Planet X Signs — Update No. 7 for April 17, 2016

| April 17, 2016

Planet X SignsIf you have been watching the extreme weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and other events taking place around the world recently, you are aware that the Tribulation has already begun, all around the planet. Taken as a whole, we are seeing the early signs, which are small events occurring increasingly frequently all around the world.

This is why the mainstream media and scientific institutions are working hard to avoid having anyone see the “big picture” all at once, and to avoid having the actual trend data readily available. Examples are USGS continually downgrading earthquake magnitude numbers, and the Smithsonian downplaying the amount of volcanic activity that is occurring around the world.

What comes next? Increased intensity and frequency of events, and then the Tribulation sequence of major cataclysmic events as described in Marshall’s book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks.

Extreme weather and increasing volcanism will disrupt the ability to grow crops. As a word to the wise, food is currently the least expensive and most abundant that it will be until sometime after the Tribulation ends. Access to water is also the easiest and least expensive at this time compared to the near future.

Major cataclysms will be upcoming. We believe the asteroid impact event will occur sometime around September of this year. We have found that the seasons given in Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks were given based on the Southern Hemisphere of Earth, where one of the main Guides had spent his life. Therefore the “Winter of Ash” will be the “Summer of Ash” here in the Northern Hemisphere, and we certainly do see volcanism continuing to increase at this time.


Volcano Discovery is showing a lot of volcanic activity around the world at this time. According to their list of erupting volcanoes there were 38 volcanoes erupting as of April 14, plus Mount Aso in Japan on April 16 makes 39.

04-14-2014 Volcano Discovery Active Volcanoes

03-27-2016 Alaska Pavlof VolcanoThis figure does not include the Pavlof Volcano which erupted “unexpectedly” on March 27th in Alaska, but has settled down to “unrest” at this point so it is not on the list. It sent an ash column 37,000 feet into the air and 400 miles across Alaska, causing major flight disruptions.

Alaska Airlines said Monday afternoon [3/28/16] it has canceled 41 flights involving six Alaska cities until the airline can evaluate weather reports after daylight Tuesday. The cancellations include all flights to and from Fairbanks. The airline says the canceled flights affected 3,300 passengers.”

Yellowstone’s Seismic Meters Taken Offline to Public

YellowstoneBoreHole944_04-06-2016Many people around the Internet were alarmed when the seismic meters for Yellowstone were withdrawn from public view after showing major seismic activity on the morning of April 6th. Adding to concerns, a new geothermal feature also appeared in the Shoshone River near Cody, Wyoming about that same time. reports on their page, “where did all the seismograms go?” that they received a response from the University of Utah that the historical seismographs they were previously providing will no longer be available. If you search for April 4, 2016 at you can see what this information previously looked like. That is the last date available on that site.

Seismograph information is still available from University of Utah for the last 24 hours only, but no longer in an easy-to-use format or as a historical archive of seismograph images, as you will see if you work with this site a little bit.

As for the earthquake map of Yellowstone National Park with hundreds of red dots representing earthquakes that is circulating around, nowhere on that image does it say over what period of time these earthquakes took place. Without that information, it is not very helpful.

The University of Utah does have an earthquake map showing earthquakes over the last two weeks in Yellowstone. This may be more helpful. As noted in 2010 by the Yellowstone Park Foundation, earthquake swarms have been a frequent occurrence at the park since about 1995.

Even so, this pattern of obfuscation and removing data from public view is definitely of concern, since it is widespread and related to many topics relevant to tracking the intensity and progress of the Tribulation. The fact that public institutions are hiding data about Yellowstone at this time is definitely of concern, especially to those who live in the area that would be impacted by an eruption and ash fall event.

What is the good news about Yellowstone? Although it is a super-volcano, it no longer has a limestone cap covering its caldera as it did at the time of its last major eruption and the magma is spreading. Therefore, it is possibly less likely to have a major, continent-destroying explosive eruption. What is more likely will be more moderate eruptions, walking lava flows and venting.  This would still be a problem for people in the area, and could also result in the release of large quantities of toxic fumes such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and dangerous quantities of carbon dioxide.

Long Valley Caldera is a different story. It is a super-volcano and it does have a cap, and its magma chamber has been expanding (“resurgent dome uplift”). It is the largest volcanic threat to North America as the Tribulation intensifies, as described in the book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks.

