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Planet X Flyby In 2003 – ZetaHysteria vs. ZetaFact

YOWUSA.COM, 23-February-02
Marshall Masters


Patronizing Attacks

The most virulent, unwarranted and negative attack on Nancy Leider has come from Richard C. Hoagland's Enterprise Mission web site.   

Enterprisemission.com, February 19, 2002
Enterprise Mission Statement On The
Coming of Sitchin's "Nibiru" in Spring, 2003

Zeta Talk predicted several years ago that massive crop failures in the years 2000, 2001 and 2002 would harbinger the coming of Nibiru in 2003, and this has flatly not occurred. Clearly, Zeta Talk's record on predictions is far from accurate, and we make no exception for this fabled return of Nibiru in 2003. It should also be noted for the record that Sitchin places the next passage of Nibiru some 1,600 years into the future.

Richard C. HoaglandWe also do not dispute the sincerity of "Zeta Talk's" curator, Nancy Leider. Rather, we have deep reservations about the sincerity and reliability of the information she is receiving, whatever its source.

It would be a shame if such an unfounded rumor, sprouting from a dubious source and disseminated by opportunists and alarmists, overshadowed such a fabulous opportunity to view our nearest planetary neighbor (in more ways than one) as close as we will ever see it our lifetimes. 

So relax. The "12th planet" is not coming -- certainly not next year -- just our old friend, Mars.

The line, "We also do not dispute the sincerity of "Zeta Talk's" curator" is pure patronizing bovine scatology. However, aside from the patronizing attacks let's look at a few issues raised by Hoagland.

The issues raised here are: 

  1. Accuracy of ZetaTalk predictions
  2. Source of ZetaTalk predictions
  3. Sitchin's position that Nibiru will not reappear for another 1600 years
  4. The "12th planet" is not coming

ZetaTalk's Accuracy and Source

As the old saying goes, "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones." What Hoagland does not want people to know is that his history in terms of accuracy and sources is no better than ZetaTalk's own track record.

Marshall Masters, January 1, 2000
Is Mr. Hoagland Grabbing at Straws?

We thought it was a bit risky for Mr. Hoagland to predict a major impact event for November 7, 1999, based on information given him by a source named "Tony," but he made that prediction nonetheless on August 19,1999. (Dumb luck, that, Richard.)

Mad Magazine in SpacePardon our asking, Mr. Hoagland, but were you channeling Tony for that impact date?    

(Ugh… that felt lame.) 

Ah heck, let's just get it off our chest.  More specifically, what planet does Tony come from Mr. Hoagland? 

Sitchin's Alleged Position That Nibiru
Will Not Reappear for Another 1600 Years

Zacharia SitchinThis particular statement was very troubling for Steve Russell of YOWUSA. Steve has read all of Sitchin's works and does not recall his making the prediction that "Nibiru will not reappear for another 1600 years."   

Since Mr. Hoagland has made this statement "for the record," why didn't he include an attribute to the article, interview or book by Sitchin where this man makes this statement?   

Hoagland -- The "12th planet" Is Not Coming

The most troubling statement in Hoagland's attack article on ZetaTalk was the closing paragraph. "So relax. The "12th planet" is not coming -- certainly not next year -- just our old friend Mars." 

The statement here is absolute. He states that "The "12th planet" is not coming," which makes this a bold prediction. Given that he ripped ZetaTalk without mercy for making failed predictions, why would he make this absolute prediction?   

This question ran through my mind again and again till I carefully reread the entire article. That is when the following statement really caught my eye.

Enterprisemission.com, February 19, 2002
Enterprise Mission Statement On The
Coming of Sitchin's "Nibiru" in Spring, 2003

They've also charged that Hoagland did this at NASA's behest in return for a promise that NASA would re-photograph Cydonia. No such "quid-pro-quo" has ever taken place between these two parties on any matter.

NASA ProbeThen the dime dropped. For starters, NASA only runs manned missions. JPL on the other hand runs unmanned missions. Keeping in mind that both agencies work closely under the auspices of US intelligence agencies, NASA would not be the right interlocutor of such a deal. JPL would be the proper interlocutor if you wanted to make a "quid-pro-quo" regarding Cydonia face imagery.   

So, why is Hoagland being intentionally misleading about this accusation with his readership? Does he have something to hide? 

Now before we answer this let's go back to Art Bell. (OK, so I like Art Bell and if you don't like it Nancy, you can kiss my grits.) 

Hoagland Phone Home 

On August 19, 2001, two amazing crop circles appeared in England, next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope near Wherwell, Hampshire.  

2001 Chilbolton Aricebo Response Crop Circle

Shortly afterwards, Hoagland was interviewed on the Art Bell show regarding the Chilbolton formations. I listened to that entire interview and heard Hoagland clearly and unequivocally state that: 

  • The Chilbolton formations are real.
  • The Chilbolton formations validated all of his theories.
  • He found where the aliens made their errors in designing their formations.

It appears that while Nancy Leider of ZetaTalk is channeling alien messages, Richard Hoagland of Enterprise Mission is obviously editing their material. No wonder those poor aliens are having such a hard time communicating with us! Somebody died and made Hoagland a god. 

Perhaps we should rightly wonder about who or what is whispering commands to Mr. Hoagland from behind his Cydonian throne as Nancy Leider suggests.   

So, are you feeling totally slimed and disillusioned now? 

Getting Back to Basics

Years ago I served in a U.S. Army Public Information Office and I had the benefit of an excellent mentor. He once told me, "The best disinformation is not built around lies. It is built around distractions." With this in mind, what I see is a lot of distraction out there and we've seen a little bit of it mentioned in this article.   

All of that aside, we must not be lead down pointless rabbit holes by pointless scandal.  

There is an alarming level of serious perpetuation and unusual events happening in our solar system. Would Planet X cause such events? Who knows, but they are happening nonetheless if you believe in what web sites like space.com, discovery.com and nasa.gov have to say.   

While YOWUSA does not endorse ZetaTalk, we do recognize their honest efforts to find the truth. We also applaud Nancy Leider's policy of freely publishing all of her work for the benefit of the Internet community at large. Regardless of whether or not you agree with ZetaTalk, they are open, honest and share what they have freely.   

If YOWUSA can publish an article refuting ZetaTalk's stated position with facts and sound reasoning, we will not hesitate to do so.    

Our motive for doing so is simple; if 2003 turns into a non-event year, this issue will be swept under carpet, and hard. In turn, that will close the book on the serious perpetuations and unusual events, which are happening in our solar system until such a time a decision is made to go public with the knowledge.  

Please folks, there is too much at stake here to be taken down unproductive rabbit holes of patronizing attacks, fear mongering, and disinformation.    

Always remember that destiny comes to those who listen; fate finds the rest -- and fate sees no difference between the intentionally deaf and the intentionally blind.

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