Planet X Over Dorian

| September 4, 2019

Planet X Over DorianA recent Planet X photo was taken from a Lockheed P-3 Orion storm chaser by Garrett Black on September 1, 2019, has created quite a stir, and I’ve received several emails from readers asking out it.

It is such a unique and striking photo, I download the picture to perform a full gamma analysis on it. I’ll share that with you in a series of slides and after that, my assessment of the photo.

As you read through the analysis, reflect inwards to see how does the photo make you feel. I did, and I’ll share that experience as well. For now, let’s get into the analysis.

“If Its Real!”

Emails began coming in after a young man by the name of Garrett Black took a stunning photo at-altitude of Hurrican Dorian on September 1, 2019, in which a second object is clearly visible.  One reader, Jon Arne Johannessen of Kristiansand, Norway, went to extra effort to submit a screen capture as well.

September 3, 2019
FR: Jon Arne Johannessen
TO: Marshall Masters

Dear Mr Masters

Would You like to make a comment, maybe on Your website, or on facebook on this picture, taken by the US Air Force?  If Its real!

Jon Arne Johannessen Screen Capture

Much appreciate Your work!

Jon Arne Johannessen, Kristiansand, Norway

I searched for similar videos or photos and found a video taken from the cockpit of the aircraft, with a different camera and the overexposure was too severe for a proper analysis.  However, Garrett’s still photo was taken with a good camera with superior exposure control.

Garrett Black Image Analysis

At 835×489, the Garrett Black still photo I downloaded from the Weather Underground web site had just was enough resolution for analysis thanks to the camera’s excellent autoexposure capability.

Weather Underground, September 1, 2019
Dorian, Still Heading West, Batters Northwest Bahamas With 185 MPH Winds

P-3 Orion Over Dorian, 9/1/19 G. Black

Above: A view of the “stadium effect” from the intense thunderstorms lining the eyewall of Hurricane Dorian as photographed from an Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft on September 1, 2019. Image credit: Garrett Black.

The brightness and contrast in the original photo below did not require any adjustments. Therefore the following slide series only shows changes in gamma. The first slide is the original with 100% gamma. Note the Planet X system object of interest relative to the Sun’s 4 o’clock position.

Planet X Over Dorian, 9/1/19 - Gamma 1.00

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The first gamma step-down is to 75%, which increases the contrast. Note the sunrays emanating from the sun as well as the object of interest. Lens flares do not create natural-looking sunrays.

Planet X Over Dorian, 9/1/19 - Gamma 0.75

The second gamma step-down is to 50%, which further increases the contrast. Note how the sunrays emanating from the sun and the object of interest sharpen at the same relative amount.

Planet X Over Dorian, 9/1/19 - Gamma 0.50

The third gamma step-down is to 25%, and now the Planet X object of interest located at the sun’s 4 o’clock position is just as bright at the sun. This is important because lens flares start to disappear at this level which is not happening here.

Planet X Over Dorian, 9/1/19 - Gamma 0.25

The third gamma step-down is to 10%. This is the level where any kind of lens flare will disappear. However, this is not happening here. In fact, it appears as though the photo was taken at night and there is a bright star next to the sun.

Planet X Over Dorian, 9/1/19 - Gamma 0.10

The fourth gamma step-down is to 0.5%. Here is where a natural object will persist whereas a lens flare or any other lens aberration will have already gone to black.

Planet X Over Dorian, 9/1/19 - Gamma 0.05

The fourth and final gamma step-down is to 0.01%. This gamma level is the acid test for any observation image.

Planet X Over Dorian, 9/1/19 - Gamma 0.01

At a gamma level of 0.01, the sun’s edge definition is beginning to weaken around the edges. The same holds true for the Planet X object of interest at the sun’s 4 o’clock position.

Is It Venus?

Debunkers will say the Planet X object of interest at the sun’s 4 o’clock position is a lens flare or Venus.  As was shown in the gamma test above, this object is real and not a lens flare or other lens aberration.  But what about Venus?

Planet X and Dorian Alignment - 9/1/19

Solar System Scope was used to determine the alignments of the inner planets of our solar system for the September 1.  The screen capture above shows that Mercury and Mars were directly behind the sun that day and that Venus is near the left side of the sun, opposite from our Planet X object of interest.  Therefore, this object is not Venus, Mars or Mercury.

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Therefore, I can now say to Jon Arne Johannessen of Kristiansand, Norway, here is the answer to your question, “If Its real!”

YES Jon Arne it is, and how do you feel about that?

Had to ask that question, because this photo generated a deep, existential feeling for me.

This Is No Longer Conjecture

In mathematics, a conjecture is a conclusion or proposition based on incomplete information, for which no proof has been found. The problem here is not about a conclusion or a proposition.
It is about proof because here is where cognitive dissonance kicks in. If you do not want to believe it is real, you find any pretext to dismiss the evidence.

Look at UFOlogy, for example. How many mountains of evidence have been organized and vetted? Yet, how many people continue to flippantly say, “well you know, the jury is out on that one?” For them, the jury will be out until the day extraterrestrials land in their front yard and proceed to eat their faces off.

Why is this? Because science is like flying IFR (instrument flight rules). However, if you are a newbie private pilot flying a small single engine airplane, you’ll be using VFR (visual flight rules) until you are certified for IFR flight.  So what’s the difference.

