Planet X Signs — Update No. 3 for July 7, 2015

| July 3, 2015

Planet X SignsSince our last article on April 4, 2015 our world has experienced a steady increase in earth changes due to the advancing Planet X flyby. Unfortunately, this has become the new normal. This article will collate and summarize the events of the last three months, including  volcanism, earthquakes, impact threats, solar events, Planet X foreshadowing, and weather/earth change events.

Since the tragic Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 where up to 250,000 people lost their lives, there appears to have been a consistent decline in reporting of earth change events within the U.S., with the exception of events where there is a significant loss of life. Is this lack of media coverage by design? or is it because these earth change events are the “new normal”?

Fortunately for those in awareness there are independent sources available with superior coverage of events happening around the world. In every article we provide the links to these sources so that our readers can keep up with the events as they unfold.


Mount Sinabung Volcano EruptonIn April eruptions continued on Mount Sinabung in Indonesia: Hundreds flee as Indonesia’s Sinabung Volcano violently erupts again. This eruption has been ongoing for some time now. New Zealand’s Ruapehu showed continued seismic activity which threatens eruption: GNS warning: New Zealand’s Ruapehu Volcano is shaking like it did before the 2006 eruption. The Sumatra Dempo volcano had its alert level raised due to seismic activity: Dempo volcano (Sumatra, Indonesia): seismic unrest, alert level raised – La Réunion volcano eruption warning.

On April 13th a report on the Kamchatka volcano eruption was reported from Russia India news: Growing volcano threat in Kamchatka jeopardizes air traffic.

A source from the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysics Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences told TASS on Monday that a Kamchatka volcano has posed a threat to air traffic because its volcanic activity has been gaining force, and the ashes discharged have spread to a distance of 319 kilometers east of the volcano, rising high into the air above a large area of the Pacific Ocean. The information was received via photographs taken from space, it said.

Kamchatka Volcano EruptsThe Shiveluch volcano, which is 3,283 meters high, has been assessed as posing an “orange” level of threat to aircraft. At any time the volcano might discharge ashes which could reach an altitude of 10,000 meters above the sea, experts said. It was not immediately known how far the volcanic tail might spread yet.

Two episodes of volcanic activity which followed in succession within approximately 30 minutes of each other were registered early on April 13th. The volcano discharged ashes to the altitude of five and then seven kilometers and the ashes have remained in the air above the Pacific Ocean since then.

Calbuco Volcano in Chile EruptsMoving over to the other side of the Pacific, in April we had: Chile’s Calbuco Volcano erupts again for a third time in a week. There are some very impressive videos of this eruption which I include here: Explosión volcán Calbuco and Spectacular Calbuco volcano eruption in Chile.

Tom Lupshu produced a very interesting video which shows people in orange hazard suits inspecting Old Faithful in Yellowstone: Men In Orange Suits At Old Faithful Geyser, and where the webcam is moved to obfuscate what is being seen. Lastly in April we had an undersea volcano discovered off the coast of Washington state which produced a massive lava burst: Scientists confirm submarine volcanic eruption 300 miles off the coast of Washington State.

Turrialba Volcano EruptionIn May we had an eruption of Turrialba in Costa Rica throwing ash over a mile high: Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano Throws Ash More Than A Mile High. Telica in Nicaragua erupts in an explosive event: Telica volcano shaken by explosive eruption – ejects ash cloud 3 km high. Sinabung in Indonesia continues its ceaseless eruptive phase: Indonesia’s Mt. Sinabung volcano ceaseless eruptions for 5 years. Japan is not immune to this rise in volcanism, and in May we had Mount Shindake erupting: Japan’s Mount Shindake volcano erupts without warning .

Colima Volcano in Mexico EruptsMoving on to June we have Colima continuing its violent eruptions: Mexico’s Colima Volcano unleashes huge blast of ash and steam. In the Aleutians we find two volcanoes starting to show signs of renewed activity: Exhibiting signs of awakening: two volcanoes under watch in the Aleutians.

In all this volcanic activity we see quite a bit of ash eruption. These ash eruptions are building up towards the “Winter of Ash” as described in the book, Being In it For The Species.


