Is Planet X Nearing Perihelion?

| March 17, 2017

Is Planet X Nearing Perihelion?I recently received an email from Tracy, a new member of Knowledge Mountain Church.  She sent me a link to a video on YouTube titled, Archangel Michael, The Golden Age Has Come posted on the Higher Self channel.  While I tend to sidestep machine voice videos, what caught Tracy’s attention was that this psychic reading offers a very particular Planet X perihelion date.  If this prediction is correct, then the day of the Blue Star Kachina of Hopi prophecy is at hand.

While one can debate the validity of a machine language psychic reading, the date of March 20, 2017, is of concern because of what we are now seeing in recent Planet X observation videos on YouTube.  This because there is a possible corroboration of Blue Star Kachina of Hopi prophecy and I will discuss this at length in this article. But first, the current location of Planet X is the tail that wags this dog.

The Importance of Perihelion

According to the Archangel Michael reading, Planet X will achieve its point of Perihelion on March 20, 2017.  After that, if you’re not actively preparing for the coming Planet X tribulation, then once you finally decide to get on board with preparation, you’ll find that your ship has already sailed.

Perihelion is the point in the orbit of the Nemesis star at the heart of the Planet X mini-constellation comes closest to the sun in a comet-like orbit.

Planet X System Orbit

However, there are those who promote a debunking argument that perihelion is impossible for Nemesis, a small brown dwarf sun, because of what astronomers observe with other binary star systems.  That in these binary systems, two large stars revolve around a common center of mass.  As I see this used a lot, let’s take a quick look at this debunking argument.

Binary Star System Center of MassThis common center of mass debunking argument is specious because of mass – not size.  A brown dwarf is a small star, and most astronomers will tell you its size is somewhere between 15 times and 75 times the mass of Jupiter.  While Jupiter’s visible size is approximately a tenth of the Sun’s, its mass is only 0.001 times that of the Sun.

However, the mass of a brown dwarf star like Nemesis is between 0.07 to 0.08 solar masses.  Even if we multiply that by a factor of ten, we’re still looking a mass that is less than 1% that of Sol. Therefore to say that a brown dwarf could force a star like Sol into a common center of mass, is like saying a hummingbird is big enough to nudge a buffalo.

Therefore, what makes this common center of mass debunking argument misleading is visible size, because mass and not visible size is the driving factor here.  Ergo, the Planet X system is in an elliptical orbit around our sun which brings us to Kepler’s second law of planetary motion and the unsettling reality of acceleration.

Acceleration at Perihelion

Imagine we’re floating out in space and we see our hummingbird orbiting our Buffalo.  Given that a common center of mass is not defining this orbit, what is?  That would be Kepler’s second law of planetary motion, and a particular concern is what this means regarding acceleration for our hummingbird because Kepler tells us that there are times when our hummingbird accelerates dramatically.

Orbital AccelerationWhat Kepler’s second law tells us is that the orbit of Planet X around our sun is like a Whip ride at an amusement park, where the riders enjoy a brief thrill of acceleration.  In this case, those two points are the point of perihelion where Nemesis comes closest to the sun in its orbit and its point of aphelion where it is farthest away from the sun.

The transit of Nemesis transits through these two critical points in its orbit results in two things.  A change of direction relative to the sun and a brief period of acceleration as it whips around these two opposing points in its orbit.

This brings us back to the Archangel Michael.

Perihelion on March 20, 2017

It may sound odd, but is was an apparent error in the YouTube video titled, Archangel Michael, The Golden Age Has Come posted on the Higher Self channel that precipitated this article.


At approximately 0:5:10 into this video reference is made to the March 20 equinox.  The equinoxes occur in September and March.  This is when day and night are of equal length.

However, at 0:6:15 into this video, reference is made to this March 20 as a day of perihelion. Here is the error, given the reading is talking about Earth.  This is because Earth reaches perihelion in January and aphelion in July. That being said, the reading does specify that perihelion is mentioned in the context of Earth or any other body.  Nonetheless, it stands as an apparent error.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s imagine that Archangel Micheal’s reference to perihelion on Monday, March 20, 2017, was not associated with Earth, but rather, that he was talking about the Planet X system reaching its point of perihelion on this same day.

