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Planet X Flyby In 2003 – ZetaHysteria vs. ZetaFact

YOWUSA.COM, 23-February-02
Marshall Masters

Planet X / Nibiru Flyby In 2003 -- ZetaHysteria vs. ZetaFactWe have been inundated with messages asking us why we are claiming that Planet X will fly past the Earth in 2003. We answer these messages with a simple request to show us where we make that claim in any of our articles. At the center of this 2003 maelstrom of controversy is the ZetaTalk site, which is becoming a popular phenomenon. As to the date itself, our greatest concern is that a non-event in 2003 will kill public interest in this vital issue.

For The Record 

For the record folks, YOWUSA is reporting the claims of other sites such as ZetaTalk so that our readers can begin their own investigations. Our goal is to provide our readers with information that will help them to make an informed decision about this matter. We also urge our readers to avoid the pitfalls of using single sources and hasty conclusions.    

If we can all get our noses out of the air and be existential about this for a moment– the growing popularity of the ZetaTalk site is sufficient justification for a fair-minded investigation of their claims.  

But ZetaTalk Channels Aliens! 

"They channel aliens and you linked them in your articles!" If we've heard this once, we've heard it a hundred times.   

Each time, we ask if the reader actually followed the hyperlinks to read exactly what the ZetaTalk site actually said. After that, they vanish like methane in the wind. Why? Plain old shoot from the hip laziness.   

The problem with the ZetaTalk is not that they channel aliens. Ah heck, the fact that President Bush is willing to talk with the North Koreans after branding them an "Axis of Evil" state, proves that we channel anything we darn well please. Nope. The problem with ZetaTalk is that more and more people are listening to them. 

Is ZetaTalk's growing popularity due to the fact that everyone wants to "phone home" like E.T? Not likely!   

The fossil record and historical artifacts shows us that our planet may very well have experienced one or more catastrophes due to a flyby event in mankind's past. If so, that event would bind a genetic sense of fear into our species that would become part of what advertisers call the zeitgeist.   

The zeitgeist is that wispy and barely tangible fabric of understanding that cuts across all ethnic and cultural boundaries. When common folk talk about the zeitgeist, they use terms such as "well everyone knows…" Therefore, mankind could very well posses a genetic flyby zeitgeist somewhere in the undecipherable parts of our DNA that is a ready hot button for fear and apprehension.    

In essence ZetaTalk could be very wrong, but for all the right reasons. Nevertheless, to hysterically throw the baby out with the bathwater because they channel aliens is like trying to find the truth of what is happening in our solar system by throwing salt in our own eyes.   

YOWUSA Is Only Reporting the ZetaTalk Site 

Dark Ages Practice of BleedingDoes YOWUSA believe that channeling aliens is good science? Who are we to say? There was a time when the learned men of science were certain that bleeding people would improve their health and that the Earth was the center of the universe.    

Of course, the bleeding thing was a no-brainer, but if early scientists had told us that eating lots of chocolate helps to prevent cancer, think of how many people would still believe it, notwithstanding the research.   

Therefore, judgmental blindness aside, what really matters is an honest effort to obtain independently verifiable data. This is one reason why YOWUSA is reporting the claims made on the ZetaTalk site. They are making the effort. 

If you do not agree with it, then please send us a clearly reasoned article refuting their claims with pertinent facts and we'll publish it so that others can decide for themselves without all the hysterical double-talk. Call us old fashioned, but we're just suckers for a well-reasoned debate.   

On the other hand, what we do not like is fear mongering and patronizing attacks.  

In separating fact from fear mongering and patronizing attacks, let's look at two notable personalities, Mark Hazlewood and Richard Hoagland in comparison with the ZetaTalk site.    

Fear Mongering 

Let's begin with an abstract from Mark Hazlewood page, where he states why he believes that Planet X will be here in Spring 2003.  

Mark Hazlewood, Author of BLINDSIDED
Planet X (Niburu) due here Spring 2003?

Why do I believe Planet X will be returning in 2003? 

Blindsided by Mark HazelwoodA combination of in-depth research and life experience. In the mid-'70's, at age 19, I started work with a solar cell corporation. It had technology that could undercut the cost of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Twelve years later it became clear that there were people that controlled the energy cartel, banks and media, who were engaged in a combination of underhanded financial and legal maneuvers to stop us. I wasn't looking to find that these controllers existed. I had no interest in them. I did become acutely aware of them first hand, watching as they slapped the company I worked with down and effectively shelved the technology. 

