Planet X Signs — Update No. 5 for February 6, 2016

| February 6, 2016

Planet X SignsThere are an accelerating number of signs of the Planet X System approaching, and we are receiving an increasing number of sighting reports, photographs, and videos each week. Even so, some ask if there has been a lull in harbinger events. They are wondering if nothing much is really happening around the earth. Although the mainstream media could easily give you that impression, nothing could be further from the truth.

In this article, we will examine many signs of the coming flyby and why it is time to start preparing for coming cataclysms, if you are not already doing so. As Marshall often says, the wrong question is: “When will I see it with my own eyes?” The right question is: “When will I believe that what I am seeing with my own eyes is a clear and present danger?”

If you are currently living on a coastline, or another “ground zero” area, we encourage you to consider relocating to a safer area as soon as possible. Marshall’s Relocation Webinars are available to help you identify a safe relocation area that will work well for you, personally.

Volcanoes maintains an updated list of erupting and active volcanoes. At the time of our last Planet X Signs Update on December 12th there were 40 volcanoes erupting. As of February 4th 38 volcanoes are erupting and 44 have warnings or minor activity. Now Sakurajima’s has exploded in Japan on February 5th, and that brings us to 39 erupting volcanoes. That is a lot of volcanic activity happening all at once compared with the previously normal average of about 25 eruptions over the course of a year.

Are we seeing major amounts of volcanic activity on the Ring of Fire, as predicted in Marshall’s book, “Being In It for the Species?” This is a snapshot of the current volcanic activity status for this one point in time — February 4th. Thirty years ago could this have been a graph of two full years of volcanic activity? Maybe so. Activity on 02-04-2016

from Current Volcano Activity on 02-04-2016

Disruptions of Air Travel and Air Cargo

The “Winter of Ash,” as described in Marshall’s book, “Being In It for the Species,” is predicted to cause major disruptions in air travel, and more importantly, air cargo transport. This will result in shortages of parts needed for the “Just-in-time” manufacturing processes, as happened in 2010 from the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Many thanks to Emma from our Dome Community Working Group for providing the exact reasons why airplanes will not be able (or willing) to fly through these ash clouds. In our previous update article we said, “Think of millions of tiny, airborne volcanic pumice stone particles and what they would do to the moving parts inside a jet engine,” and Emma confirmed that is correct. But there is more:

“In addition, all airplanes must sense the air around them. Pitot probes allow the airplane to know how fast it is traveling through the air. Static ports on the airplane sense the airplane’s altitude, if it is climbing or descending, and so on. Should the pitot probes and static ports become blocked, an airplane’s instruments will display erroneous readings.

“Airspeed and static pressure readings are fed to the ‘Flight Control Computers’ and they control how much the flight controls are allowed to move. At high speeds, the ailerons, elevators, and rudder movement are restricted to prevent over-controlling the airplane at high altitude and speed. An ever-increasing number of airliners use ‘Fly-By-Wire’ flight control systems. This means when a pilot moves the control yoke or side stick, he or she is instructing a computer what should be done. This computer will not work correctly should the airplane fly through pumice and the pitot/static system ingest the ash.

“If the concentration of pumice is high enough it will sandblast the airplane. The pilot will not be able to see through the front windows, and the smooth surfaces could be damaged to the point that wing lift can be greatly reduced. This has happened before, and so there is an escape procedure once volcanic pumice is encountered. But the damage can happen so quickly…”

We can see why airports will be closed and air traffic will be redirected away wherever large volcanic ash columns are present. What about recent incidents?

“Officials in Russia had to cancel flights near the Zhupanovsky volcano on Russia’s eastern coast after it spewed lava FIVE MILES into the air,” on January 19, 2016. “The Russian explosion affected local air traffic, but the huge ash cloud is also drifting east over the Pacific Ocean so the impact on flights could be much wider.”

Manado airport closed for more than 10 hours due to volcanic ash” from Mt. Soputan on January 6, 2016. Crops were also destroyed, “Many plants, such as corn and tomato, had been flattened by the weight of the thick dust.”

Volcano eruption at Popocatepetl closes central Mexican airport” on January 25, 2016.

Last September there were many flight cancellations in southern Japan due to Mt. Aso.

And last November the Bali and Lombok airports had to be closed again, after many closures through the summer. “Bali and Lombok airports closed as Mount Barujari spews volcanic ash.”

