Planet X Signs — Update No. 8 for May 14, 2016

| May 14, 2016

Planet X SignsMild to moderate cataclysms are happening continuously now in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts, unexpected freezes, extreme heat waves, intensifying hurricanes and cyclones, unusually large hailstorms, large numbers of supercell thunderstorms, increasing numbers of deaths from lightning, strangely strong dust devils, waterspouts, and tornadoes, red tide algae blooms killing sea life in massive numbers, and the list goes on and on!

What’s next? Major cataclysms are coming. Given the ongoing increases in fireball sightings, we are concerned that an asteroid impact event will occur sometime in the fall or winter of this year. Find out the entire Planet X System Flyby and Tribulation event sequence and details, along with messages of hope about humanity’s opportunity to create a golden, “Star Trek” future in Marshall’s book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks.

Earth Changes Overview Videos

Any doubts that the tribulation has begun its early phases, and that mild to moderate cataclysms are occurring? Watch these two videos for a quick overview. Strange things are happening on a global scale. When you look at the big picture, all together, it takes your breath away!

The HawkkeyDavis YouTube Channel is giving a good overview of Tribulation events as they accelerate around the world. Links to information about each event portrayed in the video are available in the description below the video.

Signs Of Change 2016 (3) March/April | All Things Fall Apart’s YouTube Channel also has some good “Earth Changes Summary” video compilations.

SOTT Earth Changes Summary – April 2016: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


Many thanks to J.P. Jones for continuing to round up and chart the fireball data for these Signs Update articles! This month we have a new chart from J.P. which clearly shows the increase in total fireballs for the first 1/3 of the year, from 2009 to 2016. This is a huge upward trend, and we believe it shows we are entering the bow wave of the Planet X System debris field as it approaches ever nearer to Earth.

AMS Total Fireballs, January through April, 2009-2016

And here is the usual chart for overall fireball events by month, starting with 2013. Over the last six months the average increase in fireballs has been 30.67%.

April 2016 AMS Monthly Total Fireballs

Likewise, we are seeing a steady increase each year in the numbers of multi-state and multi-country fireball events around the world. While the increase for April, 2016 was smaller than the last three months, it is still an upward trend.

April 2016 Multi-State, Multi-Country Fireballs

The increase in “huge” events is not as even, with March and April for this year coming out about equal to March of last year. But there have been huge spikes in activity as well, most notably in February of this year and September of last year.

April 2016 Huge Event Fireballs

You can keep track of fireball events by going to the American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Organization, along with many Internet sites that are tracking the many unusual events happening due to the tribulation’s beginning.

The Fire-Starter Event

Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks tells us in the notes for reading 11:

“The Guides indicated that a fire-starter will precede these volcanic harbinger events. However, the Guides did not define the term fire-starter.”

The “fire-starter” comes before the “Winter of Ash” (which we expect to be the “Summer of Ash” here in the Northern Hemisphere). We believe the massive, unprecedented wildfires in Canada and around the world are the “fire-starter” event, which will be followed by an increase in volcanic activity. Wildfires broke records last year, too, burning 15,800 square miles in the United States alone.

Alberta’s Fort McMurray wildfire is so extreme that it creates its own weather and causes green trees to explode.” The “weather” is pyro cumulonimbus clouds generated by the fire’s smoke column; they make thunder and lightning, but not rain.

“Firefighters started to realize the uniquely destructive nature of the Fort McMurray wildfire when they saw aspen poplar trees instantaneously and loudly explode into fire.”

“As veterans of Alberta’s wildfire wars will tell you, the aspen does not readily burn, not with its green leaves and thick twigs. But in the hottest of fires, gases are released in the combustion process so it’s possible for a tree to heat up, ignite and catch fire all at once, as if it had exploded.”

“ ‘The last time we’ve seen anything like this was the Chisholm fire, which is the most intense fire that we have recorded in the fire record, not just for Alberta, but for Canada and for the world,’ says University of Alberta wildfire specialist Mike Flannigan.”

Canada’s huge wildfires may release carbon locked in permafrost. “The effects may extend far beyond Canada and Alaska, because of the frozen organic matter under the forest permafrost. Wildfires can strip away the protective vegetative blanket and release all that stockpiled carbon into the atmosphere, says Merritt Turetsky, an ecosystem ecologist at the University of Guelph in Ontario. The thawing soil could also trigger microbial activity, releasing more carbon dioxide and methane.”

