Planet X Nibiru Has Arrived No. 2

| October 24, 2017

Planet X Nibiru Has Arrived No. 2This is the second video in Planet X Nibiru Has Arrived series. The first was posted on September 17, 2017, with observations on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September 2017. Since then Amber Williamson of Clarksburg, West Virginia has continued her observations using an iPhone 7 smartphone.

In this second installment, we will present six observation videos for the 12th, 16th and 28th of September and the 17th and 22nd of October and discuss her her experiments with the more advanced and revealing features of her iPhone 7.

Of particular interest was the finger over the sun test. Debunkers often use this test to debunk images and videos. However, when Amber ran this test, the 4K resolution of her iPhone 7 actually debunks the debunkers and show this debunking gimmick test as just that – a gimmick. In the closeup analysis of the finger over the sun, we not only see Nibiru, but the 4K resolution of Amber’s iPhone 7 also reveals planetary surface features.


Amber’s first published observation video from September 8, 2017. On that day, she saw the object of interest with her own eyes and used her iPhone 7 to document her eyewitness observations. Amber reports that following the release of the first Youtube video report on September 17, 2017, chemtrail spraying activity in her area increased dramatically. Although the resulting chemical haze now makes eyewitness observations impossible, she is still capturing images of Planet X / Nibiru with her iPhone 7.

In this video, you’ll see how the 4K resolution of this new camera technology cut through the chemical haze resulting from aggressive chemtrail spraying. This is because unlike previous generations of smartphones, the iPhone 7 sports a 4K resolution camera with significantly more sophisticated automatic exposure and focus features. The result is that this 7th generation smartphone can reveal image details that were heretofore impossible with earlier generations smartphone.

Update 10/25/2017

The two videos at the end have several folks twisting their heads around like corkscrews even though the object of interest and the sun remain in a fixed relationship. What is changing are clouds and the tree line change as Amber rotates her smartphone. Also, the camera is occasionally zooming in and out.

Amber Comparison 10/22/2017

Ergo, the object of interest appears to be in different places relative to the clouds and tree line which is visually confusing because this object is behind the sun. Not in front of it, nor is it in our atmosphere.

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