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Prophetic Space Threats: Is It Two Minutes To Midnight?

YOWUSA.COM, 20-June-03
Jacco van der Worp


Mother Shipton to Christian/Nostradamus

A very interesting twist to this comes from Mother Shipton:

And when the dragon's tail is gone,
Man forgets, and smiles, and carries on
To apply himself - too late, too late
For mankind has earned deserved fate.

His masked smile - his false grandeur,
Will serve the Gods their anger stir.
And they will send the Dragon back
To light the sky - his tail will crack
Upon the earth and rend the earth
And man shall flee, King, Lord, and serf.

The dragon's tail will crack upon the Earth.  That certainly sounds like a comet's tail giving Earth a hit, Earth flying right through it.  The most interesting aspect of this prediction, however, is that it happens during the second passing of the dragon, not the first.  And they seem a bit apart, because ‘man forgets, and smiles, and carries on'.

We will now take a little closer look at whether a comet with a long period could pass inside Earth, between Earth and the Sun, that way making Earth pass right through it.

Shipton/Christian/Nostradamus to Hopi prophecy

There is a tremendous wealth of information available on Hopi Indians, an important nation of original Americans, with a rich culture in spiritualism.  An important prophecy from that collection is this:

Hopi Blue Star prophecies

Hopi Blue Star prophecies"When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.

Hopi Prophecy speaks of twin Kachinas - white and blue. Twin - Merging of Self - Twin Pyramids - DNA - Twin Towers falling.

This is the First Sign: We were told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana -- men who took the land that was not theirs and who struck their enemies with thunder. (Guns)

This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. (Covered wagons)

This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. (Longhorn cattle)

This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron. (Railroad tracks)

This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider's web. (Power and telephone lines)

This is the Sixth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun. (Concrete roads and their mirage-producing effects.)

This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it. (Oil spills)

This is the Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like our people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn our ways and wisdom. (Hippies)

And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of the Hopi people will cease.

These are the Signs that great destruction is here: The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle people in other lands - those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as the white man has made in the deserts not far from here. Those who stay and live in the places of the Hopi shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon, very soon afterward, Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in our hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.

The first striking element is the Blue Star Kachina appearing in the sky.  We're told that Sirius is the Blue star Kachina, but that star is visible every clear night already; it has been for hundreds, thousands of years.  Ergo, something will either happen to Sirius, or the Blue Kachina is something different, for example a ‘blue' comet passing by closely, appearing, thus becoming visible to everyone.  From the same Hopi prophecy source there is another clue in support of this.

The nine signs are widely discussed. All but one have happened by now is the general consensus, or has the ninth sign also passed?  It speaks of a dwelling place in the heavens coming down with a great crash. On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia incinerated upon re-entry into Earth atmosphere.  It happened almost exactly above (to within a few miles only!) the Hopi reservation in Arizona, situated 100 km east of the Grand Canyon National Park.  This makes it likely that not MIR a few years back but Columbia was the dwelling place the prophecy of the Ninth Sign was referring to!

As many visions relate to the ‘roots' of the prophet having them, Nostradamus foresaw much more for France than for any other nation, this will probably also be true for the Hopi. They have seen the shuttle break up almost directly overhead and move East like a blue star.  It happened exactly as prophesied. MIR broke up over the South Pacific, visible only to a few islanders and tourists. Which is the more likely candidate?  You decide. 

The Hopi know 2 Kachinas. One is blue/white and has two tails.  Many people now believe it was Hale-Bopp. On that Hopi Elders have said that while we can still see it we have time left to change our ways, after that there is no return any more.  The other Kachina is a red one, called the Purifier.  This seems to correlate with the Red Dragon from Revelations. According to the Elders, a part will hit Earth, changing all.  Revelations Ch.8 mentions a burning mountain cast into the sea turning the sea to blood. That is a very strong correlation between these two sources of prophecy.

Nostradamus mentions the Bearded Star, while Mother Shipton talks of a Dragon snapping its tail at us. For this reason, all of the prophecy mentioned in this article so far brings up a comet causing devastation on Earth.

A common ground we find in all of the prophecies we compared here is a big event that will take place. One so massive that Rome will be either destroyed or become uninhabitable.  The pope will die or move out of Rome ("changing country" might refer to either; from the land of the living to the land of the dead is a poetic expression for death).  But not just Rome will suffer greatly, all of Italy will be affected by it, a reference to all coastal areas is given. It is likely to be a global event and there is an object in the sky that comes with it, a bearded star, a torch in the sky, a Dragon snapping its tail at us, a mountain burning with fire cast into the sea.

Two phenomena are clearly distinguished in the overview of prophecy: one is a ‘star' flying by, the other is an impact, and both of them are connected.  We will now look at this as a real possibility, astronomically speaking.  We will also look at what the consequences of this would be.

A Comet Passes Inside — The Possibilities

Planet X / NibiruWe need to examine the possibility of a long period comet rounding the Sun closer than we are to it, passing between the ‘inferior' planets so to speak.  We are starting from the assumption that ‘the bearded star' that Nostradamus speaks about is in fact a planet-sized XKBO that the Sumerians referred to as Nibiru; we also know it as Planet X.

Of this body we know but a few things, most important of all is that we roughly know its period. This planet has an orbit time of (estimated) 3,700 years. Bringing such an object in such an orbit to within the orbit of Earth places a few demands on its orbit.

We have done calculation on an elliptical orbit fulfilling two requirements; it comes inside Earth orbit and it takes 3,700 years to complete a turn. We used the orbital laws of Johannes Kepler to calculate essential orbit parameters for the object. 

These laws are, in short:

  1. The orbits of the planets are ellipses, with the Sun at one focus of the ellipse.
  2. The line joining the planet to the Sun sweeps out equal areas in equal times as the planet travels around the ellipse.
  3. The Laws of Planetary MotionThe ratio of the squares of the revolutionary periods for two planets is equal to the ratio of the cubes of their semimajor axes:

    (A more in-depth explanation with examples can be found at Johannes Kepler: The Laws of Planetary Motion.) 

Calculating with these laws in formula gives as result for an XKBO with a period of 3,700 years a semimajor axis of 239.2 AU (1 AU is the distance between Earth and the Sun).  If it passes within Earth orbit, its perihelion distance is less than 1 AU, making its aphelion or furthest point out at 478 to 479 AU.  If we realize that Pluto is on average 39 AU out, it is clear that this aphelion distance makes it all but impossible to observe, if the object is that far out.

The eccentricity of the orbit is then calculated to be 0.9967, making the orbit a steep hairpin shape.

With this, we can calculate through the second law, which then gives that a surface of 3.97 square AU's is ‘swept' by the line connecting it and the Sun every year.  In practice this means that an object with such a narrow orbit would roughly take two years to reach perihelion from Jupiter's distance out .  It would therefore be visible well over two years in advance of passing perihelion!

With the third law we can derive the speed at which it passes perihelion. If we take perihelion at 0.8 AU, this gives a velocity at that point of 47.059 km/s, and at that distance from the heart of the Sun the escape or breakaway velocity is 47.129 km/s, a fraction higher.

Physically speaking in orbital mechanics it could pass this close (not much closer though, it would then exceed break-away velocity and not be periodic any more). In this the assumption of no interaction other than gravitation with the Sun has been made. Effects of other planets and friction of Solar wind and other unknown factors have been left out.

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