Marshall Masters “Planet X: They Will Die in Place”

| May 11, 2016

TradCatKnightWhat Planet X researchers like Marshall Masters and radio hosts like Eric Gajewski of the TradCatKnight YouTube Channel agree on is the extreme level of suppression of information in the mainstream media.  There is a broad range of mild and medium-level catastrophic events occurring worldwide. The goal of the mainstream media is to prevent people from connecting the dots.  Events are either not reported or trivialized.

Worse yet, for the few stories that are reported and covered, the goal is always to isolate these events as unique local incidents.  Again, to keep people from connecting the dots. But as Marshall and Eric, both discuss, it goes even further.  For those few who do wake up, finding useful historical information is becoming increasingly difficult, because archival information is disappearing at a prodigious rate now.  The result is that people are being programmed to fail with a “die in place” strategy promoted by both governments and the media.

Marshall also talks about the survival networking strategy he will present at the Planet X Survival: West Coast Exodus Relocation Seminar to be held this coming May 22, 2016 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This strategy is especially useful for those with little money for bullets, beans, and bunkers.  For those living along a coastline, they’ll learn what’s coming, when to bug out, where to go, and how to fit in…while there is still time.

Marshall Masters “Planet X: They Will Die in Place”
TradCatKnight, May 10, 2016

Topics included in this talk: latest earth changes/birth pang news, fireballs, strange noises, strategic relocation, weather forecasts, EMP, electrical grid going down, Yellowstone update, Wormwood, Planet Nine and disinformation, sheeple & not caring and MUCH more!

Eric Gajewski, host of the TradCatKnight Youtube Channel, is a traditional catholic who believes in the coming material chastisement foretold in the 3rd secret of Fatima.

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