Are we seeing the major disruptions impacting air cargo and just-in-time manufacturing, resulting in economic distress and shortages as described in “Being?” Not yet, but we may be seeing a trend leading to that.

Recent Major Eruptions

Sakurajima Eruption 2/5/16Mount Sakurajima erupts in fiery blast” on February 5, 2016 in Japan. “Local television showed an orange burst out of the side of the volcano, near the summit, accompanied by lightning-like flashes. Dark gray smoke billowed into the sky.”

The Shiveluch volcano in Russia’s Kamchatka erupted once again on Sunday, January 10, 2016, as the volcano’s activity continues to grow, potentially leading to a major eruption.” “Seismologists have previously predicted that volcanic activity in the area would continue to rise over time.” The Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) issued an orange warning indicating danger to aircraft.

Double trouble on January 19, 2016 as volcanoes at two ends of the Phillipine Plate erupted at the same time: the Zhupanovsky volcano in Russia’s Kamchatka on the north end, and Mount Egon in Indonesia on the south end. “Although the two volcanoes are separated by around 3,000 miles, they are on interconnected tectonic plates – sparking fears of a major seismic shift, more volcanic activity and even earthquakes and tsunamis, due to recent activity.” “More than 1,200 people today remain evacuated from a 1.9-mile containment zone around Mount Egon in Kupang, eastern Indonesia, after toxic gas and volcanic ash erupted yesterday.” Gas masks were distributed to those living nearby due to toxic gasses.

A HUGE volcano [Karymsky volcano in Kamchatka] has seen a massive eruption of toxic ash and gas just hours after a major earthquake rocked the region, causing shopping centre evacuations.” February 1, 2016.

Mount Popocatépetl threatens to blow January 24, 2016 “If the volcano experienced a massive eruption, an estimated nine million people [in the area of Mexico City] would be in the blast zone and the impact on the atmosphere could be catastrophic,” as in potentially triggering a volcanic winter event.

Mexico volcano eruption creates giant plume of smoke and ash” as Colima volcano erupts again on February 1, 2016.

“For the first time since 1905, the Momotombo volcano in Nicaragua erupted in December 2015,” then began again January 12th with a four-kilometer tall ash column. In December, “Connor said the sky grew dark with volcanic ash, forest fires started and huge chunks of rock the size of rooms flew through the air.”

The information and pictures above are a sampling of recent eruptions, all just in the first three weeks of 2016, but there have been many more. Have we experienced a large enough volume of volcanic ash columns entering the atmosphere to begin cooling the earth? Could this be the cause of some of the recent “first time ever” snowfalls in Southeast Asia? Or is this extreme temperature variation caused by “earth wobbles” or other disruptions related to the upcoming crustal pole shift?

There was a volcanic winter in 1816 caused by the eruption of Tambora in Indonesia in 1815. This is why 1816 is commonly referred to as, “The Year Without a Summer.” Will we see something like that again soon?


Since our last update article on December 12, 2015 there have been 4,636 earthquakes earthquakes around the world with a magnitude of 2.0 or greater, 1,486 with a magnitude of 4.0 or greater, 211 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater, and 18 with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater, according to USGS.

The graphic here shows the IRIS Earthquake Browser of all earthquakes from December 12, 2015 to February 4, 2016. Are we seeing a lot of activity? Yes. A lot of activity along the ring of fire, where volcanoes are also more active? Yes.

IRIS Earthquakes Graph 12/12/2015 to 2/4/2016

IRIS Earthquakes Graph 12/12/2015 to 2/4/2016

We are also seeing earthquakes happen in places where people are not used to them:

Maine: “‘The only thing I could think of was the house blowing up,’ said one Eastport resident. ‘There were some things falling off the shelves and it sounded like the house was going to crack in half,’ said another Eastport resident. A worker on the pier said, ‘a short time later was a big wave rolling in. Just one rogue wave.'” This was most likely a small tsunami wave.

New Jersey: USGS says there was no seismic activity at all in New Jersey on January 28th. Was it all caused by sonic booms from the Navy’s “Joint Strike Fighter” which can fly at up to Mach 2? Many residents were skeptical: “‘Sonic booms don’t constantly cause interval ground shaking with no noise,’ wrote Stacey Goller of Manahawkin on Facebook. ‘They have a noise like a firecracker but there was no noise and just shaking. So they better come up with something other than this sonic boom theory. Not buying it.'” Additionally, if you look at the earthquake map graphic shown above, earthquakes along the East Coast around that time would fit into the pattern shown.