How the Smithsonian Cooks the Books on Increasing Volcanism has a nifty piece of disinformation from last year that supports the Smithsonian Institution’s Global Volcanism Program’s efforts to distort the actual statistics that do show increasing volcanic activity around the world.

Mick West quotes the Smithsonian GVP’s “Criteria & Disclaimers” tab, located under the top section of the linked page:

“The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report does not necessarily include all volcanic activity that occurred on Earth during the week. More than a dozen volcanoes globally have displayed more-or-less continuous eruptive activity for decades or longer, and such routine activity is typically not reported here. Moreover, Earth’s sea-floor volcanism is seldom reported even though in theory it represents the single most prolific source of erupted material.”

So the Smithsonian chooses what to report and what not to report, they also note that if they do not receive a report, it may not be included, and the “more than a dozen” volcanoes that have “more-or-less continuous eruptive activity” are not included in their statistics at all. Additionally, they rank eruptions “confirmed,” or “uncertain” or “discredited,” and only include “confirmed” eruptions.

Once an eruption starts, whether it was last year, or five years ago, or two decades ago, if it is “more-or-less continuous” (without a three month or longer break in eruptive activity) it doesn’t make the list, or the statistics. They also “seldom” include undersea volcanic activity, which has also been increasing around the world.

How many “confirmed” eruptions have happened in 2016 so far? A search at yields the following:

Smithsonian Confirmed Eruptions 04-14-2016

There are only two selections available to filter this database search, which is very unusual. If you wish to analyze the data in any way, including restricting your search to a certain date range, you must download the data to Excel and sort it yourself from there. The search page notes,

“This search returns a list of eruptions sorted by date; filters are currently being updated and results checked for accuracy. The various search fields will be phased back in as testing and reviews are completed.”

Detailed database search interface filters are very common around the web. The webmaster at Smithsonian is unable to build a web page to make the “various search fields” work? Really? In 2016?

We could be generous and assume that only January and February of 2016 have data included in this search. Ask yourself, were there more than six major volcanic eruptions in January and February of this year? On February 6th we noted many more than six major volcanic eruptions in our Planet X Signs – Update No. 5 article, and that was only through the beginning of February!

Does the Smithsonian’s method sound like an accurate way to represent how much volcanic activity is actually occurring around the world? And to make statistics about it? Therefore, is it any wonder that per Mick West, the Smithsonian GVP data shows that, “while there was a slight increase on average from about 1997 to 2008, this is balanced by a decline in recent years.”

Why? Because if all the volcanoes in the world started going off at once, right now, and the eruptive activity of each volcano continued into next year without a break of three months or more in activity, no “new eruptions” would be reported for next year. But would we still have major and unprecedented volcanic activity going on in that second year? Yes, of course!

Likewise, as volcanic eruptions increase, but are “ongoing,” they will simply drop out of the statistics. What better way to show a decrease in volcanic activity when the opposite is actually occurring.

What chart is Mick West showing you to say volcanism is decreasing? “New Volcanic Eruptions per Year 1945 – 2015.” Based on what you now know about how the Smithsonian runs their “new” volcanic eruption data, do you believe that?

Meanwhile, Volcano Discovery reports all land-based volcanic activity happening around the world. They don’t pick and choose what to report, and what not to. If volcanic activity is occurring, they report on it.

Which method seems like a more honest and accurate way to report how much volcanic activity is actually occurring around the world? And what agenda is being served by the Smithsonian GVP’s obfuscation?

A Personal Appeal from Marshall and the Planet X Town Hall are the primary sites for our research work. Since 2009 Barbara Lou Townsend has served as the lead volunteer administrator for the Planet X Town Hall. Through her efforts the site has become a widely trusted source for Planet X commentary.

She recently reported to me that her nephew, David Townsend, was diagnosed with leukemia and is struggling. He is in his mid-thirties and has a family. The consequences of this illness have been brutal for them, both emotionally and financially.

Please, if you appreciate our work and Barbara’s loyalty and diligent efforts, please contribute one dollar or more to David’s Leukemia Fight Fund.

