Planet X and the United States Constitution + Interview with Michael Decon

| August 21, 2022

Planet X and the United States ConstitutionWith the FBI-weaponized August 8, 2022, invasion of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, America crossed a Rubicon, a boundary between the hope of a democratic republic and the despair of slavery.

Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social, described the situation perfectly; “America looks like a banana republic.”  Let’s be honest about this because, as the idiom goes, ‘if the shoe fits.’

As for me, everything connects back to the coming flyby of the Planet X System.  With our nation and Constitution intact, more Americans survive, as will more of humanity.

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Folks tend to think about surviving the coming flyby in terms of beans, bullets, and bunkers, but if our nation falls to communism, artificial intelligence killer drones will scour the world for the unvaccinated and murder them with cold, overwhelming precision.

Therefore, we’re not fighting for principles.  Here we must draw the line because we’re in an existential fight for life.

Once we’ve prevailed with horrendous losses, a new or updated Constitution, reflective of modern technology, will be our only way to prevent a resurgence of 21st-century evil.

Our Constitution

America’s enemies want to destroy our Constitution and way of life.  To that end, a power-drunk political party is gleefully making it happen, with the eager help of powerful Federal agencies seduced by the dark side long ago.

Evil never sleeps, it waits, and now it has arisen to bring about the downfall of America, and in particular, our Constitution.  All this has been planned for decades, and their torpedoes of doom are in the water and homing true.

The answer for many to this predicament is to entertain themselves by organizing the deck chairs around their steadfast denial.  Yet, the torpedoes of evil are in the water, and when they hit, humanity will suffer global famine and vaccine injuries on a breathtaking scale.

At that point, humanity will be defenseless against evil, and our entire species will be methodically culled, quelled, and enslaved for countless generations to come.

If the good people of the world rally to end this madness, the flyby of the Planet X system in the coming years will decimate the power of the Globalists.  If we fail to rally, it will lay waste to the better part of humankind.  All this is what is at stake today, assuming we can still do something about it.

OMG.  How did we get here?

We’re mostly in a predicament of our own folly; however, there is a clear, existential failing in our present Constitution, which left America bereft of any defense against the most powerful enemy humanity, will ever know.  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Existential Threat

Prof Stephen Hawking sounded the alarm about artificial intelligence when he warned us that it “could spell the end of the human race”– so true.

However, technologically speaking, the men who authored our Constitution lived in simpler times and were brilliantly versed in human engineering, which has not changed since the birth of our nation.

Through no fault of their own, they could foresee the advent of 21st-century gene manipulation and artificial intelligence.  Such things would have been unthinkable in those days; consequently, we of today are essentially bereft of any real protection.

Ergo, this is not a future threat but a very real, present-day social media reality.

Evidence of this is how government-funded Big Tech platforms use AI to shape our choices and to punish us when we choose to sway from the ‘official’ narrative.

As things progress unchecked, we shall see vast aerial armies of AI hunter-killer drones that will attack anyone who fails to broadcast a valid vaccine code.  Like locusts from hell, they will kill instantly with precision.

Those who submit to save themselves will live in a world where survival means looking down at all times and remaining silent.  This is the future evil shall bring us should we allow it, which brings me to what motivated this article.

Questions About Q

In a recent discussion on my Yowusa Chat Telegram channel, oine member posted the often repeated phrases of Q, “Trust the plan” and the “Military is the only way.” I replied with:

Yowusa Chat, August 19, 2022
Marshall Masters

“When Trump is being held in front of the cameras and leg irons, our military will just step aside and do nothing.  Why do we keep having this insane belief that our military is still capable of defending the Constitution?”

After making that observation, the channel was quiet until the next day, when one fellow by the name of Jeffrey weighed in.

Yowusa Chat, August 20, 2022
Jeffrey Gayken

Great point!  Our leadership is no longer following our laws.  They are completely corrupted on both sides (this has been going on forever and a day)… no accountability because nobody is prosecuting and nobody is supporting law and order.  We have laws… and if they were enforced this would come to a very quick end (as all of them get paraded in leg irons).  If the elections remain rigged this country has become overthrown… what next? @#$?!