Planet X System Point of PerihelionAssuming that the Planet X system reaches its point of perihelion on March 20, 2017, then we need to examine the following issues:


In this case, Kepler’s second law tells us that the Planet X system has already been accelerating and will continue to do so.  Simply put, this means that the frequency and strength of the perturbations of our sun interacting with Nemesis, its smaller twin, and hence our planet which are already noticeable will begin to accelerate as well.

Apparent Size

Earth is in a counterclockwise orbit around the sun, whereas according to astronomers Robert Sutton Harrington and Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, the Planet X system is in a comet-like clockwise orbit around the sun.   Therefore, assuming the Planet X system reaches its point of perihelion on March 20, 2017, the orbits of Earth and the Planet X system will begin to merge.  This, in turn, means an increase in the apparent size of the Planet X system from this point forward.


In 1997, Art Bell hosted a unique Coast to Coast show with Hopi Elders Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf.  It was a riveting interview for the audience as they predicted. The coming of The Blue Star Kachina as a harbinger sign and it would be followed by the Purifier, the Red Star Kachina which would bring a great tribulation to our world.

While many believe the prophecy portends the appearance of two different stars and understanding of the relevant science tells us that this prophecy is actually talking about one star and two effects.  Those being redshift and blueshift.

Redshift and_Blueshift

When we are approaching or closing with an object, the effect of blueshift occurs due to a decrease in wavelength, and the object appears blue.  Conversely, the opposite is true with redshift when the distance between us because the increase in wavelength make the object appears red.

Ergo, Nemesis appears as Blue Kachina while as it is closing with us.  So then, when does it turn red?

In 2008 Project Camelot interview, government whistle-blower Bob Dean predicted the Planet X flyby would happening in 2017 and added for measure, “You can take that to the bank.”  In that interview, he also predicted that Earth and the Planet X system would be on the same side of the sun during the flyby.

The flyby occurs after Nemesis reaches its point of perihelion at which time it arcs downward in its orbital trajectory towards the Southern skies beneath us.

Then in August 2016 in his final public speaking event in Las Vegas, NV, Remote Viewer Major Ed Dames said that Planet X is real and that it would be the size of the moon when we see in November of 2017.

So, is there anything to suggest that Nemesis is about to reach its point of perihelion?  In other words, has the Blue Kachina arrived?  For the answer to that question, we go back to YouTube.

Has The Blue Kachina Arrived?

One of the consistent things about Planet X research is that the closer something comes to the truth the faster it disappears.  This is the case with the video that was posted on May 15, 2016, titled You do not believe in Nibiru see this by Baltimore, MD.


That original video disappeared and has subsequently been replaced by a host of edited and misleading knockoffs with variations on the original video title and channel title. This is the version I personally downloaded for my video, Planet X System Update No. 4 – Part 2 of 3: Reliable Observations published on Oct 29, 2016.


In my video, I used this observation of an object in the Planet X system, presumably Nemesis at the three o’clock position relative to the Sun.  Also in that video, I showed numerous collaborating videos with the same object at the same position.

It is important to note that after I had posted this three-part series on October 29, 2016, my search engine presence came under heavy attack and this suppression continues to this day.  Search on Planet X or Nibiru on any search engine and see how many pages you need to click down to see links to my articles and videos.  Given that I published my first Planet X article in January 2002, you can begin to appreciate the extent of this heavy suppression.

With heavy suppression for both these two observation videos, let’s move forward to the present and a new observation video posted by Gill Martin titled EARTH SIZED PLANET VISIBLE USA 15 MARCH 2017.


In this smartphone video, we once again see an object to the right of the sun at its three o’clock position relative to the horizon.   So has anything changed since the original video posted by Baltimore, MD on May 15, 2016, which I reported on in my video published October 29, 2016, and this March 15, 2017, video published by Dill Martin.  You betcha!

Hot Objects vs. Cold Objects

In a recent Coast to Coast AM interview with George Noory, Planet X author and researcher David Meade publicly recognized the excellence of my Planet X image analysis methods.   I appreciated that because I’ve put a lot of work into it and the bottom line with any image analysis is this.  Is the object hot or cold?