New York: “It occurred shortly before midnight on Saturday [January 30th]…At the Monticello Police Department, officers seated in their patrol cars not only heard the boom, but they said it also rattled both their cars and the building for a second or two.” “The Navy conducted flight tests on the F-35 fighter jet last week, which were heard by much of the eastern seaboard, but the Navy said it didn’t fly over Sullivan County. ‘We were not flying at all on Saturday night,’ said Shawn Graham, Navy public affairs specialist based in Patuxent, Md., which is the closest naval air station to New York.”

UK: In Cornwall, England, “Kim Kimber, who lives near Falmouth, said: ‘Initially thought it might be thunder but there was not enough cloud. It felt wrong too. The whole house shook and the windows were rattling. I felt the vibration through the floor.'”

Virginia: “A 3.0 earthquake on the West Virginia and Virginia border rattled some homes and nerves of those in the area Sunday evening.” “Residents in the area said they experienced some violent shaking, but only for a few seconds.”

Weather Weirding Becomes Weather Madness

Record-Setting Winter Tornadoes

A deadly, fierce December for tornadoes” “…this is the first time that December will be the deadliest month of the year…” “December usually has only 24 tornadoes, but at least 60 twisters have been reported so far this month…” through December 28, 2015.

2015 is the first year in records going back to 1875 that has seen more confirmed tornado-related deaths in December than in the rest of the year combined.

December 23rd Tornado – First December Tornado in Michigan History” “The tornado was rated EF-1 with peak winds of 90 mph. The tornado touched down at 643 pm EST, tracking 2 miles before lifting at 646 pm EST.”

Q&A: Was weird December tornado tied to global warming?” “The tornado that slashed through Garland and Rowlett [Texas] on Saturday [December 26?] was rated as EF4 — the strongest December twister the local National Weather Service office has ever recorded.”

Tornadoes confirmed in 4 NC, SC counties; 5 dead, 10+ hurt in Carolinas

Photo Gallery — Rare December Tornadoes in Louisiana, Mississippi
Rare December Mississippi Tornadoes Gallery

Rare Arctic Storm Bomb Cyclogenesis

12/29/2015 NWS Historic Bomb CyclogenesisFreak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point” 12/30/2015

“A powerful winter cyclone – the same storm that lead to two tornado outbreaks in the United States and disastrous river flooding – has driven the North Pole to the freezing point this week, 50 degrees above average for this time of year.”

“From Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, a mind-boggling pressure drop was recorded in Iceland: 54 millibars in just 18 hours. This triples the criteria for ‘bomb’ cyclogenesis, which meteorologists use to describe a rapidly intensifying mid-latitude storm. A ‘bomb’ cyclone is defined as dropping one millibar per hour for 24 hours.”

“Polar Stratospheric Clouds” Over UK Lead to Ozone Hole

Rainbow clouds, also called “nacreous clouds,” and “polar stratospheric clouds,” are being seen more frequently around the world. I was in the Civil Air Patrol when I was 14, and we studied the different types of clouds. I do not recall nacreous clouds being discussed in our textbook, and I do not recall seeing “rainbow clouds” reported until seeing a video of the strange “rainbow clouds” before the major earthquake in Sichuan, China in 2008. I didn’t see them in the sky myself until the last few years. How about you? And why are so many people seeing them in so many places during the last few weeks?

From on 2/3/2016: “STRATOSPHERIC CLOUD EVENT: Clouds in the stratosphere are very rare. Yet for the past week they have been seen every day.”

The University of Cambridge Chemistry Department posted some photos on February 1st and had this to say, “Polar stratospheric clouds (also known as nacreous clouds) are extremely rare over England because they only form when temperatures drop to extremely low levels in the stratosphere.  Stratospheric temperatures over Cambridge normally range between -50 and -70 degrees C. They must drop to -80 degrees C before these clouds can form. The low temperatures create conditions for ice crystals to form in the stratosphere, which in turn allows the clouds to form. Reactions occurring on the clouds are a critical step leading to polar ozone loss.” There is now a hole in the ozone layer over the UK, according to on February 4th.

