Use Your Summer Vacation for a Planet X Survival Reconnaissance

| June 30, 2016

Use Your Summer Vacation for a Planet X Survival ReconnaissanceOver the past few months I’ve had a chance to speak with several of you who are in awareness and are struggling to encourage your families, who are in denial, to consider relocating to a safer area in preparation for the tribulation. I have observed far too many of you feeling paralyzed and hopeless in the face of this situation.

If this is you, I have some good news for you — a “Hail Mary Pass” to get you out of harm’s way, and it’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone!

In this article I will share with you a new and honest way to do this which I have discovered in the course of conducting numerous Personal Relocation Webinars. I also want to talk with you about my greatest concern — your ability to get out of harm’s way once martial law is declared.

Relocation Push Back

For many of you who are in awareness explaining the coming dangers to your spouses, friends, and extended families can be a real mixed bag. For the most part it is a somewhat negative experience. In fact, trying to explain Planet X to families is like that old teenage prank where some kids will fill a brown paper bag with fresh animal poop, set it on a doorstop and then light it on fire. They press the doorbell button several times and run for cover across the street to watch their prank play itself out.

If you are the target of the prank, there is no pleasant outcome. Either you stomp out the fire and discover the secret contents of the bag the hard way, or you pour water on the bag only for secret contents to mush out all over your doorstep or entryway. The same holds true for the very moment you try to to explain Planet X to your family. You become the poor schmo running to the door, with unpleasant results to follow.

So what is the solution here?

Do you lie to your loved ones? Suppress the information? Mislead them? For the love of God, no! Do that and you become no better than the bloodthirsty paranoid sociopathic elites who want you and your family to die with a “survive in place” strategy.

Feeling frustrated? No worries Bunkie, it’s time to take the family on a short getaway vacation!

Mountain Tourist Resorts As Survival Relocation Areas

When looking for relocation sites, a general rule of thumb that I use in my Personal Relocation Webinars is that you want to be at least 150 miles from the coastline, at an altitude of between 2,500 to 5,000 feet. Given that the vast majority of Americans live along a coastline there are also survivable mountainous areas within a day’s drive of where they live.

For example, if you live in New York City there are the Catskill Mountains approximately 100 miles to the North of you. It would be better if they were little further away from the coastline. However, with an elevation of over 4000 feet, the Catskill Mountains offer safety within range of a major metropolitan area.

Another example is the San Francisco Bay Area. If you live in the Bay Area, you know that Lake Tahoe is 150 miles Northeast of you. In fact, the Lake Tahoe area is a favorite vacation spot for those living in the Bay Area and has been for decades. The lake is at 6,225 feet and straddles the state lines between Nevada and California. If you go up there on a holiday weekend the traffic jams are simply mind-boggling, and 90% of the cars will have California license plates. There is a better way to visit.

Both of these example areas, the Catskill Mountains, and Lake Tahoe offer viable survival areas for you and your loved ones. However, visiting them during a holiday or on a weekend is not a good idea.

Find out when the off-peak summer vacation days are for these areas, then make sure to get some time off work, or if you work for yourself, schedule the time. This way when you go there to do your reconnaissance you will not be fighting heavy traffic. This is critical.

A big advantage for going during off-peak or midweek periods is that you can usually find a little better price on a hotel stay. Or for the same money, stay in a better hotel. Whatever hotel you choose only needs to be in the area where you are conducting your reconnaissance. Ergo, think of it as your base of operation.

Usually, it’s not going to be that difficult to get a spouse or significant other to help you find a really good deal on that hotel, as well planning the best time of the week to go. Your loved ones will want to beat the heat, have fun, avoid traffic jams all while having a good choice of hotels and short restaurant queues.

While your spouse or significant other is busy doing all of this research, then is when you can quietly do your own research.

With this in mind, let me state this as tactfully as I can — “Wakey, wakey!” Do it babble-free and on the down-low, without your mouth flapping in the breeze like a cheap tent. Or as they say in libraries, “Quiet please.” Besides, you have important things to do in preparation for your vacation, like looking for tribulation threats in the general reconnaissance area.

Previously we used an example of Lake Tahoe for those of you who live in the Bay Area. So for the benefit of those who live in this glorious, ground zero, tribulation death region, let’s take a closer look at Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Analysis

When conducting a Personal Relocation Webinar, I’m not only looking for general areas for folks to investigate as relocation possibilities, I also dig deeper to find potential threats within those areas. This is because while a possible relocation area can be safe in general, there can still be specific problem areas to avoid.

Such a case is Lake Tahoe. All it takes is a simple Google search and the story comes clear as is demonstrated in this Live Science article from 2012., December 6, 2012
Tsunamis, Earthquakes Overdue in Lake Tahoe

SAN FRANCISCO — A tsunami-producing fault in Lake Tahoe is overdue for another earthquake, scientists said here yesterday (Dec. 4) at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

North Lake Tahoe Area Fault Line

The West Tahoe Fault is capable of producing a magnitude-7.3 earthquake and tsunamis up to 30 feet (10 meters) high in the clear blue lake, where million-dollar homes line the shore, researchers said.

Lake Tahoe Fault LinesWhat the Live Science article does not tell you is where that Lake Tahoe tsunami will strike, so I will. When that earthquake hits, the tsunami it generates is going to slam into the most heavily populated tourist area along the lake — the South shore with South Lake Tahoe on the California side and Stateline on the Nevada side.