We believe the Earth-cooling effects of increasing volcanic emissions will win out over “greenhouse gasses,” but then we will have a “hot flyby” of the Planet X System. All of this just means more weather chaos, and more difficulty growing crops. The largest implication of the releases of large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane is that these gasses are not healthy for humans to breathe in large quantities.

It’s not just Alberta: Fires fuelled by warming climate are increasing, ‘This is absolutely a harbinger of things to come,’ says Canadian climate scientist.” We believe the cause to be the incoming Planet X System and the Galactic Super-Wave, not man-made climate change.

“Worldwide, the length of Earth’s fire season increased nearly 19 per cent from 1979 to 2013, according to a study by Mark Cochrane, a professor of fire ecology at South Dakota State University.”

“Fires had steadily been increasing, but then in the late 1990s and early 2000s, ‘we’ve suddenly been hit with lots of these large fires we can’t control,’ Cochrane said.”

“…the area burned in Canada has doubled since the 1970s ‘and we think that’s due to climate change.’”

“ ‘Globally we are seeing more fires, bigger fires, more severe fires,’ said Kevin Ryan, a retired U.S. Forest Service scientist who is now a fire consultant, with a recent stint in Indonesia, where fires were big last year.”

From Uttarakhand to Canada, the world is seeing a flurry of forest fires. “The deadly forest fire has led to at least seven deaths and gutted more than 3,465 hectares of forest land [13.38 square miles]. Having started out about a month ago, the wildfire got worse recently ‘with more than 400 fires raging at the same time.’”

In Russia 5,900 hectares (14,579 acres or 22.78 square miles) are burning in a total of 45 wildfires.

Wildfire burns about 625 square miles in Kansas and Oklahoma.

“Though the exact causes of these fires are yet to be determined, the fact is that the prolonged dry climate, high temperatures, and the lack of moisture in the air have caused these fires to spread rapidly. Across India, over 20,000 forest fire incidents have been reported in the first four months this year —reports NDTV. With climate patterns becoming increasingly erratic, such incidences are likely to go up.”

Looks like the experts maybe missed the mark in their prediction for 2016, since this fire season is already burning quite a number of square miles. “The nation’s top wildfire-fighting official says the 2016 season isn’t expected to be as bad as last year, when a record 15,800 square miles burned [in the United States alone].” Time will tell.

Mother’s Day – Strong “Unexpected” Geomagnetic Storm

MOTHER’S DAY GEOMAGNETIC STORM: It’s as if the cosmos were saying “Happy Mother’s Day.” Sunday, May 8th, began with a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm as Earth moved through a region of space filled with negative-polarity magnetic fields. Skies turned beautiful shades of red, purple, and green over Scandinavia, Canada, Antarctica, and more than half a dozen northern-tier US states.”

This strong geomagnetic storm was not caused by a solar flare or a coronal mass ejection, yet it was very powerful as you can see from the aurora prediction graphics above. Auroras were photographed as far south as Arkansas in the United States! What was it caused by? “Earth moved through a region of space filled with negative-polarity magnetic fields.”

What does that really mean? Apparently there is something called the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, or IMF, that Earth moves through as it orbits the sun. Here is an explanation from the Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) in Texas: “When the IMF and geomagnetic field lines are oriented opposite or ‘antiparallel’ to each other, they can ‘merge’ or ‘reconnect,’ resulting in the transfer of energy, mass, and momentum from the solar wind flow to the magnetosphere.” In other words, the energy transfer due to opposite polarity magnetic fields creates the geomagnetic storm and auroras on Earth.

Here is an explanation from specifically for the May 8 geomagnetic storm. “A surprisingly strong geomagnetic storm hit Earth this morning. This is likely the earlier than expected arrival of a coronal hole solar wind stream. The NOAA SWPC reported strong G3 geomagnetic storm conditions and the Wing-Kp as well as Potsdam reported moderate G2 geomagnetic storm conditions.”

This aurora event produced unusually strong and widespread auroras that were visible as far south as Arkansas. And there was not a solar flare or coronal mass ejection involved. Does that seem strange to you compared to what you were previously taught about the origins of geomagnetic storms? Is something new going on?

