Have You Bought In to Being a Planet X Victim?

| February 15, 2015
Have You Bought In to Being a Planet X Victim?The two most frequently asked questions we see in our e-mail are, when will we see Planet X and when will it get here? Why are people asking these questions? Because they have been programmed not to trust themselves or anyone else for that matter, through skillfully placed disinformation. So in this article, you will learn how you are being programmed with masterful disinformation tactics. Then we’ll take a look at the three categories of those who are in planning and preparation:  Mitigation, spiritual and belief. After reading this article, those of you who follow the topic will be able to see where you are in the scheme of things and whether or not that is where you want to be. And finally, for those determined to survive, what is really at stake.

Disinformation Programming

While sending people down rabbit holes in fruitless searches for answers until they give up out of exhaustion may seem to be the first goal of disinformation, it is merely the end result. Rather, the first goal of disinformation programming is to reinforce a false-positive sense of inoculation. In other words, to convince people they are impervious to disinformation, when in fact the opposite is true. To illustrate the point, let’s look at two questions we often receive. When will we see it? Images of the Planet X System have been available on the Internet since 2008 and we’ve posted several videos with many observations. However, through skillful disinformation programming, many people are incapable of trusting their own intellect. Consequently, they are left with a lingering uncertainty that will only be resolved after they see Planet X with their own eyes. This is the result of highly skillful and broadly disseminated disinformation programming, to ensure that once people do see Planet X with their own eyes, it will be too late for them to begin planning and preparation. Instead, they’ll just be in a panic like most others and store shelves will empty fast. In the same vein, the question about when it will get here. This question is likewise moot, because when it does get here the result will be exactly the same. It will be too late for planning and preparation. For the record, what we have stated is that the Planet X system is currently in conjunction and inbound and that it will reduce speed as it arcs into perihelion. Sadly, this never seems to satisfy a manic and insatiable need for an exact date. It is as though people are wanting to know an exact date so the week before, they’ll beat everyone else to the box stores where they’ll max out the credit cards, as they stock up before the sheeple get there. Again, this is another example of disinformation programming and I call it “death by deferment.” In short, these three words, death by deferment, explain the be-all and end-all of the disinformation programming now foisted upon the masses by the ruling elites. Why is it working so well? The truth of what is coming is so horrifically inhumane that people succumb to cognitive dissonance, which is another way of saying, “I just can’t believe it, so do not confuse me with facts. Shut up dammit. I’ve already made up my mind.”

An Inhumane Truth

What is this inhumane truth? It is the agenda of the elites and it is simple and straightforward. The maximum possible die-back of the human species, where the global population is optimally reduced to a quarter of a billion people. This outcome will enable the elites to return to the surface towards the end of the tribulation with an enhanced ability to subjugate the surviving population and thereby perpetuate their control of the planet. While some may believe humanity will not survive, the elites know we will and that we also tend to breed like rabbits. So for them, it is a simple matter of population control and resource management. I was only a few years into my research into the topic of Planet X, which began in late 2000, when I came to this understanding and it was an incredibly difficult truth to absorb due to my own family history. When I was a boy of nine, I learned that my entire family on my mothers side in Europe, had perished in the Nazi concentration camps. Every man, woman, and child. It is why watching ancestry.com commercials on television and seeing people learn about their ancestors pains me. After all, what can ancestry.com offer me? A handful of dental gold hidden in some obscure Swiss bank vault? Since that time, I have often wondered what was going through their minds. Obviously they knew they were going to be murdered and by whom, but the question for me was, did they fully comprehend the evil of it all? I suppose if they had, they would’ve either escaped it or died a violent death. Either way, they would’ve not gone to slaughter like befuddled sheep. Today, we are witnessing something new. Jews in Europe and Eastern Europe are no longer clinging to disbelief as they did in the 1930s. Today, they are leaving in significant numbers, because once again, this brutal inhumanity has reconstituted itself. As was with Nazi Germany, similar tactics of suppression and disinformation programming are being used today but on a much grander scale, to ensure the maximum possible loss of life during the coming tribulation. How does one recognize the effects of this tactic? The political and propaganda term for this effect is Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and the result is that many of those who are familiar with the topic of Planet X are paralyzed by indecision. Consequently, their only method of planning and preparation is what I call, “death by deferment.” With this in mind let us now take a look at those of you who are actively in planning and preparation at one level or another.

