Disinformation Planet X Images Now Flooding the Internet

| January 31, 2015

Disinformation Planet X Images Now Flooding the InternetThrough the years, Yowusa.com has received a steady stream of Planet X observation reports, but as of late, a troubling pattern of disinformation images are now flooding the Internet.

What we’re seeing is a classic case of technology exploitation and impostor relays in the last few months.  The result is that people are more confused about Planet X.  In this article, we present our findings.

Where is Planet X Now?

In late 2014, the Nemesis Brown dwarf star, the smaller companion to our own sun went into conjunction, directly opposite of Earth on the other side of the sun, well beyond the orbit of Jupiter.  On November 6, 2014 we posted our video, Yowusa.com Planet X System Update No. 1, we captured images of three planets in that system.  At that time Nemesis was already in conjuction.

Prior to this Nemesis, the brown dwarf at the core of Planet X system was observed near the sun, between the sun’s 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock position and traveling upwards at a steep angle towards the sun’s 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock position.

What Are We Seeing Now?

First we’ve noticed a substantial increase in the overall number of reports. There is the consistent baseline number of reports submitted by:

  • Honest people trying to understand what they’ve observed.
  • Thoughtless observers, such as people who take pictures through windows.
  • Hoaxer observations. People who just get their kicks by telling lies.

However, after the Planet X System went into conjunction in late 2014, the number of reports tripled. The result was that one third of the reports followed the familiar baseline numbers.  However, two thirds evidenced completely different characteristics.

  • First time reports. Reporters seem honest but are vague on details.
  • These images are 2nd and 3rd hand.  A friend of mine, etc.
  • Image panels of 2 to 6 images from the latest generation smartphones.
  • From image to image, the object of interest is never in the same place.
  • Virtually no submissions of smartphone videos or digital camera images.

These individuals are simultaneously submitting their images to multiple Planet X researchers and video producers, and so we see the same images being reported in multiple forums.  This is different from the baseline observation reporters we’ve seen over the years who are more selective.

As we evaluated these submissions we began to see a technology exploitation pattern.

Technology Exploitation

This current situation reminds us of the early cell phones with cameras. Yowusa.com reported on how shortcomings in their image sensor technology was easily exploited back then to generate a similar flood of Planet X hoax images on the Internet.  However, this hoax campaign, ended with the introduction of the first generation Apple iPhone.

However, opportunity presents itself to the patient and with the introduction of the latest iPhone and Android smartphones last year, we see that disinformationalists have found a way to exploit the advanced still image sensor technology of these new, state of the art smartphones.

Consequently, the  benchmark tests that were once generally reliable are now of no use with these new generation smartphones. So what we now see in this newest hoax image campaign are still images with:

  • Clouds in front of lens flares.
  • Reflections on the water.
  • Hot spots in the center of the sun.
  • Multiple hot spots around the sun.
  • Oblong hot spots near the sun.
  • Reflections that test at zero gamma.
  • Reflections with sharp edges.

We arrived at this preliminary conclusion in mid December 2014. To determine if we were seeing an actual disinformation campaign, we posted submission standards on the Planet X Town Hall.  However, we did not announce this on yowusa.com or any of our mail lists.

This is because we know disinformation operatives are continuously tracking our sites.  They saw this unannounced posting and these hoax submissions stopped as though someone had flipped a switch.  We received no more for two weeks after that, but they resumed again in early January 2015 and at an increased pace.

We saw a clear indicator here.  We forced the disinformation operatives to adapt temporarily and they did.  To verify this, on January 21, 2015 we stopped responding to all observation submissions sent to us and consequently, number of reports we now receive is the same as baseline numbers established in previous years.  So why the need for this new disinformation campaign?

An Unforeseen Mainstream Development

Planet X has always been a fringe topic and for quite some time was never a big topic with what we call Bible Christians.  Furthermore, overall interest in the PX topic went flat after December 21, 2012 and has been slowly regenerating since.  That was until the introduction of the Blood Moon Prophecy theory.

This has been a powerful PX topic stimulus for Bible Christians.  Like the elites and their disinformation operatives, we at yowusa.com did not see this coming. This is critical because what we’re now seeing with the Blood Moon Prophecy theory is a more mainstream interest by Bible Christians in the topic of Planet X.  More than anything else we’ve ever seen. So where is this going and what can we do about it?

Taking Action

While we’re seeing a new form of technology exploitation and hoax dissemination methods, the agenda remains the same.  The last to know are the first to die.  As in, how will you know anything if nobody can agree on anything.  Here is where all of us, researchers, publishers, producers and topic devotees need to employ a simple, 5-stage integrity filtering process.

  1. Be wary of multiple image smartphone panels.  Digital still cameras are still more reliable.
  2. Smartphone video observations are still more reliable for analysis.
  3. Consider the source before the observation, even if they appear to be honest.
  4. No benefit of the doubt.  Vet all observation report submitters.
  5. Look for corroborating imagery and persistence.

How are we at Yowusa.com doing this?  Click on the To Report an Observation link in the Announcements section of our home page.

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