Could the chemical reactions in these high-altitude clouds that lead to ozone loss have something to do with volcanic ash bring present in the upper atmosphere?

SpaceWeather started a gallery for sightings. As of February 3rd, these Space Weather “Real Time Stratospheric Cloud Photos Gallery” images seem to mainly be from northern Europe: England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, but surprisingly, as far south as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on January 1st. Pakistan had a rainbow sun dog on December 27, 2015, usually only seen in very cold climates during extreme winter temperatures.

“Earthquake Lights?”

Do these iridescent rainbow clouds appear at times when large earthquakes are about to happen? People have sighted and filmed rainbow clouds before the large Sichuan earthquake in 2008, before the Christchurch earthquake [starting at 0:49] in 2011, and before the large earthquake in Chile in 2010.

There are many who refer to these strange, lower-altitude rainbow clouds as “earthquake lights.” Perhaps “earth changes lights” would be more accurate.

Are we seeing more of these iridescent rainbow clouds now because major earth changes are coming? Are they related to the widespread reports of earth trumpets? Are they caused by a similar earth and atmospheric energy process, on a massive scale? Or are they caused by geo-engineering aerosols (chemtrails), which put large amounts of metallic particles in the atmosphere?

Snow Where it Has Never Snowed Before

Robert Felix of Ice Age Now collects reports of extreme cold weather and unusual snowfalls around the world. We believe these and other unusual weather events provide further evidence of the disruption of normal weather patterns due to the approach of the Planet X System.

Increased volcanic activity and ash in the atmosphere of earth causes cooling as in “The Year Without a Summer” mentioned above. We are seeing greatly increased volcanic ash eruptions; are we also seeing overall climate cooling as a result? Will a “Winter of Ash” as predicted in Marshall’s book, “Being in it for the Species,” extend, perhaps, into the summer?

Here are some recent reports of extreme winter weather where it does not normally happen, with links to the original sources available on the Ice Age Now pages:

Vietnam – Record cold kills more than 50,000 livestock and poultry,” “Lighting fires under buffalo to keep them warm – Video, “Vietnam – First Ever Recorded Snow 300 km (180 miles) south of Hanoi,” “They didn’t receive a dusting, they received 20 cm! [7.87 inches!],” “Parts of Vietnam see first snow EVER,” “Nghe An recorded its first snowfall ever with records stretching back to 1650.” One of the linked videos shows snow on banana trees, which do not grow in snowy climates. Rice paddies and cold-sensitive vegetable crops have also been blanketed with snow and cold temperatures, which they may not survive.

Other countries in Asia are also reporting unusually cold conditions: “Okinawa’s main island in southwestern Japan gets its first measurable snowfall in history,” “Record snowfall in Japan” — “In the western prefecture of Shimane, the heavy snow crushed greenhouses. Analysts say the prices of vegetables are expected to rise,” “Cold brings rare snowfalls to tropical Laos,” “Thailand – More deaths reported from cold weather,” “Bangladesh – At least 286 children hospitalized with cold-related diseases in 24 hours” “Life [in Bangladesh] is almost paralysed by the biting cold in nine upazilas of the district. The poor are burning hay and fallen leaves to keep them warm.”

Fishing Boats Trapped in Ice in China”  These are wooden fishing boats, likely to be crushed by the ice. If this freeze had been expected these boats would likely be in dry dock. “First Snow in Guangzhou, China in 88 Years”  “Taiwan – Hundreds of people trapped by snow,” “The low temperatures have caused disasters for farmers across the nation [of Taiwan], which is very rare.”

Mexico enduring the coldest winter in its history.” “The snow and cold forced the government to declare a state of emergency is declared in 24 of the 32 states in the country.”

Northern parts of Saudi Arabia are covered with snow with schools, mosques and administrative bodies paralyzed, local media reported Friday.” “The oil-rich kingdom is being hit with subzero temperatures [Celsius] and snow storms with freezing winds of up to 50 km/h (30mp/h). Some regions have been experiencing problems with water supplies as pipes have frozen, and livestock has died from the cold.” “Heavy snowfall catches Saudis by surprise and joy

Also in the Middle East, “Iran – 7,450 people injured due to snow,”  and “‘First time ever’ snowfall in Kuwait” In the Bitlis area of Turkey in January they have received 7.5 meters of snow, that’s 24.6 feet of snow! “Turkey looks like Siberia – Single-story houses completely buried under the snow”  The normal precipitation average for Bitlis for January is 6.4 inches (of water), which would be about 6 ½ feet of snow, on average.