The Three Planning and Preparation Categories

As an author and researcher in the field of space threats and Earth changes since 1999, I have had the privilege of speaking with countless individuals who are in some form of planning and preparation or another. What I have observed over the years is that they fall into one of the following three categories: Mitigation, spiritual and belief. In terms of overall population and demographics, those in the mitigation category are currently the smallest minority, although those in the spiritual category once constituted the smallest minority for many years. However, the number in the spiritual category have since grown substantially. Nonetheless, the first two categories pale in comparison with the number of people in the belief category. Within each category are subgroups, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, so before delving into each category and what makes it unique, let’s first look at what everyone has in common at the individual level. Topping that short list is behavioral amplification, followed by survival mindset and useful survival skills.

Behavioral Amplification

When it comes to behavior in the tribulation, there is a great line from the movie Six Days Seven Nights by the character Quinn Harris (played by Harrison Ford) “It’s an island, babe. If you didn’t bring it here, you won’t find it here.” In terms of surviving a tribulation, the same logic holds true. Whatever behavior predisposition you bring into the tribulation, it is what you will have to work with during the worst of it. Here, the warnings of the ancient Egyptians in The Kolbrin Bible about the Great Winnowing tell us that whatever your behavior predisposition is, that will be greatly amplified during the tribulation event. In other words, if you are prone to anger, this behavioral tendency will be amplified several times over. Therefore, here is where the concept of the survival mindset is essential on an individual level in terms of surviving the tribulation.

Survival Mindset

In terms of survival there are only two mindsets:  Love and fear, the only two absolute human emotions. A good way to visualize this is to imagine that you are standing in a paint store. Spread across the wall before you are color chips of every imaginable shade and variety. However, all of these paint chips begin with a pure black paint chip on one side and end with pure white paint chip on the other. Consequently, everything in between is a variant of these two absolutes. The same holds true with human emotion, especially when it comes to surviving the tribulation. There will be fear (black) on one side and love (white) on the other. Somewhere in the middle the balance will tip one way or the other. Here is where behavioral amplification in combination with survival mindset plays a determining role in your ability to survive the coming tribulation. If your survival mindset is weighted to the fear (black) side, then those emotions that will be amplified. Conversely, if your survival mindset is weighted to the love (white) side those emotions will be amplified as well. What the ancient Egyptians tell us in The Kolbrin Bible is that those whose survival mindset is weighted to the love (white) side are more likely to survive. This does not mean that singing in a church choir will enhance your chances of survival. That is simply an activity. What it means is that a grandmother who gathers up orphaned children and leads them in nursery rhymes during the midst of a cataclysm to help keep them from becoming frightened, will be in an optimal mindset as will the children, according to the ancient Egyptians. On the other hand, those who lean to the dark side of their emotions with fear and anguish will see those emotions amplified considerably, and many will literally die of fright. Their lives will extinguish like dying light bulbs. A few flickers and then they’re gone. Why does that grandmother survive while others who may have vastly better physiques and more useful survival skills flicker away like dying light bulbs? It is because she has with a loving mindset and is in service to others.   However, this is not to underplay the importance of useful survival skills.

Useful Survival Skills

A useful survival skill has nothing to do with saying, “look at me I’m a clever fellow, because I’ve got dozens of survival food buckets stacked up in the garage.” All it says is that you have a credit card. Rather, you need to do as Matthew Stein the author of When Technology Fails so aptly points out. Ask yourself this crucial question: “what can I do to be useful to any survival community?” Look at it from the perspective of a survival community leader. When someone comes to you asking to become a part of your community, what criteria will you employ? Are you going to be looking for someone who is in a loving mindset and who lives a life of service to others and possess a useful survival skill? Of course you will, because this is practical. In other words, it boils down to the most simplistic survival axiom: Is this person worth his or her weight in beans? Going back to our example of the grandmother, if all she could offer to a survival community is another mouth to feed, she might be shown the door. However, if she has useful survival skills such as indoor gardening, herbal preparations and so forth, she could very well be worth her weight in beans. Conversely, a young and healthy lawyer or tax preparer with no useful survival skills, will not be worth his or her weight in beans. This is why I created the Survival Wellness Advocacy (SWA) program. The majority of those who follow my work are between the ages of 45 to 65 and cannot afford to build expensive underground bunkers and survival condominiums. Therefore, they will need to join survival communities in order to make it through the tribulation. If they have no useful survival skills such as gunsmithing, farming, off-the-grid energy engineering and ham radio operation, then becoming a survival wellness advocate offers them a fast-track way to become worth their weight in beans. With this in mind, let us now examine the three general survival categories into which individuals can be classed:  Mitigation, spiritual and belief.

