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The Kolbrin Bible: Giving
Birth to your Soul

YOWUSA.COM, 02-October-04
Steve Russell


Hell on Earth

hellWhen we talk about Hell, our minds generally begin to conjure up images of fire and brimstone and devils with pointy ears and a tail.  While this imagery is the standard Christian view, there was a time when they believed that this life separated from God is Hell.  The belief that Adam and the patriarchs were in Hell was a predominant belief in early Christianity and in the Book of Enoch we find that these forefathers of Enoch were waiting there for God to judge the world.

The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, P56

Translated from the Slavonic
W.R. Morfill & R.H. Charles, 1896

And I meditated in my heart and said: "Blessed is the man who was not born, or having been born, has never sinned before the face of the Lord, so that he should not come into this place, to bear the yoke of this place! 

The goal of Buddhist studies is to break free from the inherent hell-like afflictions of this world and can be achieved through dedicated meditation practices.  Through the clearing and focusing of the mind, it is possible to attain a divine understanding and appreciation of both this world and the afterlife.  A topic commonly meditated upon in Buddhism is the emptiness of everything in the physical world.

When we imagine a typical scene at the beach we see things such as the people, sand, shells, seagulls, kites and waves breaking upon the shore.  We see each wave rise up with momentum and come crashing down and rolling into shore after reaching its peak.  Each wave has a birth that develops into a unique identity, and is followed by a fateful death like every other wave.  However in truth there is no such entity as a wave.  They are merely made up of water, which is comprised of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom, and given temporary form by the surrounding land and wind.  All we have done is prescribed a four letter label of "wave" to these collective actions so our brains can simplify the processing of what we experience.

Everything in this world can be broken down in a similar fashion to the point of microscopic particles.  There is no such thing as you, or me, only a collection of elements temporally assembled into something we eloquently impose a name on as if it has its own identity. 

While our body serves to physically enslave the soul away from the Supreme All, our mind seems determined to ignore the soul and focuses itself primarily on the world it experiences.  Go back to picturing that beach scene in your mind and focus on the rolling motions of the waves as you breath.  Empty all your thoughts and as you slowly breathe in through your nose and fill your lungs with air, picture a wave rising up from the calm ocean.  Then as you slowly exhale through the mouth, imagine the wave rolling over and crashing into shore.  With each slow breath taken in through the nose and out through the mouth, picture as clearly as possible the wave rising and falling with your lungs.  Let everything else escape the focus of your mind.  Go ahead and try it now.

How many waves did you manage to enjoy before being distracted by noisy thoughts of sharks, or jet ski's, or food, or games, or your goldfish?  Our fickle minds are like the behavior of fleas, continually jumping around all over the place to avoid getting caught.  Only after dedicated meditation practice are you able to empty your mind of material thoughts in order to know your soul.  What good is a body that wholeheartedly resists attempts of inner reflection by clouding, distorting and distracting us from the true experience of ourselves and reality?

Since by design we have been given a body that consists of nothing but inherent emptiness, and a mind that rejects all knowledge of itself, we must be so ignorant about so many things, that this must undoubtedly fit some formal definition of Hell.  While The Kolbrin does not indicate that our Earthly life is the Hell that we should fear, it does indicate that our experiences are capable of burdening the soul.

The Kolbrin, P78

Do not drag me down with you into the demon-haunted regions of darkness and terror.

I am the imprisoned captive longing for return to the freedom of the infinite.

The Kolbrin says that our souls are imprisoned in this material realm and that our bodies are capable of inflicting serious consequences by dragging the soul into darkness through our actions.  Thus the only way we can ensure the safety of our soul is to awaken it.

Awakening the Soul

In the following quote from The Kolbrin, a soul is desperately pleading with its physical body for recognition in order to remain as pure as possible during its lifetime away from the Supreme All.

The Kolbrin, P79

Let me not lie unnoticed, wrapped in the heavy mantle of perpetual slumber, dreamless, unknowing.

The soul also fears being left in a slumber and ignored during our life as we focus on material things instead of the spiritual.  This indicates that the earthbound soul has one primary purpose.  This desire of the soul is simple recognition of its existence as an inhabitant of the physical body.

The Kolbrin, P252

The soul is not born, nor does it know itself as a soul.  The purpose of its earthly journey is to awaken it to self-awareness and to provide it with the ability to continue existence in the Region Beyond the West.

This sought after awareness is frequently referred to as a holy kiss.  Such references of spiritual kisses can also be found in The Zohar.  This religious text teaches that love begins with physical attraction, followed by spoken communications, then as they move closer towards each other for their first romantic kiss a point is reached where the lovers minds are cleared and only the combined breath is realized, which leads to the final physical contact of the kiss.  The same can be said for the relationships of the soul.  The physical attraction is the acceptance of a religious belief and the reading and practicing of those teachings.  Once the religious understandings have been fully incorporated into your life and you have become aware of the breath of your soul, then the final recognition is like your first romantic kiss.