Thank you, Marshall


The IRIS Earthquake Browser shows 1,702 earthquakes between March 14, 2016 and April 14, 2016:

03-14 to 04-14-2016 Earthquakes

04-17-2016 6+ Earthquakes Last 30 DaysOver the last 30 days USGS shows 2,280 earthquakes around the world with a magnitude of 2.0 or greater, 658 with a magnitude of 4.0 or greater, 134 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater, and 18 with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater.

Of the 6.0 earthquakes in the last month, 15 have occurred between April 1 and April 16, about a two week period! Five of those were in the same location, Vanuatu, an island located between Fiji and Australia, and four of them were in Japan. The worst was a 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador on April 16.

Dutchsinse has posted that the Japanese island of Kyushu has moved three feet to the southwest and raised up 9 inches as a result of the recent earthquakes. This means more earthquakes will occur nearby as other areas adjust to the land slip, and perhaps even on the West Coast of the United States.

In our last Signs Update there had been 12 earthquakes with a 6.0 magnitude or greater during about a seven week period. Now we have 15 earthquakes of a 6.0 magnitude or greater in about a two week period. Are we seeing an increase in major earthquake activity? It sure looks like it.

Dutchsinse Calls Out USGS and

We congratulate Dutchsinse for his 3/2/2016 video calling out the USGS for failing to report three earthquakes near the West Coast of the United States and Mexico (at 3:40 in the video), and for calling out NOAA’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and for discontinuing tsunami warning service for the Indian Ocean (at 1:30 in the video), the same area where the 2004 tsunami took place and killed thousands.

As Dutchsinse points out, English-speaking persons wanting to determine if a tsunami warning has been issued near Indonesia will now need to either translate a foreign language web page from the region, or look at the NOAA buoy data directly and determine for themselves if a tsunami event may be occurring. We applaud Dutchsinse’s showing his viewers how to do just that at 2:45 in the video.

We appreciate Dutchsinse and others who seek the truth wherever it leads them, and who courageously and continuously share that knowledge with the public. You are performing a great service to humanity.


We are definitely seeing a statistical trend of increasing numbers of fireballs, per the American Meteor Society’s data. In the last five months the average increase, compared to the same month in the previous year, was 30.2%. That is a significant trend, as shown below.

March 2016 Fireball Numbers

Likewise, we are seeing a steady increase each year in the numbers of multi-state and multi-country fireball events around the world.

March 2016 Multi-State Country Fireballs

The increase in “huge” events is not as even, with March coming out about equal to March of last year. But there have been huge spikes in activity as well, most notably in February of this year and September of last year.

March 2016 Huge Event Fireballs

You can keep track of fireball events by going to the American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Organization, along with many Internet sites that are tracking the many unusual events happening due to the tribulation’s beginning.

Solar and Space Weather News

A Geomagnetic Storm, But Not From Solar Flares or CMEs

04-08-2016 Auroras from Heliospheric on April 8 let us know that we were having a geomagnetic storm, but not from a solar flare or CME from the sun. According to we were just passing through a fold in the sun’s magnetic field, which led to some amazing auroras photographed from Norway.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: On April 7th, Earth crossed a fold in the heliospheric current sheet, plunging our planet into a region of space filled with “negative-polarity” magnetic fields. This sparked a G1-class geomagnetic storm and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. “Suddenly, the sky exploded in color,” reports Janne Maj Nagelsen, who took this picture from Stamnes, Vaksdal, Norway:

“I’ve waited for so many years to take this picture, because the Northern Lights has never been high enough in the sky before,” says Nagelsen. “It was amazing.”

Many people have never heard of the heliospheric current sheet. It is one of the biggest things in the solar system–a vast undulating system of electrical currents shaped like the skirt of a ballerina: picture. Earth dips in and out of it all the time.

The Norwegian photographer said, “The Northern Lights has never been high enough in the sky before [to photograph like this].” So not only was this event not directly caused by the sun shooting energy our way, it was a very strong aurora event seen much further south than normal (higher in the sky).

This is the first I have heard of this type of geomagnetic storm. How about you? Could it have something to do with the galactic super-wave that is already bombarding us?

This galactic super-wave is described in Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks, and will caused increased earthquakes and volcanism. This energy wave comes from our solar system’s crossing the plane of our galaxy (the ecliptic of our galaxy) at this time, which you could also call crossing the event horizon of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. That’s what creates this energy wave. We will continue to feel its effects for a long time as our solar system slowly transits through this area of our galaxy.