Survival Categories

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity of selling my books to customers over the telephone. In the process, I have spoken with those in all three survival categories: Mitigation, spiritual and belief. Regardless of which category these customers fall into, they always want to know the same thing –  where is the safest place for them to survive the tribulation. In this regard I use a survivability scale of 0 to 10, where zero is ground zero. You die there. At the other side of the scale, is a 10 which is as good as it can get. Here is where those who are in the mitigation category consistently impress me.

Mitigation Category

When I use the term mitigation, I use it in the same way that intelligence agencies across the globe do when evaluating potential threats. They see them through a threshold view, where at some point in the process the body of evidence crosses a threshold, thereby indicating a need to prepare against that potential risk. Those who are preparing to mitigate their risks are well-schooled in the concepts of risk, because they take risks, evaluate risks, manage risks and so forth. For them, the need to believe in an absolute is irrelevant. What they’re looking for are threshold measures for any future risks to their position. These folks are principally in the top 2% of the income scale, where perhaps one in 100 at most is not in some stage of survival planning and preparation. What most people fail to understand is that these two percenters are using their wealth to spend more on survival than any one else could possibly imagine. Entry level for these people is half a million for a fully-contained underground survival condominium with a three-year supply of provisions. That same survival condominium will cost one million if they are sourcing the construction crews from hundreds of miles away from their survival site. (So they do not have to worry about a local plumber or bricklayer they contracted, to dig them up when things get rough.) When I speak with these people, the conversations are always short, to the point and focused on one question. What is my assessment of their survival site location. They typically give me the name of a city that is within 30 miles of their site and that is as close as it gets. After that, what they want to know is how I rank that on my 0 to 10 scale. For the record, anything that is 7.0 or greater on my scale is survivable. I moved to Reno because it was a 7.5 and with my recent move to northern Sparks, Nevada I upgraded that to an 8.0. However, a consistent pattern through the years with the two percenters, is that their survival sites consistently rank an 8.5 or greater. (It’s nice to be the king.) Once I give these folks my assessment, they politely purchase my most expensive packages, thank me for my time and sign off. With that, let’s look at the ups and downs.
  • Mitigation Upside: In terms of physical planning, the folks in the mitigation group are very impressive. They are decisive, do not cut corners, nor wait for a big event to happen before they take action. Once these people see the available data exceeding a realistic risk threshold, it’s all they need to know. After that, they’re like Energizer bunnies.
  • Mitigation Downside: By nature, these people have principally achieved their wealth through force of will, so they tend to downplay the importance of behavioral amplification and a loving survival mindset. This, combined with a tendency towards hierarchical control, presents long-term mental health and survival cooperation risks.
For the most part, those in the risk mitigation category are already prepared for whatever may come and have been for a few years. Nonetheless, my greatest concern for those in the mitigation category that when they eventually come up out of their bunkers to forage, they will be strangers in a strange land and easy targets for marauders and cannibals. As stated earlier, the number of those in the mitigation category has been surpassed in the last few years by those in the spiritual category.

Spiritual Category

Men and women in the spiritual category begin planning and preparation not because of what they hear from the pulpit.  Rather, it is because they have dreams, visions and premonitions and these experiences are so real for them, that no amount of abuse can dissuade them from their insights. In terms of their personalities, they are the salt of the earth people. The kind of folk you like to have living next door. More to the point, they fit the profile of the meek as the term was first defined early in the 13th century. According to the online etymology dictionary, the original definition of meek was: “gentle, quiet, unaggressive; benevolent, kind; courteous, humble, unassuming.” Today the term has been willfully perverted by elites in a negative way to belittle the term. When it comes to those in marriages or committed relationships, one in five in the spiritual category will be in a relationship where both partners are equally attuned. These are the most fortunate and it is likely that these souls decided on these relationships prior to their incarnations. For the other 80%, there is the horrible frustration of being in a committed relationship with someone in denial. Or, what I call “spoiler spouses.” For those who are married to a spoiler spouse, the wedding vow “till death do we part” mutates into “till death wish do we part.” Consequently, the partner in spiritual awareness is often bullied and threatened with divorce by the spoiler spouse. Interestingly enough, the ones making the threats very seldom file the divorce. Rather those who are spiritual and abused are the first to file. In the spiritual category, those who have terminated a dysfunctional relationship with a spoiler spouse will evidence the same force of will seen with those who are in the mitigation category. While it is a painful event, these spiritual individuals often find a spiritual partner, while bolstering their own self-confidence. Now, the ups and downs.
  • Spiritual Upside: Spiritual survivors are more negotiators by nature and will be far more comfortable with community power sharing arrangements where talents, not position, dictate task leadership on a need-by-need basis. Unlike the bunker mentality of mitigation survivors, spiritual survivors will understand that movement is life. Therefore they will tend to follow a basing strategy where communities travel between multiple basing locations depending on circumstances and season.
  • Spiritual Downside: Due to their more pliable nature, a serious downside for many spiritual survivors will be their strength of character. Especially those who chose to remain in dysfunctional relationships with a spoiler spouse. This is because in situations where confrontation is imminent, these spiritual survivors will be risk adverse by nature. Consequently, they will lack the force of will necessary to trust their own judgment and to thereby act decisively on risk-based options with unassured outcomes.
Here is where I see an excellent opportunity for a powerful fusion between those in the mitigation and spiritual categories, as their respective weaknesses and strengths complement each other. Firm convictions and a willingness to stay the course on decisions is essential and here is where mitigation survivors and spiritual survivors share common ground. With this in mind, those in the spiritual category stand to gain by learning the risk mitigation and call to action skills of those in the mitigation category. Spiritual thinkers can likewise help mitigation survivors become comfortable with goal driven power-sharing community arrangements as well as helping them to adopt a more enduring and loving, service to others survival attitude. While the fusion dynamic opportunities shared by two categories will require a great deal of patience on both sides, the potential gains are certainly well worth the effort. This brings us to belief, the third and largest category.

