Planet X Signs — Update No. 6 for March 27, 2016

| March 27, 2016

Planet X SignsThere are a staggering number of events happening around the world showing that the Planet X System is rapidly approaching, and that it will become a clear and present danger in the very near future.

In fact, there are so many incidents happening each day that this article is an overview rather than a complete listing. We greatly appreciate our readers who send us tips and information, and the many groups doing extensive research and posting their information onto the Web.

Thank you to all of the unsung heroes in alternative media who are getting the word out and sounding the alarm about what is happening, putting the big picture together in a way that mainstream media studiously avoids. You are performing a great service to life.

Could Meteor Dust Be Polluting Wilderness Surface Water?

More Surface Water Becomes Polluted With Phosphorus Over TimeMonitoring uncovers mysterious phosphorus pollution in pristine wilderness areas not subject to human-created pollution sources. As you can see in the chart on the right, the percentage of waterways with less than 10 µg/L (micrograms per liter) of phosphorus dropped dramatically between 2004 and 2014. In other words, the percentage of clean surface water unpolluted with high levels of phosphorus dropped dramatically.

A new study reveals that an unknown continental-scale process is dumping phosphorus into streams and lakes across the U.S. … Rising phosphorus measured in these water bodies could lead to toxic algal blooms and degraded habitat for fish, birds and frogs.”

“High phosphorus levels in streams and lakes typically result from sewage discharge and agricultural runoff. But the new work finds phosphorus pollution in remote areas far from such sources, leaving researchers scratching their heads about where it came from.”

“Phosphorus is an essential nutrient. But when levels top 10 µg/L in water bodies, ecosystems start to change. The kinds of algae that feed a healthy ecosystem begin to disappear, and undesirable species take over…One group of undesirables, cyanobacteria, can produce toxic blooms…”

Could this phosphorus be coming from meteors and cosmic dust falling to earth in higher quantities as we enter the bow-wave of the debris field of the Planet X System? Since we have data showing more meteors and fireballs are falling, perhaps so. There is certainly a large enough quantity of this dust:

Satellite observations suggest that 100-300 metric tons of cosmic dust enter the atmosphere each day. “This figure [100-300 metric tons per day] comes from the rate of accumulation in polar ice cores and deep-sea sediments of rare elements linked to cosmic dust, such as iridium and osmium.”

But what about phosphorus? Are meteors and cosmic dust actually sources for phosphorus? It turns out that, yes, they are.

From an August 26, 2004 article in Astronomy Magazine,

“According to Matthew Pasek, a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory…iron meteorites could have brought more phosphorus to Earth than occurs naturally.”

“Meteorites contain several different phosphorus-bearing minerals, but the most important, said Pasek, is iron-nickel phosphide, also known as schreibersite. This metallic compound is extremely rare on Earth, but iron meteorites are peppered with schreibersite grains or even pinkish-colored veins of the mineral.”
“…Pasek [and team]…mixed schriebersite with de-ionized water at room temperature. They then analyzed the liquid mixture using nuclear magnetic resonance. ‘We saw a whole slew of different phosphorus compounds being formed,’ Pasek said. ‘One of the most interesting ones we found was P2O7, one of the more biochemically useful forms of phosphate, similar to what’s found in ATP.’ The analysis revealed numerous phosphate salts in different states of oxidation…”

This was not the only research that showed phosphorus coming from meteorite materials. The University of Florida released the results of similar research in 2013.

So would falling meteors and cosmic dust particles containing schiebersite increase phosphorus in surface water? Yes, because the research above shows that water mixed with these materials creates “a whole slew of different phosphorus compounds.”

This explains why we are seeing an increasing number of red tides and algae blooms around the world right now. And this was the first plague of Exodus.

Red Tides, or Waters Turning to Blood

Red Tide Near Veracruz, MexicoIn Mexico, near Veracruz, a lagoon now has an algae bloom, also called a red tide, which has left the water blood red in color and toxic to fish, wildlife, and humans.

‘Unprecedented disaster’ for Hong Kong fish farmers: deadly red tide kills 36 tonnes of stock “An ecotoxicologist at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Professor Rudolph Wu Shiu-sun, said it was hard to explain why the harmful algae blooms were forming this year, but red tides were formed under precise conditions. Variables included the ratio of nitrates and phosphates, commonly found in wastewater, and the sea temperature.” Note that phosphates are implicated.

