| May 16, 2014

Marshall will be on Disclosure Radio this evening, Friday May 16, 2014 to talk about this at 8PM PST / 11 PST EST

Dear The00skyview:

We have followed and reported on your work for years and you folks are real heroes for us We fully support your work and concur that this is not a minor planet. That’s obviously a ploy, but it does shows that they elites need to ratchet up their spin.

Nonetheless, we’re very sorry to see you leave YT but understand the problem with trying to keep your anonymity there. Paid disinformationalists have impressive resources and access. It is simple for them to pirate your login so they can turn your own channel against you to discredit or to remove your work.

We’ve seen it time-and-again over the years. What most folks do not understand is that while you can recover your account with YT, you have to identify yourself to YT in order to do it and there is the rub for those who wish to remain anonymous. So, moving to other outlets is ultimately wise in your case.

Please let us know at yowusa where to find you. An anonymous email is just fine. Keep up the good work. God’s speed to you intrepid few. May the sun be on your faces and the wind at your backs.

We’re with you, Marshall Masters

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