Major flooding is expected as the Planet X System approaches. As Marshall pointed out in a recent video:

“We find it on page 242 of the 1978 Avon paperback edition [of “The 12th Planet” by Zechariah Sitchin] where Sitchin begins with: The nearing planet was expected to cause rains and flooding, as its strong gravitational effects have been known to do: According to the ancient Mesopotamian texts as translated by R. Campbell Thomson:

“When the Planet of the Throne of Heaven
will grow brighter,
there will be floods and rains . . .
When Nibiru attains its perigee. . .
rains and floods will come.”

With all of the recent sightings, it has grown brighter, and it is clearly approaching. Are we seeing rains and floods? Yes, on a historical and unusual scale.

United States:

National Weather Service of St. Louis, “December 2015 Historic Heavy Rainfall and Flooding Event

NWS of Springfield, Missouri’s report.

NWS of Birmingham, Alabama’s report.


Pooley bridge washed away. Aerial footage.

Pictures show scale of north of England floods, 26 December 2015

Every river in Lancashire exceeded record levels, the Environment Agency said.”

“BBC north of England correspondent Danny Savage said on Saturday: ‘Everywhere I have been in Yorkshire today, whether people have lived there for 15 or 50 years, they have said the same thing to me – in their lifetime, they have never seen flooding like this.'”

British Army Is Deployed as Flooding Submerges Northern England, 12/27/2015

The UK’s 8 week long flood nightmare continues after heavy rain – reportedly from the remnants of Storm Jonas – caused flooding in areas of England and Scotland on 27 January, 2016. Some towns in the Scottish Borders and northern England have now been flooded as many as four times in the last 8 weeks.”

India, Tamil Nadu:

“…despite the state’s preparedness, the damage was ‘huge’ on account of the ‘unprecedented’ rains witnessed in the last century that caused a deluge affecting Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallore, Cuddalore, Tuticorin and Tirunelveli districts…470 persons had been killed in various rain-related incidents, most of them between October 28 and December 31, 2015.”

Earth Changes


Did you know that you need to have sinkhole insurance now if you want to be able to have enough funds to replace a home “totaled” by one or more sinkholes?

The Dahlingers’ insurance company recently called to say the home was “totaled,” he said.

“I don’t know what kind of settlement it will be,” Francis said, adding he didn’t have sinkhole insurance. “We never realized there was a sinkhole problem.”

If insurance companies have added sinkhole risks to their underwriting in places like, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we can be sure it’s a real threat – everywhere. And how much will that cost? “Cost Drops for Sinkhole Coverage Through Missouri FAIR Plan” “Previously, a policyholder with $200,000 of coverage would have paid $2,010 annually. However, under the new rate structure the policyholder will pay $313 for the same coverage.” But then, “The FAIR Plan is not intended to be competitive with the voluntary insurance marketplace, but instead is designed to be used as a last resort to obtain basic property insurance.”

Here are a few recent sinkhole stories:

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: “Dream Home to Sinkhole Disaster

Tulsa, Oklahoma: “Sinkholes creating headaches for midtown neighbors”  “It’s pretty disturbing when you find a nine foot hole in your back yard where your children and pets play.”

Crescent City, CA: Sinkholes force detour of Hwy 101

Philippines: “Underwater sinkhole in Romblon Philippines

Dog missing for three days found buried alive in sinkhole in Missouri. “Platte County Director of Public Works said water caused the pipe to rust and the soil was washed away, creating the sinkhole.” This is a very common narrative. The question we have is, did the pipe break and then the water caused the sinkhole? Or did the earth drop out from under and form a sinkhole, then the water pipe broke?

Here is a photograph of a sinkhole from 2013, with the same narrative as above. Looking at this picture, did the earth drop out and then the pipe broke? Or did the water pipe break and the flow of water caused this sinkhole?

Which came first? The sinkhole? or the broken water line?

Which came first? The sinkhole? or the broken water line?

Infrastructure Failures

Los Angeles gas well leak critical – Methane apparently erupting from multiple sites
This is a serious leak that has continued since October of last year. It turns out the pipe that cracked and failed was from 1953. Safety valves that could have prevented this massive leak were not required because the well is more than 300 feet away from homes and schools.

