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The Kolbrin Bible: Evolution
and Creation of Man

YOWUSA.COM, 17-July-04
Steve Russell


Kentucky.com, 21 June 2004
Comet's dust seen as key to life

Organic chemicals found on a comet may support the idea that ancient cosmic collisions helped spur the origins of life on Earth, scientists said as they presented data from a probe that passed within 147 miles of comet Wild 2 earlier this year. Kissel's group used instruments on the probe to analyze dust near Wild 2 and found an organic compound called PQQ that had never been detected in a comet.  Researchers believe PQQ plays a key role in cell growth.  "PQQ is found in (almost) every cell of every living entity on earth," Kissel said.

After a form of Panspermia seeded the Earth, many religious texts insist that clay was involved in our creation.

The Kolbrin

Man is born of mud, sun and Spirit.

Sumerian Mythology, 1972
S. Kramer

Mix the heart of clay that is over the abyss,
The good and princely fashioners will thicken the clay

Genesis 2:7

The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

While scientists previously scoffed at the religious interpretations of our creation from clay, many are now beginning to corroborate what millions already believe through their faith.  The concept of life evolving from the primordial "soup" in the ocean is now believed to be one of the least likely places to begin due to the currents that would have hindered the necessary chain reactions through the dispersing of all the ingredients.  Dr Graham Cairns-Smith from the University of Glasgow has acknowledged the religious ideas of evolution from clay.

BBC, 21 December 1998
Tiny mineral test-tubes: the cradle of life?

It has been suggested that clay minerals could have acted as templates for life.  "Feldspars are found in terrestrial rocks, where ocean, air and earth all come together.  This is the best place for life to begin as a more complicated environment will create more selection pressures for interesting things to develop."

More recent confirmations of this theory have come from Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

CNN, 25 October 2003
Study suggests life sprang from clay

…they had shown materials in clay were key to some of the initial processes in forming life.  They found the clay sped along the process by which fatty acids formed little bag-like structures called vesicles.  The clay also carried RNA into those vesicles.

The Kolbrin and other religious texts from the beginning of recorded history are all being confirmed through modern discoveries in science.  Many have come to the inevitable conclusion that life on Earth came from the outer depths of space on the back of comets, and evolved through the utilization of clay as a catalyst.  Given the amazing level of scientific truths already found within these ancient texts, we must continue with open minds and consider the more controversial divine intervention aspect of the stories. 

Divine Creation

The sentences immediately following The Kolbrin quotes above change distinctly in meaning from evolution to creation within the same paragraphs.

The Kolbrin

Man is born of mud, sun and Spirit.  In the days of conception, the Spirit of God impregnated the receptive Earth, and she brought forth her children.  Then came man who walked like a little child, but God took him in hand and taught him to walk in the uprightness of God.

The Kolbrin

The pattern for the mortal body of man was formed in the Sphere of The Holy Spirit and projected to the Sphere of Matter and Mortality where Nature built upon it.  When the time was ripe, the body prepared by Nature was implanted with the soulseed of divinity and the creature of Earth became a man.

As stated earlier, the soul and the spirit are seen as distinct entities.  The additional sentences then go on to state that the initial evolutionary process was followed by the intervention of gods where they implanted us with a "soulseed of divinity" and took us under their wing to be taught in their ways of righteousness.  How does this compare with the original Sumerian texts?

Sumerian Mythology, 1972
S. Kramer

O my son, rise from thy bed, from thy… work what is wise,
Fashion servants of the gods, may they produce their
O my mother, the creature whose name thou hast uttered, it exists,
Bind upon it the image of the gods;

early manThe Kolbrin quotes above refer to a single God, but it is obvious that this is an encapsulated convenience derived from the original Sumerian texts that frequently admit to there being several gods involved.  Here the Sumerian texts relate to the time when the gods have decided to create Man in order to ease their burdens.  Before they embark upon this task, the gods realize and point out that a suitable being already exists.  The gods then take this primitive Man, already evolved through nature and they "bind upon it the image of the gods."  Many authors have supported their ancient astronaut theories with this Sumerian statement.  Now The Kolbrin texts also support such notions because it clearly states that the primitive naturally evolved Man was, "implanted with the soulseed of divinity" in order to become the intelligent humans we are today.  To determine what this "soulseed" represents, perhaps the Quran holds the answer.

