Planet X System Eclipse Glimpse Update No. 1

| March 24, 2015

Planet X 2015 Eclipse GlimpseAnother day and another mystery in the realm of Planet X research. We at published the article Planet X System Eclipse Glimpse Update on Monday, March 23, 2015 at 0200 EDT.

Why am I going to the trouble of denoting time differences? Because those who hold power in the U.S.A are on EDT. In keeping with that reference, all of the times noted further on in this article will be in EDT.

I like to start my day early by sipping a hot cup of coffee and doing my usual Planet X harbinger signs research routine. At 0500 EDT, my first stop was the Spaceweather website and what I saw, almost made me choke on my coffee.

There on the site was yet another image of the eclipse. They had not restored the image posted on Sunday the 22nd, but had removed the image they used to replace that with something entirely different. - 3-23-15 @ 0500 EDT

It wasn’t the original noted in the article it was a link to Youtube video titled 2015 March 20 total eclipse from Svalbard posted by Nick James. A channel created on September 13, 2008 with 66,0202 views to date. There is no background information on Nick James and while the video is available in 1080 HD, the quality is typical of most consumer brands. According to the Space Weather web site, the video was shot in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

I downloaded the image used by and the Youtube video for study. The first thing  I could discern was the location of the original hi-resolution image removed on Sunday and this new low-resolution post were dramatically different. In the original posted on Sunday, the landscape and the distance angle of the peak to the sun were substantially different. So this was not two cameras capturing images and video with the same field of view!

Second, used a screenshot from the video which is 72dpi compared to the hi-res image originally captured. Zooming in on the video image it became apparent the image resolution was insufficient to provide corroboration to the original hi-resolution image removed hours after it posted last Sunday.

2015 Svalbard Strip 2

2015 Eclipse Svalbard Strip 2 zoom 600%

A sensor analysis showed no corroboration to the original due to the resolution differences.

2015 Eclipse Sensor Analysis Svalbard Strip 2 zoom 600%

The video itself is a stunning view of the eclipse and it is very well done. Interestingly enough there are close ups of the eclipse that are simply amazing embedded in the video. A shame that they are zoomed in so close as these would have provided excellent comparisons to the original. Or maybe that was the point in selecting this particular video.

Eclipse Closeup

As before, I sent my data and findings to Marshall and we had a Skype Video chat to discuss it. What got Marshall’s attention was not the replacement images. The hi-resolution original posted and hurriedly removed on Sunday is unimpeachable. The subsequent replacements were cover-ups. What got his attention was the timing.

Just prior to publishing our last article, Planet X System 2015 Eclipse Glimpse, Marshall checked the site to see if there had been a further change to the home page. He found none and published the article at 0200 EDT.

Three hours later, at 0500 EDT, I found a new image and video of the eclipse replaced the image used by the previous day. It does beg the question, who gets up in the middle of the night to change a home page? Or more to the point, it is about web statistics. According to Marshall, less than thirty visitors had read our article between 0200 and 0500 EDT.

So what is the meaning of all this? is monitored for activity. What we saw with this rapid response, was a second cover-up to obfuscate our initial Planet X report.  At the end of my Skype video chat with Marshall I said, “it appears our analysis hit the mark.”

Marshall’s reply was chilling. He said, “This is nothing to celebrate my friend, because it’s not the usual ho-hum cat and mouse game anymore. The speed with which they’re responding is unlike anything I’ve seen since the 2008 SPT disclosure videos.  It indicates a compression in the timeline.  This is ominous.”

The final decision is for you the reader to decide, but before you start giving anyone the benefit of the doubt, keep in mind the first rule of Planet X research.  The closer something comes to the truth, the faster it disappears.

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