Even a mile away, homes and schools, and the people who occupy them, have been severely impacted by this gas leak. 3,000 homes in the area have been evacuated. Others still living in the area wonder if the air they are breathing is really safe.

Los Angeles Suburb Still Suffering From Gas Leak” January 20, 2016.  “We are having a problem in California, which I assume is happening around the country, being deferred maintenance. We’re seeing it all over the country and we are not putting aside the resources to maintain and replace aging infrastructure.”

Two years ago NPR reported, “About 6,000 Natural Gas Leaks Found In D.C.’s Aging Pipes.” Some of the leaks were in high enough concentrations to present an explosion hazard.

In the Soviet Union they called it “painted rust.” In the United States we see crumbling infrastructure all around the country, with gas leaks, broken water mains, bridges ready to fall down, and many other problems. When cataclysms begin to increase, poorly-maintained and fragile infrastructure will buckle, collapse, crumble, break and leak, creating many additional challenges to survival.

Earth Trumpets

Earth Trumpets are back, in a big way. There have been booms, groanings, trumpeting, rumblings, cyclical hooting, loud humming sounds, sounds like a jet engine idling nearby, like a loud truck rumbling, and other “strange sounds.”

This video collects news reports and videos of booms and other strange sounds, all from January 9-15, 2016. The locations where earth trumpets have been heard, just in January of this year, mind you, include: New Jersey, UK, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Dubai, Canada, Singapore, Norway, Scotland, Texas, Oregon, Poland, California and Morrocco. In some cases, houses shake, windows rattle, and pet dogs “go crazy.” Here is a good compilation, all recording are from January of 2016. Thanks to the Jason A YouTube channel for putting this together.

Many commenters on YouTube attribute these sounds to HAARP. This would actually be a less frightening source for these sounds. After all, if human activity is creating the sounds, then humans can stop them. Unfortunately these sounds are related to coming earth changes: cataclysmic volcanic activity, earthquakes, and eventually the physical crust pole shift. They are entirely outside of human activity, or human control, which makes them more frightening.

From Marshall’s book, “Being In It for the Species,” From Chapter 7, notes on Reading 10 with Adrianna, describing the time after the pole shift:

“The Earth trumpets we are hearing now will increase after the three days of darkness. Like the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it will be a decade before they finally stop.”

We believe that acoustic gravity waves on an enormous scale are generating the sounds. These acoustic gravity waves, whether they are originating from movement deep inside the earth, from extreme solar activity, or from the galactic super wave coming in, resonate in the upper atmosphere of earth to create the sounds. This is why these strange sounds are often described as coming “from the sky” or “from everywhere.” has an article explaining how acoustic gravity waves create these kinds of sounds.

The people filming these stories usually sound quite frightened and unnerved by them. The audible sounds themselves are loud and disturbing. However, there is also a sub-audible low-frequency element to these sounds that may impact the body and nervous system in some way, perhaps giving a “creepy feeling” or a “feeling of dread.” This is the same type of low-frequency sound perceived by animals before an earthquake.

One friend of ours told us he enjoys the earth trumpet sounds, and that they remind him of the sounds he hears out in the cosmos while meditating. They are also reminiscent of the sound of Tibetan Buddhist chanting (very low voices) and “singing bowls,” and for one person on YouTube, “space whales” (that twinkle of mirth in the face of the unknown is wise and helpful).

Since we will be hearing these earth trumpets for at least a decade following the pole shift, it would be wise to begin to associate these types of sounds with something less threatening than our current association with disaster film and space horror film soundtracks.

Especially for children, becoming familiar with whale songs, deep-voiced chanting, singing bowls, and other positive, but similar, sounds now will help to reduce fear and anxiety while they are occurring. Hearing protection ear muffs or ear plugs may also be helpful, especially for children, to reduce the emotional impact of these sounds, as they will be ongoing for some time.

Mass Animal Deaths

Yes, they are still occurring, but are much less frequently reported in the media. Here are some recent examples of whale beachings that happened shortly after the earth trumpets were heard in many areas around the world. Could it be that these aquatic mammals were fleeing the loud acoustic gravity waves traveling through the ocean? We are seeing many recent whale beachings and deaths around the world.