More information about this galactic super-wave is available in Marshall’s Cut to the Chase interview from 2007 with Paul LaViollette (available to subscribers, who have access to the archive), or in Paul LaViollette’s book, “Earth Under Fire.”

Magnetic North and South Poles Have Moved

There were many articles in 2014 about the magnetic poles of Earth moving faster, and a new satellite sensor program called SWARM (also see SWARM’s own site). The last Magnetic North Pole movement map I’ve seen stopped with its 2001 location, but did show it was starting to move faster. Not much has been said recently, at least not to the public.

We can clearly where the magnetic poles have moved to, both north and south, in these pictures forecasting where the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) will be seen. Recent sightings of polar stratospheric clouds (aka nacreous clouds) and auroras as far south as Southern England, as pointed out in Signs Update No. 5 and Signs Update No. 6, also show evidence of this new placement.

Scientists Admit the Physical North Pole is Moving

On April 8, 2016 National Geographic came out with a very curious article saying that, “Climate Change is Moving the North Pole,” that’s the physical rotational pole they are talking about, not the magnetic pole. We have been hearing of the magnetic pole moving, and airports having to rename runways and renumber them, but a shift of the physical rotational pole of the Earth that’s new. Until now the official narrative was always that it’s only the magnetic pole moving, not the physical pole.

If ice disappears from one part of the spinning Earth and resettles elsewhere as water, the planet shifts on its axis toward the place where it lost mass.”

But the physics are so complex that scientists could only guess at how this actually works in the real world.”

Since they really can’t explain how the physics work, they are just guessing that this caused the pole to move. It’s an unproven theory, in other words.

Our impression would be that the very same external, non-human-created forces that are driving weather madness, increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, mass animal deaths, increased fireballs, etc. are causing this pole shift, or “Earth wobble,” to happen. And if the physical pole moved, then Arctic and Antarctic ice would melt in some areas that the had pole moved away from, and ice would form in other areas that it had moved toward. Nothing man-made about it.

…since 2000, the pole’s typical drift has “made a dramatic change,” says Adhikari. Since that time, the pole has been moving steadily eastward by about 75 degrees, heading toward the Prime Meridian that runs through Greenwich, England.

This shift has been on the order of 10 centimeters a year, so it’s probably not enough to warrant a recalculation of the planet’s geographic pole–although later generations may have to consider it if things keep changing…”

And we do see the northern auroral circle has moved closer to Greenwich, England in the graphic above, don’t we? And people in England are starting to see things like polar stratospheric clouds and auroras that should be up closer to the Arctic Circle. So is this picture just showing a shift of magnetic north? Or does this auroral circle perhaps also indicate a new physical north pole location?

Alaska Gets Warmer, Inuits Continue to Report Sun Has Moved

Speaking of the North Pole moving toward England, and therefore away from Alaska: Alaska recently had its first-ever 71 degree day in March. And it wasn’t just March. Midwinter months break temperature records across Alaska, “The National Weather Service says the midwinter season was significantly warmer than normal across Alaska…Barrow, King Salmon and Sitka had their warmest midwinters on record.”

According to the Inuit people, changes in the sun began a few years prior to 2007, with the sun coming up earlier and higher than it normally would in winter. CBC news, of course, tried to explain it away in that 2007 article. However, this is consistent with the pole beginning to move away from their area.

Reports from Inuit people continued, and were unfortunately used in 2012 to support man-made climate change. However, if the sun changed place that would mean that the Earth changed place. No doubt about it. No wonder the disinformation factory that is modern mass media tried to downplay, debunk, and explain all of this away, continually.

And that is why Inuit elders wrote to NASA in 2015, saying that the Earth has shifted on its axis, and discrediting man-made climate change entirely.

“The tribal elders claim that the sun no longer rises where it used to rise. The days heat up more quickly and last longer. The stars and moon are also in different places in the sky and this affects the temperatures. This is a population that relies on the placement of the moon and stars for their survival as they live in total darkness during part of the year.”

“The elders say they can no longer predict the weather, as they have been able to in the past. They observe that warmer winds are changing the snow banks, making their ability to navigate overland more difficult. Polar bear populations are increasing, which causes the bears to wander into the Inuit neighborhoods.”

