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Planet X / Nibiru, ZetaTalk and Mission Enterprise

YOWUSA.COM, 25-May-02
Steve Russell

Zecharia SitchinZetaTalk tells us to worry, and Enterprise Mission tells us not to worry. Whom should we believe?  This article addresses the key 2003 issues in the context of the planet Nibiru.  Next week, we will publish an exclusive interview with Zecharia Sitchin where he will address this issue as well as other important questions regarding his work. 

This article will introduce Sitchin to those who are new to the debate and present a simple overview of his work.  Then, we'll dive into predictions of ZetaTalk and Mission Enterprise.

Who Is Sitchin and Why Has His
Research Caused Such a Flurry?

Zecharia Sitchin was born in Russia and raised in Palestine where he acquired insightful knowledge of both modern and ancient Hebrew. He also learnt other Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament, and the history and archaeology of the Near East. 

He graduated from the University of London majoring in economic history, and was a leading journalist and editor in Israel for many years.  He currently lives and writes in New York. 

Sitchin'searly exposure to ancient information has continued into a lifetime of developing discovery.  The focus of his research has shifted from an initial childhood question regarding the biblical Nefilim, to questions about where they came from and the documented planet Nibiru.  Talking the biblical accounts literally, he was forced to become proficient in other areas such as astronomy also. 

At this earlier time of his research, scholars were divided over the identification and location of Nibiru.  Some believed it was Mars, others Jupiter.  However, Sitchin's research into the ancient scriptures for eventually lead him to an answer that was once again, contrary to popular opinion.  This is because his research led to him to the conclusion that Nibiru was neither Mars nor Jupiter.  Rather, it is a planet that periodically passes between the two. 

In ancient times, Nibiru created the asteroid belt through a cataclysmic collision that now separates us from the outer planets.  This is why Nibiru became known to the ancients as the "Planet of Crossing", and was depicted by a sign of a cross. 

After fifteen years of intense research and the progressive publication of four books that continued to delve deeper into our past, the scientific community has finally caught up and verified many facts that had been written and known thousands of year before. 

These included discoveries such as:

  1. Voyager Spacecraft data.
  2. Discovery of DNA.
  3. Test tube babies.
  4. Linguistics. 

Sitchin offers interpretations, analysis, and linkages of data that is academically, scientifically, scholarly known and accepted, in ways that no other person has achieved. However, his work has also become a launching point, for what Sitchin believes to be the erroneous predictions regarding the possible reappearance of Nibiru.

The Problem With Predictions 

The Nibiru in 2003 debate shifted high gear with Sitchin's latest book "The Lost Book Of Enki", which caused a lot of public interest.  It also caused some unexpected and unwarranted misinformation and predictions concerning our destiny and the return of Nibiru. 

The general problem is that many people are using Sitchin's work to predict the return of Nibiru.  Whether the predicted dates are just around the corner, or far into the future, the information currently available is not enough to use accurately.  Despite this, many people are chasing rabbit holes that are very deep and which have far reaching consequences for more than just those making the predictions.  Two of the notable web sites involved in this are ZetaTalk and Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission.

ZetaTalk We Need to Worry 

The ZetaTalk web site is leading the assertions of the return of Nibiru in 2003.  They have provided the path of this inbound planet, its degree of variance, coordinates and other visibility factors.  Even with all this data, nobody has found anything yet, and no nothing resembling Nibiru seems to approaching these coordinates in 2003. 

What is worrisome here, is that if 2003 turns into a non-event as the present data indicates, the guilt through unwanted association will negatively impact the credibility of anyone discussing Sitchin's work in 2004 and beyond. 

Our greatest concern is that a non-event in 2003 will kill the public interest in this vital issue facing our future and our past. 

Zecharia Sitchin Response to YOWUSA
Regarding ZetaTalk and Mission Enterprise et al.

It has been brought to my attention that word has spread, primarily through various internet sites other than the official Sitchin website, that I am predicting the return of Nibiru (the planet of the Anunnaki) in 2003. 

My readers and fans are aware that I have persistently avoided speaking on the subject.  Mainly because the issue is connected with the biblical and other prophecies regarding the Return, the Day of the Lord, etc., I have felt that more research on my part is needed so as to be absolutely sure of the answer. 

I have found in the ancient and other sources; that the "2003" date is baseless.

If ZetaTalk wishes to stick with their 2003 prediction that is their right.  However, this does not give them the right to diminish the importance of Sitchin's work by subjecting to a firm prediction he will not support in any way.

Enterprise Mission No Worries 

Another problem with using Sitchin's work to predict the next arrival of Nibiru, is that there are too many variables, and too many undiscovered texts yet to be deciphered. 

In what was viewed as paternalistic and demeaning attack on ZetaTalk, Richard Hoagland took liberties with Sitchin's work.  He claimed that it would be another 1600 years before Nibiru's return, according to Sitchin's work.  

YOWUSA has conducted a thourough examination of Sitchin's published works, and never has he stated this 1600 return, and for a very good reason.  The math doesn't work.

In recent discussions with Joseph Novak, who introduced us to Sitchin, we debated the theoretical possibilities of Nibiru's return. 

One argument was that Nibiru had to be in a close position with Earth for Anu's last visit to Nippur 5762 years ago. This assumption was then used to formulate the following equation using another assumption of a fixed 3600-year orbit. 

3600 - (((5762-2002) - 3600) + 2002) = 1438 years to arrival of Nibiru

However such equations are all affected by inadequate assumptions of time.  Did Anu visit on the approach to Earth, or as the planet was leaving our solar system?  Was the orbit a stable 3600 years, or variable?  Perhaps Anu could have been able to visit Earth at any time he wanted. 

Needless to say, we ended up going around in circles, chasing our own tails and subsequently fell down one of the many rabbit holes. 

The noise from all such predictions is distracting from the primary purpose of Sitchin's work.  That is, to discover our own history, and from whence we came.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Sitchin's personal path to the future was laid down for him in his childhood.  This path was so clear and purposeful he is still following it today.  After all, what could be more fulfilling than bringing the origins of our ancestors and the entire human race, to a society facing an increasingly uncertain future?

Sitchin's research into our past, has allowed him to assess the future with clarity like no other person has provided.  Just as the Anunnaki came to Earth and seeded our future, Sitchin also believes that we are destined for the same future.

We must remember that a lack of proof proves nothing.  The question is what do we perceive as proof?  The hasty perceptions of Enterprise Mission or the channelling used to substantiate the ZetaTalk predictions?  We invite you to visit our site next week to read the answers to these and other timely questions in Sitchin's own words.