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YOWUSA.COM, 16-February-01
Josef Novak


Eventually when this "New Edition" of humans proliferated to the point that it became impossible for the gods, spelled with a small "g," to communicate more or less on a person-to-person basis they installed high priests and rulers, upon whom they conferred kingships. Those rulers and high priests continued in their tradition as if they still were able to communicate and take directives, even after most of the so-called gods had departed.

As a matter of fact some of the earlier rulers, in some instances were direct descendants of these so-called gods, as these gods did not object to an occasional tryst with either an earth male or female. Gilgamesh, the legendary Sumerian King, was the product of such a tryst, was part god and part human. There is also an interesting story, which centers on this famous king and his futile attempts to regain his immortality and finally was told by the gods that he had been granted a successful kingship, but eternal life was not to be his. You also will find references in the Bible where the underlings of the Anunaki, "Those who from heaven to Earth came," took the daughters of man. In other words they knew how to have a good time, much to the displeasure of the chief gods. In the eyes of humans living at that time, all Anunaki where considered to be god like. However, as with any civilized race they also had a hierarchy with chiefs and underlings.

Another interesting fact that seems to coincide with the periodic appearance of planet "X," or Nibiru, every 3600 years is the periodic jumps in human developments, which are well documented by archeological findings. These so called jumps or advancement are dated approx. 11000BC, 7400 BC, 3800 BC. One of the reference points of 11000 BC is approx. and could be pushed back to a somewhat earlier date. If we take a closer look, we will find that these spacing of these dates coincides with the periodic appearance of planet "X " or Nibiru, as it was known in ancient history.

It is possible that in a round about way the periodic appearance of Planet X may have caused the disappearance of the dinosaurs, but a more likely scenario may have been the impact of a huge asteroid. Aside from the demise of the dinosaurs it is more likely that the gravitational field of planet "X" was the cause of an event, which went down in human history as the "Deluge". Our so called gods knew at the time what influence the reappearance of planet "X" would have on the environment, due to it's gravitational field and they must have been also aware of an unstable ice cap over the Antarctic which was about ready to slip off. This unavoidable and predictable event was anticipated by what we refer to as the Anunaki or "Gods." They intended to let nature wipe out a good portion of the human race which they had created as in the eyes of some of the higher ups or chief gods, the human race had become corrupted.

Fortunately one of the Gods had taken a liking to Utnapishtim/ Noah and let him listen in on the conversation between the gods, which foretold the upcoming event. Also later on advised him how to go about to save himself, hence the story of Noah and the Ark. In other words it was an expected and predictable event, which could have been known only to some one with the scientific knowledge that one of the ice caps was unstable and was ready to slip off, triggered by the approach of planet "X". This scenario seems to be the most plausible one and also in some form or another is supported by Rand & Rose Flem-Ath in their book,When the Sky fell.

Mesopotamian texts reiterate that Atra-Hasis/Utnapishtim took along with him a "Boatman" named Puzur-Amurri (westerner who knows the secrets) To him the Mesopotamian NOAH handed over the structure, together with it's contents, as soon as the storm started. Why was an experienced navigator needed, unless it was to bring the Ark to a specific destination?

The Anunaki used the peaks of Ararat as landmarks from early on as a navigational aid. As the highest peaks in that part of the world, they could be expected to reappear first from under the water. Since Enki, "The wise One, the All-Knowing," certainly could figure that much out, we could surmise that he had instructed his servant to guide the Ark toward Ararat, planning the encounter from the very beginning.

One may also take in to consideration that our year 2000 coincides with the Jewish calendar of their year 5760. Deduct 2000 from 5760 and you come up with 3760, which also coincides with a jump in human development. That point in time was also noted as the last state visit of ANU one of the main or chief gods of the Anunnaki; it was his most recent visit in the ancient cityof Nipur. In other words, planet "X" must have been in close proximity to earth. The next time was close to the birth of Jesus, another marker in history, but that story is a subject for another time.

According to When the Sky Fell, (Flem-Ath), at around the time of the deluge and for some time afterward, a good portion of the Antarctic was free of ice. Furthermore, maps have been found depicting the landscape of the Antarctic without the ice etc. It also offers a good explanation why we keep on finding Mammoths which froze to death fairly rapidly with still undigested food in their stomachs. Apparently all due to a sudden slippage of the outer mantle or layer of the earth which brought what is now Siberia closer to the polar region and at the same time brought what is now Wisconsin further south.

From what we can gather, the build up of ice in the Antarctic year after year is about the equivalent of Lake Michigan. Taking in to account the centrifugal force of our earth, eventually this mass would have become unstable and have attempted to migrate to a point where the centrifugal force is the greatest, which happens to be the equator. Once that happened, it pulled the outer crust along with it producing a shift in the climate and causing the demise of the mammoths.

Again, these events were related and triggered by the gravitational influence and periodic appearance of planet "X". If things were stable, Earth suffered no adverse effects of planet "X" when the gods came for a visit. On the other hand when things were unstable, as they were before the deluge, our so-called gods knew about it, predicted it and because one of the gods had taken a liking to Utnapishtim decided to save him.

One line of thought says that when this planet does show up again, it will contribute to the revisions of many ideas that we may have had about our past.


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Will this visit be as constructive in the development and advancement of the human race as past visits may have been? It is possible that this visit may bring the human race closer together; people may finally realize that we all have the same origin and bowed and prayed to the Anunaki, or gods spelled with a small "g," who updated us, but did not actually provide the spark of life. Perhaps then, the search will continue for the ultimate force to which even our creators, or gods spelled with a small "g" may have paid homage.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) While this article will not win any popularity contests for speaking out in contrast to popular beliefs, neither did Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) when he came to the conclusion that the Earth was not the center of the universe.  He had to retract his findings until he was on his deathbed. Otherwise, the clergy at that time may have helped him along to meet his maker prematurely.

There is little doubt that the government is aware of the same things you just have read and is anticipating them.  It would probably not come as a surprise if our government was also fully prepared for it, but our current belief system fits like a well worn shoe.  As long as it serves a good purpose, right or wrong why change?

Do You Continue Your Search For Truth?

A short article, by its very nature, can only contain a limited amount of information pointing to the existence of another planet. If this article has fired your imagination, and possibly your fears, then proceed with an open mind into the detailed account of the events leading up to the introduction of what may be considered MODERN MAN, along with other historical events pointing to the existence of another planet.

A good starting place is The Earth Chronicles, by Zecharia Sitchin. The first book of this series is titled, "The 12th Planet."

As a final note, Sitchin's works dovetail closely with Biblical events although they are interpreted and looked upon from a different perspective.  However, as the Romans used to say, Uno itinere non potest perveniri ad tam grande secretum. The heart of so great a mystery can never be reached by following one road only. 

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