Earth’s Magnetic Field Changes, Increasing Cosmic Rays

EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD IS CHANGING: Anyone watching a compass needle point steadily north might suppose that Earth’s magnetic field is a constant. It’s not. Researchers have long known that changes are afoot. The north magnetic pole routinely moves, as much as 40 km/yr, causing compass needles to drift over time. Moreover, the global magnetic field has weakened 10% since the 19th century.”

“A new study by the European Space Agency’s constellation of Swarm satellites reveals that changes may be happening even faster than previously thought. In this map, blue depicts where Earth’s magnetic field is weak and red shows regions where it is strong:”


“…the field has weakened by about 3.5% at high latitudes over North America, while it has strengthened about 2% over Asia. The region where the field is at its weakest – the South Atlantic Anomaly – has moved steadily westward and weakened further by about 2%. These changes have occured over the relatively brief period between 1999 and mid-2016.”

“Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar storms and cosmic rays. Less magnetism means more radiation can penetrate our planet’s atmosphere. Indeed, high altitude balloons launched by routinely detect increasing levels of cosmic rays over California. Perhaps the ebbing magnetic field over North America contributes to that trend.”

Cosmic Rays and Increasingly Wild Weather

cosmicrays_mar15_jan16Cosmic rays, which are accelerated toward Earth by distant supernova explosions and other violent events [such as the Galactic Super-Wave?], are an important form of space weather. They can seed clouds, trigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. Indeed, our measurements show that someone flying back and forth across the continental USA, just once, can absorb as much ionizing cosmic radiation as 2 to 5 dental X-rays.”

“In 1992, Russian physicist Alexandr Gurevich of the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow suggested that the high-energy particles produced by a cosmic ray strike ionize the air in thunderclouds, creating a region with a lot of free electrons. The thundercloud’s electric field accelerates the electrons almost to the speed of light, boosting them to very high energies. Then the electrons collide with atoms in the air, generating even more electrons as well as x-rays and gamma rays. This avalanche of high-energy particles in the cloud—which Gurevich calls ‘runaway breakdown’ provides ideal conducting conditions for lightning.”

Lightning_NewMexico_2004_WikimediaThere appears to be more fatal lightning events happening around the world:

Lightning Deaths Happening at Unusually High Pace This Year [in the U.S.].”

“Cambodian National Committee for Disaster Management, said 107 Cambodians, mostly rural dwellers, had been killed by lightning strikes in 2015, up 42.6 percent from the 75 deaths in 2014.” Additionally, “besides the fatalities [in Cambodia], thunderbolts had injured 77 others last year, up 35 per cent from the 57 injuries in a year earlier.”

Lightning_2005_Romania_WikimediaUganda experiences a sharp rise in lightning fatalities. A new book, Lightning Science & Lightning Protection, ranks Uganda highest in lightning fatalities in the world. “In 2012 — 2013, the country lost over 205 primary school pupils to lightning. The country lost an additional over 160 pupils to lightning in 2014.” A significant increase.

At least 42 people, including women and children, were killed in Bangladesh within the last 24 hours
Lightning strikes, kills woman, 18 cows & 4 pigs [in Thailand]
Lightning kills six in Manica, Mozambique
Lightning kills four elephants in Sri Lanka
Lightning kills four [people in India]
Lightning strikes kill five in West Bengal, India,” eight injured.
7 killed, 80 injured in heavy rain and lightning [in India]
Lightning strike kills eight, injures two in Odisha [in India]
Lightning strike kills Mississippi man, horse
Arizona man injured, horse killed after being struck by lightning
Lightning kills 20 sheep, injures 40 [in India]

Global warming could increase US lightning strikes by 50 percent.” We would say global climate change from the incoming Planet X System and the Galactic Super-Wave, along with increased cosmic rays reaching the earth, are causing the recent weather madness, including more deaths from lightning.


There is a handy Wikipedia page on 2016 tornado activity that will help you keep track.

On May 7 tornadoes and golf ball sized hail rained down on Colorado.

What does a tornado look like up close as it drops down and forms a debris funnel? Here is an amazing (and dangerously close) tornado video taken near Wray, Colorado on May 7 by storm chaser Reed Timmer. This was a strong EF2 tornado.

That semi truck trailer in the road? Yes, that was picked up and dropped there by this powerful tornado. If you can see a tornado you are already in grave danger. Here are some tornado safety tips, since the main tornado season is starting now.