The Quran & Science
Part 5 — Chapter2

He made all things good which He had created and
He began the creation of man from clay.
Then He made his (i.e. man's) progeny
from a quintessence of despised liquid (32/7-8)
He it is Who created you from dust,
then from a sperm drop
then from something which clings
then bringeth you forth as a child (40/67)

These verses can be seen to confirm those of The Kolbrin and Sumerian texts, where all life, including Man, evolved from the seeds of Panspermia within ancient coastal clay. Intelligent Man was then created through the "soulseed" or divine sperm to "bind upon it the image of the gods."

If such divine intervention really did occur, then surely, we would detect a revolutionary bound ahead in our development instead of an evolutionary hop.  Such traces have indeed been found and exist within every species of human regardless of race, color and creed.

The single most distinguishing characteristic of Man that defines our elevated status above the animals is our cranial capacity to store, retrieve and interpret both knowledge and wisdom.  We are the only species capable of continually enhancing our knowledge, while every other animal merely understands the minimum to ensure its survival and a few extra simple tricks at best.  The Kolbrin indicates that it is our blood, or genetic relation to the gods that ensures this unique quality.

The Kolbrin — P27


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The unfolding spirit residing in those who have the blood of The Children of God and the greatness that dwells in men shall be magnified in the blood of their children. Their wisdom shall be greatly multiplied, if the tie of blood be strong.

While the development of our predecessors took hundreds of thousands of years just to reach the point, where we granted them the status of primitive, the intelligent and wise Man appears on the scale of the historic record almost instantly.  We first appeared with the privileged gift of rapid development that is propelled by our intellect approximately six thousand years ago during the time of the first Sumerians.  Evolutionist Harold Mellersh described our uniqueness from our beastly ancestors, and Life magazine reported on the scale of this difference.

H.E.L Mellersh,1959
The Story of Man

His is a different brain, admittedly superior in no more than degree, yet in so great a degree as to constitute something virtually new in the world.

Life, 28 June 1963

Neurons in the brain make thousands of connections with each other.  But the innumerable extra connections that the larger human cortex provides, multiplies virtually to infinity the brain's capacity for receiving and analyzing data.  And it is this sheer, massive power for handling data that places man in a class, which is incomparably superior to any other living thing.

We were suddenly elevated, from a primitive animal-like beast that only knew enough to survive and few simple tricks, to an organized civilization responsible for the first and superior sexagesimal number system, astronomy, calendars, textbooks, court and legal systems, tax systems, marriage rites, brick based construction methods, and kingship to name only a few of the amazing advances.

Given that the discoveries by science about our ancestry are unconvincingly conflicting and without clear consensus, and that the ancient texts allude to a divine creation, we cannot dismiss such notions and must ask, is it possible or even probable that gods created us?

Possible or Probable?

I can already hear the groans of disgust by those that refuse to acknowledge the possibility that the ancient texts are correct and that another species of life could have been responsible for our elevation above the slow and cumbersome process of evolution.  Even presented with the facts of the archaeological records that show a sudden appearance of intelligent Man, many refuse to entertain such a possibility.  Given the technology we have today and the science that we cherish more than our religions, only the truly hardened fossilized dinosaurs will not allow such a possibility to be entertained.  If such frozen ways have defrosted beyond the weak prejudicial arguments based on nothing except contempt, they will generally try to argue that it's simply impossible for any other species to get from there to here. Faster-than-light travel is just impossible; right?  That is only if you think we already know everything about the speed of light, and we don't.

Space.com, 2 April 2003
Hubble Pictures Too Crisp, Challenging Theories of Time and Space

distant galaxiesClarity is what astronomers and the public have come to expect from the Hubble Space Telescope. But the sharpness with which Hubble photographs distant galaxies has scientists pondering why the pictures are not blurry, as some new calculations suggest they should be, and whether some basic assumptions about space, time and gravity might have to be rethought.

Conventional thinking is that space and time can be thought of together as a sort of foam.  As light travels through the foam, it ought to be disrupted, ever so slightly, such that by the time it crosses much of the universe it would render only blurry pictures when gathered by a precision telescope.  Put simple, Hubble ought to see a pixilation effect when photographing distant objects.

"You don't see a universe that is blurred," he said.  "If you take any Hubble Space Telescope Deep Field image you see sharp images, which is enough to tell us that the light has not been distorted or perturbed by fluctuations in space-time from the source to the observer."

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