Marshall has enjoyed watching the Discovery Channel show, “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” A recurrent point that the Kilchers have made in the last few seasons is that it is warmer there. Having less snow and more mud rather than frozen ground has made it difficult for them to do their work on their homestead. This is another indication of a warming climate in Alaska the last few years, although somewhat anecdotal.

Is England Getting Colder?

If the North Pole is shifting that way, we would see more cold weather there. It just so happens that this spring has been unusually cold. “Forecasters say there is no sign of spring arriving soon with another bitter cold week of gales and wintry showers ahead. They warn a freak change in high-altitude winds threatens to keep the Arctic floodgates open into the start of April.” They also note, “It could be the coldest Easter on record if temperatures dip below the record -12.5C (9.5F) set on Easter Sunday in 2013.”

On March 5, “Arctic weather BOMB blasts Britain with heavy snow and freezing temperatures for MONTH,” and “After a freezing start to the month for many parts of the UK, leading bookmaker Coral is now offering odds 4-6 that this will be the coldest March on record.” On March 7, “COLDER THAN ICELAND: Britain hit by shivering temperatures as heavy snow sweeps in.”

North Atlantic Anomalous Cold BlobAdditionally, there is an anomolous “cold blob” of water in the North Atlantic very near to the United Kingdom, as shown in this graphic. “The cold blob refers to a large, anomalous area of colder-than-normal sea-surface temperatures, located east of Newfoundland and south of Greenland. ‘This area of colder water started to show up a few years ago and has become larger and more persistent during the past couple of years…’ ” This may also be an indication of arctic weather patterns moving to that area somewhat consistently over the last few years.

Has there been extreme and unusual cold in England recently? Yes. Was it consistent all winter? No. The winter started out unusually warm, with daffodils blooming in mid-December.

We may be seeing the beginning of the crustal pole shift process due to the incoming Planet X System, and we may already be having erratic pole movements or “Earth wobbles” as the process intensifies, causing strange and unseasonal weather worldwide. It may be that the North Pole just happens to be closer to England at this time.

The entire crust of the Earth will certainly move dramatically at the time of the three-day full eclipse caused by Nibiru passing between Earth and the Sun, with catastrophic effects planet-wide. This process is described in Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks. The North and South Poles will be in entirely new locations at the end of that process.

Weather Madness

We can expect continued changes and increasingly erratic weather patterns. This will lead to worldwide shortages of food and water in the not-too-distant future. Water shortages in places like Palau, India and the Philippines are already here, and crops are starting to fail in many places due to erratic weather droughts, floods, hail, sudden freezes, etc.

Extreme Rain brings Flooding

These events all happened in April, so within about the last two weeks. Does this seem like a lot for this short time period? It is! And if you read through the stories, you will see “record-breaking rainfall” mentioned several times.


Asia/Middle East:




Tornadoes and Water Spouts

There is a handy Wikipedia page on 2016 tornado activity that will help you keep track.

“Tornado activity was expected to be low during the first quarter of 2016 due to a major El Niño that would last into early spring. However, this did not come to fruition, as 2016 had the second most active first two months of the past 10 years, only behind 2008. The generally above-average trend continued, to a much lesser degree, throughout the month of March, which saw 71 confirmed tornadoes.”

03-2016 Norway Rare Snow TornadoAs is usual now the weather is extreme, and it is “unexpected.” We have already had a large number of tornadoes in the United States throughout this winter, including a 55 tornado outbreak extending from the South through the Midwest in December of 2015.

Speaking of unusual winter tornadoes, a “very rare” snow tornado was filmed in Norway in March, and a large dust devil was filmed on April 11 near Calgary in West Canada.

Tornadoes are normally associated with hot weather, strong thunderstorms, and summer. What are the tornado outbreaks going to be like this summer, if they have already been this bad during winter?

Large Hail Becomes More Frequent

04-2016 NWS Ft Worth TX Hail StatisticsDon’t just take my word for it. The National Weather Service in Fort Worth, Texas has a chart on Twitter showing an increasing trend in large hail over 2” in diameter from 2007 to 2016 in their area. Note that we are a bit less than one third of the way through 2016, so by the end of the year the graph may be showing a spike rather than just an increase in large hail.

After the destructive hailstorm in Texas in March killed birds at a zoo and caused major damage, another hailstorm hits Texas on April 11, this time with baseball-sized hail.