05-09-2016_Sulphur,OklahomaTornadoesOn May 9 in Oklahoma a rare anticyclonic tornado (which rotates clockwise rather than counterclockwise) formed in the same storm system that produced an EF3 tornado.

“Most tornadoes spin counter-clockwise, but during Monday’s tornado outbreak, one tornado was spinning clockwise or backwards. Anticyclonic tornadoes are very, very rare, but a tornado near Roff, Oklahoma, was on the ground for almost 13 miles. An anticyclonic twister developed about 6 miles north-northwest of Sulphur and moved northeast. The tornado has been rated as an EF1 tornado with winds up to 110 mph.”

Are Increased Cosmic Rays Intensifying Tornadoes?

This appears likely, because it turns out some relatively new research is bringing back an old idea — that tornadoes form as part of the expression of the overall electromagnetic energy of the storms they originate from. Tornadoes might be considered an alternative form of electrical discharge compared to lightning, originating from the same electrical energy in the storm.

This would mean that the same way increased cosmic rays can increase lightning, they might also increase tornado activity and intensify it. It would explain why storms are becoming more severe and widespread as the Planet X System approaches, as the Galactic Super-Wave keeps coming in.

In 2009 scientists found that rotating supercell storms produced a low-frequency electromagnetic waves. They were working to see if an earlier warning method for tornadoes is possible.

“Supercells are characterised by heavy wind, rain, and hail, along with a vortex of swirling air several kilometres wide. About 30% of these spinning storms spawn tornadoes as the vortex descends towards the ground. Schmitter and Leeman say that it is this swirling action that generates the electromagnetic radiation.”

“When dust particles picked up by the storm and droplets rub against each other, they become oppositely charged. The lighter particles, which are mostly negative, get blown to the top of the funnel, while the heavier positive ones sink to the bottom, they say.”

“As the separated particles rotate around the vortex, they act as a source of low frequency electromagnetic radiation. Non-rotating storms produce nothing more than electrical noise.”

So these supercell storms that produce tornadoes are highly electrically charged storms, and they are producing low-frequency electromagnetic waves.

Physicist Dr. Bernard Vonnegut published results of his study in 1959 showing that an electrical discharge could be stabilized by being inside a vortex (like a tornado) and sustained over almost twice the distance as a non-vortex stabilized discharge. The electromagnetic theory of tornadogenesis lost favor shortly after that and the field went with thermodynamics as the entire explanation. Much later scientists returned to exploring an electromagnetic basis.

An article titled, “On the Electromagnetic Basis of Tornadoes,” states: “Diligent scientists have tried for many years to connect the dots between the electrical properties of supercell thunderstorms and tornadogenesis. New measurements of electromagnetic waves could indicate they were on the right track.”

The article goes on to recount numerous eye-witness reports stating that tornadoes contain electromagnetic energy features such as lightning on the insides of their vortices and plasma “clouds” which glow like a neon light.

Since hurricanes and cyclones, like supercells, are rotating storms, could increased cosmic rays intensify them as well? Perhaps so. We have had a few “strongest storm ever” events in the last year:

April, 2016: With Cyclone Fantala, the Indian Ocean experiences its strongest storm on record with wind speeds of 170 miles per hour.

February, 2016: Winston is the strongest storm on record in Southwest Pacific with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour (like an EF4 tornado).

October, 2015: Patricia is the strongest hurricane on record in either the eastern Pacific or Atlantic Ocean with sustained winds of 215 miles per hour (like an EF5 tornado).

Wow! And how about that “dust devil” in China that picked up and dropped a nine-year-old child last month? Something has certainly changed on the Earth. Perhaps increased cosmic rays are part of the explanation.

Mass Animal Deaths

Once again, End Times Prophecy’s Web site has the most complete listing of 2016 animal mass death events anywhere on the Internet. Just scroll down a little bit to see the list. We appreciate the time and meticulous research the End Times Prophecy team and others around the Internet are putting into making this kind of information available, and showing the global pattern. You are performing a great service to life!

As we reported in our Signs Update No. 6, there are red tides and other types of algae blooms happening in many places around the world. These algae blooms are being fed by increased phosphorus from increased cosmic dust (meteor dust and meteor material) falling to earth. Some types of algae blooms produce strong toxins that kill fish and aquatic animals in large numbers, and cause respiratory distress from the fumes, even on land nearby.