Red tide roils Chile’s salmon sector with $15m losses for AquaChile. February 29, 2016 “A recent red tide in southern Chile has killed millions of Atlantic salmon causing $15 million in uninsured losses for Empresas AquaChile and $6.5m in losses for Australis Seafoods, the companies said.”

In this early February article, unusually strong algae blooms were reported in Florida:

“Red tide counts range from low concentrations to 1 million cells per liter and more in parts of Lee County, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. FWC’s scale only goes to 1 million cells per liter, which is enough to cause fish and marine mammal kills as well as cause respiratory issues in humans. Local water quality scientists have taken measurements as high as 150 million cells per liter in recent days, according to the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation.”

“Angler Henry Rossi of Cape Coral said he and two fishing captains ran across green, soupy waters offshore, an event that hasn’t yet been documented or reported by authorities…’I’ve fished here quite a bit in the last 17 years and I’ve never seen anything like what we ran through Monday,’ Rossi said.’ We got about 25 miles from the Lighthouse and we ran into water that was the color of pea soup, totally dark green water. And we ran through that for a good 20 miles. I know there’s red tide out there but this is different. There was nothing in the air.’ Bartleson said the green water Rossi spotted is a sign of a very dense [algae] bloom.”

Red tide lurking along shores of Collier County, “NAPLES, Fla.- A relentless bloom of red tide is worsening in Collier County with more dead fish visible along the shores and more beachgoers complaining of respiratory issues.” While swimming was allowed, swimmers were recommended to wash immediately after exiting the somewhat toxic water, and to warn young children not to immerse their heads or swallow any of the water.

This was a “medium” level red tide, somwhere between 100,000 and 1 million cells per liter. What if it had been the 150% above “high” or 150 million cells per liter measured by Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation? In other words, prepare to protect your respiratory system from these toxic effects.

What is the respiratory distress caused by red tide like? Here is a “70-Something” reporting from the west coast of Florida:

February 18, 2016

Red Tide

About ten days ago I started coughing. A lot.

It was strange because I only coughed when I was outdoors. I mentioned it to a friend who explained that I was reacting to the red tide. Heard of Karenia brevis? That’s the fancy name for the algae that live in the Gulf of Mexico whose toxic aerosols are blown ashore by the wind, turning our beach on the west coast of Florida into a cough-a-thon. It’s episodic and this, our visit here, is the first time we’ve experienced it.

Of course, I had heard the term red tide. But I never realized that it could irritate people’s lungs as well as harm fish. What I am finding out now is that it can make life pretty miserable for those of us escaping winter here. Right now, our swimming pool area sounds like a hospital ward for tuberculosis patients.

The cure: stay away from the shore or inside with air-conditioning if you can.

And hope that the wind changes.

The winds off the ocean are strong and the red tides there can be vast, but we can also expect these respiratory effects inland, when winds are blowing across streams, lakes, and rivers impacted by red tide.

Karenia brevis [red tide] blooms occur in the Gulf of Mexico almost every year, generally in late summer or early fall.” So once again, like the record-breaking tornado outbreaks and floods happening this winter, which is not normal, we are also seeing red tides in winter, which is not the normal season for these events. Therefore, it is possible that we will see even more severe red tide events later this year during their usual season.

The First Plague of Exodus Begins, Again

In summary, Earth is being inundated with schiebersite material from space, through increasing amounts of meteorites and cosmic dust falling to Earth’s surface as the Planet X System approaches, along with its extensive debris field. This is increasing bioavailable phosphate compounds in surface water from pristine mountain streams and lakes, to rivers, and to ocean water around the world.

This, in turn, is causing strong algae blooms, some of which are toxic to humans. One of the worst types is “red tide.” This is what caused the rivers to “turn to blood” in Exodus. It is highly toxic, causing the death of fish and wildlife, and causing respiratory distress in humans and any other breathing creatures nearby. Now red tide is beginning to happen in greater strength and more frequently than normal. The first plague of Exodus is beginning in earnest.

Meteor and Fireball Statistics

There are a great many more sightings of fireballs and reports of booms and houses being rattled. Here are the statistics. According to the American Meteor Society, fireball events overall are increasing steadily. Huge fireball events are skyrocketing; look at February! And we are seeing this in the news reports lately, as well.

