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The Kolbrin Bible: Evolution
and Creation of Man

YOWUSA.COM, 17-July-04
Steve Russell


New Scientist, 30 June 2004
Speed of light may have changed recently

The speed of light, one of the most sacrosanct of the universal physical constants, may have been lower as recently as two billion years ago - and not in some far corner of the universe, but right here on Earth.

A varying speed of light contradicts Einstein's theory of relativity, and would undermine much of traditional physics.  But some physicists believe it would elegantly explain puzzling cosmological phenomena such as the nearly uniform temperature of the universe.  It might also support string theories that predict extra spatial dimensions.

While Flambaum's own team found that alpha was different 12 billion years ago, the new Oklo result claims that alpha was changing as late as two billion years ago. If other methods confirm the Oklo finding, it will leave physicists scrambling for new theories.  "It's like opening a gateway," says Dmitry Budker, a colleague of Lamoreaux's at the University of California at Berkeley.

The fact is that arguments against space travel are based solely on the technology we have today, the laws of physics, as we know them, and our earthly political lack of resolve to do anything like this ourselves.  It is the same as when the young Bill Gates once said that nobody would ever need more than 640K of memory for their computers.  We are now using gigabytes and even terabytes of memory in our home computers to do things unfathomable to the industry founders from the good old days. 

We have progressed from using computers built with large vacuum tubes, to printed electronic circuits, and we are now beginning to utilize our newfound understanding of quantum physics to build a whole new generation of computers.  These machines go beyond the current limits of slow electrons, and instead utilize the speed of light and the mysterious quantum world to create processing power a billion times faster than our current supercomputers.

Such comparisons are not limited to just the computer industry but also other areas such as our propulsion capabilities.  We have progressed from crude and unpredictable gunpowder fuelled rockets, to liquid propelled advancements such as the German built A2, A3 and V2 rockets. We took giant leaps into space on the back of the Saturn V rockets, and in a quantum technological leap, the United States invented the Space Shuttle engines that could be reused and operated for several hours at a time.  We had nuclear fission-powered rockets until they were shelved in the 1970's for political reasons, and are currently contemplating nuclear fusion and even antimatter rockets for the future.  Imagine what we could do with the power of these advancements, and more importantly the propulsion systems we will invent after these that are beyond our current comprehension.

Thus, the real debate over whether or not a species from an unfamiliar world is responsible for bringing us out of the primitive ages has nothing at all to do with possibilities. We know that the technological capabilities are within our reach to do exactly the same thing within mere generations of time and could even by expedited if we unrealistically put Earthly politics aside.  The real debate should be about whether or not such a sequence of events is probable. Presented in such a debate should be the ancient texts that speak for themselves when heard by unfiltered ears and open minds.  In addition, with the number of Suns being discovered with Earth-like planets orbiting them rapidly on the rise, these probabilities are indeed escalating.

Our current orbiting telescopes have already discovered the first planets and continue to amaze scientists.  However, a new proposal will soon find many more planets and undoubtedly generate even more controversy about our origins.

NASA, 10 May 2004
Terrestrial Planet Finder

Terrestrial Planet FinderIncluded in the nation's new vision for space is a plan for NASA to "conduct advanced telescope searches for Earth -like planets and habitable environments around other stars."  The purpose will be to take family portraits of stars and their orbiting planets, and to study those planets to see which, if any, might be habitable, or might even have life. Both missions would launch within the next 10 to 15 years.

Against the backdrop of our own rapidly expanding empire of knowledge and expertise, it is surely obvious that everything in the ancient texts about our creation would be possible for a civilization that has been given a head start over our own.  The probability that a civilization from one of the neighboring planets was responsible for assisting our development would be greatly increased if we assume that civilizations with such capabilities are more peaceful than our own.  Our own recent past has proven that the less money we waste on bombs, the more we invest in the insurance necessary for the continuation of our species.  We have achieved this by putting men on the Moon, habitats in Earth orbit, robots on Mars, asteroids and comets, and hopefully when the current spate of war is over we will go back to the Moon and also send our first human representatives to Mars.

If we assume that our future children learn from our horrible mistakes, and chose the more prosperous path of peace dedicated to space exploration and expand towards other stars, what do you suppose could happen when they encounter a primitive form of life similar to our own?  All issues such as safety and contamination addressed and put aside, wouldn't the most peaceful and prosperous course of action be to support and help them to become like us, in our image?

The Image Of A God

The Kolbrin describes in great detail our newly found relationship with the gods after our successful evolution as a species.  In the chapter of The Kolbrin originally called The Book of Conception, it describes some of the rules and happenings within the biblical Garden of Eden. There is no specific mention of the word Eden, but the parallels with the biblical story are obvious so it can be assumed that The Kolbrin is expanding on the same story.

The Kolbrin P21-24

The Children of God; they knew Truth and lived in the midst of peace and plenty.  The Children of Men about them were wild and savage; clothed in the skins of beasts they lived like beasts.