Since our last update the planet has experienced six magnitude 7+ earthquakes and forty-five earthquakes greater than a 6.0 magnitude as reported on the USGS earthquake search site USGS Earthquake Search. As of this writing with almost a week left in June the overall earthquake count for June comes in at 6,180 quakes.

Nepal EarthquakeStarting in April we had the tragic Nepal earthquake: Nepal earthquake death toll climbs above 5,000 – earthquake victims marked in forehead – 10,000 dead?, which was reported as a 7.8 magnitude quake. Many aftershocks of that quake created more death and devastation. On April 30th a 6.7 quake hit the New Britain region of Papua New Guinea.

In May a 7.0 quake hit the southwest coast of Alaska: 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off southwest coast of Alaska. Then a 7.8 quake struck Japan: Earthquake strikes off Japan’s coast – shakes buildings in Tokyo. One week after the Tokyo quake another quake shook Japan, coming in at 6.4: Third earthquake in one week hits Japan, no tsunami warning or reports of damage. Additionally, we had a 6.3 quake hit a small chain of islands off the coast of Japan: Powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Pacific south of Japan.

Now these certainly do not account for all the stronger earthquakes that have occurred in the April-to-June time frame. Most of the forty-five 6+ quakes reported earlier occurred around the Ring of Fire. Interestingly, the mid-Atlantic ridge has experienced a 6.3 and a 7.0 quake. Over the last few years this area has been increasingly active with stronger quakes.

Impact Threats

Asteroid ImpactOn the internet we see increasing numbers of reports on potential impact objects and predictions of impending impacts. Does any of this hold water? Very possibly. If you look at what the various space agencies are doing you will find an increasing trend on how to combat potential impact threats.

Once the event over Russia occurred in January 2013 and NASA reported they never saw it coming since it came from the direction of the Sun, suddenly the news networks were carrying stories about, “What can we do to prevent an impact?” Many have seen the interview with an expert who was asked what could be done to avoid a meteorite impact event. The answer the expert gave at that time was to pray.

Since that time we are seeing reports of efforts to take on this type of event. One such article, Why is NASA working on a way to destroy asteroids, outlines the theory that nuclear weapons may be used to destroy or change the trajectory of an incoming asteroid. An interesting video was sent to us which also correlates with the reports that most who follow the topic have seen regarding an impact event that may occur in September, 2015: Is this our Asteroid Armageddon?.

Then we have a report of a 2.5 Mile Comet approaching: Confirmed 2.5 Mile wide Comet Heading towards Earth. It is scheduled to arrive in mid-to-late September of this year, between the conclusion of the Jade Helm drills two days after the Shemitah, and before the final Blood Moon of the Tetrad. But could this happen in 2016 instead of 2015?

Torah Code Warning of September 2016 Impact EventIn a recent development, Richard Shaw of Pinlight Productions, sent us a recent Torah Code table which, when translated, reads, “Asteroid—2016 (5776 Hebrew) – September – In the Land—From our God – The Warning.” The table from the Torah Code is shown here.

So between the video of Asteroid Armageddon and the 2.5 mile Comet for 2015, and this 2016 Torah Code table, one should take notice of what may indeed be coming, this year or next.

It is important to note here that we are not propagating fear as a large number of web sites and videos attempt to do. Instead we are informing you to dispel fear and to give you the information you need to make calm, rational assessments and take rational action.

Solar News

Earth's Geomagnetic FieldThis solar cycle has been perplexing for scientist and layman alike. On the one hand you have reports of lower solar output which may cause mini ice age conditions over the next few decades. On the other you have sudden bursts of activity which cause reports of catastrophe in the making. One thing is for sure, the magnetosphere is weakening and we face serious consequences as seen in this report on cancer risk: Earth’s weakening ‘magnetic shield’ could see life wiped out as skin cancer levels soar.

The magnetosphere does need solar flares to continually energize it to keep harmful radiation from reaching the surface. However, if a Carrington-level solar flare event occurred today in our electronic-saturated society it would be disastrous. Now we find reports of real solar flare potential such as the sun’s capability to unleash flares 1,000 times stronger than we have seen in recorded history: Sun unleashes biggest flare of the year but warn could be 1000x more powerful, and Scientists spot evidence for potential Superflares.