If you happen to be in this area when that magnitude 7.3 quake does strike, I strongly suggest you immediately head for high ground screaming, “Feet don’t fail me now!” at the top your voice.

But to where? If you’re in the South Lake area people will be heading in one of two directions: up 207 to the ridge line above Lake Tahoe, or the long route West along 89. Given density and traffic, of the two people may have better chances with 89, which meanders alongside the Western shoreline of Lake Tahoe but also leaves the tsunami impact zone.

If you are planning a Lake Tahoe reconnaissance vacation with your family, or any other destination, the most important thing to do as you scout the area is to also make it a fun outing.

Fun For All Is Critical

When you’re in an area where you want to have some photographs of the terrain, get your loved ones in the picture or take a selfie. This way you’re not going to cast a dark shadow over a fun vacation for everyone else because you’re going to be doing what everybody likes to do on a vacation — taking oodles and oodles of pictures.

Now, here is where you are saving up for a rainy day, so to speak. At some point in the future events will pull your loved ones into awareness whether they want it or not. When they finally start saying, “What can we do?” bring out your vacation pictures and tell them, “We already know where to go.” This way you’re not selling them on a solution that sounds nebulous and vague to them, but rather, you’re showing them a familiar place with good memories.

This brings us to the point of when is it time to bust a move? This is critical, because if you hold off to the last minute you and your loved ones will most likely have to “survive in place” during martial law. Dumb luck, that.

Why “Survive in Place” is Actually “Die in Place”

Brexit Voter BallotPollsters tell us that the Brexit vote in the UK was of little interest to Americans. Pollsters have also been known to lie and fabricate results, which from our observations is more likely than not in this case.

In terms of the Planet X audience, the Brexit vote in the UK this June literally sucked all the oxygen out of the room, and for a good reason. We may be dumb, but we’re not stupid. Back in January 2015, I posted an interview with Bob Fletcher on Cut to the Chase., January 20, 2105
Cut to the Chase with Marshall Masters

How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, Investigator

Bob Fletcher on Cut to the ChasePeople follow different paths to the truth about Planet X, with an enduring hope that one day, our government will finally disclose what it knows.

As a long-time researcher in the political process, he knows that our government will never tell us the truth about Planet X. But, given his unique knowledge of how our nation’s capital works, he knows for certain how our government will signal the arrival of Planet X and shares that valuable insight with us in this interview.

In that interview, Bob told us that we’ll know the main phase of the Planet X Tribulation is going to happen within about six months once our President declares martial law for any reason other than Planet X. The Brexit victory could be the trigger event for that eventual possibility.

First off, we want to congratulate the UK for having the guts to tell the elites to go packing. They have expressed their intention to take their country back because they’re tired of being ruled by unelected officials (bureaucrats) and being forced to accept immigrants who bring hatred for their country and terror with them.

With this in mind, we’ve been watching the elitist reactions with keen interest.

Corporations are threatening to move their international headquarters out of the UK, stock markets are fluctuating, and now the EU has told the UK that they’ll no longer have access to the EU marketplace unless they resume the disgusting practice of blindly accepting immigrants who bring hatred for their country and terror with them.

Nazi Bombers Over LondonWhat are the chances the EU will successfully prevail upon the UK this way? About the same as Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring had with their Blitz and V1 and V2 terror weapons — no chance! Being mean-spirited and dictatorial may work with other countries, but not the UK.

Nonetheless, the Brexit vote could very well become the eventual trigger for martial law being declared in the United States. Does that sound odd? If so, history appears to be repeating itself.

Wall Street Crash - London HeraldA good example is the Great Depression which began in 1929, which many mistakenly believe began on Wall Street in New York. That is a false assumption. Honest historians will tell you that the Great Depression actually began in Germany.

Saddled with heavy war debt reparations from World War I, the German (Weimar Republic) economy staggered and failed, with rampant hyperinflation. At that point, it literally took a wheelbarrow loaded with Deutschmarks to buy a loaf of bread. Then things collapsed and England, and France were no longer enjoying a reparation windfall. This meant that exports from America had no market, and so the ground for a global depression was laid.

Now we have a similar mechanism in place and it can, and probably will result in an eventual declaration of martial law in the United States. Also keep in mind that in the USA a similar resentment is growing in many states. Americans are sick of an administration that dances to the EU tune and is forcing states to blindly accept immigrants who only bring hatred for our country and terror with them.

When will this venomous spider of hatred complete its web to the point where it captures our fate? Only the elites who are engineering all of this know. But they are weaving that web. Of this, you can be sure, and when martial law is declared there’s going to be a new sheriff in town folks.

When that happens, rest assured that the United States will become no different than Soviet-era Russia or communist China, where you needed travel papers to go from one region of the country to another. You could call it the triptik from hell.

UN Armored Vehicles - GeorgiaThat’s when we’ll see state border closures, checkpoints, and lots of armored vehicles and assault rifles in the hands of “official” ego-maniacs of all varieties. Once martial law happens, you will have to survive in place. If that means you are living along a coastline when the guacamole hits the fan, or in an area without good access to clean water, or downwind from a nuclear power plant, or near any number of other threats, you will die in place.

Screw the defeatist bravado about sitting on a lawn chair at ground zero and waiting for the end, Bunkie. Get Smart. Get going. Take the family on vacation and do a quiet recon while you can!

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