Planet X Flyby – Earth Changes

| March 28, 2021

Michael Decon ShowOne host I always enjoy is Michael Decon and his wonderful audience.  They are true seekers of truth.

Michael read my latest article, Planet X Flyby – When We See It, What We See, and Why Most Will Die, and he invited me to come back to the show and discuss it.

Like many others who follow space threats and Earth changes, the current fireball trends are disturbing and portend dangerous times ahead.

As for me, I keep seeing the trend lines shooting up, month-after-month, and I’m asking myself, at what point will there be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, and then all hell breaks loose somewhere on the planet.

Like myself, Michael and his audience wonder about this as well and what it will take for people in the mainstream to wake up to what is coming.  Unfortunately, it will be a deadly wake-up call.  Very deadly.

We discuss this and a wide range of related topics in this interview.  Please listen and enjoy.

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