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The Kolbrin — Reality of the Universe

YOWUSA.COM, 23-May-04
Steve Russell


Disturbing Reality

With such seemingly harmonious wave interactions already in apparent existence why then, do The Kolbrin and others describe our reality as distorted reflections?

The Kolbrin — P69

"There are those among men who declare all life, all My creation to be an illusion of the senses, a dream without sustenance.  They are in error, for all that is real and all that exists was ever latent, awaiting the awakening kiss.  Because men cannot know reality as it actually is but only as they can conceive it to be with their deceptive sense, does not make it any less real.  If all men were blind, the stars would still exist."

The Kolbrin teaches that it is our deceptive sensors that distort the reflections of true reality.  It also answers the age-old question about whether or not a tree makes a sound if nobody is around to hear it fall.

Those that prescribe to what is known as observer created reality theories of quantum physics may tell you that the tree does not make a sound, since there is nobody around to collapse the invisible wave into an observable phenomena.  This theory deems that consciousness is the magician behind the wave collapse. However while there is no conscious observer, the wave interactions of the quantum world must still be occurring and generating such noises as falling trees.  After all, time waits for nobody, especially Man.  We can choose our reality in the sense of choosing what measurement devices we wish to use in order to interpret the events, but the events must still be occurring.

Just as the tree still makes a sound, the stars still exist when unobserved.  However our interpretation of the stars depends on how we choose to collapse the invisible wave and bring them into our reality.  We can view them in normal visible light, we can view them in infrared light or any other number of infinite ways we can potentially derive from their wave nature limited only by our knowledge in creating measuring devices.

The reason we have a choice in how we view things such as starlight is because of the nature of waves.  The really neat thing about waves in general is that they can be built from the contents of any one of an infinite number of waveform families, which are simply a unique sequence of waves.

Since quantum physics is based on the wave nature of the universe and states that our reality is defined by the way we measure it; it is entirely possible to construct the noise of a thousand screaming children from the waveform family of a heavenly harp.  While the screaming children are the source of this noise in reality, we have the power to define or analyse the noise by using harps for the safety of our ears and sanity.  The French mathematician Joseph Fourier made this discovery and formulated a mathematical procedure known as Fourier Synthesis to artificially construct various sounds from a combination of sine waves.

Another way to understand the distortions of reality is to think about what happens when we observe those remarkable optical illusions where the artist has incorporated two distinctly different images into the one picture.  Our minds automatically detect a single image, and we somehow internally force ourselves to shift the focus of our mindset in order to see the second image. Our friend beside us may see the second picture automatically due to their different mindset.  The two images are there in front of us all along, but our minds can process the data in different ways.

do not disturbThere is another way that our observations are considered to create our reality, and that is through our disturbance of the system during the act of measuring it.  The Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that whenever you accurately determine the position of an object, you widen the potentiality of its momentum.  If we consider this in terms of the reality for a goldfish in a large murky tank we can see how our measurements remarkably disturb its reality.

Before we actually observe the location of the fish, we peer into the tank from above and the rippling murkiness of the water gives the appearance that the fish covers the entire tank.  The uncertainty of the wave nature of our fish says that it exists in all possible locations so we cannot know anything about it until we make a measurement.  To determine the position of the fish we thrust our net into the water and hope we can snare it.  When we finally make a close enough measurement and manage to touch the fish, we immediately know its position for a brief moment until it changes direction and momentum as it dashes off and we are forced to start over again.  The cost of the measurement process has been severe and as a result, completely freaked out the poor unsuspecting goldfish.

The highest levels of American government are even getting involved in this quantum world to determine if such quantum uncertainties can be detected in the macroscopic world.  While their measurements have been unsuccessful, they have come close, increasing the hope that for the first time we can determine where the mystical wave nature of the quantum world ends (if at all), and where the classical world as we know it takes over.

PhysicsWeb, 02 April 2004
Physicists move closer to the quantum limit

Keith Schwab and colleagues from the National Security Agency (NSA) working at the University of Maryland have measured the vibrations of a tiny nanoelectromechanical arm to probe the limits at which quantum behaviour breaks down and classical physics takes over. Although the experiment was not quite sensitive enough to test the uncertainty principle, it has come closer to doing so than previous attempts.  To find out whether or not the uncertainty principle extends up to the macroscopic world, Schwab and colleagues studied the motion of a vibrating mechanical arm made from silicon nitride.

American David Bohm compared this uncertainty situation with our thoughts and pondered if our mind could be a large-scale manifestation of quantum nature.  For our thought experiment, try to think of the recipe for a meal you recently prepared. We can build up a whole train of thought on how we obtained the ingredients, how we prepared them, the instructions for assembling the meal, then cooking it, followed lastly by its presentation.  As you build up momentum for your train of thought, the precise moment that you stop to concentrate on any specific element such as an ingredient, or what temperature it should be cooked at, you completely lose sight of the direction your thoughts were heading.  Inversely, if we concentrate on the direction and goal of the recipe, we are unable to focus on the individual instructions and we accidentally forget things and sometimes ruin the meal.

The Kolbrin implies that the waves of reality continue to permeate the universe regardless of the conscious minds that may exist to collapse the waves into detectable material entities.  Our science is telling us that it is our observations that are instigating the imperfections of the system.  The quantum measurement problem is indeed one of the most notorious problems of quantum physics.  Our world is continually being altered in such a way that we really have no idea of the effects these ramifications might be or are having on our universe.

Let There Be Light

When we consider the comparative scales involved in our measurements of the universe and the disturbances that life has upon it, could we not assume that our effects are negligible compared with the awesome power of the energies within the universe?

The Kolbrin — P71

From the greatest came the smallest and from the smallest came creation, and within the smallest is greatness and power.