I liked it, and let’s be honest, “@#$?!” is an excellent meme for how we feel about all this, so I told Jeffrey that I would answer him in this article.

Therefore, let’s focus on the two issues raised in my post.  The first is that we’ll see Trump in leg irons, which given the recent chain of events and the new Democrat mantra that “nobody is above the law,” was the orchestra overture, and now comes the second act.

The psychopaths conducting these attacks have come out of the shadows and are indifferent to the political costs for, as Winston Churchill said, “The victors write history.”  After they prevail, they’ll sponge everything and rewrite history as they please, just as they always do.

Ergo, publicly humiliating Trump with an arrest will not make sense to us, but to those who seek our destruction, it will for them.

When that happens, is it wise to trust our military to defend our way of life?  Or will they do what all third-world banana republic militaries do?  Step aside, look aside, and do as ordered.

Trust the Plan

Q tells us to “Trust the plan,” but what is obvious is that this plan was forged before the White Hats understood the full depth of the DS.  Hence, while the overall White Hat strategic plan has clear strategic goals, it is still about moves and countermoves on a tactical level.

Consequently, what “the plan” Q is telling about is a FORD (Fix or repair daily.)  Maybe it gets us there, and maybe not.  You never know until you try.

However, the most brilliant thing about Q is that this psyop team has been incredibly effective in igniting the Great Awakening.  We now have a new generation of young Anons who will grow into the future leaders of government and business.  In one lifetime, these next-generation freedom fighters are leaping from the Xbox to the gavel, and they will be awesome defenders of truth and justice.

Meanwhile, the most significant defeat for Q and the White Hats has been the destruction of our military.

Our combined services were once capable of fighting two wars simultaneously, but now, our readiness levels are so heavily degraded we rightfully wonder if we still have a military that can fight and win just one war.  It’s dicey, and here, the burden falls heavily on those in the ranks, so let’s examine a few basic facts.

The Alpha Generation

At present, only 40% of the American public believes that we still have a war-winning military, and the trend continues downward.

This lack of faith is consistent with deficient recruitment levels for a military that can only meet 40% of recruitment goals.  Why is this?

According to the Pentagon, the average age of enlistees across all services today is 19.3 years old.  This means our ranks are being filled by the alpha Generation, all born in the 21st century.  Therefore, we need to see the world through their eyes to frame the issue of defending the Constitution.

The Millennials, parents, and grandparents of the Alpha Generation were the last generations to witness our military win the first Gulf War in 1991, and their victories were celebrated with parades across the country.

First Gulf War Victory Parade

It would be the last time that America saw its military prevail decisively on the field of battle and could celebrate their victories.  Since then, all we’ve done is go tear-ass around the world with endless wars, and the new equation of modern war is simple.  The new equation has become how many innocent women and children must be slaughtered for each fighter we destroy.

This new way of thinking came fully into being after 9/11.  Hence, today’s new recruits, the Alpha Generation, grew up watching annual 9/11 days of mourning on television.

They never saw victories and parades.  Instead, they saw pictures of people leaping out of the twin towers to avoid immolation.

9/11 Jumpers

Consequently, the very generation we now entrust our future too, have never witnessed an American military that can win wars.  No wonder recruitment levels are at such low levels.

Those who do volunteer must take the US Military Oath of Enlistment to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” only knowing what they learned in school, and here is the shame of it.  America has the world’s most expensive communist-inspired education system, and all it produces are illiteracy, anger, hate, and confusion.

How many of this Alpha Generation actually read the Constitution and, God forbid, discuss it in a civics class without the communist spin?

What kind of civics classes are they getting now from our military?  They’re teaching them woke ideology so they will hate America enough to kill their neighbors on command.

Where is the Constitution for them?  It is an instrument of betrayal, used to force them to take an experimental vaccine in a manner.  As always, the justice system can always be counted on to acknowledge constitutional rights long after the harm has been done.

The wheels of justice turn slowly thanks to traitors in our leadership and the ongoing cover-up of vaccine injuries that are slicing through the ranks like a genetic sickle.

Worse yet is what Alphas can look forward to after their term of enlistment.