Natural objects generate light, and when the gamma level is cranked down, they’ll stay strong.  This is why I call them “hot objects.”  Conversely, “cold objects” as I call them are lens flares and aberrations which are caused by light deformations just in front of the lens or within the lens barrel itself.  When you crank down the gamma, cold objects disappear.

With this in mind, I performed a gamma test comparison of the Baltimore, MD observation reported on May 15, 2016, which I featured in my October 29, 2016, video (bottom of composite image), and this latest March 15, 2017, video published by Dill Martin (top of composite image.)

Planet X Analysis

Click to Enlarge

So what do we see in this analysis composite image for the period from May 15, 2016, to March 15, 2017?

  • Position: The object’s position at the sun’s three o’clock relative to the horizon is the same.
  • Size: The apparent size of the object has roughly doubled.
  • Color: On May 15, 2016, the object was red.  On March 15, 2017, the object is blue.

What we can conclusively say about this analysis is that we need to monitor the sun’s three o’clock for this object to see when and if a consistent pattern forms with blueshift coloration and the apparent size of the object.

If in fact, what we are seeing is the approach of the Blue Kachina of Hopi Prophecy, when will we see the Red Kachina?

Red Kachina and the Pole Shift

In my book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation, the pole shift will occur during the aphelion phase of the Planet X system as crosses the ecliptic, heading Southward.   At this point, the Day of Darkness will occur as Nibiru (the outermost major planet of that system) passes between Earth and the orbit of Venus.

Pole Shift AlignmentBefore that happens, the Planet X system will pass directly overhead as it approaches its ecliptic crossing point between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

When that happens, the distance between Earth and Nemesis will begin to increase, and the redshift effect will come into play.  This is when we will see the Red Kachina.

So what does all this mean for us if the Planet X system is about to reach its point of perihelion?  The immediate effects will be impact events, solar storms and an increase in something I call “Crustal Undulation.”

Crustal Undulation

In the last few years, something that is exciting to me is the number of new independent researchers and reporters publishing on websites and social media. Yes, there are a lot of carpetbaggers as I call them, yet, there are good people doing good work, and they are being supported and duly recognized for their efforts.  Ooh-rah!

What they’re telling us is that they were observing and increasing in disturbing rate of geological disturbances. Volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes, Earth trumpets, land tearing and so forth. While there are many other negative indicators such as weather weirding, animal die-offs, dead zones and so forth, let’s just stick with these geological disturbances.

Paid disinformationalists and corporate interests want to keep us confused about all of this by taking each of these issues and walling them off in separate containers so that we cannot see an overall trend. Without this ability, how are we to get a clear bead on things?  So here is my take on it?

Crustal Undulation

Why is the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting more from underneath than above?

Where is the heat coming from?

It is coming from the core of our planet which is heating in response to the sun, which is, in turn, interacting with its twin, the approaching Nemesis brown dwarf star.  Because this heating is uneven, what is happening is that the crust of the planet has begun undulating with a subtle wavelike motion, which accounts for dead and dormant volcanoes becoming active, sink holes in regions where they never happened before and so on.

As Earth closes with the Planet X system, we’ll see a continual uptick in crustal undulation events.  With this in mind, keep an eye on Italy.  It will be the canary in the coal mine, so to speak.

Likewise, at this time, we’ll see an increase in impact events due to the objects this system is pushing ahead of it and other objects in our system that are pushed out of their benign orbits into Earth crossings orbits.  This is when we’ll see asteroid impacts on Earth and the loss of spacecraft in orbit around the Earth.

As the Planet X system passes overhead, is when we’ll begin to see solar storms that interfere with communications.  This trend will escalate to catastrophic Earth-direct solar storms and eventually, the kill shot event Major Ed Dames talks about.  A solar sprite, or what we also call Solar lightning, and God help the poor souls unfortunate enough to be above ground when that monster hits.

So exactly when is all this going to happen?  There are a lot of answers to this, and interestingly enough they all fall within the fourth quarter of this year.  What’s my take on it?  If we’re truly looking at the approach of the Blue Kachina, then by the end of this summer, we’ll see a flood of observation videos on YouTube along with a marked increase in crustal undulation events.

As to who has the right date for the end of the year.  What I have to offer is my Amtrak theory.  Planet X is like an Amtrak train.  While you never know exactly when it will arrive, you know it eventually will.  When it does, will you be ready?

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