Among the Children of God woman had equality with man, for her counsels were known to be wise. Among The Children of Men woman was a chattel.  She was subject to man, an object for the satisfaction of his lust and the servant to supply his needs.

We dwell in a pleasant place, amid peace and plenty, an inheritance from our fathers.  The Children of Men have inherited the wastelands.

Here we have the description of two clearly differing races of gods and Men.  The gods lived in a natural paradise while Man was left to the wastelands to fend for themselves.  For Man to be useful to the gods, they first had to make them in their image.  Some authors have proposed that the gods achieved this through an elaborate form of cloning or merging of the DNA between the gods and men.  While The Kolbrin supports the concept of the "soulseed" requiring a form of implantation into primitive Man, the genetic structure alone for a species only guarantees the physical appearance and structure like that of a god. To truly be of use, the species of Man had to change in terms of behavior and morals also.  Of all the texts that I have studied, only The Kolbrin casts light on the early relationship that Man had with the gods. The Kolbrin explains how some people were selected to accompany them in their paradise where they were instructed in the ways of living and taught about the nature of evolution.

The Kolbrin P22

The right of a man to a mate was decided according to his standard of thought, his uprightness, the manner in which he upheld the code and tradition and his dealings with man and woman.  The fittest men could choose a mate among all women, but lesser men could seek only among the less desirable, according to a known standard.  To some, having only the outward appearance of men, no mate was given, while the noblest men could take additional ones from among the ranks of lesser women.  Thus, the race ever tended to improve, to accord with its design.

Such rules and codes of conduct were formed by a wise council of female gods and were designed to evolve the genetic quality of the human species naturally.

The Kolbrin P22

The man came out of the wilderness and wastelands.  He went before the council of wise women and said, "What must I do that I may have this woman for a mate?"  The wise women answered him, saying, "For so long shall you conduct yourself in this manner," and they set him a time and a task.  The council and the elders said, "what the wise women have done is good, it will be well and to the people's benefit."


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outstreched handSuch a plan would obviously have been inconceivable for primitive Man to devise without some sort of divine assistance.  Women of the human species, throughout history, have always struggled for recognition and equality and have only recently begun collectively and strongly fighting for their equal rights.  How then did such a wise female council obtain such power and authority over the stronger and domineering primitive male of the human species, if they were not gods as the texts describe?

The Kolbrin is no different from the original Sumerian beliefs whereby all knowledge and teachings were attributed to the gods and not of Man's own discoveries.

The Kolbrin P271

O man who is both beast and god, see yourself for what you truly are.  Say not, "I am this, or I am that."  Be reasonable and see Truth.  A tongue has been given you and the power of speech; use these, the powers that distinguish you from the beast, to teach your children wisdom and to discover for yourself the path of truth.

The Kolbrin P186

In olden times, when men lived in the ground, there came the Great One whose name is hidden.

Who taught men the secret of writing and numbers, and the measurement of the years?  Who taught the ways of the days and the months, who read the meaning of clouds and the writing of the nightlights?

Who taught that beyond the visible is the invisible, beyond the small the smaller and beyond the great the greater, and all things are linked together in one?

Who taught men to grow corn and to spin, to make bricks and fashion stone after a cunning manner?

He died in the manner of men, though his likeness is that of a god.  Then they cut him apart, that his body might make fertile the fields, and took away his head, that it might bring them wisdom.  His bones they did not paint red, for they were not as those of others.

The stories about our creation originally sprang from Sumerian sources and permeated through every culture throughout history.  It is a proven scientific fact that life evolved on Earth but the question is how.

The Truth Will Set You Free

The Kolbrin and other texts indicate that the materials for life came from comets and this theory is supported by science as a likely possibility. The Kolbrin also highlights the process of our evolution, which is also grounded in scientific facts.  Given that historic religious beliefs are constantly being proven as truths by modern science, we cannot ignore the descriptions of our creation.  To believe that the ancient accounts are accurate about our evolution, and dismiss the creational components due to a personal detest for them or an incorrect assumption about evidence is both hypocritical and irrational.  The Kolbrin presents a warning about the times when we have come to understand our true beginnings and have chosen to disregard them due to personal prejudices.

The Kolbrin P317

We stand high among the proud races of mankind, not being numbered among the least, and sad will be the day when men lose pride in their heritage.  Yet it is foretold that the day will surely come, at a time when men stand on a strange threshold, with the choice of regeneration or decay and doom.

The evidence for our evolution and creation is available for all who wish to know the answers, yet many have lost their pride and do not care to search for such understandings. Thus we must look around and ask ourselves, are we there yet?  Do we continue on our road of ignorance towards increasing severity in war on a dying planet, or find a shortcut with the enlisted help of the ancient texts, over to the other road of peace and space exploration.

There are truths in these ancient texts that instill pride within the reflection of our souls, and herein lays the understanding of eternal life after material creation. This future for our souls will be covered in the next installment of this series.

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