We all know and have come to appreciate the fear of the raw power within the simple atom from a crude and hostile perspective.  Additionally, scientists have recently discovered that in the invisible realm of the vacuum there exists an even greater energy potential than that of the atom.  American physicists John Wheeler and Richard Feynman have calculated that within a vacuum the size of a regular light bulb, enough energy is contained to boil the entirety of the world's oceans.

In a speech presented to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1891, Nikola Tesla discussed this power hidden in the invisible world and predicted our eventual utilisation of it.  "Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe… Throughout space there is energy… it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature."

If we could one-day tap this unlimited source of power our potential for expansion in every field becomes mind-boggling. Many of the limitations holding us back from future greatness would instantly evaporate.  This encouraging line of thought makes one wonder just what the ultimate undertaking would be, given the very power of the universe. Perhaps we could even create our own universes, as The Kolbrin seems to imply.

The Kolbrin — P69

"In the beginning I established the Law, without which the souls of men could not develop and progress.  As each soul is itself a divine fragment, with all the powers of divinity latent within itself, it can modify all but The Great Law.  Man thinks but his thoughts alone do not create, for, as yet, he lacks knowledge of the power which creates in substance.

souls in the universeThe Kolbrin states that the souls within us contain everything necessary to create matter in a divine fashion.  It implies that all we are lacking is the key to the knowledge that in turn will unleash this dormant ability granted to us by the creator of our universe.

Russian physicist Andrei Linde is one of the pioneers developing the possibility that the big bang was only one amongst many billions of other big bangs that constitute a multiverse comprised of many universes.  In his book "Biocosm", complexity theorist James Gardner puts forward the possibility that our universe and all its perfect laws are geared towards one primary purpose, which is to create intelligent life.  The reason the universe needs to create intelligent life is so that life can supplement the multiverse with more universes.  Just as flowers need bees to spread the pollen to create new flowers, the multiverse also needs life to propagate itself. 


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While this theory is highly speculative and may sound impossible to some, it is worth noting some of the credentials of those exploring the idea of the multiverse.  Professor of Physics at Stanford, Andrei Linde; Professor of Physics at MIT, Alan Guth; former director of the Institute of Astronomy and Professor of Astronomy and Cosmology at Cambridge, Martin Rees; Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UMass, Edward Harrison; and theoretical physicists Lawrence Krauss and Glenn Starkman.

Gardner hypothesises that since our universe is so bio-friendly, it is entirely logical that the laws that govern its existence would be rigged in favour of the proliferation of intelligent life including that beyond our own.  Many people's beliefs and understanding have been shaken by the discoveries of just how perfect our universe is for harbouring life.

When British astronomer Fred Hoyle calculated the likelihood of carbon having precisely the required resonance by chance, he declared his atheism greatly disturbed, adding, "A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a super intellect has monkeyed with physics".  Eminent Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson said, "the more I examine the universe and the details of its architecture, the more evidence I find that the universe in some sense must have known we were coming."  John Wheeler said, "It is not only that man is adapted to the universe. The universe is adapted to man. Imagine a universe in which one or another of the fundamental dimensionless constants of physics is altered by a few percent one way or the other? Man could never come into being in such a universe."

Linde and Guth are not willing to discard this speculative possibility that we could give birth to a new universe.

Scientific American, November 1994
The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe
Andrei Linde

One would have to compress some matter in such a way as to allow quantum fluctuations to trigger inflation. Simple estimates in the context of the chaotic inflation scenario suggest that less than one milligram of matter may initiate an eternal, self-reproducing universe.  We still do not know whether this process is possible. The theory of quantum fluctuations that could lead to a new universe is extremely complicated.

Perhaps, one day when our theories are turned into more powerful technology, we will be able to create our own universe with the powers likened to that of a god.  If we could, what laws would we use to define the constants of that world?  Would we take the laws from our own universe and somehow replicate them at the moment of creation?  The Kolbrin says that we will be able to use the powers of God to create as He did, but that "The Great Law" is unmodifiable.  Perhaps this is because the laws have already been tuned to perfection for the purposes of creating life and never need changing.

Perhaps in a future time beyond our comprehension it will be our technology that has evolved its intelligence to the point where it can advise or assist in the next creation of the universe as told by Isaac Asimov in his short story titled "The Last Question".  This brilliant piece of fiction spans the lifetime of our universe and involves over ten trillion years of processing power by an artificially intelligent consciousness to answer a single question.  The question concerned the eventual end of the universe and if it could somehow be reversed to save the life that had flourished throughout it. Eventually all life was extinguished and only the machine remained.  It eventually finished computing the answer to the question and simply responded by answering, "Let there be light".

The Quantum Kolbrin

The discoveries by science covered here have been demonstrated to remarkably correspond to the ancient teachings found within The Kolbrin. Clearly the authors of The Kolbrin had grasped the quintessential nature of the universe.  The contents of this book formed the foundations of religious belief in a time long held to be heathenistic and far from advanced. How did these people obtain such wisdom without any real structured form of science or technological tools?

The Kolbrin teaches us that universal truth is in Heaven shielded from us by the sensors of our bodies and the limitations of our knowledge, and even our self imposed way of life that shields us from caring or understanding our universe.  When we choose to investigate our surroundings we continually discover incredible things such as the quantum wave nature of reality that The Kolbrin states emanate from Heaven and interacts with our sensors to create the reality that entraps us.  One day we may break free of these bonds without the need for death, and unleash the dormant God-given powers The Kolbrin says are within everyone.

Just as God established the universe followed by the creation of Man, so too we shall see what The Kolbrin has to teach us about Man and his evolution and creation in the next instalment of this series.  And I do mean in that order.

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