2016 Monthly Fireball Numbers

2016 AMS Huge Event Fireballs

The largest fireball since the Chelyabinsk blast in February 2013 was detected on February 6, 2015 at about 14:00 UTC over the southern Atlantic Ocean. “Data released by NASA shows that the meteor released an energy equivalent to 12,000 tonnes (13,000 tons) of TNT, and it was moving at over 15.5 kilometers per second (9.6 miles per second). It had a diameter of about 7 meters (23 feet), calculated based on its kinetic energy.”

Yes, fireballs are increasing worldwide. This tells us we are likely entering the bow wave of the debris filed of the Planet X System. Expect these events to continue to increase.

A man was killed by a meteor in India on February 6th. The graphic from the article shows the “many reports of injuries, deaths, and fires caused by meteorite impacts over the centuries,” despite NASA’s claim below that “there has never been a scientifically confirmed report of someone being killed by a meteorite impact in recorded history.”

A few days after this event was announced NASA made a statement that it could not possibly have been a meteor that killed the man.

“According to NASA, there is no record ‘in modern times of any person being killed by a meteorite. It is so rare, there has never been a scientifically confirmed report of someone being killed by a meteorite impact in recorded history,’ said Lindley Johnson, director of NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office in Washington. ‘There have been reports of injuries, but even those were extremely rare before the Chelyabinsk event three years ago.’ ”

Fireballs are getting larger, brighter, louder and more frequent around the world. So it is not surprising that someone has been killed by one in February. As meteors continue to increase the situation will become increasingly dangerous to people, animals and property.

It is Time to Take Action About Your Awareness

While we always recommend that everyone do their own research, we also recommend taking action about your awareness. Now is the time. If you are just looking at the harbinger signs and the Planet X sightings, but are not preparing physically for what is coming, then you are, by default, signing yourself up for the massive depopulation that is to come.

I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living, or get busy dying.”
from the movie, Shawshank Redemption

Be aware of the choice you are making. And make peace with your choice, whatever it might be, both in your own heart and with God as you understand Him/Her.

Even if you determine that you cannot, or do not want to, survive the coming tribulation, you can still serve others and bring lovingkindness into the world in your remaining time here on Earth. Engaging your spiritual path and attending to the condition of your soul are of primary importance these are the only things that truly last.

Ed Dames Says This is the Year to Prepare

Major Ed Dames, famous remote viewer and instructor, announced on February 22nd via an email that this year is his last live workshop event tour:

“Here is a word from Major Ed Dames regarding his recent 1-day crash course tour announcement:

” ‘People are beginning to figure out that this is my FINAL workshop tour. I hope the very best to those that do not obtain their personal sanctuary locations by the end of 2016. Most of my team has already relocated.’ ”

We had reported in Marshall’s recent article, Planet X Preparations – Ed Dames and Israel,

that Ed Dames was planning an August 27th live event in Las Vegas entitled, “Exposing Planet X,” and we included a screen shot of the announcement. That notice has now mysteriously disappeared from his live events page.

Planet X System Signs Overview Videos

These three videos from (Signs of the Times) give a good overview of recent harbinger events in January and February of this year:

SOTT Earth Changes Summary – January 2016
Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


SOTT Earth Changes Summary – January 2016 –
Part 2: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval (BONUS)


SOTT Earth Changes Summary – February 2016:
Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


03-26-2016 Volcano MapRight now 36 volcanoes are erupting around the world according to A few less than in the last two Planet X Signs articles, but still pretty close when you consider that the previous average was about 25 eruptions per year, not all happening at one time.

Yes, it’s really ‘volcano season,’ say scientists “Although in the last few decades earthquakes have been the main cause of fatalities and damage, the main global risk is large volcanic eruptions that are less frequent but far more impactful than the largest earthquakes…Due to their far-reaching effects on climate, food security, transportation, and supply chains, these events have the potential to trigger global disaster and catastrophe. The cost of response and the ability to respond to these events is beyond the financial and political capabilities of any individual country.”