From India:
45 Whales Die After Being Stranded On Beach In Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin
Fishmermen saved many beached whales
Days after dead whale washed ashore Juhu beach, blue whale rescued off Maharashtra coast
Dead whale washed ashore at Ganjam coast
314 turtles wash ashore dead on Chennai beaches in 20 days” in India. This article blames this mass death event on the turtles being drowned in fishing nets, then cut loose and thrown back into the sea. Is that correct? Or is something else going on here?

From Europe:
North Sea whale death toll rises to 23 as eight more wash up on German coast
In England, “5 giant, dead whales all washed ashore near one another and no one knows why.”

From the United States:
Dead humpback whale, 3 dolphins wash up along Oregon and Washington coast

Death and Tumors in the Pacific

In the Pacific, many animals are starving to death as the food chain collapses. The die-off reported here about starving Murre birds began in spring of 2015, and is now larger than the die-off caused by the Exxon Valdez spill where 22,000 of these birds died.

Whales and sea lions have also been found starving to death or already dead during the same timeframe. Pacific salmon and other fish are being found with horrendous tumors, perhaps due to Fukushima radiation, which continues to be released into the ocean from ground water flowing under Fukushima, daily.

Scientists think Gulf of Alaska seabird die-off is biggest ever recorded.” “Scientists don’t know exactly what’s causing the die-offs and associated murre strandings inland, far from the North Pacific, where they normally spend the winter. But they know the birds are dangerously underweight and emaciated.”

Other Pacific animals are reported to be starving, as well. From June of 2015: “Rescuers say that more than 3,000 baby sea lions have washed ashore this year, raising questions about what the future holds after three years of mass strandings.”

From August of 2015: “Mysterious deaths of Gulf of Alaska whales trigger stepped-up investigation.” “A mysterious die-off of large whales in the Gulf of Alaska is now classified as an “unusual mortality event.'”

Impact Threats


As shown in the chart here from the American Meteor Society, dated February 5, 2016, there is a massive increase in meteor and fireball sightings. Already, only a little over one month into 2016, we are seeing a statistic that is approaching the total of meteor sightings in 2006. I believe we can expect to see a higher number in 2016 than we did in 2015.

Events per Year from, retrieved 2/5/2016

Events per Year from, retrieved 2/5/2016

NASA space data supports citizens’ observations: Meteor fireballs are increasing dramatically” “…from 2010 onwards, the frequency of fireballs has been increasing each year in an exponential fashion,” “from 2010 onwards, the frequency of fireballs has been increasing each year in an exponential fashion,” “Fireballs are occurring at higher numbers in the latter part of the year. This difference in distribution significantly increased after 2013. That is, one part of space is becoming dense with dust and rocks, and Earth (and other planets in the inner solar system) are moving through this area of space every year.” “Looking at NASA’s data month by month, we see that the fireball frequency is most concentrated in the months August to December. However, the numbers for June and July are also increasing significantly, suggesting that the area of space from which asteroid and comet debris is reaching Earth (or, alternatively, into which the solar system is moving), is increasing in size.”

We are seeing many more multi-state or even multi-country meteor and fireball events recently. This means larger objects are entering the atmosphere and burning up:

Fireball viewed over Mediterranean Sea on January 19, 2016.

Major Daylight Fireball Over Southeastern US – January, 24th 2016” This was viewed from many areas in Florida and some in Georgia – in the daytime!

Large Fireball over Mid-eastern US on Saturday, January 30th 2016” This fireball was observed from 14 U.S. states and one Canadian province.

Earth-grazing fireball over Wisconsin and Michigan caught on Video on February 1st” This fireball was observed in six U.S. states and one Canadian province.


NASA has created the brand-new Planetary Defense Coordination Office to spot incoming asteroids on a collision course with earth and attempt to defend the earth from them. “NASA Office to Coordinate Asteroid Detection, Hazard Mitigation

This appears to be an expensive program.  If there were not a serious concern about a potential asteroid impact this project would not be considered worth the money.

“NASA is developing a first-ever robotic mission to visit a large near-Earth asteroid, collect a multi-ton boulder from its surface, and redirect it into a stable orbit around the moon.” Then it would be studied and NASA can practice planetary defense techniques on it.

Here is NASA’s official information about the asteroid that may come as close as 11,000 miles from earth as it passes by on March 5, 2016.  That is very close, even inside the orbital distance of some satellites. “Satellites that seem to be attached to some location on Earth are in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO). These satellites orbit about 23,000 miles above the equator”  NASA assures us there is no impact threat from this object.