When their grandparents were their age, a two-bedroom starter home was equivalent to three years of an average working salary.  Today, that two-bedroom home will be even smaller and cost 12 times the working average wage.

The Alpha Generation got the shit end of the stick, and they know it.  They do not see a strong and vibrant country; they see an empire in decline, and like the last ones to show up at the party, they’re getting stuck with the check.

Q “Military is the Only Way”

Why should our precious Alphas believe in a Constitution that their very own flag commanders despise and are now loath to defend?

For them, the generations before them have shamelessly squandered the wealth and dignity of the nation and what’s left for them is a downhill ride on a national clown car to defeat.  No matter what they do, the cards are stacked against them, and they know it.

Therefore, when Q says the “Military is the only way,” it sounds like Pollyannaish fodder for the foolish because our military has not had a decisive major victory in three decades.  Instead, it is woke-indoctrinated, and beset by unreported vaccine injuries.  Plus, many high-value warriors are being purged because they refuse medical tyranny.

How can we ask Alphas who have never seen our military win a decisive battle to lay down their lives for a Third World Banana Republic with a Constitution no longer respected?

This troubling reality was on my mind when I said, “Why do we keep having this insane belief that our military is still capable of defending the Constitution?”

As a veteran, let us support our brothers and sisters in arms, but not with naïve blindness to the fact that our military readiness levels have dropped precipitously.

With this in mind, let us Patriots bend a knee in prayer that our not-so-professional military can find its way back to honor and strength, for it has become an echo of past glories.  Like painted rust, it appears strong on the outside, but inside, it is failing us, thanks to despicable Pentagon traitors seeking the wealth and trappings of their PLA counterparts.

All this is unfortunate because if we are to survive as a free and noble species, humanity needs a healthy and vibrant Alpha Generation, and if we want them to fight for us, we must first fight for them.

Q is Sending a Cloaked Message

Believing that the “military is the only way” serves only one purpose.  To prevent a kinetic civil war for reasons we’ll discuss further on.  Other than that, let’s not use a misguided belief served up by Q that our military will save the nation.

Rather, Q’s misled message of hope is an emotional crutch for failure.  It is OK for us to fail because we’ll be rescued as we “enjoy the show.”  The time has come to move beyond these psyop fantasies.

If our military comes crashing through for God and country, then yippee, hoorah!  In the meantime, let’s not hold our breaths waiting for that to happen.  Instead, let’s count on ourselves because this crisis is teaching us that we, the people, have the power to prevail.

Is it possible for Americans to come together and overcome the satanic forces laying siege to our future?  This is what God wants us to learn, so let’s stop using Q rhetoric like a defeatist crutch.  Freedom is our fight, and this victory is ours to lose.

This is why we need to defeat this evil.  Once we do, we must craft a new Constitution built upon the successes of the present Constitution that can inspire future generations with practical solutions to their 21st century needs.  Where do we begin?

But where are the Communists hitting us the hardest?

It is with the Bill of Rights.  Amongst many different horrors, they want to end free speech and seize our weapons.

Our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights must never change!

But once victory over evil is archived, we must craft a new kind of Constitution that can keep pace with the demands of a species with the ability to search for exoplanets, new Earths.  In this regard, our present Constitution was framed in the day of single-horsepower technology and is hopelessly outdated to protect us from technological predation.

In other words, patching the problems or painting over them no longer works.  It’s time for a fresh start.


Let’s look at this practically.  The purpose of the United States Constitution is to establish a framework for our government.  It was the first of its kind in the Americas.

Likewise, the Magna Carta is considered to be the first European Constitution, and what is important to keep in mind is the role it played in the creation of our system of governance.

The Magna Carta

Magna-CartaThe Magna Carta (“Great Charter”) is a document guaranteeing English political liberties that was drafted at Runnymede, a meadow by the River Thames, and signed by King John on June 15, 1215, under pressure from his rebellious barons.  By declaring the sovereign to be subject to the rule of law and documenting the liberties held by “free men,” it provided the foundation for individual rights in Anglo-American jurisprudence.

