursting of the bubble with a combination of sadness and relief. 

And yes, we had become a little weary too of writing on a topic that would, if it were to become reality would end modern life, as we know it.  We had to think on how to deal with the negative outlook on life that comes with pondering this subject for too long.

Another negative impact of the articles we wrote on Nibiru leading up to the 2003 non-event were the repeated attacks on our web site.  All of the co-founders posses a considerable understanding how the Internet works and what troubled us was the manner in which our site was being attacked.

At that time, we maintained a very tight firewall in front of the web site and it kept hackers and miscreants from attacking the site through the front door, and it worked.  However, the attacks were coming through the back door and they were surgically precise strikes.  Because we were reporting hard facts and could not be controlled or mislead it was inevitable.

This is why all of us who freely contribute articles to YOWUSA.COM supported the decision to take the site to a subscription basis.  In doing so, we replaced the physical firewall in front of site, with a legal firewall behind it.  Since then, the surgical attacks have stopped and site traffic is still strong.

For those of us who write for YOWUSA.COM, this has also allowed us to refocus our efforts in sharing our research with people like you, who truly value our reporting, as opposed folks looking for a good scare or some jingoistic validation of their triumphant religious beliefs. 

Now That Nibiru has Regained Momentum

Things have changed in the year that passed since then.  We searched for and found a new and far more positive perspective towards the matter.  It has become about finding a way past all this approaching misery.  We need to survive this to tell our children and learn from it, to make sure there will be a tomorrow.  We need to preserve as much as we can of humanity and our culture, in order not to be thrown right back into the Stone Age or worse.  This mission now is damage control.  What the sinking of the Titanic showed us is that damage control does not begin when your ship is going down by the head. Rather, it starts before you set sail and when you do set sail, every passenger on the ship must participate in a mandatory lifeboat drill. 

In essence, the whole issue of Nibiru needs to move beyond the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) stage to the lifeboat drill stage. 

Therefore, the real question became one of a tactical nature.  How would we know when general interest would recover from the 2003 Lieder-Hazelwood disinformation campaign so that we could pick things back up?  The answer was simple.  This time, the disinformation would not react as it had before as you can only do that once with any great effect.  Rather, it would have to respond incrementally as opposed to reactively. 

The signal that general interest was gathering steam once again was the Aussie Bloke scare.  It was a brilliantly crafted disinformation campaign that was far too sophisticated for the likes of a malevolent teenager bent on proving his acumen to the adult world.

We watched that with interest, wondering whether it is was a momentary blip on the radar or a true harbinger of a more concerted effort.  Then along came David Booth.  He did have a genuine vision, but was obviously compromised as noted by Wayne Green, publisher and frequent Coast-To-Coast AM guest.  Consequently, there is no doubt in Green's mind that Booth is now a disinformation operative and for this reason he came on the Cut to the Chase program with Marshall to reveal Booth's new intentions.

With Marshall Masters

16-October-2004: Wayne Green and Dale Caruso  — Is David Booth's Vision the True 3rd Vision of Fatima?

David Booth - Code Red Psychic David Booth claims that Sister Lucia has confirmed to him that the prophetic vision he announced to the world on Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory, is in fact, the true 3rd vision of Fatima.  He further claims that he is in possession of a home video, showing him with Sister Lucia, that substantiates this claim.  Is David Booth a true psychic? Has God truly singled him out to bring the world this calamitous message of prophetic doom?  Or, is he a genuine psychic with a vision that has been trumpeted on several radio shows, who has become a disinformation operative for the government, as Wayne Green now suggests?  In this tell-all interview with Wayne Green and Dale Caruso, we not only ask the hard questions, but we also reveal a private recording of David Booth and his true intentions that may shock you.

The point of the show was simple: expose Booth before he could create another 2003 Lieder-Hazelwood style disinformation campaign. 

In concert with that, we at YOWUSA.COM have begun monitoring the disinformation flow with great interest because unlike propaganda, which is based on lies, disinformation is based on truth.  The goal of which is to exhaust interest in particular subject as opposed to calling people to action through propaganda.

For this reason, Nibiru disinformation is actually the most fertile area for new data available to us, until such a time as no amount of disinformation can have any hope of being successful. 

For the benefit of our loyal subscribers, we need to revisit the tools and techniques we have been given to filter the information out.

It is getting harder to pick the truth from the sea of rubble it is buried in.  Increasingly more people are getting compromised into providing half-truth and lies these days.  Who compromises them remains unclear.  We can speculate, but why when we can use our minds to distinguish clear disinformation from valuable clues?  We can, and this first part of this serious we will chew at some rubble to separate the disinformation from the little gems it contains. 

Before we take that next step, let us revisit the techniques we use to filter disinformation for the gems. 

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