Planet X: A Sobering and Inconvenient Reality

| February 14, 2016

This interview with Marshall was published on February 12, 2016 by Ari Kopel, host of Shattering The Matrix. Nearly three hours long, this recording is ideal for those who are already in awareness about Planet X and who are asking, “Why is there so much suppression and disinformation in the topic?”


The answer to this question is rather simple and quickly grasped. Here is where this interview with Ari is a great help, since it is a complete answer. However, internalizing the depth of this knowledge is a daunting task because of the intensity of this suppression agenda.

Planet X: A Sobering and Inconvenient Reality – Marshall Masters

“Marshall Masters joins Ari Kopel on Shattering The Matrix for part 3 of our series on Nibiru and Planet X. Marshall speaks about the aftermath of a Planet X flyby; how we’ve been deceived with Planet 9 disinformation to keep us by the coastline; the plan of the Cabal according to the Georgia Guidestones.”

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