NORAD, Cheyenne MountainIf the government is aware of a potential solar superstorm wouldn’t they be doing something? Yes, they would, as we see in this report: US Government moves back to NORAD – Cheyenne Mountain. Now, given that the previous reports of superflares would cause an EMP event and subsequently take out the electrical grid, it makes sense for the government to take action to protect their electronic infrastructure.

Along these same lines, the space agencies have launched DSCOVR and it has reached operational orbit. This system has one main purpose – to alert the government of an incoming solar flare. You can read about it here: Solar Storm early warning satellite system.

In keeping with the solar news we have the following from Major Ed Dames, Remote Viewer. The number of updates relating to the coming solar killshot have been alarming and provide smoking gun evidence that not only do governments and agencies admit this event is coming, but they are now showing active signs of preparation. Recently news broke regarding the US government spending 700 million dollars to move communications equipment into NORAD to, “protect against a natural event,” as scientists revealed that they have discovered the existence of “solar super flares” that are 1,000 times more powerful than anything we have ever seen. As a result, space agencies have announced that a flare early detection system  is now in-place to give us a 24-hour notice in the event that a solar super storm is approaching Earth!

Who is this warning system truly for? and will the public really be told in the case of an approaching solar super storm that will end the world as we know it? The short answer is the warning system is for governments and their interests, not us, which is why finding your personal sanctuary is so crucial.

Next in the foreshadowing section is a spectacular video by DutchSinse regarding a volcanic plume in Arizona that he captured, and the subsequent responses / coverup from the mainstream media and the National Park Service: Arizona Volcanic Plume Coverup.

So if all these warning signs are evident, what are the elites doing? Well, they obviously know what’s coming and have prepared accordingly. So is there anything to this next report of five hundred top CEO’s retiring or stepping down from notable companies: Mass Exodus of CEOs.

Finally, we have all read about the elites’ plan to reduce the population drastically by any means necessary. This next report from a retired Border Patrol agent is quite disturbing, stating that the porous border is being allowed to remain porous for a reason – to let Ebola to entire the continental US: VETERAN CBP AGENT REVEALS FEMA/CDC PLANS TO ALLOW EBOLA in the US.

Weather and Earth Changes

The last few months have seen extensive flooding in Texas and the surrounding states, which received unbelievable rainfall totals in days, not weeks. Meanwhile the western US drought deepens and new water restrictions are affecting farming.

Dead Sea Sinkholes in IsraelReports of sinkholes appearing along the shores of the Dead Sea have been around for some time now, but these take the sinkholes to a new level: Dead Sea disappearing leaving sinkholes behind. In the Ukraine a 100 meter sinkhole has already swallowed up homes and threatens to get even bigger: Gigantic 100 meter sinkhole in Ukraine.

Reports are noting that we have now reached an all time high in CO2 levels since these levels began to be recorded. They topped over 400 ppm, and have not been at these levels for about two million years: Carbon Dioxide reaches new monthly level.

Where there is permafrost there is methane trapped down under that layer of permafrost. What happens when the permafrost begins to thaw? Check out this article and video that shows a methane burst in Canada: Canadian Methane Gas Geyser burst.


In this article we are seeing an uptick in ash eruptions from volcanoes, significant earthquakes are on the rise, and experts are predicting more to come. Experts are foretelling the Sun’s capacity to launch superflares towards our planet.

What we find most disappointing is the abysmal level of reporting in the mainstream television media. Our sun and our planet are showing evidence of profoundly disturbing trends, but their focus is on distracting people with yellow journalism. When the day comes when they all go dark they will not be missed.

This is why we’re thankful that in response to this void of responsible journalism by the corporate media there is a new consciousness awaking in the world. Increasingly people and organizations are stepping up to the plate with brilliant, in-depth reporting of these vital trends.

As we have seen in this article and our previous articles regarding the telltale signs of the coming tribulation, these signs are escalating. The timely information made available to us through alternative news outlets is giving us a real edge in anticipating what looms on the horizon. Now is a good time to review and update your personal preparedness efforts.

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