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The Kolbrin — Reality of the Universe

YOWUSA.COM, 23-May-04
Steve Russell


The first laws governing these processes were formulated in 1925 and they brought about the true birth of quantum physics. The German Werner Heisenberg was the first to put forward a quantum theory and later Austrian Erwin Schrodinger and British Paul Dirac independently contributed their own unique versions of a quantum theory.  Since then we have still been trying to come to grips with the ramifications of these laws and are yet to understand exactly where they will lead us.

The invisible waves of nature can be thought of in terms of our modern wireless communication devices.  With wireless computers, our documents reside within the reality of our hard drives as binary ones and zeros.  We can send our documents through a wireless device that turns these electrical signals into waves that traverse through walls to another computer nearby.  The second computer detects the waves and converts them into the document that was on the other computer.  Our mobile phones behave the same way, sending our voices over vast distances on waves detectable by our friend's mobile phones that collapse the waves into something resembling our voice.

Quantum theory was primarily used as a tool for practical applications, and only a few saw it as a way that would assist with understanding the underlying reality of our universe.  The Danish Niels Bohr was a major influential opponent of the idea that quantum physics could describe reality.  The arguments Bohr and his associates put forward became known as the Copenhagen interpretation. Bohr gained widespread support for his notions , which essentially concluded the reality debates.  As CalTech physicist Murray Gell-Mann put it: "Niels Bohr brainwashed a whole generation of physicists into thinking that the job was done fifty years ago".  Hungarian-born John von Neumann published a definitive analysis of quantum theory in 1932 that essentially supported Bohr's Copenhagen interpretation and continued the suppression of reality research.

We could easily adopt the defeatist attitudes of the Copenhagenists as many before us have, and abandon our quest to understand the universe and any form of underlying reality that exists.  However I believe the religious, philosophical and scientific expense of doing so would far outweigh the rewards in the efforts of trying.  Even if the quest to understand reality is ultimately proven futile, the simple act of the endeavour will unquestionably endow us with an unprecedented appreciation of our universe and us as a species.  Should we succeed in our understanding, the possibilities could be endless.

Now that reality is back on the table we need to understand this wave nature of particles that caused Einstein to summersault on his theories.  Let's turn our thoughts back to Plato's television and instead of revelling in the shadow show, we will dismantle its parts and thus demonstrate the wave/particle duality of quantum objects.

While there are now over a hundred different known quantum objects such as protons and neutrons, we will adopt the electron gun from the back of the television and use it as our source of quantum objects. The phosphor screen from the front can be used to detect the particle nature of electrons when they strike the screen and make it glow.  All we need to do is point the gun at the screen and fire, and we instantly see a small glowing dot on the screen.  This proves that the electron has acted like that of a particle.  Pretty boring stuff right?  Now lets place a barrier with a small adjustable hole between the gun and the screen in such a way that the electron beam shoots straight through the hole.  As we shrink the size of the hole the diameter of the bright spot on the screen decreases.  No improvements in the boring stakes yet right?  However, as we continue to shrink the hole, a point is eventually reached where the phosphorous dot suddenly decides to change its mind and starts to get larger, thus expanding to become a series of bright rings resembling an archery target.  This pattern is known as the "Airy Pattern" and was described by George Airy in 1835 in an attempt to explain the wave patterns of light, long before quantum objects like electrons were even discovered.

If you are curious and want to see this pattern in action for yourself you do not need any fancy technology.  Simply take a sheet of tin foil from your kitchen and the sharpest pin from your sewing kit.  Pierce the smallest hole that you can in the foil and wait until nightfall. When the streetlights come on, go outside and hold the foil up to one eye and close the other.  Then observe a distant streetlight and it will appear through the hole to have a black target painted over it.  If you cannot see the effect, try observing a streetlight further away, or making a smaller hole.  The observed Airy pattern is caused by the natural ability of waves to bend around corners.  So in this simple experiment we can experience both the wave and particle nature of reality to a limited degree.

The Kolbrin explains that the ultimate truth and understanding of reality is hidden from us behind a veil that clouds our experience of it.  However it also explains that there is an interaction between our worlds of varying degrees of truth, whereby the communication medium is in the form of waves unlike anything we have previously understood.  With the advent of science we have made incredible progress in discovering the nature of these waves and have formulated many laws describing their behavior.

The Chaotic Symphony Of Life

One of the beauties of having a harmoniously created and regular universe is that all the varying types of waves we experience in our reality behave in a common way.  The Kolbrin provides confirmation of such similarities by also providing another interpretation of the mystical waves, likening them with the sound waves of music instead of air.

The Kolbrin — P364

Then I said, "But what caused all this to come into being?" and the voice of The Holy Spirit answered, "All things began with the intoning of the first creative sound.  This rushed outward like a great wind-borne roar, and creation marked its passage.

The Kolbrin — P317

So from The Inconceivable One there came a great outpouring melody, the song of conception, the notes winging vitalising consciousness outward in radiating ripples.  All that is now existing came out of that which was harmoniously sung into being, and the sweet echoing vibrations still sound in rhythm throughout the many circles of existence.  All life and matter vibrate in response to a divinely originated, orchestrated melody and rhythm.