Belief Category

Due to the sheer volume of numbers, this category requires four subgroups:  Religious, ethnic, philosophy and indecisive. Of these four groups the most tenacious survivors will be in the religious and ethnic subgroups, where they have a long history of minority persecution. A classic religious example are the Mormons. They are a highly cohesive faith and driven by a religious belief for planning and preparation. Their focus and tenacity is in a word, admirable and as a secular survival author and publisher, I have come to acquire profound respect for the Mormons. While I for one have no interest in becoming a Mormon, nor in joining a Mormon survival community, as the leader of the secular community, I would actively seek alliances with them for mutual defense and trade. The second belief group is ethnic. Here, Zionists have proven themselves to be as tenacious as Mormons. The reason is that these two subgroups, both have ingrained memories of religious and ethnic minority persecution.  Ergo, small persecuted minorities, by virtue of the oppression they’ve endured as cohesive communities at the hands of various majorities, are gifted with a unique advantage.  One best stated by Dune author Frank Herbert, “Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.” Consequently, no matter how the tribulation plays out, two demographic centers that no doubt will be left standing after the dust settles, will be Salt Lake City and Tel Aviv. History has taught these people that unless they see to their own survival, their only destiny will be a dusty layer in the fossil record and they will have none of that. The third subgroup is philosophy. For those who believe in the philosophy that “the meek are weak and the strong shall eat,” the tribulation will be their final stop in the journey of life. The Great Winnowing described by the ancient Egyptians in The Kolbrin Bible will see to that. For this reason, the only philosophy that will endure must be egalitarian in nature, where all survival community members believe in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. It is interesting to note that over 90% of contemporary survival communities founded on egalitarian principles fail. This is because, these communities lack the external persecution needed to create group cohesion such as that of the Mormons and Zionists described above. Consequently, in times of plenty, these egalitarian communities enjoy the luxury of ample supplies and conveniences, thereby bringing individuals into petty conflicts with others, thereby causing the eventual collapse of the community. However, during the adversity of the tribulation, these egalitarian communities will experience the same external pressures needed to cause internal cohesion and once this occurs, they will be largely successful. Likewise, they will live in peace alongside other religious and ethnic communities, even though they will significantly outnumber them. Within these egalitarian communities, the largest constituencies will be what I call Spiritual Christians. Folks who take God on their own terms. The rest will be a hodgepodge of people from every walk of life and in these coequal communities, men and women will share the burden of leadership together. Indecisive is the fourth subgroup in the belief category, or “taxi dancers” as I prefer to call them. Of all of the categories and subgroups in categories, this constituency is in a word – massive. Given the size of this subgroup, is why I have labeled it “taxi dancers?”