“Volcanic eruptions can have more severe impacts through atmospheric and climate effects and can lead to drastic problems in food and water security, as emphasized by the widespread famine and diseases that were rampant after the Laki 1783 and Tambora 1815 eruptions…Hence extreme volcanic eruptions pose a higher associated risk than all other natural hazards with similar recurrence periods, including asteroid impacts.”

And we can expect a large number of eruptions related to the upcoming Planet X Flyby, some of them very large.


February 6 to March 26, 2016 Earthquakes Over 6.0Since our last update article on February 6, 2016 there have been 3,766 earthquakes around the world with a magnitude of 2.0 or greater, 1,277 with a magnitude of 4.0 or greater, 161 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater, and 12 with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater, according to USGS.

Oklahoma has experienced a 23% increase in earthquakes this year. In fact, “Overall, 2016 [so far] has had a total of 825 quakes compared to 2015’s 671.”

We can see from the graphic below from the IRIS Earthquake Browser that there have been a cluster of earthquakes along the West Coast, where the huge release of carbon monoxide and other gasses took place February 25th, including a 5.1 earthquake on February 24th (downgraded by USGS afterward to 4.8, of course).

2-6 to 3-26-2016 Earthquakes

Massive Carbon Monoxide Release February 25 Along West Coast

Screenshot from 03-01-2016We received numerous reports about a huge release of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide along the West Coast, as shown by the satellite images. The satellite was said to be “malfunctioning” and was taken offline shortly after this story went viral. What US authorities did not know was that a European satellite was picking up the same data:

02-26-2016 European Satellite Shows Carbon Monoxide ReleaseNASA caught lying, said carbon monoxide data was a glitch as the very same data shows up on Europe’s satellite “On the 26th of February 2016, NASA released a statement on their web page…claiming Data showing an enormous carbon monoxide plume over the West coast of the United States was a glitch caused by an ‘inclination adjustment maneuver’ of their EOS-Terra satellite…I watched a video from Mike Morales who prompted me to go to Europe’s Copernicus website to check their data for the same day…the European data for the same day, Feb 26th 2016, is showing huge amounts of carbon monoxide over the West coast, more or less agreeing with the NASA data, which they claimed was a glitch…”

Thanks to Dutchsinse for his analysis published on March 12th:

As it turns out, the readings are indeed accurate (not an anomaly), we know this due to the fact that the gas has spread out over the past 5 days since the event occurred on February 25th into 26th. Over the course of 5 days since the event occurred, the gas spread Eastward towards the midwest United States, following actual measured wind currents – proving a gas was indeed detected – proving the gas is moving with the prevailing surface winds.

“The location most densely hit by the Carbon Monoxide seems to be centered around Central California…I’d like to point out to everyone… ONE DAY BEFORE this monoxide release, on February 24th.. a noteworthy M5.1 earthquake (M4.9 revised) struck CENTRAL CALIFORNIA at a large gas / oil pumping operation.

“Magma could and would be the ONLY possible culprit capable of producing this large of a gas release — the nail in the coffin on the ’cause’ falls upon the fact that these large releases of gas are centered around volcanoes and man made crust puncture points.

“Upwelling pressure from below the Pacific Plate must be placing a large amount of pressure underneath the North American Craton.

“The pressure has already displaced multiple dormant volcanoes over the past 1-2 weeks, most of the volcanoes being in California.

“Seismic pressure and large plate movement is the ONLY explanation for this amount of gas to show up over such a vast area in such a short amount of time.”

The conclusion here is that this is a volcanic- and earthquake-related release of gasses. It also relates to gas and oil pumping, which punctures the earth, allowing more of these gasses to escape. The USGS earthquake chart above does show a cluster of smaller earthquakes in the area of the gas release.

Fortunately, there was not a major, destructive earthquake associated with this event. Unfortunately, that situation will likely change as the Planet X System approaches.

Weather Madness Continues

Extreme tornado outbreaks have become more common, says study. “Most death and destruction inflicted by tornadoes in North America occurs during outbreaks — large-scale weather events that can last one to three days and span huge regions…Now, a new study shows that the average number of tornadoes in these outbreaks has risen since 1954, and that the chance of extreme outbreaks —tornado factories like the one in 2011—has also increased…The study’s authors said they do not know what is driving the changes.”

