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Planet X / Nibiru Flyby More Likely in 2012

YOWUSA.COM, 05-January-03
Jacco van der Worp and Janice Manning


YOWUSA.COM, June 1, 2002
Will Nibiru Return in 2003?
Featuring an Exclusive YOWUSA.COM
Interview With Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia SitchinThe recent release of Zecharia Sitchin's latest book "The Lost Book Of Enki," caused a lot of public interest, as well as some unexpected and unwarranted misinformation concerning our destiny and the return of Nibiru. Consequently, some have predicted that Nibiru will fly through our solar system next year and with catastrophic results for our planet.

YOWUSA: According to your findings, at about 11,000 BC, 7,400 BC, and 3,800 BC because of the appearance of Nibiru or the visitation of the Anunnaki, mankind experienced significant technological and/or sociological advances. 

For example, the year 3,760 BC coincides with the beginning of the Jewish Calendar and according to you the time of the state visit to Earth by Anu (a leader of the Anunnaki or Nibiru) in Nippur, Summer's "culture center."  Assuming a relatively stable orbit for Nibiru, that would place a similar event in 3,440 AD.

According to NOSTRADAMUS scholar John Hogue, the quatrains of Nostradamus predict that the Earth will be destroyed by the expanding Sun in the year 3,797 AD.  Mayan calendars are interpreted to indicate an "ending" at 2012 AD, and so on.  How do such predictions jive with the data on the ancient clay tablets? 

SITCHIN: That Mankind's progression from Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) to Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) to Neolithic (New Stone Age) and then the great Sumerian civilization, had occurred in intervals of about 3,600 years, is a fact.  That Anu visited Earth, approved the grant of civilization (=knowledge, science, technology) to Mankind, marked by the start of the calendar in Nippur in 3760 BC (which is still the Hebrew/Jewish calendar), is certain (as far as I am concerned). 

But as I have tried to explain in my recent Seminars (though not yet in a full length book), the visits to Earth and the nearing (at what is called perihelion) of Nibiru do NOT coincide.  This is a point of immense significance, which those who have only read my first book somehow ignore. 

Also, the assumption that the 3600 years, as a perfect mathematical given, is also at all times the actual orbital period, is untenable: Even the orbit of Halley's comet, about 75 years, varies from 74 to 76 or so.  All attempts to pinpoint a precise date for future arrivals of the planet and/or of the Anunnaki are thus difficult questions.  I will answer them once I am satisfied that, based on historical and astronomical data, I have come up with the right answer. 

Sitchin's answers in this exclusive YOWUSA interview are highly significant.  He states unequivocally that mankind experiences devastating natural catastrophes roughly every 3,600 years and that an external influence could be the cause of these catastrophes.

If that is true, and one of them was around 3,760 BC, the beginning of the Jewish calendar, another would have been close to the beginning of the Christian calendar.

However, there may be a second periodicity of roughly 3600 years, as Sitchin points out.  He states the visiting of Earth and the perihelion of PX or Nibiru do not coincide by necessity or even probability. 

Rather, this perihelion may have its turn coming up in probably just a decade, which is when the long Mayan calendar will run out and start anew.  What remains, then, is to research previous occurrences.

Looking backward from the present, the most recent event would have taken place around 1600 BC.  In 1628 BC, there was the Minoan eruption at Santorini, held responsible for the end of the Minoan kingdom on Crete.  This cataclysmic eruption may have been triggered by a menacing flyby, perhaps of a planet in a long period orbit around our sun.

Now getting back to your neighbor who most likely is rolling his eyes in disbelief despite his nagging sense of curiosity.  So far, you've only given him the first half of a one-two punch.  Now comes the roundhouse swing from out of left field.

The interview with Sitchin is titled, "Will Nibiru return in 2003?"  To which, Sitchin replies ‘not likely,' even though many claim that it will flyby in 2003.  YOWUSA has always maintained that the greatest concern about this 2003 claim is that if this alleged flyby turns out to be a non-event, the whole issue of Nibiru will have been done a great disservice.

Why YOWUSA Concurs with Sitchin

For the record, YOWUSA agrees fully with the position of Zecharia Sitchin, and the existence of Nibiru.  Likewise, will we refuse to yield to the reasoning, that this celestial body is capable of altering/bypassing the laws of nature.  For this reason, we are skeptical about the physics behind a 2003 flyby event; which are quite complicated at best.

To help you understand our reasoning, we first need to establish the type of orbit our XKBO/Nibiru/Planet X does follow and the stellar masses pulling at it.

To begin with, let's apply a simple two-body approach to the problem and then we'll examine a three-body approach as well.

Two-body Nibiru Solution

In this approach the two bodies are Nibiru and our Sun.  This assumption yields us a simple, elliptical orbit, with the perihelion being at the point of closest approach to the Sun, wherein the Sun is one of the focal points of the orbit.

As to the other focal point, it would be empty.  This is because Planet X, the second body, would come rushing in around the Sun in a few months to a year from the distance of the radius of Jupiter's orbit, and then rush right back out.

So what would it look like?  Nibiru's orbit around the Sun in this two-body approach to the problem would have something of a hairpin structure.  Consequently, there will a violent flyby of Nibiru through our Solar system, which in turn will disrupt the natural stasis of most of the bodies in our Solar system, and with profound consequences.

However, given that mankind has managed to survive and that Sitchin is of the firm belief that Nibiru has passed this way before, there is likely some friction between our simple two-body approach to the problem and the true path of Planet X/Nibiru.  For this reason, a much more likely scenario would be the three-body approach.

Three-body Nibiru Solution

In an attempt to explain a three-body approach, Kent Steadman's Cyberspaceorbit web site first posted an illustration, made by one of his sleuths, of such an orbit.  After some comments on the possibility and impossibility of such a scenario, this man later presented a much more credible view on the orbit structure of such a body's path. 

Planet X Orbital Elements

(Picture from cyberspaceorbit.com)

The work is admirable, however we see one major drawback with regards to the timeframe used.  While a flyby can happen along the path depicted by Kent, physics does not support a May 2003 date.

In order to make Kent's path work with a May 2003 flyby, Nibiru would have to be at Pluto's distance by the end of 2002, where it would remain undetectable to most amateurs, because it will be at a distance of 39.5 AU or 5.925e12 m to travel in 6 months.  That would indicate an average speed of 5.925e12 meters in 1.57e7 seconds or 3.77e5 m/s.  It is said to pass at 0.5 AU or 7.5e10 m from the Sun.

Taking this to the next step, the logical conclusion regarding Kent's path is that Nibiru would fly by the Sun once, never to return. Because we know that Nibiru has flown through our system before, Kent's 6-month "invisible to fly-by" scenario cannot happen. This is because a mass flying faster than this speed at the distance it is calculated for will not be kept in orbit by the gravity of the Sun.

Passover - May 2003

(Picture from cyberspaceorbit.com)

This does not mean however, that Nibiru is not coming! 

Nibiru Flyby More Likely in 2012

Given all the inexplicable perturbations happening to the planets in our solar system, we feel the chances are strong that a large object such as a rogue XKBO or Nibiru will transit out system sometime before the end of the next decade.

We also feel that this whole debate may be pointless, because Nibiru may have already been secretly sighted and plotted and that this information may be intentionally withheld in the interest of national security.

If Nibiru has in fact been observed and plotted, the basic physics we've discussed in this article tell us it will pass through our inner Solar system within a timeframe, coinciding with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

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