Taxi Dancers

During the first half of the 20th century, before the days of television, a popular diversion for people was ballroom dancing. There were plenty of ballrooms for couples, and then there were special ballrooms for single men. For a pleasant night out, single men would go to these special ballrooms. When they walked through the front door the first thing they did was to visit the ticket counter. There, just like at a carnival or amusement park, they would buy dance tickets. After that, they could eye the lovely ladies sitting alongside the dance room floor to see which one they would “trip the light fantastic” with. When the band played a tune they wanted to dance to they simply selected the dance partner of their choice, all of whom were extremely beautiful and well dressed, and hand them a ticket. No matter what the man looked like, the woman had to take the ticket and dance with them because that was her job. This is why these women were called “taxi dancers.” When you search for Google images with the keyword phrase “taxi dancers” you’ll see old black-and-white photos of happy men and sad women. For the men, taxi dancer ballrooms were the cat’s whiskers. They didn’t have to buy the girl flowers, take her out to dinner or promise her family to get her home at a reasonable hour. All they did was hand her a ticket and the rest was just business. What’s not to like? For the women, it was a very different proposition. Little girls never grew up wishing to be taxi dancers. Rather it was something a woman had to do because there were mouths to feed, rent to pay and it was this, or take in laundry. Keep in mind, this was long before women’s liberation. Consequently, life for many of these women boiled down to shuffling their feet on the dance floor and telling sad stories about how they came to be taxi dancers and why they felt hopelessly trapped. Here we return to the title of this article. Have You Bought In to Being a Planet X Victim? Why, because if you are indecisive about what you believe and you’re waiting for that big huge event before you’re willing to take action, you’re a taxi dancer. All you’re doing is shuffling your feet and telling sad stories about why you are incapable of resolving your doubts so you can take action. When the day comes that you see planet X with your own eyes it will already be too late and your death by deferment strategy will have reached its logical conclusion. Therefore a word to the wise. Never tell others what you know. This is because when everyone on the planet begins seeing Planet X with their own eyes, there will be an initial period of shock and denial. Then will come what I call “the rage.” A moment when the masses realize that our government has lied to us and as a consequence, they will suffer and die. It is why our government made massive purchases of ammunition and created paramilitary police departments all across the nation. They know it’s coming and they are prepared. Therefore, when those caught completely unaware are in the midst of their irrational rage, do not, I repeat, do not tell them you’ve known what was to come for quite some time and did nothing about it. If you do, you will become a convenient scapegoat for their anger and you will die badly. Just remember. When the rage happens, pretend to be blindsided and angry and when the masses charge the guns, and they will, quietly melt into the background. After that, I wish you the best of luck because you are destined by your own choice to become one of the unfortunate souls of the tribulation. Therefore, should you see yourself as a victim of disinformation programming. No. Death by deferment is what you have been rehearsing to do since the first day you became aware. Accept it and know that many like you who have chosen this same path, will seek a final meaning through the noble sacrifice of their own lives with a genuine, service to others effort. Accept it, be at peace with it, and die well. For those of you who chose to survive, surviving just to survive is a fool’s notion. You will see and experience things that will test your soul far beyond the limits of arrogant bravado. Expect that there will come many nights when you lay your head down to sleep and quietly pray, “please dear Lord, take me in my sleep before the mornings light.” So the real question is not if you will survive to see another day, but why on earth would you want to do that?

Why the Meek Must Inherit the World

Will humanity survive this next flyby of the Planet X System? Of course we will! Ergo, all of these issues about when will we see it, what the elites are doing to us and how will we survive are trivial in comparison with what is really at stake for humanity. One of the most profound aspects of this coming flyby, is that as a species, we will learn that we have never been alone and that we shall never be. Likewise, that many other races in this galaxy have a vested interest in the outcome of this tribulation and their motives range from good to bad to ugly. This is all discussed in detail in my latest book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks. In that book, the Guides give us step-by-step forecasts of what is to come and what we can do about it as a nation and as individuals. However, the intention of the Guides in this book is to send us a different message. As a species, we will survive, so on a cosmic scale, this is not the primary concern. Rather, it is what we do after we survive the tribulation. This is the outcome the rest of the universe has a vested interest in. Will the Annunaki, who created us as a slave species, turn us into galactic storm troopers to ravage the worlds of other races for plunder and gain? Or, will we break our shackles of bondage once and forever?  Will we realize that in chaos there is opportunity? Seizing that opportunity we can then evolve into an enlightened, peaceful spacefaring race, welcomed throughout the galaxy. How will that happen? When the elites return to the surface from their underground lairs, those of us with the audacity to survive in service to others, will decline their trinkets and inducements of slavery once again. We’ll just say “no.” In other words, the proposition for surviving this coming tribulation is simple. Is humanity worth a Star Trek future? For all that I do, for all that I love and for all that I hope, I say fervently to you dear reader, yes we are worthy. Engage!

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