Since our Planet X Signs Update No. 7 on April 17th there have been huge, unprecedented mass death events for fish, squid, jellyfish, and shellfish in various places in the world. Turtles and whales have also been impacted in large numbers. Chile has been one of the hardest-hit areas, currently experiencing the worst red tide they have ever seen.


Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile’s beaches

4,000 Tons of Sardines Die on the River Quele in Chile, dead fish one meter deep in some areas.
“A group of Navy divers established that the thickness of the layer of dead sardines in water reach a meter deep [about three feet deep] in the most critical areas, while on the river bank there are several thousands of dead fish.”

[President] Bachelet declared disaster area in Los Lagos after outbreak of red tide. This after the toxin was detected on the coast of Chile, which has caused poisoning and millions in losses to the fishing category.” Thousands of shellfish contaminated with red tide appeared stranded along five kilometers of the coast of Chiloe Island as reported Tuesday the Chilean Navy.”

…it is estimated that 40,000 tonnes of salmon and 8,000 tonnes of sardines have been thrown off the coast of Chile as a result of red tides.

Massive Fish Kills, All Over the Planet

These events have now captured the attention of Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog, “Fish are dying by the millions all over the planet.” “…many of these mass death incidents have involved more than 30 tons of fish. In places such as Chile and Vietnam, it has already gotten to the level where it has started to become a major national crisis. People see their coastlines absolutely buried in dead sea creatures, and they are starting to freak out.” Indeed.

Here are some of the main incidents relayed in the article:

“…recent months have not been kind to the Chilean coast, which has played host to washed-up carcasses of over 300 whales, 8,000 tons of sardines, and nearly 12 percent of the country’s annual salmon catch, to name a few.” Remember also the 10,000+ squid from March.

“…one lake in southern China is currently dealing with 35 tons of dead fish…” (Hainan Province)

In a lake in Bolivia, “…they have stockpiled five cubic metres (177 cubic feet) so far, so it’s possible there is over a tonne of dead fish in the lake.”

In Brazil, “…More than 200 tons of dead [tilapia] were removed from the Furnas Lake on Sunday (1st) in Alfenas (MG).”

Arctic Animals Dying in the Wrong Place

And after we wrote in Planet X Signs Update No. 7 about the Arctic Pole (physical and magnetic) moving toward England, now for the first time ever, a narwhal has stranded [dead] on Belgium’s shores. “‘This sighting is particularly significant as in the past 14 months we’ve had other Arctic cetaceans [such as a Beluga whale, dead?] visit our waters,’ explains Dr Peter Evans, founder of the Sea Watch Foundation.” Neither narwhals or beluga whales normally leave the Arctic.


Volcano Discovery is showing a lot of volcanic activity around the world at this time. According to their list of erupting volcanoes there were 40 volcanoes erupting as of May 13th.

05-13-2016 Volcano Map

Why All the Hype About Yellowstone Erupting?

As we have said before, the Long Valley Caldera super volcano, located East of San Francisco in the Sierra Nevada mountains near the Nevada border, is more of a threat than the Yellowstone super volcano. Why? Because Yellowstone blew its hard, stone cover off in its last major eruption. Long Valley still has a hard, stone cover to build massive pressure under and to cause a massive, explosive eruption.

Long Valley is expected to erupt after the major asteroid impact event occurs, according to Marshall’s book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks:

“Long Valley later erupts explosively, however Yellowstone does not explosively erupt but reacts with steam and venting.”

On April 17th Tom Lupshu put up a video on his YouTube channel with information that he says came from a high-level FEMA meeting which included scientists, seismologists, geologists, and leaders following the large quakes in Ecuador and Japan. Great concern was expressed about mega-earthquake swarms, massive loss of infrastructure, and “major separation of land mass.”

The interesting part to us is where Tom shows FEMA’s “safe” areas where they are staging emergency relief supplies. One line Tom indicated goes from Western Montana right down through Yellowstone and continues south. FEMA doesn’t plan to throw away resources. So if this is a credible report, they are not considering an eruption of Yellowstone a threat.

This is “hearsay,” so you must decide for yourself if you find Tom Lupshu credible, and if you trust his judgment about the anonymous source he talked to.