Water spouts seem to be increasing in intensity as well. They are actually tornadoes that happen to be over water, and can have the same strength of winds and destructive force, but traditionally have been much weaker and less persistent than land-based tornadoes. Based on the above link in Ft. Lauderdale, and this event near New Orleans, that may be changing. From New Orleans, “Traditionally, waterspouts in our area are weak and occur in the summer time around daybreak. This is anything but weak…This is not the norm. If this would have made landfall, it would have produced property damage and would have been a threat.”

Solar wind ‘triggers lightning on Earth’ “The scientists found that when the speed and intensity of the solar winds increased, so too did the rate of lightning strikes…The team said the turbulent weather lasted for more than a month after the particles hit the Earth…Using data from northern Europe, the researchers found there was an average of 422 lightning strikes in the 40 days after the high-speed solar wind arrived, compared with 321 strikes in the 40 days prior…The finding was surprising, said Dr Scott, because it had been thought that an increase in the solar wind would have the opposite effect.”

And thus, we can expect more severe lightning events around the world as the Planet X System impacts the activity of our sun. It would be wise for all of us to review lightning safety recommendations.

Massive Amounts of Rain Fall; Record-Breaking Flooding Continues

Flooding is a harbinger sign of the Planet X System’s approach per an ancient text excerpted in “The 12th Planet” book, as we reported in our last Planet X Signs article.

Massive flooding is becoming widespread around the world due to extreme amounts of rain falling. A whole month of average rainfall (or multiples of that amount!) coming down in 24-48 hours is no longer an extremely rare event.

Indonesia – Floods Leave Hundreds Stranded in Padang – 1 Dead After Floods in Magelang. “As much as 370 mm [14.57 inches] of rain was recorded in Padang in 24 hours between 21 and 22 March 2016. The heavy rain resulted in the Batang Arau river overflowing… as many as 9 villages are under water up to 1 metre deep.” This means the average amount of precipitation for the entire month of March has fallen in just 24 hours.

And in early march, a California Storm – Floods Leave 1 Dead, Dozens Evacuated. Amount of rain?

According to the National Weather Service, “Boulder Creek Huckleberry recorded 6.70 inches (16.5 cm) during 24 hours.” The average rainfall there for March is 7.16 inches. So close to a whole month’s rain fell in 24 hours, and this rainstorm in California continued well beyond that time, and the flooding continued, as well.

But it has been much worse in other areas:

New Zealand – 50cm of Rain in 2 Days Causes Floods in Nelson and Tasman. “Meteorological Service of New Zealand recorded 67.8 mm of rain at Nelson airport yesterday, 17 February 2016. The average rainfall total for a typical February is 46 mm. However, civil defence reports say that in localised areas, the rainfall was far more extreme.” Did you get that? In one 24 hour period 1 ½ times the normal total rainfall for the entire month fell in one day.

What about the “localised areas” mentioned with even more extreme rainfall? “…parts of Nelson Tasman were drenched by more than half a metre of rain over the past 48 hours. 528 mm was recorded at the Paradise raingauge in the hills behind Takaka.” What is their average rainfall for the whole month of February? A little less than 50 mm. They received over ten times that amount in just 48 hours!

New Zealand – Hundreds Evacuated After Flooding Hits West Coast – 350mm of Rain in 24 Hours. This is March, about a month later. Now another devastating extreme rain event has occurred. The Paradise raingauge once again records an enormous amount of rain – 376 mm in 24 hours. Their average rainfall for the entire month of March is a little less than 80 mm. They received almost five times their normal total for the month in one day!

Pakistan – 2 Weeks of Heavy Rain and Floods – Officials Say More Than 100 Killed. “The rain has been falling steadily since 11 March [11 days] in many of the affected areas, and accumulated totals have already exceeded amounts normally expected for the whole of March in over 60 locations, according to Pakistan’s Meteorological Department (PMD).”

How much over the amount “normally expected for the whole of March” in Pakistan? Let’s look at Poonch, with 349.5 mm of rainfall from March 12-19. The average rainfall for Poonch for the whole of March is 31.2 mm. They have received more than 11 times their total average rainfall for the month of March in seven days!

