Planet X Observations No. 1 – Nemesis and Nibiru Together

| March 18, 2023

Planet X Observations No. 1 - Nemesis and Nibiru TogetherThis new ongoing series, Planet X Observations, was created for people to submit their Planet X observation videos.

We test submissions for signs of fakery and are gamma tested to eliminate aberrations.

Those accepted are posted along with our analysis, as demonstrated by the two observation videos in this first report.  If you have a video you would like reviewed; please see Submit Your Video below.

The first of these videos were submitted by the observer, who prefers to remain anonymous, and is a first-of-a-kind because it shows Nemesis and Nibiru together.

Observation at Altitude on 2022-11-02: Nemesis and Nibiru Together- First Ever

This observation video was submitted to us by the observer, who wishes to remain anonymous. It shows Nemesis and Nibiru together.  This is the first time we’ve seen these two objects together.



The man who submitted this made his observation video while flying South on a commercial jet over Oklahoma.  The compass heading shown is for the iPhone, and the GPS and date information is really nice to see.  Our image analysis shows the following:

Nemesis and Nibiru Together- First Ever

I worked with J.P. Jones on this one.  After I performed an initial test for fakery, I handed it off to J.P., and he found Nemesis, and above it is Nibiru at video marks 2 sec, 9 sec, and 17 sec.  Both objects of interest are stable and passed the gamma test.

At altitude, such observations yield the best results because these images are typically captured while the observer is flying above the chemtrail layers.  Also, iPhones offer better camera systems than Android for these captures.  In short, this was the perfect observation to begin this series with.

Planet X Observation from a Moving Vehicle on 2023-3-09

This observation video was referred to us by a reader.  Kudos to the observer.  He does a superb job with this observation while operating a motor vehicle.


The object of interest is stable and passed the gamma test as shown below.  It is natural.

Planet X Observation from a Moving Vehicle on 2023-3-09

What I like about this video is that the guy is not saying, “what’s that?”  He knows what it is, and he’s chasing it.  At one point, Nemesis fades out and back in as his smartphone camera recalibrates the lighting.  That’s common and quite normal.

Submit Your Video

If you have a Planet X observation video (please no UFOs) and you want it to be reviewed, please do the following:

  • EXISTING CONTENT: For videos already posted, please send the URL via email to
  • ANONYMOUS: If you want us to post it for you, please send us your .MOV or MP4 video file via and address it to: for delivery.


Please Note: Previously, we posted our analysis videos on YouTube.  We stopped posting new content there because our channels are shadow-banned, and any new upload will only offer them a censorship abuse opportunity.  For this reason, we are delighted to announce we’re now posting on Odysee.


Our YouTube channels @yowbooks and @yowusa are shadow-banned.  To help ensure the channels are not taken down, we will post all new work on our Odysee channels.

We like Odysee because it is an open-source, fediverse platform, and our videos are stored in the LBRY blockchain, which is similar to Bitcoin in terms of security.

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