With VFR, you are trusting your physical senses when assessing the skies in which you are flying. With IFR, you ignore your physical senses which may be disoriented, and you trust your aircraft’s flight instruments.

The point here is that trusting your airplane’s flight instruments over your own physical senses can be a problematic and counter-intuitive thing to do. Consequently, even senior airline pilots with thousands of hours in the air, occasionally crash commercial airlines with terrible loses in lives and property.

Are you spend countless hours searching for the ultimate, undeniable, come to Jesus, Planet X photo or video? If so, you’re wasting time because you cannot trust the science of Planet X over your own physical senses. Consequently, you will continue to spend countless and futile hours searching for the Badda-bing that will get friends and family in denial off the dime. It will not happen. Accept that.

However, one day, you may just see a photo that uniquely resonates with you, that is significantly different. It makes you connect with your feelings about Planet X.

Marshall’s Feelings About It

This Garrett Black Planet X photo was taken on September 1, 2019, is authentic for me, because of the following reasons:

  1. High-Quality Image: While I wish it were larger, the quality of the image was sufficient for analysis.
  2. Natural Object: The Planet X object of interest at the sun’s 4 o’clock position passes gamma testing without exception.
  3. No Known Objects in the Field of View:  The System Solar Scope slide above clearly shows that Venus is to the left of the sun and that Mercury and Mars are behind it. Therefore, there are no known objects in the field of view bright enough to be mistaken for the object of interest.
  4. Unintentional Credible Source: Garrett Black was taking pictures of Dorian and was not actively looking for Planet X. His camera imaged it, however, and he likely discounted it to flare or Planet Venus and never gave it a second thought.
  5. Consistent With Other Observations: Since we began publishing images taken from the Turrialba webcam in 2013, we have consistently documented observations of the object of interest at the 4 o’clock position. The same can be said for the 11 to 1 o’clock positions relative to the sun.

It is this fifth reason that triggered an old but powerful existential emotion for me when I first gazed at Garrett Black Planet X photo.

Back on September 9, 2018, I was riding with researcher, Dee C. and we both saw Planet X at about the 11:45 position relative to the sun, just the sun was setting below the horizon. Regrettably, we did not have enough time to get a picture, but we saw what we saw, and life has never been the same for Dee or me for that matter. We saw the damn thing!

It was one of the worst days of my life because having analyzed countless images and videos over the years, I knew what do look for, and the proof was there.

After that, my plans changed entirely. Last year, at around this time I had just published Radio Free Earth with co-author Duane W Brayton.


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My plans at the time were to resume scheduled podcasting on Blogtalk as Radio Free Earth, to promote the book and survival authors and subject matter experts. After the David Meade false-event back in

You might say, that was my VFR plan – that is – until Dee C. started screaming, “I see it in the rearview mirror,” and she began looking for a place to pull over. You could say that was my IFR moment to trust my years of work, and I did. Not that it was terribly pleasant, because, trust me, it was not!

Having seen the monster or death with my own eyes, all my plans for the following year went out the window, and this was going to hurt.

As my readers know, I support my work through the sales of books, and the first pain was seeing my long-term plans turned upside down, which actually happened the year before.

After the September 2017, David Meade blood moon false-event, the topic of Planet X topic under massive Deep State (DS) suppression and propaganda.

David Meade - Google TrendsThis is because Meade’s non-event was a turning point for the DS. Consequently, Planet X was no longer seen as an eclectic fringe topic as it had been since Nancy Lieder first published her Zetatalk website in 1995.

In just one month, more people searched the keyword “Plant X” on the Internet than had in the previous decade. Worse yet, because the topic was galvanizing Christians. This is what set off the DS alarms because their greatest fear is that this topic could organize Christians into a considerable political force for change. (I document this in my article, Why Christians Own Planet X.)  Consequently, DS suppression has only gotten worse since.  A most unfair turn of events for all with an interest in the topic.

This was why I planned to spend a year promoting Radio Free Earth with a scheduled Blogtalk podcast. Then, after getting the podcast show into production, I would start work on publishing my next title, Win-Win Survival Communities: Plan for Cooperation – Not Confrontation.

I began working on Win-Win in 2013 as a future companion book to Radio Free Earth. It offers a detailed plan for creating a faith-based survival community with noble values, science, and common sense. It’s a real plan to help real people who do not happen to be filthy rich.

In retrospect, that was a tremendous two-year plan, but instead of launching the podcast, the conclusion was obvious. Postpone the podcast, and finish authoring Win-Win ASAP.

This how I felt when I first saw this Garrett Black at-altitude still photo of a Planet X object of interest. It took me back to when I stood beside Dee C. in a Warden, WA wheat field, observing Planet X next to the sun just before it sank below the horizon.

Almost a year later to the day, as I analysed this remarkable photo of a Planet X object of interest next to sun and over Hurricane Dorian, I felt as I did on September 9, 2018.  That changing my long term plans was the right thing to do, though it was not without consequences. 

This has been a rough year for me, because when I’m not publishing, I’m perishing,so this confirmation was a welcome blessing, and I’m happy to say that Win-Win will be released in the fall.

For those of you who follow me on Google Groups or the Planet X Town Hall, expect to see a pre-sale special offer from me by the end of this month.

This brings me back to my question, “YES Jon Arne it is, and how do you feel about that?”

I’m asking a in… what are you going to do about what you’re feeling Jon Arne, because as Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

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