03-2016 Louisiana Flooding, BogueFalaya River2 Killed as Storms Hit South, Flood Emergency Declared in Louisiana After 335mm of Rain. “Rainfall amounts of over 14 inches were recorded in a few locations before the rain ended.” This was historic, record-breaking flooding, including the flooding of homes, roads, and areas that had never flooded before, per a Louisiana resident I spoke to recently. Taylortown, Louisiana received 14.44 inches of rain in a 24 hour period ending on March 9. Taylortown’s average monthly total rain is 4.48 inches. That is over three times the monthly average, falling in one day!

The rainfall continued for many days, and impacted Texas as well, “…levels of the Sabine River at Deweyville, eastern Texas, broke all records, reaching 33.24 feet early on 16 March 2016. The previous record high was 32.20 feet, set on 01 May 1884.”

It is all too easy to forget how much human suffering is caused by this flooding. Photographer Gideon Mendel has mounted an exhibition entitled, “Drowning World,” where he reminds us of the human cost of our increasingly turbulent climate and weather.
For some of the latest on flooding, check out and see for yourself what is happening around the world.

Unusual Snow and Cold Continues

1.5 Million Dead Butterflies, MexicoAt least 1.5 million Monarch butterflies were hit with a deadly freeze this weekend as an unusual ice and wind storm moved through the mountains of Michoacán where the butterflies roost for the winter. The storm hit just as the spring migration was beginning. Luckily, many butterflies exited the mountains before the freeze arrived.”

The butterfly freeze comes as Mexico is continuing its coldest winter in history, Mexico – Snowfall forces road closures, Mexico – Historic snowfall in the Santuarios, and Surprise snow in the semidesert – Mexico where authorities are worried about roofs collapsing.

Arctic air will plunge into much of the central and eastern United States, as the polar vortex shifts its position during early April…will likely bring record cold to parts of the Midwest and East…The cold blast could spell peril for blossoming fruit trees and shrubs from parts of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys as well as portions of the Northeast.”

Hail Sizes Are Increasing

03-17-2016 Large Hail, TexasLarge hail is becoming more common around the world. Hail up to “tennis ball size” has killed some birds at a zoo in Texas and also broke skylights, roofs, and vehicle windshields in the area.

“Wilson said the final death count was five flamingos, a pelican and two smaller birds — an ibis and a baby black-neck swan cygnet. She said others birds were being treated in the zoo’s hospital. Wilson said golf-ball or larger sized hail pummeled the zoo around 6:30 a.m., damaging skylights, exhibit roofs and vehicles.”

This is the first time I have heard of zoo animals being killed by a hailstorm. How about you?

Egg-sized hailstones pound Chenzhou in China” on March 17th, “Unusual hailstorm strikes Guizhou in Southwest China”on March 20th.

In Colton, California, near Los Angeles, hailstones fell from a clear blue sky. Chunks of Ice Fall From Sky Onto Colton Home, Creating Mystery for Resident. “They were everywhere — on the roof, covering the walkway and in the bushes. The unusual incident occurred in the 1200 block of Mojave Drive about 10 a.m. Monday — when the sky was clear with no threat of hail or other strange weather.”

There is a web site that tracks hail storms with hail 1” or larger in the United States, in case you would like to keep up on the latest information.

It appears that the time has arrived to consider taking shelter if hail starts to fall. If I were driving, for instance, I would try to stop under an overpass bridge or enter a covered parking lot. If I were walking I would go indoors or get under any available form of shelter, even a picnic table or bench in a park would provide some shelter from damaging hail. Plan to protect your head and internal organs first and foremost.

During the tribulation we could have hailstones as large as 150 pounds coming down. For this reason, along with meteors, solar sprites, high winds following the pole shift, etc., safe underground communities will be necessary. Plan to be in a group of 100-200 like-minded people. As Marshall often mentions, “Me and mine” preparedness for single families or very small groups is not going to work well during the tribulation. Think “community.”

Arctic Circle Weather Features in the Wrong Place

After we reported widespread sightings of rare polar stratospheric clouds (nacreous clouds) over the UK in our last Planet X Signs article, Southern England has now witnessed the aurora borealis. “A lucky combination of conditions in the lower atmosphere and in space meant the aurora was visible across swaths of the country.” Is no one concerned about seeing sky features normally associated with the Arctic Circle over England? What is causing this? Earth wobble? Magnetic pole shift? Can we even call this “weather?”

