Planet X / Nibiru – Are We Seeing the Blue Kachina Now?

| February 5, 2018

Planet X / Nibiru – Are We Seeing the Blue Kachina Now?NOTICE 10-FEB-2018: This video first aired on 5-Feb-2018. I’ve just learned that Lana died from a sudden cardiac event three days later. She had no history of heart problems that I knew of. She was under constant attack for her videos, but she was determined to carry on. Lana was a vibrant and noble woman in her thirties and her sudden death is a tragic loss. With deep sorrow, Marshall

In this second interview with Planet X observer Lana from Tucson, AZ, she discusses some recent Planet X observation videos selected by publisher Marshall Masters. In these videos, we see a blue-colored object of interest which now raises a big question. Are we seeing the Blue Kachina now?

Lana explains why she is now looking to correlate these observation videos with the Blue Star Kachina prophecy of the Hopi. She also talks at length about the effects of chemtrails on the viewing sky; a complaint that is being voiced by many Planet X observers worldwide.

Also in this program, Marshall and Lana weigh in on their thoughts about the Sun Simulator theory that became popular last year and which is being used by other Youtube producers to explain the odd characteristics of their Youtube videos.

Another issue for Marshall is the way these same video producers are presenting actual sun dogs to the public. Like Lana, he too is seeing the terrible damage being done to the Planet X topic by click bait entrepreneurs who seem more intent on generating traffic with fear and anger for quick money, than the actual pursuit of truth.

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