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Planet X / Nibiru

yowusa.com/planetxYOWUSA.COM began researching Planet X / Nibiru in late 2000 as result of our Earth changes research dating back to early 1999.  What we determined is that while humanity is partly responsible for Earth changes, the primary force is natural. 

To find that natural source we expanded our search beyond Earth-centric explanations.  This led us in the direction of Planet X / Nibiru.

Mother Shipton's Prophecies and Planet X / Nibiru Research

Mother Shipton's Complete Prophecy

Mother ShiptonThe prophecies of the English seeress known to us as Mother Shipton, are becoming important to Planet X / Nibiru research. This is because her prophecies correlate with other ancient predictions of this impending flyby event and are scientifically consistent with recent findings. Specifically, her prophecy that states, "A fiery dragon will cross the sky -- Six times before this earth shall die... " is consistent with a large object in a long period orbit. GO

Planet X / Nibiru Series

Planet X / Nibiru Articles