Cosmic dust is associated with the formation of “noctilucent” clouds – the highest clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere. The dust particles provide a surface for the cloud’s ice crystals to form. These clouds develop during summer in the polar regions and they appear to be an indicator of climate change,’ said Plane. ‘The metals from the dust also affect ozone chemistry in the stratosphere.’ ”

Could changes in the chemistry of the stratosphere due to an increasing amount of this cosmic dust also explain why England had polar stratospheric clouds (nacreous clouds) that are normally only seen over the Arctic Circle, where noctilucent clouds are also seen?

Sinkholes Are Forming in Record Numbers

“Before 2010, the presence of sinkholes was a relatively uncommon phenomenon. In the last 5 years there have been an unprecedented number of new sinkholes appearing around the planet on a size and scale never before seen. As of 2016, there are new ones opening up every day.”

At 9:40 this video documentary by Rabbit Hole Productions and, “Sinkholes: The Groundbreaking Truth,” begins to explain their theory of how and why the incoming Planet X system is causing sinkholes around the world. Marshall and I both recommend viewing this well-done and thorough explanation.

Search “sinkhole 2016” on your favorite search engine and you will see many, many recent examples. They just keep appearing, all around the world.

Mass Animal Deaths Continue

Scroll down a little to see the most complete listing of mass animal deaths we have found on the Internet, complete with links to the original sources. Bear in mind that this very long list is just from 2016! Events are clearly accelerating.

There is a religious message on the End Times Prophecy Web site which we are not saying that we endorse. We do feel encouraged that so many Christians are coming into full awareness that we are living in the End Times.

It is our hope that Christians and other faith-based and like-minded groups will band together in groups of 100-200 and build rapid-deployment underground communities using monolithic domes to get through what is coming.

Here are some of the larger recent mass animal death incidents:

2+ Million Monarch Butterflies Die from Snow & Cold 19N° Southern Mexico

Disaster in Mongolia – Dzud expected to kill more than a million farm animals

“This winter is the harshest I have experienced,” said Bayankhand Myagmar, 50, who has already lost 400 of her 700 animals.

Mysterious death of over 17,000 fish, turtles and other rare sea life along 60km of coast near Broome, Australia

Huge beetle invasion on beaches in Argentina. They were alive at first, and then the beetles died there after a few days.

It’s not just fish dying along the Florida’s east coast lagoon’s: More than 40,000 acres of seagrass dead and the entire population of oysters along with hundreds of thousand of dead fish.” Note that algae blooms are implicated as part of the cause for these mass deaths.

Foreshadowing – Solar “Superflares”

August 2012 Sun Super FlareCould Earth be fried by a ‘superflare’ from the sun? “…researchers say that there is a chance—though small—that the sun could one day blast us with a solar flare thousands of times as powerful, potentially frying our atmosphere and obliterating life. Other stars occasionally produce such ‘superflares,’ some up to 10,000 times the power of the largest solar flare ever detected.”

And for those who would like to review the original source, here is the scholarly journal article on this. Here are some excerpts:

“The largest known solar flare was the Carrington event in AD 1859 (refs 1, 2). This flare and the associated coronal mass ejection were so large that they caused world-wide auroras and allowed telegraphs to operate on the currents induced by the accompanying geomagnetic storm3….it is clear that the hazard caused by the Carrington event was minimal compared with that potentially posed by, for example, a 2·1034 erg superflare.”

“Superflares on solar-like stars may arise from at least three different mechanisms, apart from coronal magnetic reconnection: (i) star–star interactions, as is the case for RS CVn systems, where a close binary companion tidally spins up an F or G main-sequence star. It has been suggested that this tidal interaction can be accompanied by large co-rotating flux tubes that temporarily may connect the two stars and thus cause superflares when the interconnecting field lines subsequently disrupt6; (ii) star–disk interactions, where the dipole magnetic field of the central star is connected to the co-rotating disk. The twist imposed on the dipole magnetic field can thus lead to disruption and superflares7; (iii) star–planet interactions, which can take place in two different ways, either similar to the star–star mechanism through disruption of interconnecting field lines8, 9 or through tidal interaction between the star and the planet, which can lead to enhanced dynamo action10 and thus greater magnetic reconnection events.”