Then on the next night, April 12, a hailstorm hit San Antonio, where, “Baseball-sized hail destroyed car windows, windshields and home windows in one neighborhood”

In Southwest China on April 9 a hail storm with hail “larger than eggs” broke out car window shields and punched holes in roofs.

In Northern Vietnam on April 3 hail as large as 10 centimeters [3.9 inches] fell, destroying crops and damaging 1,000 homes, as well as solar panels and metal water tanks.

These hailstorms are very dangerous, and are becoming more so. The houses from Wylie, Texas in the picture were severely damaged by this hail, and you can see more in the San Antonio video in the linked article, as well as in the linked video of China’s hailstorm. I have been through many hailstorms when I lived in Minnesota, but I have never seen damage like this.

Megacryometeors Fall from the Clear Blue Sky

Large pieces of ice are not just falling during storms. When they fall from the clear blue sky they are called “megacryometeors.” Scientists in Spain and India have determined that they are not “icy meteors” from space, but are somehow forming in our atmosphere. Their composition is similar to rainwater or normal hail. Martinez-Fries in Spain noted that incidents were increasing worldwide as of 2006, but no new research has been posted to his linked site since 2010.

Two recent incidents:

On March 25 a “football size” ice chunk fell from the sky and smashed a car window in Pennsylvania.

On April 5 a 30 kilogram chunk of ice fell in India and created a three-foot crater on impact.

Snow in Strange Places

We would have thought April would be the end of snowfalls in very unusual areas. Not so. Snow falls in Guadeloupe [Carribean] in extraordinary weather phenomenon. The video (in French) showing the snow footage is available here.

“We had a mass of clouds that arrived over St. Claude,” he said in French and translated by McCathy Marie. “Accompanying this mass of clouds was some very cold air. In this very cold air, in the mass of clouds, we had the creation of some snowflakes which fell to the ground. This has never before been seen in Guadeloupe. This is an exceptional event that we will never forget.”

Taiwan is adding questions about driving in snow to their license test. “The decision to include those questions was made after a rare snowfall at lower elevations in Taiwan in January caused problems on icy roads, resulting in at least two deaths, the authorities said.”

Record-Breaking Heat

India’s pre-monsoon heat reaches dangerous levels, An early and severe heatwave has set in across South Asia in the run-up to this year’s summer rains.” Temperatures up to 45.8 Celsius (114.4 Fahrenheit) have been reported, and it is still spring. “Extreme Heat Has Hit India Earlier Than Usual and Dozens Are Dying, Thousands were killed by similarly dangerous temperatures last year.”

Sri Lanka Braces for Extreme Heat, and is also experiencing drought.

Extreme heat further fuels Angat water conservation calls due to heat and drought in the Philippines. Cabanatuan [in the Philippines] recorded highest heat index of 52.3 Celcius (104.5 Fahrenheit).

Earth Changes

HawkkeyDavisChannel is back doing excellent work on YouTube with the “Signs of Change” series. Here are two recent videos, giving a good overview of Tribulation events as they accelerate around the world. Links to information about each event portrayed in each video are available in the descriptions below the videos.

Signs Of Change 2016 February | Illuminated Skies

Signs Of Change 2016 (2) March | Apocalyptic-like Landscapes


If you’re watching the news from around the world, you are aware that sinkholes are continuing to form on a regular basis all around the world. There are new YouTube videos popping up all the time showing things like buses and cars falling into sinkholes that suddenly opened in the road, sinkholes causing highway closures, and sinkholes destroying buildings or rendering them unsafe.

The US Geological Survey has a map that shows the areas of the United States that are officially susceptible to sinkholes due to types of rock under the surface that can be dissolved. The full PDF map with color-coding and legend information is available here.

USGS map of U.S. sinkhole areas

As we mentioned in Planet X Signs Update No. 6, there is a good YouTube video titled, “Sinkholes: The Groundbreaking Truth,” with an explanation starting at 9:40 that is a helpful starting point to understand why so many sinkholes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are happening right now.

When we additionally throw in the effects of the galactic super-wave and the rapidly-approaching gravitational forces from the Planet X System, what is happening makes even more sense. The “Plasma Cosmology” of our planet and solar system will be increasingly impacted as these effects intensify, leading to the crustal pole shift and major cataclysms. This is only the beginning, folks.

