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Yellowstone Journal: Is There a Planet X / Nibiru Connection?

YOWUSA.COM, 23-October-03
Dave Wright

Planet X-class Kupier Belt Object (XKBO) Despite growing public concern, the official line at Yellowstone these days could be phrased as "no worries; come and spend money" based on reduced temperatures and seismicity in parts of the park. However, these dismissive findings may portend ominous signs, especially if we look at what is happening in Italy this month.  An incredibly huge magma chamber was recently discovered underneath Mount Vesuvius, and now hundreds of families living on the slopes of that smoking giant are opting to accept their government's resettlement offer of $35,000 to leave while they still can! As we continue to cast a worried eye towards Yellowstone, and now to Mount Vesuvius as well, we begin to wonder if an impending XKBO (Planet-X Class Kuiper Belt Object) flyby, such as the anticipated return of Nibiru, could cause the present worldwide increase in volcanism.

Is Nibiru Causing Increased Volcanic Activity?

Increased Volcanic ActivityIn my previous article, Yellowstone Journal: Yellowstone is sleeping again…or is it?, I stated that influences occurring throughout our solar system might be causing the recent trend in rising seismic activity and rising ground temperatures in Yellowstone.  Both direct and indirect evidence suggests that this influence could be an X-class Kuiper Belt Object, or XKBO, that is approaching our planet.  This evidence also suggests that this XKBO could be the anticipated arrival of Planet X, or according to Zecharia Sitchin, Nibiru.

YOWUSA.COM, September 9, 2002
Evidence is Mounting for an XKBO Flyby!
Jacco van der Worp

Evidence, be it direct or indirect -- any court trial needs evidence in order to decide a verdict.  However, indirect evidence, even though it may not be sufficient to convict a person who is suspected of committing a crime, sometimes is enough to show exactly what took place and how it took place.  Such a case is lying before us now.  The case is whether we should indeed talk about hysteria or about fact when discussing the possibility of a Planet X Flyby In 2003.  A great amount of evidence has been presented already, but the jury is still out.  The scales of justice on this matter have not tilted to either side yet.  In this article, additional evidence is presented. The question is, will it start to tilt the scales to one side or the other?  <<

When Planet X approaches our solar system, the increased activity that the Sun and Earth will encounter will be similar to what we're experiencing now.  The end result of a Planet X flyby will be massive, destructive earthchanges.  In the event of such a flyby, what will the first signs of increased activity look like?

The Effects of an XKBO Flyby

Solar CycleWhen an XKBO sized object approaches our Sun, gravitational and electromagnetic forces will disturb the natural cycle of our Sun.  This will then disrupt the Sun's solar flare and sunspot cycle from its 11-year cycle to an extended cycle that we have not experienced in the history of modern man. We are currently experiencing this extended cycle.

NASA, 18 January 2002
The Resurgent Sun

Evidence is mounting that some solar cycles are double-peaked.  The ongoing solar maximum may itself be a double, and the second peak has arrived.

extended solar cycleWith the extended solar cycle continuing, the Earth's core begins to rise in temperature because of the electromagnetic interaction between the Sun and the Earth.  The rise in temperature at the Earth's core causes the magma to heat up and, in turn, create huge lava plumes that rise and buffet the Earth's crust as they superheat it to unbelievable temperatures.  This is where the majority of our "Global Warming"problems come from.

Volcanic activity, along with global warming and increased seismic activity, is a direct result of the lava plumes superheating the Earth's crust thus creating massive and destructive earthchanges.

YOWUSA.COM, November 26, 2002
Threat of Catastrophic Earth Changes Quickens 
Marshall Masters 

Threat of Catastrophic Earth Changes QuickensAre unseen forces now pulling at the core of our planet, hurtling mankind towards imminent global catastrophe?  The answer is yes, but only if you are willing to accept the data at face value without rationalizing it away, as we have for decades.  For hundreds of years, prophets and visionaries have warned us of the signs, and to this day, the possibility of catastrophic Earth changes is still being debated in a geological sense, here the term "imminent" is loosely measured in human lifetimes if not civilizations.  Yet, at this very moment, our planet is compressing the possibility of catastrophic Earth changes into a very human measure of time — in the imminent sense.

The first signs of destructive earthchanges are already appearing throughout the world, including Italy, whose worries about Vesuvius have just begun.

Scientific American, 19-November-2001
Study Shows Massive Magma Chamber Lies beneath Vesuvius

Massive Magma Chamber Lies beneath VesuviusMount Vesuvius, the volcano most famous for blanketing the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum with lava and debris in 79 A.D., may be sitting atop a reservoir of magma that covers more than 400 square kilometers, a new study suggests.  The finding , reported in the current issue of the journal Science by a group of Italian and French scientists, may lead to more accurate monitoring of the area surrounding the volcano.

www.volcanolive.com, 5-October-2003
Mt Vesuvius Volcano (Italy)

Hundreds of families who live on the slopes of the volcano Mount Vesuvius have decided to accept the government's offer of $35,000 to move outside the eruption danger zone.  Many geologists believe that it is only a matter of time before another major eruption by the volcano devastates populated areas around the volcano. 

Mt Vesuvius Volcano (Italy)

A large eruption in 79AD buried the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum.  In the first two days of the government's offer, about 900 families applied for the payments to move outside the danger zone.

Destructive Earthchanges on the Rise

Volcanoes around the world either are showing signs of life, have erupted, or their eruption cycle has increased in intensity.

YOWUSA.COM, 11-June-2003
Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions
Larry Park

America  Beware          The Pressure is BuildingAs you read this, know that massive forces tens of miles beneath your feet are building towards what could be another catastrophic series of volcanic eruptions if present trends in the monitoring data remain.  The consequence of a complacent attitude towards living within the destructive reach of an active volcano such as Mount Rainier outside of Seattle , Washington may soon come to haunt the millions of Americans living within a day's drive of the Ring of Fire.  Up until now, the excuse has been that we simply cannot predict when these events will happen.  Yet, the technology to accurately predict such events days, months and even years in advance exists today even as we wait in the dark for another mysterious act of God.  And why?  The answer lies more with how science is funded than anything else.

www.volcanolive.com, 5-October-2003
Kilauea Volcano (Hawaii)

ilauea Volcano (Hawaii)

www.volcanolive.com, 5-October-2003
Piton de la Fournaise Volcano (Reunion)

Piton de la Fournaise Volcano (Reunion)

www.volcanolive.com, 5-October-2003
Masaya Volcano (Nicaragua)

saya Volcano (Nicaragua)

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