Now for the rest of you who want a tomorrow, to be informed, forewarned and attempt to place a reservation for yourself and loved ones in the aftertimes, this could be the hardest hitting book (BLINDSIDED) you'll ever read.  

I am not the origin for the information that follows. I have simply gathered together several sources for your perusal. I did not discriminate from where I obtained the information.

The only piece of original work that Hazlewood has done is to open a bank account and he has done very well for himself in this regard although he has left a trail of bad blood in his wake.  

Nancy Leider
ZetaTalk 2003 Page

Nancy LeiderSo, why is Art Bell featuring Mark Hazlewood on this issue, on Jan 16, 2002 instead of Nancy?

Hazlewood joined the Troubled Times mailing lists over a year ago and was promptly banned for continuously soliciting money for various get-rich-quick schemes. Few are honest enough to admit they have been fleeced especially sending money to a stranger, where no laws except let-the-buyer-beware can govern. Please note that once a victim has been lined up, requests for large amounts of cash were unhesitatingly made, all without any paper backing or oversight of the transaction. Having found a reason for folks to panic, i.e. the coming pole shift in 2003 and ZetaTalk accuracy, Hazlewood set out to make himself the spokesperson, generating an electronic book composed entirely of material lifted from the ZetaTalk site, the Troubled Times site, Sitchin's books, and others. He didn't write a book, he cobbled it together from other copyrighted material, and then demanded money for it from those he flooded with his e-mail promotions. He did not generate information or content, or make a contribution, just plagiarized. The information is given free on the ZetaTalk and Troubled Times sites, the straightforward warning and information on self-help, but Hazlewood neglects to mention this.  

Shame on Art Bell for helping Hazlewood's position to fleece the populace in this way! I hereby announce that just because Hazlewood has plagiarized my material, which is free to the public at the zetatalk.com web site but in no way has been placed into the public domain, and points the public to me to get coordinates for the inbound Planet X or ZetaTalk on safe locations, that this in no way implies that I approve of his con games, his theft of money from frightened people, or his agenda.  

Now folks, I've got to be honest here. While I've been accused at times for having a "rapier wit," but this really comes across like sour grapes, especially the part about radio personality Art Bell.  

Art Bell Classified Personals AdWhat Nancy missed is that many faithful listeners consider Bell a national treasure in his own right, because he searches for truth.

Nancy, take a break from the channeling some night and tune in. You can always listen in through the streaming site, KFI 640AM out of Los Angeles.

OK, so you've got a right to be all little grieved but lighten up. Art is one of the good guys. Besides, we would never have come to know Hazlewood for what he is, unless Art had interviewed him.

During Hazlewood's interview on January 16, 2002 on the Art Bell show, Janice Loughner, Jacco van der Worp and I streamed Art's interview on KFI 640AM. After the interview we traded instant messages and the bottom line was this guy is peddling his book, Blindsided, and has nothing to offer other than a mailing address for the checks.    

What amazed us were the red flags, which popped up early on in the interview, after Hazlewood performed his I'm not worthy gratuitous Art Bell worship shtick.   

He told Art that we live in a binary star system and that the dark twin is only 20AU from our Sun. Bell corrected him by saying he assumed that Hazlewood was talking about Planet X. Then to our surprise, Hazlewood corrected Bell and restated his belief that the dark twin is currently only 20AU from our Sun.

So why did Bell try to correct him? 

Let's begin with the planet Pluto. It is 39AU from the Sun. Now, let's talk about the dark twin, which is supposed to be 4x bigger than Jupiter. Finally, let's talk about how black holes are discovered.   

Black HoleBlack holes emit no light. They are detected because known stars disappear when in the path of the black hole as it crosses in front of them. If the dark twin were as lightless as a black hole, and within 20AU of the Sun, it would paint a noticeable blank swath across night sky. (Yes, there are a whole host of other reasons but let's just fly with this one for the time being.) 

The next red flag was Hazlewood's stated scientific process. He has no scientific process or anything remotely resembling a scientific process. Enough said.

Next up to bat — Richard Hoagland.  


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