Mass Animal Deaths

04-12-2016 swordfish die off BrazilOnce again, End Times Prophecy’s Web site has the most complete listing of 2016 animal mass death events anywhere on the Internet. Just scroll down a little bit to see the list.

As we reported in our Signs Update No. 6, there are red tides and other types of algae blooms happening in many places around the world. These algae blooms are being fed by increased phosphorus from increased cosmic dust falling to earth, along with increased meteors and fireballs. Some types of algae blooms produce toxins, and are likely implicated in many of the fish and aquatic animal mass death events on the list.

On April 7, 5,000 birds died in Jessore, Bangladesh from a storm. As storms become more violent, lightning strikes increase, and hail becomes larger, we will likely see more of these types of events. These are difficult times for all life on this planet, and will become more so.


NASA Finds 72 New Asteroids

NASA NEOWISE Finds 72 AsteroidsNASA is using the NEOWISE spacecraft (Near-Earth Object Wide-Field Survey Explorer) to find near Earth objects, or NEOs, that could pose an impact threat to Earth. This includes both asteroids and comets. Of the 72 new asteroids they found, eight could pose an impact threat to Earth in the future.

Where do these space rocks come from?

NEOs “have been nudged by the gravitational attraction of the giant planets in our solar system into orbits that allow them to enter Earth’s neighborhood,” according to space scientists.

Hmm, and maybe many of these “have been nudged by” the giant, multi-planet-plus-brown-dwarf star system that is moving through our solar system, soon to join us on this side of the sun. We can expect meteors, fireballs, and destructive impact events to continue to increase.

What is NASA doing about the dangers of these near Earth objects? From the article:

Besides tracking them, what’s being doing to protect the Earth from NEOs?

NASA says “no government agency, national or international, has been tasked or accepted the responsibility to stop such an asteroid, should one be discovered.”

The space agency is working on a mission to “redirect” an asteroid if it threatens Earth. But that mission won’t be ready to go until the 2020s.

So if you want do something yourself, NASA also has issued an “Asteroid Grand Challenge.” Here’s how it works: Find asteroids, win a prize and possibly save the Earth.

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry about the “Asteroid Grand Challenge.” I guess you can “possibly save the Earth” if the asteroid you discover will arrive after the 2020s, when NASA says they will be ready to deal with such a threat.

So this means if a big asteroid is on a collision course for, say, later this year, probably this fall per Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks (remember seasons in Being are given from the perspective of the Southern Hemisphere), then nothing can be done to stop aDeep Impact” type of scenario. NASA is telling us they can’t do anything about it, “until the 2020s.”

Again, would they tell us if such an event was upcoming? Or would they just say to the survivors afterward, “Look at all the efforts we have been making and the money we have been spending to protect everyone from this threat. Unfortunately, we just weren’t ready yet when it happened.”


What can one do in response to the news that the early phase of the Tribulation is already upon us? It is certainly overwhelming on a human level.

Now is the time to reach out to a Higher Power, to Universal Intelligence, to God as you understand Him/Her. Only by drawing on that strength and integrating it into our hearts can we hope to face what is coming and to make good decisions in preparation. Prayer, meditation, spiritual study, moderate exercise, healthy foods, and techniques like Danjeon Breathing — all of these will help you to stay balanced and focused right now.

If you feel drawn or called to a certain place (many have recently had dreams, visions, or inner guidance on where to go) now is the time to get yourself there. We recommend getting in place by mid-August, at the latest.

If you are having dreams, visions, or inner guidance warning you that the place you are currently living is unsafe, now is the time to seek out your safe place and to get yourself there. If you would like help in analyzing locations based on the complex threat matrix of the Tribulation, as well as analysis of positive attributes that increase survivability, Marshall offers Personal Relocation Webinars that you may find helpful.

It is our hope that faith-based organizations and communities will band together in groups of 100-200 and build underground domes to get through what is coming. This is the most effective strategy out there.

Remember, the most important thing is who you band together to survive with, and what is in your heart, not what you have (although you will need some things). We have all seen “survivalist” type forums where folks are saying things like they plan to eat their mentally-ill brother-in-law when the time comes, and their sister, “will just have to deal with it.” Choose your companions for the Tribulation carefully. For the record, we do not support cannibalism in any form, for any reason.

“May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 (NLT)

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