Above all, the Magna Carta guaranteed that government, royal or otherwise, would be limited by the written law of the land.

The right to petition and habeas corpus and the concept of due process are derived from language in the Magna Carta, which also was a forerunner of Parliament, the Declaration of independence, the US Constitution, and the U.S. Bill of Rights.

If you wanted to reduce this document to a one-liner, it would be the exact same one-liner the Democrats are chanting in their criminal overture as a pretext for putting the leg irons on Trump.  “Nobody is above the law.”

Obviously, the word “nobody” is not universally applied.

In other words, the Democrats are perpetuating the same political abuse that brought about the Magna Carta in the first place.  Some things never change, which is why the Declaration of Independence represents a pivotal moment in the history of freedom.

Our rights come directly from God, the Creator of All, not men.

Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

Declaration of IndependenceWe hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

With these inalienable rights in mind, our founding fathers created the first United States Constitution in 1787, wherein the first three words of the preamble state, “We the People.”

Their message is clear, God gave the American people the right to form a government, and it is bound to serve the people of this country and no other.  While it started out that way, things changed for the worse in 1871, which explains why the White Hats are desperate to prevent another kinetic civil war.

Following the American Civil War (April 12, 1861 – May 26, 1865), the need to deal with the nation’s war debt forced our government to swallow a bitter pill., February 22, 2016
Two United States Constitutions – 1789 – 1871

United States ConstitutionAnyone who digs through American history can find the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, when the Crown/Vatican/Swiss Banking Cabal set up to rob everyone of their rights to land, thanks to the Crown Temple B.A.R. Broker/Attorners who made sure to set it all up for their Jesuit Rothschild Lord and Master.  All we have known is war, bankruptcy, and constant struggles with these stinking Banksters and their Lawyers.  A brief account of the history of the end of what we thought was freedom.  It’s still possible to have freedom, but it’s a constant conflict with the loathsome courts.

The UNITED STATES incorporated in England in 1871, because the default again loomed and bankruptcy was eminent.  So in 1871, the ten miles square was INCORPORATED in England.  They used the Constitution as their by-laws.  Not as authority under the Constitution but as authority over the Constitution.  They Copy Righted, not only the Constitution but also many names such as, THE UNITED STATES, US THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA and many other titles as their own.  This is the final blow to the original Constitution.  From here on out, the UNITED STATES was governed entirely by private corporate law, dictated by the banks as creditors.

The upshot is that we fought a Revolutionary War to free ourselves from the Crown and then sold ourselves back into financial slavery because the nation endured a kinetic civil war.

It explains why Q keeps feeding us the lines “Trust the plan” and the “Military is the only way.” It is to keep us on crutches of hope to keep us from picking up our arms and taking to the streets.

If the White Hats do come crashing through, nothing could be sweeter.  Hallelujah.   Likewise, let us not forget that were it not for Trump being elected, we’d all be living in a crap sandwich without the bread.

Say what you will about Trump; if there is a future, he’ll be remembered as the man who gave us a chance to fight for it.  He’s done his bit for God and country; now, we dread the possibility that he will be dragged off in chains by federal criminals with guns and badges.

Let’s be honest.  It does feel a bit inevitable, wouldn’t you say?

We will be with him if it happens, but that does not change one simple fact.  We, the people, have the power, and this is our fight.  We cannot do so with the psyop crutches of Q but through our own resolve.

Yes, we’re gullible, stupid, and slow to catch on.  Perhaps America does have an official faith.  The Church of the Last to Know, nonetheless, if we value our freedom above all else, we have the numbers to crush our enemies.  America, this is a war of attrition, and the only way the Globalists can win is if we fail to call their bluff, and they know it.

The evil now upon us has been planned for decades, and their torpedoes are in the water and homing true.  We will see global famine and vaccine injuries claim billions of lives when they hit.  To prevail, we need to acknowledge this fait accompli, and no amount of denial or opining can change that.

What is our silver lining?  Ask any professional comedian to describe the most important skill for success, and they’ll invariably answer; timing.

We’re holding the high cards, and this is our game to lose, but do we have the sense to win it?  Here is where the horrible cloud of eugenics suffering plus the coming Planet X flyby offers us a silver lining.