We believe that all the hype about Yellowstone is designed to scare people away from all of the Canada-bordering states, from the Pacific Northwest (Washington East of the Cascadia Subduction Zone risk area), through to Northern Minnesota (West of the Lake Superior “slosh zone” risk area), which are survivable and sparsely populated areas. But if you are afraid of major ash fall across that entire area, you’ll say away. Remember all of those early Scooby Doo episodes where there was always someone in a scary costume trying to create fear to keep people away from something? Yes, we believe this hype is like that.


The IRIS Earthquake Browser shows 2,494 earthquakes between April 1, 2016 and May 13, 2016.

IRIS Earthquakes 04-01 to 05-13-2016

USGS Earthquakes Over 6 04-01 to 05-13-2016From April 1 through May 13 (about six weeks or 1 1/2 months) USGS shows 3,608 earthquakes around the world with a magnitude of 2.0 or greater, 1,276 with a magnitude of 4.0 or greater, 198 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater, and 21 with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater.

Crust Changes Inside the North American Craton

It used to be that the areas inside the North American Craton were considered pretty safe from earthquakes, with the notable exception of the New Madrid Fault area. In recent years there have been a number of unusual earthquakes and “booms” along the East Coast and Southeast of the United States.

Now scientists have found out that pieces of the lithosphere (Earth’s outer crust) in the North American Craton have been breaking off and sinking down into the molten magma: “New study shows pieces of the underside of the North American Plate peel off, sink into the mantle.”

Dutchsinse has a thorough article with links to some of his other resources that explains this further. As Dutchsinse mentions, this new study corroborates what he has been saying for over six years! “Scientists say CRATON EDGE Earthquakes caused by new UPWELLING magma from the ASTHENOSPHERE.” (The asthenosphere is the molten magma layer underneath the lithosphere.)

“The new study confirms chucks of the plate are breaking off below, being replaced by new upwelling magma.”

“The upwelling magma below the plate also explains the metamorphic rock forming at the bottom of some deep drilled frack wells on the WEST coast, AND this explains the plumes popping off from frack wells during times of seismic unrest along the edge of the craton.”

“This also explains the transfer of earthquakes across the edge of the craton now that it is proved there is upwelling magma replacing rock below the plate.”

“We know pressure from below the plate exerts pressure on the interior edge of the craton above, which ultimately causes displacement + earthquakes to spread along the interior ‘edge’ to the East.”

Major West Coast Earthquakes – They are Coming

Southern West Coast Earthquakes

SanAndreasFault-CarrizoPlainOfCaliforniaAccording to the data in this L.A. Times article, the San Andreas Fault, once it goes off, is expected to move about 26 feet, since it has not had a major quake for about 150 years. The earthquake simulation by the Southern California Earthquake Center predicts an earthquake of about magnitude 8, with 75 seconds of shaking. 75 seconds is a long time for an earthquake to continue to shake. We can expect every interstate-type bridge to be flattened, and even earthquake-resistant structures will not necessarily be safe during an earthquake of this duration and intensity. says, “The San Andreas Fault Is On The Brink Of A Devastating Earthquake

“The average rate of plate movement along the San Andreas Fault has remained fairly consistent at approximately 2 inches per year for the last several million years. Given the aforementioned 159-year gap in a major earthquake along part of the San Andreas Fault, that would mean average plate movement has accumulated 26 feet of movement since then.”

“The accumulated strain built up from 159 years and 26 feet of plate movement provides the ammunition needed for a major earthquake on the order of M8.0. At some point the rock holding that strain will break when the strain overcomes the tensile strength of the surrounding rock. At this point, the two plates will quickly snap to a state of equilibrium or close to it, thrusting the plates from their current position.”

Pacific Northwest Earthquakes — and Tsunamis

Did you know that the Cascadia Subduction Zone is the largest tsunami generator in the world? Ahead, even, of the area in Indonesia where the devastating 2004 tsunami originated and killed hundreds of thousands?

If you missed it last year, the New Yorker had a long and well-written article explaining the dangers of the Cascadia Fault. It is “overdue” and is expected to devastate the entire Pacific Northwest, including “everything west of I-5 will be ‘toast’”. In 1700 a strong earthquake on this fault caused huge tsunamis on both the West Coast of the U.S. and across the Pacific in Japan. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with this information.