The Kolbrin, P78-79

"I am the eternal bride of mortal men, ever awaiting the awakening kiss, the whisper of recognition.  O being of flesh, deny me not; let me not dwell in forgotten solitude, left alone, unwanted and unheeded.  Hold me to you as a lover holds the beloved, reach out beyond earthly things and kiss the lips that are yours eternally."

"I must be sought as a lover seeks the loved one, in solitude, amid quietness and tranquillity, only there will I respond to the awakening kiss of recognition."

"O call me forth, awaken me from sleep with the kiss bestowing conscious life."

The recognition sought after by the soul is not the simple awareness that can be achieved through reading books or listening to preachers.  So how do we achieve this recognizing kiss for our soul?

The Kolbrin, P78

You will not find me where emotional tempests rage, or while sensual storms bring turmoil and disquiet.  First subdue these, for I await beyond, in the quietness of calm waters.

The Kolbrin, P252

Man does not perceive his soul because his senses face outward from the soul, towards earthly things with which it makes contact.  So it is that only the most developed of men can close out the material things about them and turn their senses inward to perceive the soul.

The Kolbrin, P79

By listening to my whispers, by letting your thoughts dwell on me and by knowing me, the whole glory of the greater spheres is opened unto you.

This approach for recognizing the soul is not unlike the meditation techniques found in Buddhism.  Buddhist insight meditation is about releasing your mind of all thoughts and actions that constrain you to this world.  As a thought enters the mind, you are trained to acknowledge the thought for exactly what it is, and then let it move on as if your mind is a stage show with characters moving from one side of the stage to the other.  With patience and training the three ring circus of the mind will end, and the window of opportunity for recognition will open.

So what happens if we fail to ever open such a window and attain the realization our soul desires?


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Souls of the Damned

A lot of religions teach that the spiritual afterlife is for eternity.  This means that if you are sent to Hell there is no coming out again, and you will suffer for your wrongdoings without any second chances.  While this type of logic is very simplistic and suitable for scaring followers into doing the right thing, it goes against the basic nature of everything we know about our universe.  We understand the cycles of nature and how life springs from death and that with enough time all things can be forgiven even by us in this mere mortal world.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches of an intermediate state of purgatory where sinning souls go through a cleansing process before receiving their final reward.  The Kolbrin is somewhat similar but takes the process even further with the incorporation of eastern beliefs.

The Kolbrin, P374

My friends, the doctrine of eternal condemnation is false.  This cannot be, for it asserts a downward finality which not only is against the whole creative intent, but also questions the goodness of The Supreme Spirit.  The misery suffered by the unclean beings in their self-selected, filthy abode of shadowy horror, is in fact a purging and purifying cure.

After the soul has been purified of its offenses it returns to the great Soul Sea where the process starts anew and is reincarnated into another physical body.

The Kolbrin, P252

For if a man cannot awaken his soul before his body falls asunder, he will not awaken it thereafter and it will return to the waters of the Great Soul Sea.

The Kolbrin, P78

"If you spurn me, I go down to a terrible doom in darkness, there to be purged and purified from the corruption of your touch.  The best I can then hope for is to be bestowed upon another."

In Hinduism it is believed that the soul is continually reincarnated until it has become perfected.  Only after perfection is achieved can the soul break free of the reincarnation process and reach Heaven.

Bhagavad Gita, 8.15

After attaining Me, the great souls do not incur rebirth in this miserable transitory world, because they have attained the highest perfection.

It is the ultimate goal of Buddhism to break free of the constant cycle of reincarnation and attain Nirvana.  The Kolbrin falls short of promising that this cycle can be broken.  It offers no information on whether it is possible or how to achieve such an aspiration.  Instead the primary focus is on seeking recognition for the soul, and this in itself will generally occupy the better part of a lifetime in practice.

Birth of the Soul

The doctrines of the soul and nature of the afterlife formulate the heart of any good religion.  The Kolbrin has no shortage of attention to these concepts which have similarities to several other great religions of the world.

The Kolbrin structures the spiritual world with God as the Supreme Spirit above an ocean of souls that descend as unique drops into a garment of Spirit before finding a home in our physical environment.  For those fortunate enough to be significantly developed spiritually, they are able to sneak a rare glimpse of this soul/spirit combination through the colors that manifest as an aura around the body.  The Kolbrin says that all wisdom and experience is retained by our soul after death and is used to determine our spiritual destination and length of time before the soul is reincarnated again.

During this life our actions are weaving a web of divine thread around our soul.  Once we have exhausted our supply we depart from this world enwrapped in our self-made destiny and at the mercy of the quality of our deeds.  Will this intricate web become our suffocating tomb or will we hatch like a butterfly and truly know God for the first time in our lives?

The Kolbrin, P252

Thus it is written in the Secret Books of Wisdom which are revealed to the few.  The body is a womb, life the days of conception and death the birth of the soul.

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