If you are curious about that silver lining, I have one question.  “Can you handle the truth?”  It is necessary to ask because this silver lining is only found in a very dark place for many of our fellow citizens.

The Silver Lining

Since 2021, there has been a consistent view of front-line doctors that between half to all of those who have taken the jab will die from vaccine injuries.  The highest level of compliance is on the left, whereas many Patriots and critical thinkers on the right have primarily refused to submit.

Therefore, as the elites cull the herd, their own expendable political support base will bear the most brutal losses. Within three to five years, the numbers of those pushing up daises will be very heavily weighted to the left as shown in a 2017 defense study by the military publisher,, May 2, 2018
Deagel Makes Mysterious Changes To 2025 Population Forecast For America As Bill Gates Launches ‘Grand Challenge’: The ‘Holy Grail Of Influenza Research’ And ‘Bridging The Valley Of Death’

Dr Jonathan Quick, chair of the Global Health Council, said the flu virus is “the most diabolical, hardest-to-control, and fastest-spreading potential viral killer known to humankind”.

2017 Deagel Populaton Projection for 2025

Describing what sounds like scenes from a horror film, Dr Quick warned in The Daily Mail of starvation, medicine supplies running low, energy systems crippling under the pressure and the collapse of the global economy.

And what’s could cause such devastation, on a global scale?

“The most likely culprit will be a new and unprecedentedly deadly mutation of the influenza virus. The conditions are right, it could happen tomorrow.”

In this military projection from 2017, it is clear that approximately a third or more of America will perish in this planned extinction event.

In contrast, those who survive will be the faithful who choose to walk humbly with God, the Creator of All. Herein is a tragic but valuable opportunity.

At present, America is a corporation, and one could think of our Constitution as corporation by-laws that have become an expensive mortgage on our futures.

America is still the property of the Crown, which is all the justification needed for a new Constitution.  But there is even a great cause.

Our founding fathers could never have imagined Artificial Intelligence, let alone that it represents the greatest threat to humanity’s very existence, and this is not science fiction.  It is science fact the monsters are Google, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and so forth.

Our enemies in Beijing and the Silicon Valley are using AI to make war on America stealthily, and we’re getting our butts kicked.  Worse yet, it seems we just can’t get enough of it.  We’re addicted to their CCP, social credit platforms like digital cocaine.

How could our founders, the masters of human engineering, have imagined the full scope of what we now face and how fast it can infect and destroy the body politic?

In the founders’ time, the pace of life moved slower, allowing time for observation and contemplation.  Today, the fortunes of an entire nation can turn in a matter of seconds.

The only answer is a war of attrition, and despite all the technical prowess of our enemies, in just a few years, enough of their useless eaters, as they call them, will be pushing up daisies as a reward for their loyalty.  Bad for them, but for conservatives, it will be the windfall of an unfettered political majority.

If Patriots seize upon this silver lining advantage to reorganize America into a government that fears the people, as opposed to the other way around.   Yes, the numbers will be there for a fresh start not only for America but for the rest of the world as well.

A 21st Century Constitution

Imagine that in a few years, those left standing from starvation, exposure, and vaccine injuries will be strong enough to seize the day and frame a new 21st-century Constitution.  How will they do it?

For starters, throwing the baby out with the bathwater is the communist approach, but for those still capable of critical thought, the best process begins with borrowing what works with the original Constitution of 1789 and then building upon that.  This is America.  This is what we do.  We hold fast to our roots and beliefs so we may follow our destiny to the stars.

America first gained prominence as a global trader, and our Yankee Clippers were tall and inspiring ships.  Let us draw on the wisdom of those times; for now, our new Yankee Clippers will be kilometer-long colony ships bound for distant, new Earths.

This is how we will inspire our most precious Alpha Generation with hope, despite the horrible hardships and losses that will unfold as inevitably as the changing of the seasons.

Yet, for those who survive, the promise of a 21st-century Constitution for a Star Trek future will fuel their hopes and fill them with an irresistible resolve to survive the worst that human tyranny and Planet X can throw at us.

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