It broke our hearts to read about the valiant (but failed) efforts of Doug Dougherty, the Superintendent of Schools for Seaside, Oregon, to move the elementary schools he is responsible for out of the tsunami inundation zone. Three of them are only five to fifteen feet above sea level. They will be as much as 45 feet below the expected tsunami height. The students in Gearhart will be trapped:

“On one side lies the ocean; on the other, a wide, roadless bog. When the tsunami comes, the only place to go in Gearhart is a small ridge just behind the school. At its tallest, it is forty-five feet high—lower than the expected wave in a full-margin earthquake. For now, the route to the ridge is marked by signs that say ‘Temporary Tsunami Assembly Area.’ I asked Dougherty about the state’s long-range plan. ‘There is no long-range plan,’ he said.”

It hurts to imagine children and their teachers rushing to the “Temporary Tsunami Assembly Area,” only to realize the cruel deception just before they die, their drowning bodies mixed in the wave with the debris that was once their school building and its books, chairs, desks, lockers, etc.

Tsunami Evacuation SignDoes this sign make you feel safe? After reading about the above school, is it possible you could be feeling a false sense of security? Can you really get out in 20 minutes? Your whole family? If you live in the Pacific Northwest you can review tsunami inundation area maps and information at these links:

Pacific Northwest in General
British Columbia “Great Shakeout,” and Tsunami FAQ

Cascadia Tsunami Simulation

Remember the first wave is not necessarily the tallest, and waves will continue to arrive for around 12 hours. If you successfully evacuate, stay clear of the coast for 12 hours or more.

If you live on a coast, terrible things are coming. An earthquake-generated tsunami is nothing compared to the upcoming pole shift tsunami (described in in Marshall’s book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speak) which will occur at the time of the three days of darkness as the Planet X System passes closest to Earth. At the pole shift you will need to be at least 150 miles inland and at least 2,500 feet in elevation. If you are near a river, canyon, valley or gorge that will funnel the tsunami wave higher and further inland, even these distances and elevations may not be safe.

First Sinkholes, Now Add Large Earth Cracks

If you’re watching the news from around the world, you are aware that sinkholes are continuing to form on a regular basis all around the world. There are new YouTube videos popping up all the time showing things like buses and cars falling into sinkholes that suddenly opened in the road, sinkholes causing highway closures, and sinkholes destroying buildings or rendering them unsafe.

After the large earthquake in Ecuador faults are opening up in San Isidro. “Large cracks and holes have already swallowed more than 150 hectares of fields and destroyed an entire farm with about 70 heads of cattle, and chickens and some houses threatening farmers’ lifes. The main event occurred suddenly in a loud boom.”

Kyushu-Earthquakes-Lining-UpMany folks are speculating that Japan’s southern island of Kyushu might actually split in two. If you look at the pattern of the earthquakes, and the channels of ocean that line up on both ends of that same line, it sure looks possible. Could this be a coming example of the “major separation of land mass” that Tom Lupshu described FEMA as being concerned about?

There have been other large cracks, in the Bighorn Mountains near Yellowstone last fall, in Mexico in 2014, and in Michigan in 2010. It appears we will be seeing them happen more frequently.


“Planet Nibiru” and “Second Sun” Comments During Mercury Transit

Paul Cox of the Slooh Observatory made some interesting comments during Slooh’s live broadcast of the transit of Mercury.

Starting at about 51:27:
Now, can you see that mysterious glow at the right-hand side? What do you reckon that is? …[unintelligible] at Slooh, Tweet us at Slooh. Do you think it’s the mysterious Planet Nibiru, um, maybe appearing in these live shots, you know? We don’t cover stuff up like NASA does.”

Then at about 3:19:09:
You may be asking yourself what is that large round thing to the right of the sun? Well, that’s our second sun. I don’t know if you knew that we had a second sun, but, uh, there it is. Uh, it’s normally hidden from view. Uh, NASA and other organizations, they usually hide that stuff away from us, they don’t tell us the truth. But, there it is, it’s true.”

It does sound like he is joking. Please note that the “mysterious glow” and “second sun” only show up on the Canary Islands view. So this is clearly not a real sighting. Even so, many around the Internet believe he was trying to warn us. It will be interesting to see if he comes out and says, “Of course I was just joking,” or if he lets it be. And how will the establishment react to his “jokes?”

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