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Did Planet X / Nibiru
Kill The Dinosaurs?

YOWUSA.COM, 28-January-02
Marshall Masters


PAX -- Is Not The Only One With Questions

It is interesting to note that after PAX aired the program that questions, I became aware of an even more rigorous reexamination of the Alvarez theory, and no less than by the Geological Society of America. 

CCNet, January 24, 2002
Impact Hazard Greatly Overstated 

K-T impact extinction hypothesisThe Geological Society of America issued a press release yesterday, which will make the NEO community sit up and take notice. In it,  Kevin Pope presents his new proposition according to which the impact of a 10-km sized object on the Earth 65 million years ago did not, as is widely assumed by the impact research community, trigger a dust-connected 'cosmic winter'. Pope believes that "the original K-T impact extinction hypothesis - the shutdown of photosynthesis by submicrometer-size dust - is not valid" for the reason that it would require much more fine dust than has been detected in the K/T boundary layer. 

Kevin Pope's conclusion is based on his reading of the geophysical evidence, in particular his attempt to measure the amount of small dust particles in the K-T boundary and to estimate the amount necessary for a prolonged cosmic winter. Whether his interpretation of a highly complex set of data will hold up to scientific scrutiny and critical analysis is uncertain. What is certain, however, is that the criticism of the impact winter theory is no new. Fore more than 10 years, the US geologist Dewey McLean has been pointing out much of the same deficiencies in the stratigraphical record.  

Since 1991, McLean has been suggesting that a K/T boundary impact winter, if it occurred at all, would have been "too transitory, or feeble, to be recorded in the geological record, and not of sufficient magnitude to trigger global biological catastrophe. 

Perhaps Pope's most controversial claim is that even the impact of a 2-km sized asteroid or comet would only have regional, but not globally catastrophic effects. <<

What is interesting about Pope's claim is that the Chicxulub impact was a regional disaster as opposed to a global disaster. If so, could this impact and Deecan traps eruption have a common link?

I discussed this with Jacco van der Worp of YOWUSA, and he sees the very real possibility of direct causal link between the Chixchilub impact and the Deccan Traps eruption. 

YOWUSA.COM, Jacco van der Worp

Since 65 million years ago, the Australo-Indian tectonic plate has been moving towards the North, crashing into the Eurasian to form the Himalayas, connecting India to the main Eurasian continent.  

Chicxulub is at 89 West and 21 North approximately.  And the Deccan plateau is at 79 East and 19 North. It should be interesting to find out where the two locations were 65 million years in the past, as they are so close to being exactly opposite from each other on the planet right now. 

Deccan Traps may well have been a direct result from an impact at Chicxulub. The Richter 12+ that must have resulted over there from an impact of that magnitude would have sent p- and s- waves in all directions and they will have focused on the other side of the planet exactly. A 12+ will create a super-volcano anywhere. Who says therefore that it was either one, and not both the events that caused the extinction?  

First an impact and before the dust of that settles and the shockwave wears out, the impact shock gets focused on the other side of the globe, instantly ripping the crust open, causing a massive volcano with all resulting consequences.

The more we learn about the extinction of the dinosaurs, the more we come to realize that it most likely took more than one single catastrophic event to do them in. 

The Bottom Line

Understanding how the dinosaurs were done in is essential if we are to avoid the same fate, because this scenario could be replayed during our lifetimes and by something like an XKBO.  With this in mind, let us consider the following:


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  1. The object 1992 QB1 proved that the Kuiper Belt does exist and puts together a 40-year old scientific debate. (The Kuiper Belt exists between the orbit of Neptune and the Oort Cloud.) 
  2. The KBO 2001 KX76 proves that Planet X-class objects can exist in the Kuiper Belt.
  3. The highly dense and complex core of Comet Borrelly shows us that our preconceived notion about comets being dirty snowballs is flawed. 
  4. A comet such as Comet Borrelly has sufficient mass to graze the Earth's atmosphere without impacting the planet, and that in doing so it would generate a massively destructive shockwave.
  5. The flyby event shockwave created by a large object could trigger a terrestrial catastrophe such as the Deccan Traps eruption some 65 million years ago. 
  6. A terrestrial disaster such as the Deccan Traps eruption could also lay down a thin, planet-wide layer of Iridium, just like the Chicxulub impactor that struck the Earth 65 million years ago. 
  7. The fact that the Iridium layer associated with the Chicxulub impact lacks Bucky Ball (fullerenes) does not disprove the impact event, but it does bring into question the premise that the Chicxulub impact was the sole cause of the K-T extinction 65 million years ago.  

So what caused the K-T extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs? 

If we take the PAX scenario I developed wit the help of Dr. Marsden and substitute Comet Borrelly with an XKBO such as Nibiru (Planet X) described by the Sumerians some 6,000 years ago, one possibility could be a one-two punch.   

Let's assume that our Planet X-class Kuiper Belt Object (XKBO) has an elliptical long period orbit with its apogee, the point in the orbit farthest from the Sun, in the Kuiper Belt.  Conversely, the object's perigee, the point in the orbit closest to the Sun, takes it through the inner reaches of our solar system past the Earth! 

In this case, our XKBO would pass the Earth twice.  First, while coming in from its apogee in Kuiper Belt towards the Sun. The second flyby occurs as the XKBO whips around the sun during its perigee and again passes Earth on the way back to the Kuiper Belt.   

If the XKBO never impacts the planet, it could trigger devastating terrestrial catastrophes every bit as deadly by either using its mass to tear the Earth apart with massive tidal gravity forces, and or by grazing the atmosphere and causing a shock wave.  

In terms of tidal gravity, keep in mind that if the Moon were to disappear into the depths of space tomorrow, the entire surface of the Planet Earth would sink 18 inches and the seas would become large windblown lakes.   

If an XKBO the size of our Moon were to flyby the Earth beyond the reach of our atmosphere, the effects of the tidal gravity could be as disastrous as an impact event with an asteroid or comet that is less than 1 mile in diameter.   

The bottom line is this.  There is fact-based logical scientific explanation that can do away with the threat of an XKBO such as Planet X.  Further, the K-T extinction may very well serve as proof that such a body does exist and that it has periodically affected the development of life on our planet for hundreds of millions of years. 

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