The Near Earth Object program provides a list of upcoming near approaches.  NASA has told us about the March 5th NEO, which presents no threat to earth. Would they tell us of an incoming asteroid on a true collision course, one that would create a catastrophic “Deep Impact” type of scenario? That is the question, isn’t it?

Solar and Space Weather News

“The White House has released comprehensive contingency plans to guide preparation and response to catastrophic solar flares and other space weather events that could knock out power grids and cause power outages across the world for months and bring global civilization as we know it to a standstill.”

“The push for a space weather action plan and strategy gained strength after a massive solar flare narrowly missed Earth in 2012.”

SpaceWeather News reported on January 27, 2016:  From the email summary: “COSMIC RAYS IN THE ATMOSPHERE: Newly-released measurements by high-altitude balloons show that cosmic rays in Earth’s atmosphere are intensifying. The ongoing increase, which has been tracked since early 2015, will likely accelerate in the months and years ahead as the solar cycle swings away from Solar Max. This result is of interest to everyone from mountain climbers and air travelers to operators of high-altitude drones.”

Cosmic Rays Intensifying Mar15 to Jan16From the Web page: “In the plot [shown at right], neutron monitor measurements from the University of Oulu Cosmic Ray Station are traced in red; gamma-ray/X-ray measurements over California are denoted in gray. The agreement between the two curves is remarkable. It means that the intensification of cosmic rays is making itself felt not only over the poles, but also over lower latitudes where Earth’s magnetic field provides a greater degree of protection against deep space radiation.”


David Bowie’s Blackstar

DavidBowie-BlackstarDavid Bowie “Blackstar” video.  Many readers sent emails about this video, wondering if David Bowie was trying to give us a heads-up about the incoming Planet X System. Perhaps. The songs lyrics do not seem to support that view. The image of him holding up the religious-looking book with the black star on it, preaching perhaps, does match the idea of a heads-up. Was he just saying goodbye? Or something more?

The term “black star” was used in the past by astronomers like Carlos Munoz Ferrada to describe what we currently call a “brown dwarf star,” which is what the incoming Nemesis in the Planet X System happens to be. The term was changed in the 1970s when astronomer Jill Tarter of SETI suggested “brown dwarf star” as a more appropriate term.

Alex Jones Talks About Planet X

[add photo with sun behind] Alex Jones of and is now reporting about Planet X and the coming devastation, “Planet X Resurges To Wreck Your Retirement Portfolio.”  We are grateful that he is now speaking about this topic, since building public awareness of the incoming cataclysms will help to save many lives.

Some of the comments under the video show that many people are aware that this is going to be a large, decade-long cataclysmic event, and that it is the Planet X System, not just one object coming in.

It was sad to hear Alex Jones say, “the ancients said it comes around every 20,000 years,” since Sitchin’s work and the Kolbrin Bible show that ancient texts specify a return about every 3,600 [lunar] years. And, of course, it’s not just a planet, it’s a small system of planets and moons orbiting a brown dwarf star, which is all orbiting our sun. Still, it’s good to hear him talk about impending cataclysm, and how Planet X’s impending arrival explains some of the recent actions and statements of the power elites on our planet.

Planet Nine

We were surprised by the Planet Nine announcement from Mike Brown of CalTech, and our emails lit up like Christmas tress. Especially unusual was his complete 180° change about the validity of even looking for the Planet X that is perturbing the orbits of Neptune and Uranus, compared to his comments in the Washington Post last December regarding ALMA’s published papers, which were quickly withdrawn. Marshall’s article about Planet Nine examines the CalTech announcement.


As always, we provide numerous links to original sources so that you may do your own research and make your own determination about what is currently happening on our planet, and what is coming. We encourage everyone to check on things, find out for yourself, and further examine what we are talking about here.

We offer Marshall’s book, “Being In It for the Species,”  as a helpful guide to what will happen during the tribulation, approximately when it will happen, and how to make the most of our rare opportunity to bring in a great Golden Age civilization in the aftermath of the cataclysms. There is great wisdom shared in this text, particularly in Sections 2 and 3, and many readers tell us they have read it more than once – so have we!

Are we seeing overwhelming evidence of the incoming Planet X System? Are we seeing the expected harbinger events rapidly increasing? That is for you, the reader, to decide.

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