All life is therefore nothing except a response to harmony and melody, to the spreading ripples and resounding echoes from the first Divine Hymn, the life-awakening song.

The Kolbrin states that everything began from a single sound emanating from God that developed into a complex harmonic melody. This melody is like the ripples in a pond after throwing a stone into it, where the essence of life radiates outwards in circles from the source.  If this is the cause then we are its effects.  It also explains that as a result of these musical ripples and their echoes, everything in this world is rapidly vibrating in harmony with the divine source.

Narrows BridgePerhaps these vibrations are related to the world of resonance that we were dramatically awoken to when the Tacoma Narrows Bridge suddenly collapsed.  In November of 1940, the third longest newly constructed suspension bridge was destroyed by a mere 42mph wind despite the fact it was designed to withstand winds up to 120mph.  In this freakish event, the vibrations in the wind matched the resonant frequency of the bridge causing it to vibrate.  The energies involved were amplified by resonance to the point where the bridge was destroyed.  The same results are more commonly seen when a soprano's voice reaches the necessary pitch were it resonates with glass causing it to instantly shatter.  Through such amazing interactions of waves, all power and matter can be thought to have originated.

Quantum waves are even simpler in behaviour to a certain degree than ordinary waves such as sound waves.  The superposition principle states that when two waves collide nothing is added or taken away much like the conservation of energy laws where energy cannot be created or destroyed.  When waves collide, the height or amplitudes at each point in the wave simply add together during the course of their interaction, then simply subtract and continue on their journey after separation as if nothing had ever happened.  What makes quantum waves simpler than a sound wave is that there seems to be no interference when quantum waves collide.  With ordinary waves, if the amplitudes become too large, the addition processes somewhat fail and you get horrible interference noise instead of the harmonic tunes you were hoping to sit back and relax to.

The most striking difference between a sound wave and a quantum wave is what they measure.  The amplitude of a sound wave is the amount of displacement in the surrounding atmosphere caused by the wave.  For quantum waves, amplitude is a measure of possibility.  With sound waves, the mathematical square of the amplitude is used to determine the intensity or how loud the sound is.  The strangeness of quantum waves continues with the square of a possibility equating to probability, which defines the relative number of ways an event can occur.

It is difficult to imagine the essentially infinite number of wave interactions that must be occurring throughout the universe at any one instant.  Yet somehow through this wave chaos the elegance of simplicity arises on many other levels.  Science has given this understanding a name: "Chaos Theory".  This theory describes how the interaction of simple elements can produce vast and complex systems.  Two associated phenomenon you may be familiar with are: fractals and something known as "the butterfly effect".


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FractalsFractals were discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot and exist as geometric shapes that can be dissected and reduced to smaller parts that still resemble the greater whole at these lower levels.  Fractals are commonly associated with Chaos Theory as only a few lines of simple computer code can generate the immensely inherent complexity within fractal geometry.  The butterfly effect is an analogy demonstrating the complexity involved in weather whereby a butterfly beating its wings in Australia can produce tornados in America two years later.

In Dr David Suzuki's documentary "The Sacred Balance", he talks about the musical nature of life with Dr Ary Goldberger.  Dr Goldberger and his colleagues have spent the past two decades applying the mathematical concepts of fractals to physiology and medicine.

Dr Goldberger has found that within biological systems such as our hearts, the degradation of the naturally emerging fractal patterns can lead to illness and disease.  To assist in diagnosing such conditions they decided to take advantage of the relationships between music and rhythms of human heartbeats.  Now you might be thinking that the rhythm of the heart would consist of pretty boring thump-thump, thump-thump drumbeats and little more.  However simplicity at one level can always be reduced to a complex combination of smaller elements.

In The Sacred Balance series Dr Goldberger said, "…when you make the precise measurements and look at the way the heartbeat is actually changing in a very subtle way, what you see is this extraordinarily complex variability that is totally surprising, I think is very non-intuitive".  After recording Dr Suzuki's healthy heart rate at finer sensitivity than we are normally used to feeling and seeing in medical monitors, they mapped the beats to musical notes, and out poured a symphony of melody that was music to the ears.  However when they took recordings from a diseased heart that was producing irregular beats, the music was dull, repetitive and essentially sounded like what you would have expected in a regular beating heart.  Using this new insight into the dynamics between health and disease, scientists will hopefully be able to better diagnose other biological conditions.

If such divine waves are emanating from a hidden heavenly abode as The Kolbrin describes and are responsible for the entirety of our reality, it should come as no surprise that we would find similar correlations in many aspects of our science.  While quantum waves measure entirely different things, they are still related to the familiar waves that we feel blowing through our hair as wind and hear with our ears as sound.  It is now known that everything in life has a vibrational frequency as understood by the authors of The Kolbrin.  Even within the fundamental chaos of deep reality we can hear the beautiful music of life riding on these heavenly waves and into our hearts.

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