Planet X 101: Proof of Nibiru

| June 17, 2014
Planet X 101: Proof of NibiruThere is far too much FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in the topic of Planet X / Nibiru / Hercolubus these days because it is coming from malevolent sources. Mostly, paid disinformationalists and their useful idiots, who proclaim themselves to be self-appointed debunkers. In this video, Marshall Masters counters, their claims and attacks with science and verifiable evidence. A former CNN science feature producer, Marshall is not asking anyone to believe anything. That’s what the debunkers do. Rather, he’s asking you to be a good cynic and to follow your curiosity in a deliberate manner. To see, verify and decide for yourself if Planet X is real. This is because it is coming our way and it will cause death on a scale never before seen by humanity. In other words, everyone has some skin in this game so now is the time to find the truth that resonates within you, because you and you alone put it there. GO  

Hear Marshall on Coast to Coast AM

Hear Marshall in the 2nd half of the June 19, 2014 Coast to Coast AM show with host George Noory at 1am-5am EST / 10pm-2am PST. Marshall will be discussing his newest video, Planet X 101: Proof of Nibiru and an update on new evidence pouring in for Planet X.   RELATED WEB SITES  

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