Planet X with David Meade and Marshall Masters — No-Holds-Barred

| February 10, 2017
Planet X with David Meade and Marshall Masters — No-Holds-BarredShow #176 Host: Marshall Masters A lot of new faces have come into the planet X genre in the last two years, and it is a mix of personalities. Of course, the fear porn vendors are coming to take plunder and paid disinformationalists are doing their worst to make the topic as clear as mud. These are to be expected. Then again, there have also been some new bright stars turning up in this somewhat dark sea of self-interest and malevolent intent. One such bright star is David Meade, the author of Planet X – The 2017 Arrival. You could say he’s a righteous dude. Likewise, there are others who are not so righteous, and during my hosting segments in this program, I’m going to weigh in on them with a no-holds-barred, call it the way I see it slam dunk. So what prompted me to throw down the gauntlet? A combination of things I suppose. On the one hand, I want to acknowledge the people that I think are worthy of your attention, and on the other, I want to be clear about those whom I see as reckless and dangerous. Then, you decide for yourself.
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What prompted this interview is that I’ve gotten numerous emails from folks who follow my work telling me about David, but it was until I heard him give an interview on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory that I knew it was time to meet him. Besides, he has done something gutsy.  He has pegged himself to a Planet X date of October 2017. So what do I think about a Planet X date of October 2017? David’s take on this puts him in good company.  Remote viewing instructor Maj. Ed Dames and whistleblower Bob Dean have both offered similar prognostications. As for me, I’m a process guy, and when it comes to Planet X, I have an Amtrak theory. You never know if it’ll arrive on time, but it eventually will arrive.

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