Carrington Event: See

What does all of this mean? Scientists have found that stars similar to our sun can put off huge “superflares,” which are basically solar flares that would reach all the way to the surface of Earth, with catastrophic consequences. They can be caused by sun-to-sun interaction (or sun-to-brown dwarf!), or by sun-to-planet interactions. Major opportunities for these interactions are coming up next year as the Planet X System moves through our side of the solar system.

What is being described here are the “solar sprites” that Marshall has described in his book, Being In It for the Species. These solar sprites will occur preceding, during, and after the pole shift period and the three days of darkness. As has been stated many times in various prophecies, people who want to survive this event will need to be in safe underground structures.

Astronomers Find a Planet With an Elliptical Orbit, Like Planet X’s

Eccentric Orbit of HD20782b“Led by San Francisco State University astronomer Stephen Kane, a team of researchers has spotted an extrasolar planet about 117 light-years from earth that boasts the most eccentric orbit yet seen.”

“While the planets in our solar system have nearly circular orbits, astronomers have discovered several extrasolar planets with highly elliptical or eccentric orbits.”

“HD 20782 has the most eccentric orbit known, measured at an eccentricity of .96. This means that the planet moves in a nearly flattened ellipse, traveling a long path far from its star and then making a fast and furious slingshot around the star at its closest approach.”

“It could be that there was originally more than one planet in the system, and one planet developed an unstable orbit that brought the two planets too close together. This collision or near-collision might have ejected one planet from the system entirely and pushed HD 20782 on its eccentric path. The planet is in a binary star system, so it might also be the case that the second star in the binary made a close approach that threw HD 20782 off a more circular orbit.”

Sounds a lot like the Planet X system, doesn’t it? But this one is safely 117 light-years away, so it’s OK to report about it in the mass media…

What Can One Person Do?

It is easy to feel helpless, hopeless, and overwhelmed in the face of all that is happening, and all that is coming. But here is something that every one of us can do, right now, today, to make a positive difference.

In Chapter 15 of Marshall’s book, Being In It for the Species, the Guides are asking us to make fervent prayers for intercession, not just for the saving of human life, but for all life on our planet:

If humanity as a whole seeks to diminish the severity of the events it will endure in the coming years, there is only one option and it is not what you can do amongst yourselves to help yourselves. Like cattle going down the chute, your destiny outcome is predetermined and there is nothing you can do about it, unless you turn to the Creator in prayer for intercession.

Instead of rising up in violence with deadly arms and revengeful intent, fall to your knees and pray. Pray not for your selves, but pray for all of humanity. This is being in it for the species and fierce prayer intercession on the behalf of your species to the Creator will resonate throughout the cosmos. Other races will hear it and be moved. Leaders with some modicum of humility and their souls will be turned away from the path of oblivion to that of redemption because they feel the presence of these prayers.

It matters not how you address the Creator or where you pray. Pray to an ancestral vague and faceless notion of a cosmic intelligence that transcends your own. Address it to whomever and however you wish – but the message must be consistent worldwide: A plea for intercession on behalf of the entire species. Not just a clan, a family, a nation, a state, or any other arbitrary organization. It is a simple plea for intercession on behalf of of all faiths, of all nations, of all people and from all walks of life – and for all forms of life sharing the face of this planet with you.

Earth is a sanctuary of the Creator’s most noble intention. Life. Whales, ants and even the cattle are worthy of the Creator’s intercession as well. Include them and all other forms of life on your planet and your prayers for intercession will be heard in the cosmos as a chorus of Creators-in-training.

Then whatever happens next, is whatever happens next. Intercession is all you ask. If the message is powerful and simple, that intercession will come in ways best suited to the resolution of your needs. What that resolution will look like is something that will be shaped in the light and the love of the Creator. Trust in that when you ask for intercession on behalf of all life on the planet, without exception. Even the mosquitoes which plague you, for there are no exceptions in the mind of the Creator. Just the intention that life must fill the void.

This is just one example of some of the great spiritual wisdom in Being In It for the Species. We have heard from many readers that they have read it more than once. So have we!

Being will show you the timeline and details of the cataclysmic events that are coming, what it will take to get through them, and how to take the high road, spiritually, throughout the tribulation including specific examples of how to apply these spiritual principles in practical ways.

When enough of us take that high road it will help our whole species to evolve spiritually and to become free. And that is what being in it for the species is really all about.

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